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Fully Promoted Launches Social Distancing Bracelets for Networking Events

Fully Promoted

Fully Promoted , the world’s largest branded products and marketing services franchise, is helping businesses get back to business with its wide range of promotional products. Most recently, Michelle Bottino, owner and operator of Fully Promoted St. Charles in Illinois, helped her local Chamber of Commerce execute a successful event with the use of color-coded wristbands to identify comfort levels regarding social distancing. Bottino, an active member of the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce, recently collaborated with the Chamber to determine an effective way to drive event attendance while maintaining social distance and allowing attendees to feel comfortable. Together, the two came up with providing attendees with color-coded wristbands. The branded, disposable bracelets were available at the check-in table. Guests were given the option to choose from three bracelets to indicate their preferred level of interaction. Green – Happy to high five and hug! Yellow – I am okay with talking but please no hugging or handshakes. Red – Happy to see you but keeping my distance. “My business focuses primarily on helping others promote their businesses. I couldn’t help but think that I could do more for them right now as they rebuild and get back to networking in person in some fashion,” said Bottino. “The wristband is just one of the many ways we are looking to get businesses back to business at a time when they need us the most. The St. Charles Chamber of Commerce chose to use this affordable yet extremely effective visual aid to help put attendees at ease while attending an event and adhering to local guidelines and regulations. It takes away the need to verbally express, Hey… I’m here, but I‘m not comfortable shaking hands just yet. At Fully Promoted, our goal is to keep our customers safe, but we have to learn to live with COVID and get back to business.” With the success of this event and others like it, Fully Promoted has introduced an entire line of Networking Bracelets for in person gatherings and events including reusable silicone bracelets, rubber wristbands and Tyvek paper wristbands . “The past several months has presented challenges across every single industry,” said Mike Brugger, President of Fully Promoted. “I am proud of Michelle and our entire Fully Promoted network for their dedication to helping their local communities as businesses reopen. Michelle and the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce identified a safe way for businesses to get back to business and successfully host events where everyone can feel comfortable.” Today, businesses need to be equipped with user-friendly and on-demand tools to remain top-of-mind. With approximately 300 locations worldwide, Fully Promoted is uniquely positioned to give customers an online and physical option so they can see and touch the product prior to purchasing. For businesses seeking content and promotional products , you are encouraged to visit the Fully Promoted shopping platform featuring hundreds of quality promotional products. A member of the United Franchise Group, Fully Promoted can access more than half a million promotional products, plus it offers a comprehensive suite of marketing services that include print, digital marketing, and lead generation. For more information about Fully Promoted and to visit the new online shopping site, visit . About Fully Promoted Fully Promoted has approximately 300 locations across the globe. The brand operates a full-service branded products and marketing service business and is the place to attract customers. From promotional products and embroidery to expert printing services, Fully Promoted can help take businesses to the next level. Fully Promoted also offers an office-based model allowing franchisees to operate their business using a developed network of resources. To find the Fully Promoted nearest you, visit , and for franchising opportunities, visit . Contact Details Brittny Fuchs +1 561-812-6032 Company Website

September 03, 2020 10:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Company Donates Products to Shelters to Help Senior Dogs Improve Quality of Life

Flash Public Relations

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. Every year, 3.3 million dogs enter shelters throughout the U.S., with older dogs, or those with mobility problems, much less likely to be adopted. Shelters are overcrowded, and especially challenging for senior dogs or dogs with stiff joints and restricted movements. When choosing a dog to adopt, owners consider age and playfulness as key determining factors.* This puts older and less mobile dogs at a disadvantage. As part of its mission to keep pets ‘active for life,’ YuMOVE launched its national GET MOVING campaign designed to help aging and less mobile shelter dogs be more comfortable, active and enjoy a better quality of life. YuMOVE is the UK’s #1 dog joint supplement,**which recently launched in America. YuMOVE has already donated to over 400 shelters across America, each housing dozens of dogs, from NYC to Los Angeles, offering its clinically-proven*** joint supplement YuMOVE to help ease stiff joints and improve mobility within 6 weeks. And there were improvements, coast to coast. Among those enjoying the benefits in Florida are: · Elfie Rodriguez of Tampa Florida's Elfie Rodriguez, the founder of Elfie’s Refuge in Tampa, Florida , gave it to Lizzo, her senior Terrier mix, who was almost lame. Elfie says, “Lizzo could barely walk when I started him on the YuMOVE product, and in just 2-to-3 weeks he was like a puppy again.” · Metta Rescue Family , Orlando, Florida -- Senior doggies have a much better chance of adoption and a better quality of life. · Grateful Paws Dog & Cat Rescue, Miami, Florida -- Senior dogs enjoy greater comfort and a better chance at adoption. · Doberman Rescue League , Miami Florida · The Akita Rescue Society of Florida , Jacksonville, Florida -- Larger dogs often have joint and pain issues. These Dobies are enjoying a much better quality of life. To learn more about YuMOVE and their GET MOVING campaign, and to nominate a local shelter for inclusion, visit . ### *Weiss E, Miller K, Mohan-Gibbons H, Vela C. Why Did You Choose This Pet?: Adopters and Pet Selection Preferences in Five Animal Shelters in the United States. Animals (Basel). 2012;2(2):144-159. Published 2012 Apr 10. doi:10.3390/ani2020144 **Kynetec VetTrak sales through UK veterinary wholesalers. 52 weeks to June 2020. ***Study conducted by the Royal Veterinary College of London, UK. Contact Details Wendy Gordon +1 202-412-6268 Company Website

September 03, 2020 09:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Bactro Responds to COVID-19 Precautionary Trends with New Consumer Offerings

Bactro LLC

Bactro LLC has responded to the changing COVID-19 pandemic precautions and developed unique PPE kits available direct to consumers. As the country starts to return to community activities with social distancing interactions, many state and county authorities require masks to participate in daily routines and community activities. Further evidenced by the CDC report on August 3, 2020, that recommends people that have contracted COVID-19 should be isolated for at least 10 days after symptom onset, and also quarantine for an additional 24 hours after their fever subsides. These recommendations have led Bactro to find ways to help people return to their normal daily routines with the protective equipment they need, all in one convenient package. “When the pandemic first hit, we saw consumers struggling to find all of the PPE items they needed. One might find sanitizing wipes, but no masks, or sanitizer. Though now as Americans get back to their lives we have found that consumers are needing supplies that are suited to a one-use purpose, such as traveling, or returning to their place of work,” said Bactro creator Tim Svitak. “It provides people with the protection they need in one convenient kit.” As our economy restarts, with people returning to their place of work, children returning to their classrooms, and stores opening their doors, it is vital that individuals have the protective equipment they need. Buying in bulk serves certain workplace demands, however, PPE in bulk is not typically individually wrapped, which can allow the PPE to be susceptible to germs and bacteria. Also, washing cloth masks daily, especially for parents of school children, is not an easy or convenient task. Bactro is dedicated to providing safer, healthier products through innovations to all. To learn more about Bactro's protective products visit Contact Details Tim Svitak Jr. +1 720-805-3763 Company Website

September 03, 2020 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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SullivanCotter Develops Powerful New Clinical Compensation Management Capabilities for its Growing PPMT™ Platform


SullivanCotter, the nation’s leading independent consulting firm in the assessment and development of total rewards programs and workforce solutions for the health care industry and not-for-profit sector, announces the addition of highly anticipated new Clinician Pay functionality to its growing Provider Performance Management Technology™ (PPMT) platform. PPMT™ is an industry-first, cloud-based solution that enables provider engagement through transparent performance-based compensation administration and analytical capabilities. Clinician Pay enables administrative stakeholders to easily manage annual compensation draws and payroll adjustments through a centralized, secure and auditable source within PPMT™. The new functionality can be added as part of the platform’s comprehensive Compensation Management Analytics module for an additional licensing fee. This module’s broader capabilities allow organizations to integrate physician compensation earned from all sources, review dollars paid and balances due, facilitate settlement reporting, project year-end results, model improvement scenarios and generate accruals for Finance. “With this automated new functionality, health care organizations can significantly reduce manual intervention and potential for human error when managing important pay adjustments for a large clinical workforce. Not only does this help to free up administrators to work on more critical projects, but it also helps to ensure data quality and instill greater trust in the reporting process by seamlessly communicating important information straight to payroll for payment,” said Shelly Slowiak, PPMT™ Product Director, SullivanCotter. PPMT’s Compensation Management Analytics module plus the new Clinician Pay feature also provides the option to utilize payroll data for settlement processing - allowing for a comprehensive end-to-end solution for processing clinician payments and compensation adjustments. “To help organizations navigate an increasingly complex and uncertain health care environment, we are continuously refining our product roadmap and enhancing PPMT™ based on the evolving needs of our clients. Clinician Pay is an exciting new addition to the platform and demonstrates our commitment to developing one of the industry’s most innovative clinical compensation and performance management solutions,” said David Schwietz, Chief Information Officer, SullivanCotter. Designed to address a spectrum of physician, leadership and other key stakeholder needs, PPMT™ combines years of health care compensation insight and expertise with an intuitive and automated technology platform to help drive provider performance and support the transition from volume- to value-based care. For more information on Clinician Pay or our entire suite of Provider Performance Management Technology™, visit or contact us at 888.739.7039. About SullivanCotter SullivanCotter partners with health care and other not-for-profit organizations to understand what drives performance and improve outcomes through the development and implementation of integrated workforce strategies. Using our time-tested methodologies and industry-leading research and information, we provide data-driven insights and expertise to help organizations align business strategy and performance objectives – enabling our clients to deliver on their mission, vision and values. Contact Details Becky Lorentz +1 314-414-3719 Company Website

September 01, 2020 04:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Global Business Ethics Survey: Top managers twice as likely to experience pressure to bend the rules in organizations.

Ethics & Compliance Initiative

Employees are twice as likely to experience pressure if they are top-management than compared to line-level employees, according to the Ethics & Compliance Initiative’s ™ (ECI) latest Global Business Ethics Survey Report ™ (GBES) . The data suggest that the higher up the “totem pole” an employee is, the more likely they are to experience pressure to bend the rules. Overall, about 1 in 5 employees experience pressure to bend the rules. Pressure to bend the rules, as defined by the GBES report , can be caused by meeting performance goals, attempting to save one's own and others' jobs, supervisory pressure, advancing one's career or financial interests, and demands from people who support or invest in the organization. According to the data, of those that experience pressure, 30% are top management employees, 25% are middle management, 22% are first-line supervisors and 17% are individual contributors. The first 2020 report of ECI’s premier, longitudinal study on global workplace behavior, published four times per year, also found that when top management show a strong commitment to ethical leadership and organizational values, their employees are 3X less likely to experience pressure. “The data continue to suggest that high-pressure environments are not only stressful for employees, but they can actually cause a negative ROI when it comes to ethical behavior,” said Patricia Harned, CEO of ECI. “Expanding KPIs and stretching financial goals may result in a short-term gain, but the long-term consequences to the organization is a net negative.” Other Findings and Key Indicators of Pressure The report found that employees experiencing pressure was linked with the prevalence of observing various types of misconduct found in organizations across the globe, all of which were about twice as likely to occur in pressure environments versus non-pressure environments. Employees are twice as likely to observe misconduct in organizations where they feel pressure to compromise ethics standards. “As companies around the globe respond to the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the important research in ECI’s Global Business Ethics Survey (GBES) report presents a timely and accurate overview of pressure in the workplace,” said Michele M. Brown, SVP, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer and Deputy General Counsel, Leidos. “These findings provide best practices to balance organizational change while upholding the highest ethical standards. Leidos is proud to support ECI research, which is helping the member community build and maintain strong ethical cultures.” Download the latest GBES report at Methodology The 2019 GBES is the 15th iteration of the GBES (formerly the National Business Ethics Survey). In 2019, the GBES surveyed over 18,000 employees in 18 countries (approximately 1,000 employees per country). ECI established the survey questions and sampling methodology. About the Ethics & Compliance Initiative The Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) is a non-profit organization that empowers organizations to build and sustain high-quality ethics and compliance programs. The organization provides research and a best practice community, as well as certification opportunities for ethics & compliance professionals. Through its membership, ECI represents entities across nearly every industry, located in 37 countries on six continents each dedicated to promoting the highest levels of integrity. Visit to find out more about our research, membership or funding the GBES. The GBES is made possible with the support of its funders: Google, Boeing, Eli Lilly & Company, Altria, BP, GE, KPMG, Pacific Gas & Electric, L'€™ORÉAL, Leidos, University of Arkansas and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Contact Details Brad Fulton +1 210-278-4809 Company Website

August 31, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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National Addiction Memorial created by Shatterproof to Honor the Hundreds of Thousands of Lives Lost to Addiction


Sha tterproof , a national nonprofit dedicated to reversing the addiction crisis in the United States, launched today on National Overdose Awareness Day an online National Addiction Memorial to honor the lives lost to addiction. The free online memorial is a space where families can share photos and stories of their loved ones to create a lasting legacy and be a powerful reminder of the impact of addiction on families and those we love. With more than 100,000 lives lost annually to addiction related deaths and overdoses mortality spiking in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Addiction Memorial is meant to share with the nation the devastation addiction is having on our nation. “It is so important that the country better understand addiction as a disease and not see the lives lost as statistics but as real humans who were not bad people but loved ones overcome by a bad disease,” said Gary Mendell Found and CEO of Shatterproof. “When I lost my son Brian nearly nine years ago to this disease, it nearly shattered me and my family. At Shatterproof, we are here to support and empower our communities and honor those we have lost, and the National Addiction Memorial is one way we can help.” There are nearly 2,000 loved ones currently commemorated in the National Addiction Memorial with an expectation that it will grow by many thousands more. According to the most recent Centers for Disease Control report, in 2018, 67,367 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States. Opioids—mainly synthetic opioids (other than methadone)—are currently the main driver of drug overdose deaths. Opioids were involved in 46,802 overdose deaths in 2018 (69.5% of all drug overdose deaths) with two out of three (67.0%) opioid-involved overdose deaths involve synthetic opioids. Since this report, news sources and local communities have been reporting an increase in overdoses since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. All are welcome to create a memorial at at no cost and to share that memorial through social media or with friends and family. About Shatterproof: Shatterproof is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reversing the course of the addiction crisis in America. Shatterproof is focused on ensuring that American substance use disorder treatment is based upon proven research and ending the stigma of addiction. The organization advocates for changes to federal and state policy, payer reform, treatment quality assessment, and provides public education through online programs. For more information, visit . Contact Details Holly Jespersen +1 646-334-1024 Company Website

August 31, 2020 09:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Uyghurs for Sale


Seventy-five years after the Holocaust concentration and labor camps are still in existence. Today the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is interning more than one million Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps – striping them of their fundamental rights to peacefully practice their faith. Now new information has surfaced showing that not only is the Communist Party oppressing Uyghur Muslims, they are profiting from them – and worse – Americans are at risk of being duped into paying for it . Groups working on international religious freedom issues have now added their voice to a coalition of civil society organizations and trade unions calling for fair labor practices. Spearheaded by 21Wilberforce and other organizations working through the International Religious Freedom Roundtable , religious freedom advocates are asking Congress to quickly pass the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (H.R.6210 / S.3471). This legislation would make it more difficult for products produced by people enslaved by the CCP because of their faith to enter Western markets . “We commend Congressman McGovern (D-MA) and Senator Rubio (R-FL) for their bipartisan efforts to confront this horrific exploitation of people because of their religion,” said Randel Everett, President of 21Wilberforce. “One hundred fifty (150) organizations and experts of different beliefs and ideologies have come together to ask Congress to pass this important legislation.” 21Wilberforce encourages Americans to reach out to their representatives in Congress and ask them to enlist more co-sponsors, give speeches, and make statements in support of stopping the Chinese Communist Party from exploiting and profiting from religious discrimination and slavery. Citizens can make a difference by using and sharing a free online tool that directly connects Americans with their elected representatives. Dr. Everett noted that “Our namesake, William Wilberforce, was a man of faith who stood up to free people who were enslaved based on their race. Today we stand up to free those enslaved for their faith.” 21Wilberforce is a Christian human rights organization dedicated to defending the universal rights of religion, belief, and conscience for all people. Our vision is to empower people to collaboratively support persecuted communities, challenge repression, and expand freedom of religion and belief globally. Contact Details Lou Ann Sabatier +1 703-216-2941 Company Website

August 26, 2020 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Companies spending £674m a month to welcome staff back but workers are wary


Getting businesses back up and running is critical to the UK economic recovery, however, there is a significant disconnect between employers and employees on how this is working out. UK digital health and therapeutics company Huma (formerly known as Medopad) asked 5,000 UK workers and 2,000 UK employers about their views[1] on returning to work. Employers viewpoint Businesses are planning to return to work. Almost half (45%) of workplaces will be ready to accommodate staff back in the office before the end of August. However, a fifth (19%) will only be ready in the first half of 2021. Of the business that are already up and running, almost two-fifths (38%) of their employees are going to a physical workplace, with the majority working at least 4 days from there. Employers reported spending £674m every month to ensure a safe workplace for their employees (£58.55 on average per employee per month). They have rushed to put in place various plans and procedures to ensure a safe workplace, ranking new hygiene protocols, socially distant layouts and staggered work shifts among their top changes. Worryingly, only one in five businesses feel suitably informed on the exact policies / procedures they need to have in place to ensure a safe working environment for their employees. Most employers believe that it is the responsibility of employees to self-report health concerns citing resource constraints. However, the overwhelming majority (70%) are willing to pay for COVID-19 tests should an employee request one. Importantly, employers fear the biggest disruption to restarting their business operations will be the willingness of more staff to return to the workplace owing to safety concerns. Workers viewpoint Over half of workers (54%) are reluctant to return to work fearing they will unknowingly contract COVID-19 and mistakenly pass it to friends and family at home. Bosses have offered a host of incentives to encourage employees back to work. The top ranked bung made has been extra holidays, free lunches at work and paying for commuting costs. Of the employees who have returned to work, over half (57%) are not confident with the measures in place to ensure their safety and well being. The same applies to people who have not returned to work yet. This is possibly why almost a third (29%) felt their health and safety would be compromised in the workplace. Employees ranked interactions with commuters (29%), co-workers (24%) and being in meetings (23%) as the top risk factors to catching COVID-19. The workplace ranked as lowest risk (8%). Missing links The research identified two insights, if acted on quickly could enable businesses to get up and running faster and accelerate the economic recovery. Firstly, addressing the ‘people interaction’ concern of workers. Both employees and bosses are willing to track their health for COVID-19 symptoms providing them with a peace of mind over their well-being. Overwhelmingly, two-thirds (67%) of employees would be willing to do a daily symptom check-in with their employers and the majority (71%) would be comfortable with employers tracking their symptoms. Moreover, nine in ten businesses (88%) are comfortable with monitoring and tracking their employees' symptoms to ensure a safe workplace environment for everyone. However, they don’t have the means to do it themselves and will encourage employees to self-report on symptoms. Secondly, employers are not talking to their staff. Only a quarter (24%) of employees felt fully informed about the new safety protocols and procedures at their workplace. Similarly, only a quarter (24%) of businesses prioritised communicating these changes to their employees. Dan Vahdat, founder and CEO of Huma, commented : “There seems to be a breakdown of communication between employers and employees and this is leading to some unrest and possibly delaying the economic recovery. Trust building is now more critical than ever. “Meanwhile, bosses are spending millions and feel they are doing a lot to ensure their workplace is a safe environment for staff but they are more concerned about people interaction than the actual workplace. The common ground on monitoring and tracking the health and well being of people in the workplace seems to be the solution. Employees are comfortable with this and employers are up for it but lack of resources means they are relying on workers to self-report on symptoms.” “We are driving the adoption of digital remote monitoring solutions to help users be better informed and engaged in their health concerns. In the workplace, Huma Health Shield is a revolutionary app that gives employees greater knowledge and control over their health at work . The solution encourages employees to confidentially track vital signs, and their exposure risk, so they can better manage their health. This hasn’t started with COVID-19 and won’t end once a vaccine is found, I believe the work being done now will set in motion behaviours that will transform how people manage their health and wellbeing.” Huma’s digital solution incorporates wearable devices and other sensors to provide doctors with a stream of data on patients’ health. The data enables healthcare teams to monitor patients’ evolving symptoms, to advise on what care is required and to alert them to when a visit from a clinician or a hospital admission is needed. Ends Notes the editor [1] Research findings based on a survey of 5,000 UK employees and 2,000 UK companies in July/August 2020 by LMRMC (Market Research Society approved partner and ESOMAR corporate member). About Huma Huma partners with scientists, technologists and healthcare professionals to understand, treat and ultimately prevent ill health. Giving knowledge and power to those with medical conditions, while saving clinicians time, energy and valuable resources. Because, by collectively benefiting from the data we individually generate, we can all live our longest, fullest lives. Contact Details Bilal Mahmood +44 7714 007257 Company Website

August 26, 2020 03:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Mykolas Rambus joins Quaero as President


Quaero , a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) company that powers customer experiences (CX) for large, sophisticated enterprises, today announced that Mykolas Rambus has joined the company as President. He will report directly to Quaero’s founder and CEO, Naras Eechambadi, and join the Board of Directors. “I’m absolutely thrilled to welcome Mykolas to Quaero,” said Naras Eechambadi. “He is the rare entrepreneurial leader who has been both a CEO and CIO, and regardless of role or industry has devoted tremendous attention to uncovering new ways to manage and monetize customer data. Given his experience, I’m certain Mykolas is going to bring many exciting new ideas to our clients—and our entire team—as we continue on our mission. I’m excited that he has joined Quaero, just as I’m incredibly grateful for the tremendous commitment our entire team demonstrates in support of our clients every day.” Mykolas joins Quaero after serving as General Manager, Data-Driven Marketing at Equifax (NYSE: EFX), where he played a key role in shaping how Equifax analyzes data on over 800 million consumers in 24 countries. Earlier in his career, Mykolas was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of two successful business-to-business firms—Lobby7 (acquired by Nuance Communications, NASDAQ: NUAN) and Wealth-X (acquired by Euromoney Institutional Investor, LON: ERM). A veteran technology and data expert, he has served as Chief Information Officer for W.P. Carey (NYSE: WPC) and subsequently in the same role for Forbes Media. Mykolas is an MIT alum who majored in Information Technology and Operations Research. Mykolas added “Today’s most sophisticated enterprises knit together customer profiles from thousands of distinct sources to power their customer experience. In every case that task is made more effective and efficient with a scalable and adaptive CDP platform. While most corporations are still in the early innings of learning about CDPs, Quaero has already built a compelling next generation enterprise solution. Everyone I’ve spoken to has told me how much they love the entire experience of working with Quaero, and I am incredibly excited to be joining the team.” Michael Harrison, Managing Partner at the Winterberry Group, a specialized management consultancy with deep experience in advertising, marketing, data, technology and commerce, said “I have worked with Mykolas and have been impressed with his leadership, and his ability to define corporate strategy while translating it into actionable plans for the organization. Mykolas is unique in the ability to turn complex technical issues into digestible topics for his team. In particular, Quaero will benefit significantly from his knowledge of financial services and the data ecosystem.” Mark Leiter, former global Chief Strategy Officer at Nielsen and Quaero Board member representing Pereg Ventures—a New York City based venture capital firm—remarked, “I’ve had the great privilege and pleasure of knowing Mykolas for twenty years, and have watched him take on every leadership role with tremendous passion. I know he will have a huge impact in his new role as Quaero’s President and look forward to working with him.” About Quaero Quaero’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) helps large, sophisticated enterprises deliver outstanding personalized customer experiences (CX) by making it much easier to manage and analyze massive quantities of customer information. Quaero currently operates the world’s largest CDP implementation that serves more than a billion consumers globally. Quaero’s distinctive platform, delivered either in the cloud or on-premise, provides clients with key connective tissue that bridges multiple organizations —marketing, sales, service, support, operations, technology— as they seek to constantly improve the total customer experience. Quaero is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. To learn more about the company and how it creates value for customers, please visit Quaero . About Pereg Ventures Headquartered in New York City, Pereg Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage B2B information services firms. Our portfolio companies typically leverage big data and apply advanced analytics, algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence to extract proprietary insights from huge amounts of consumer information. We provide Seed, Series A and Series B financing to our venture portfolio, and our LP group includes two strategic limited partners: Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) and Tata Group (NYSE: TTM). Contact Details Zachary Van Doren +1 415-412-0450 Company Website

August 25, 2020 03:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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