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Boarding for Breast Cancer Announces 13th Annual [VIRTUAL] Skate the Coast Presented by Suja Organic for Breast Cancer Prevention and Awareness


Boarding for Breast Cancer ( B4BC ), a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation providing breast cancer education, prevention and survivor support programs, announced they will be hosting their 13th Annual Skate the Coast fundraising event presented by Suja Organic in a virtual format on October 25, 2020. B4BC is inviting friends, family and partners to skate-bike-roll their local trail, path, or neighborhood in honor of breast cancer awareness and prevention, while promoting B4BC’s mission of a healthy, active lifestyle. Skate the Coast fundraising goal is set at $50,000 and participants are invited to raise a minimum of $25 to join the virtual event . Every year, Skate the Coast raises awareness for breast cancer with a 19-mile cruise on skateboards from the Santa Monica Pier to Redondo Beach. This year, amid the adversities of the COVID-19 pandemic, the virtual event will significantly expand the scope to a worldwide level. “We are turning a challenge into an advantage by inviting our entire global community to our virtual Skate The Coast event where they can be active in any way that fits their lifestyle and support our event,” said Lisa Hudson, President and Co-founder of Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC), adding: “Be it 19 miles or just a few laps around your block get outside, ‘Be Healthy, Get Active, Ride,’ and help us raise funds for B4BC’s education, prevention and survivorship programs.” Registration comes with a B4BC face covering and a chance to win in the annual raffle. This year’s raffle prizes will include items from Suja, Yeti, Traeger Grills, Blendtec, The North Face, Pura Vida, Vans, GoPro, Smith, Gnu, Nikita, Dakine, Arbor, VonZipper, Globe, Impala Skates, Sector 9, Tahoe Longboards, SunBum, Show me your Mumu, Bravo Skateboards and many more. As B4BC’s biggest fundraising event, Skate the Coast is dedicated to breast cancer awareness and prevention while promoting the nonprofit’s mission of a healthy, active lifestyle. Since its inception, Skate the Coast alongside partner event Skate the Lake has attracted over 1,500 participants, fundraised over $700,000, and gained media coverage from national and local media. Virtual participation will be highlighted through B4BC’s social channels using the hashtag #skatethecoast and tagging @b4bc. Check out the 2018 Skate the Coast video here to see what the magic of this event is all about! Media representatives can find shareable social assets and event photos for download here . For event registration click here and visit B4BC.ORG for more information. Make sure to also follow@b4bc on social media for updates. ### About B4BC: Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that advocates early detection and a healthy, active, and conscious lifestyle as the best means of breast cancer prevention. Founded in 1996, B4BC empowers young people to make positive choices that promote lifelong wellness through grassroots events, educational outreach, sustainability, and survivorship support programs. About Skate the Coast: Skate the Coast is a 19-mile skate-bike-roll that promotes an active lifestyle while raising awareness and funds for Boarding for Breast Cancer’s (B4BC) education, prevention and survivorship programs. This unique event, which runs along a 19-mile coastline route from Santa Monica to Redondo Beach, CA, with the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop, is a part of B4BC’s summer long Skate Series that also includes The Annual Skate the Lake, a 28-mile skate along a portion of beautiful Lake Tahoe. The series attracts skaters young and old and of all abilities to push for the cause! Since their inception, Skate the Coast and Skate the Lake have collectively attracted over 1,500 participants, fundraised over $700,000, and gained media coverage from national and local media. Contact Details Kimberly Paige Dresser +1 949-300-5546 Company Website

September 30, 2020 01:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time

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Homegrown: UK premium CBD brand, Infused Amphora launches

Infused Amphora

British premium CBD wellness brand Infused Amphora launches today. Their product range includes a variety of vape cartridges designed to address and capture the needs and moods of society. Everything from tackling anxiety, muscular aches and stress to helping inspire, calm and focus minds. The cartridges were designed in collaboration with Vessel Brand, an industry leading California-based vape hardware company. The launch features four premium CBD-infused cartridges: INSPIRE : delivers an earthy and herbal vibe with lilac undertones, and a lemon-pepper nose. Allowing you to brainstorm, be unique, think differently or create a masterpiece. PEACE : combines a sweet woody flavour with a tickle of green peppercorn and a clean grapefruit finish. You will feel the embrace of a warm hug that removes the edge off stress. MEND : allows you to slip into a relaxing bath of sweet stone fruits, savoury herbs and a pine finish. Find relief from tension and release muscular aches and pains. ZZZ : offers the sensation of walking through a forest after the rain. Like the perfect cup of tea to be taken at bedtime - hints of juniper and lemon. Infused Amphora’s CBD products enhance health, wellness and help achieve personal lifestyle goals through their pesticide-free, non-intoxicating and THC-free CBD cartridges. All products contain two simple ingredients, 100% organic CBD distillate and plant-sourced terpenes. Products retail at £35 and are launching with a 20% discount at £28 each, for a limited time. All Infused Amphora products are rigorously third-party lab-tested* for content and purity. Angus Taylor, CEO of parent company, Infused Products International LTD, commented: “Infused Amphora is about creating an unmatched customer experience by offering easy to understand products that deliver a specific and predictable experience such as athletic recovery, sleep, inspiration, and tranquility. We are aiming to grow this international brand to 24 exciting products in 2021. We’re on track to build our own supply chain and will be able to quickly move high quality products to market that meet the needs of our customers. We will use the UK as a launch pad to expand and enter additional international markets, such as Brazil and India, next year”. On the partnership with Vessel Brand, Angus Taylor added: “As Infused Amphora thoughtfully considered its entry into the UK market, we intentionally sought out the best-in-class market partner, Vessel Brand, a company with complimentary visions of supporting mental and physical health through an exceptional customer journey. Premium CBD is at the core of our customer experience, it’s a crucial step of many that also includes third-party testing to guarantee compliance, education, premium hardware technology and unparalleled customer service.” James Choe, CEO and Co-Founder Vessel Brand, Inc. commented: "We are honoured to partner with Infused Amphora because of their dedication to quality product and their willingness to challenge the industry status quo by designing a better experience for every customer. We’re seeing countless CBD-related brands hitting the market but majority of them are battling for the customer’s attention with the same commodity offering, or in some cases, a step up with fancy packaging. “The customer experience needs to push well beyond this. ‘Premium’ in our eyes, has little to do with a price point and everything to do with delivering on a brand promise - the customer experience doesn’t end at the point of quality consumable product, that is just the beginning. The thoughtfulness to extend the experience to the battery that powers your oil, the control you have over your consumption, the way you charge and store your oil, and how you feel when you interact with their support team - that is what makes their offering compelling and that shared philosophy is what makes our partnership so strong” added James Choe . * Each product comes with a Certificate of Analysis from an accredited testing lab. Notes to the Editor For further information please contact the Amphora press office: Bilal Mahmood on or +44 (0) 20 3640 7759 and +44 (0) 771 400 7257. About Infused Amphora Infused Amphora is a premium CBD wellness brand formulated in the UK. It is owned by Infused Products International LTD, a global health-and-wellness product business. Infused Amphora is dedicated to providing all-natural, symptom-targeting and high-quality CBD products. Elevating users on their wellness journeys, each product is designed with a specific purpose, whether it’s sparking creativity, relieving stress, calming their thoughts before bed, or soothing muscle aches & pains. With only two simple ingredients (CBD distillate sourced from 100% organically grown hemp and plant-based terpenes to supply that beneficial entourage effect) we keep our customer’s health as our top priority. All of our products have zero harmful additives & solvents, are nicotine-free, pesticide-free, and THC-free to ensure no intoxicating effects, just pure bliss in every breath. Contact Details Bilal Mahmood +44 7714 007257 Company Website

September 30, 2020 07:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Survey: Majority of Sports Bettors & Fantasy Players Show No Platform Loyalty as Users Scale Back Dollars Waged and Participation due to COVID-19

Hot Paper Lantern

HPL Digital Sport (HPLDS), a specialty group within Hot Paper Lantern focused on helping fantasy sports and betting brands become more relevant, found in a recent snap survey of more than 600 sports bettors and fantasy players, that three out of five (60 percent) sports bettors and fantasy players aren’t loyal to one platform. The survey also found, despite the impacts of COVID-19, that 75% of users said their interest in sports betting and fantasy sports had stayed consistent or increased, while a quarter reported a decrease in interest. However, the harsh reality is that users are scaling back their participation. Forty percent of respondents said that they have scaled back the amount they bet, 31% reduced the number of bets they make and 30% cut back on the amount of fantasy sports sites on which they play. “It’s not surprising that sports bettors and fantasy sports players are spending less due to the pandemic,” said Ed Moed, CEO of HPLDS. “What’s concerning is very few sportsbooks or fantasy platforms have built any real user loyalty. Especially as both start ups and existing players infringe on marketshare by launching innovative new offerings in emerging markets and hundreds of millions of dollars go to waste on user acquisition that doesn’t yield results. It’s critically important that platforms understand that there is a loyalty gap and they need to change the way they engage with users.” Given the increased volume of platforms and operators to choose from, HPLDS asked what may sway users into becoming loyal players or bettors with one particular platform. Survey participants overwhelmingly look to who they trust and how will they associate more personally with a specific brand: 36% - If the ads or promotions sent to me were more personal, witty or connected with me beyond promotional codes (e.g., put in $20 and you get a bonus $20 to bet with, refer a friend and get $100 bonus for your account, etc.) 29% - If friends and/or family referred me to play or bet there 27% - If the company developed relevant content for me (e.g., videos, articles, podcasts, etc.) that I can learn from or entertain myself on social media channels 24% - If I knew that the company is giving back to communities or organizations 20% - If the company clearly looked and communicated how it is different from all the others 14% - If celebrities or well-known sports industry experts communicated great things about it Given the intense frequency of sports betting and fantasy sports ads during the leadup to the NFL football season, less than half (49%) of respondents reported that sports betting or fantasy sports ads prompted them to bet or play. “Users stated two to one that friends/family referrals are more important in building loyalty and trust than celebrity and expert endorsements. How many platforms are actually thinking of leveraging the right influencers?” said Ed Moed. “We’re experiencing a sea of advertising sameness that doesn’t allow one brand to stand out from a message, content, or sophisticated design standpoint. Users are bombarded with the same generic content, from the same media and social channels resulting in too much wasted money.” For more information please visit . About HPL Digital Sport: Hot Paper Lantern Digital Sport is a specialty group within Hot Paper Lantern (HPL) that works with fantasy, sports betting and e-sports brands to build greater brand relevance, gain a competitive edge and acquire new audiences. The group’s unique value proposition is how it integrates specific services such as: strategic branding, customer research/analytics, digital marketing, public relations and social media strategy, experiential and creative design to maximize building brand, while acquiring customers for its clients. Contact Details Mike Adorno +1 917-399-3743 Company Website

September 23, 2020 09:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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US companies spending billions each month to return staff back to work


Getting businesses back up and running and employees back to work is critical to the US economic recovery. However, there’s confusion between employers and anxiety for workers returning to work. Digital health and therapeutics company Huma asked 5,000 US employees and 2,000 US employers about their views on returning to work. Only one in five businesses feel suitably informed on the specific policies/procedures they need to ensure a safe working environment for their employees. Yet employers are spending loads of money to reopen workplaces safely. Employers estimate that they will spend $3.4 billion per month overall, and $61.23 per employee each month to ensure employee health and safety. Nearly 9 in 10 employers (86%) have instituted new hygiene protocols, updated workplace layouts, and have a smaller workforce. While employers are readying the workplace, they have not planned for managing COVID-19 cases. Few employers have made accommodations for managing COVID-19 exposure. Only one-fifth of employers have updated sick leave policies (22%) or communications policies for exposure (19%). Economic realities are scaring employees more than health and safety risks Shockingly, two-thirds of employees believe their health and safety could be compromised in the workplace. Despite these fears, most employees are eager to get back to work, with over half of workers (52%) ready to get back to work today. Of those employees who have already returned to their workplace, only one in four (27%) employees are confident in the measures in place to ensure their safety and wellbeing. What’s driving employees’ concerns are interactions with other people, with respondents citing their co-workers’ hygiene (17%) and commuters (25%) as two of the three factors they were worried about, along with the workplace environment (21%). What causes the greatest fear for nearly three-quarters (72%) of employees is their coworker’s hygiene, which they rank as the single most significant factor in COVID-19 transmission at the workplace. Managing employee health for a safe workplace Employers have invested in the physical workplace, but have not put systems in place to manage employee health and COVID-19 case communications to ensure safer workplaces. Overwhelmingly, two-thirds (67%) of employees would be willing to do a daily symptom check-in with their employers, and the majority (75%) would be comfortable with employers tracking their symptoms. Moreover, nine in ten businesses (87%) are comfortable monitoring their employees' symptoms. This research shows that there’s a willingness on both sides to manage employee health, yet few are doing so. Dan Vahdat, founder and CEO of Huma, commented : “What this research identifies are the concerns of employers and employees in managing health and safety at the workplace during the COVID-19 era. Employers are spending millions to create a safe work environment, but not on solutions to manage employee health.” “Employers need new solutions and guidance on how to manage their health and wellbeing of their employees and provide assurance that they are prepared for COVID-19. Without new solutions to help manage workplace safety, businesses and the economy are going to take longer to recover.” Digital health and therapeutics company Huma is helping businesses and employees return to work safely. Huma Health Shield gives employees an easy-to-use mobile app to confidentially self-report their symptoms, track vital signs, and see their exposure risk. Employers have access to a secure web-based portal to see their workforce’s overall health while still protecting employee privacy. Ends Notes the editor Research findings based on a survey of 5,000 US employees and 2,000 US companies conducted in September 2020. About Huma Huma partners with scientists, technologists, and healthcare professionals to understand, treat, and ultimately prevent ill health. Giving knowledge and power to those with medical conditions, while saving clinicians time, energy, and valuable resources. Because, by collectively benefiting from the data we individually generate, we can all live our longest, fullest lives. Contact Details Bilal Mahmood +44 7714 007257 Company Website

September 16, 2020 09:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Iowa State Football Picks HearMeCheer to Bring Cyclones Fans at Home Right into the Action at Jack Trice Stadium against Louisiana This Saturday


The Iowa State Cyclones kick off their 2020 college football season this Saturday, September 12 against the University of Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns at Jack Tice Stadium. Normally a packed stadium would cheer on the Cyclones, but with COVID-19 safeguards and precautions in place, Iowa State has turned to HearMeCheer to bring their fans at home right into the action. As live sports continue to return to American television, COVID-19 social distancing guidelines preclude fans actually being in the stands in most states. HearMeCheer’s patented technology allows fans watching the games at home to cheer into the microphones in their smartphones, tablets and computers and be heard live inside stadiums, arenas, ballparks as well as on radio and television broadcasts from those sites. According to Elias Andersen, the founder and CEO of HearMeCheer , “We are excited by our first opportunity to work with football, and college sports, this weekend with the Iowa State Cyclones game. HearMeCheer has been proven as a great fan engagement platform for Top Rank boxing on ESPN from the beginning of the summer, for the New York Red Bulls at their home games since late August, for the Royal Belgian Football Association earlier this week, and now we will bring the Iowa State fans into the action at Jack Tice Stadium this Saturday. We know HearMeCheer can keep college sports fans and alumni engaged in every game, everywhere.” Andersen and his growing company believe HearMeCheer is a software platform that can increase fan engagement. HearMeCheer takes audio from fans watching at home and aggregates the sounds into one audio stream, which is provided to broadcasters and to feeds in ballparks, stadiums, and arenas. The sound from fans is converted into crowd noise using low-latency algorithms. Previously an Electrical Engineering major at the University of Toronto, the 20-year-old Andersen decided to leave college this past January to devote his attention to his start-up, ChampTrax, full-time. While pitching Major League Baseball teams the young company’s sports analytics platform at spring training sites in Arizona this past March accompanied by co-founder Jason Rubinstein, the pivot to develop HearMeCheer happened while Andersen was on an airplane returning to Toronto as the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the sports world. About HearMeCheer: HearMeCheer is an innovative fan engagement platform developed by the team at ChampTrax. The Toronto-based company has created an app that allows sports fans at home to actively engage with their favorite teams playing in ballparks, arenas, and stadiums around the world. HearMeCheer collects live fan noise, cheers, sounds and reactions into a live audio stream that is used by sports teams, leagues, and broadcasters in live game coverage. Additional information is available at . Contact Details Jim DeLorenzo +1 215-266-5943 Company Website

September 11, 2020 11:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Signarama , the world’s leading sign franchise, is excited to announce that it is the official title sponsor of the World Axe Throwing League’s (WATL) 2020 Championship event for a second year. Referred to as the 2020 Signarama World Axe Throwing Championship, the event will take place December 4-6 at Bad Axe Throwing in Atlanta, Georgia. “Signarama‘s sponsorship isn’t just about putting our logo on a program name, it’s our way of connecting with the loyal, engaged and diverse audience that make up our customer base. Last year, we were blown away by the response of the World Axe Throwing League Championship. As this sport continues to grow and reach new audiences, we look forward to sharing the fun and action with everyone on December 6," said A.J. Titus, President of Signarama. The 2020 Signarama World Axe Throwing Championship will air live on ESPN3 on December 6 at 2 p.m. ET. Viewers will have the unique opportunity to watch the final six competitors throw live, including the chance to win the title of World Champion and the prize pool of $50,000. This year, WATL will also televise the World Championship for Big Axe competition and Duals where two competitors throw on the same target and compete against another two competitors. If you miss the action on December 6, check out the replay on December 13 at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN2. What started as a mission to create a forum for axe throwing facilities to establish official rules and regulations, the World Axe Throwing League has grown to 28 countries, over 266 affiliates and more than 300 locations worldwide since its inception. Today, the League is the largest professional association for axe throwing in the world. "We're excited to have Signarama be this year's title sponsor for a second year. With their ongoing support, we are confident that this will be the best televised event we’ve ever produced," said Mario Zelaya, Commissioner of the World Axe Throwing League. Signarama is part of a successful system of franchise brands under the United Franchise Group (UFG), and based in West Palm Beach, Florida. UFG has more than 1,600 franchisees in 80 countries worldwide. For more information about the 2020 Signarama World Axe Throwing Championship, visit . ABOUT WORLD AXE THROWING LEAGUE The World Axe Throwing League (WATL) is the global governing body of urban axe throwing. WATL was founded in 2017 by representatives from Canada, the United States of America, Brazil and Ireland. It has 25 axe throwing nations with affiliates. It organizes international tournament events such as the US Open, Canadian Open and most notably the World Axe Throwing Championship. ABOUT SIGNARAMA Signarama, the world’s largest sign franchise, offers branding and messaging solutions in addition to comprehensive sign and graphic services to consumers and commercial customers – from business signs, vehicle wraps, and digital signs, to advertising and marketing services. Signarama is part of a successful system of business-to-business franchise brands and development services under the United Franchise Group (UFG). As part of a $49-billion-plus worldwide sign market, Signarama has been at the forefront of the sign industry for over three decades. With more than 700 locations in 60 countries. For more information, visit . Contact Details Brittny Fuchs +1 561-812-6032 Company Website

September 10, 2020 11:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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StatHero , a multi-day survivor-based fantasy sports platform, announced a multi-million round of seed funding from Chicago-based family office Breslow Forsythe Group, LLC. The funds will be used for gameplay development and advanced marketing to build the brand and expand StatHero’s rapidly growing user base. “StatHero’s mission is to take the time, commitment, and complexity out of DFS and provide a simpler game, better value and an improved experience for our users,” said StatHero CEO Jason Jaramillo . “We see a unique opportunity in the market to provide users who are frustrated with consistently losing on traditional daily fantasy games with a game that is actually designed for them to win. This seed funding is essential to helping us acquire the tools and resources we need to reach players looking for a superior alternative in this highly competitive industry.” StatHero is a new daily fantasy site that combines the instant gratification of daily fantasy with the longevity value users can obtain from survivor pools. The user wins more the longer they survive. Officially launched in August 2020, StatHero currently has survivor-style games for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR and PGA. “We could not be more excited about our decision to partner with StatHero,” said Robert A. Breslow, co-owner of Breslow Forsythe Group. “Not only did we invest in an incredible platform that has the potential for massive scalability and growth, but we are working with a powerhouse team that is dedicated to making StatHero a major player in the DFS industry.” For more information on StatHero, please visit About StatHero Founded in 2018, StatHero is a multi-day survivor-style fantasy sports platform. StatHero users play against the StatHero (the House) - and not thousands of other users and professionals - thus providing greater opportunities to win. Due to StatHero’s unique and engaging survivor pool model, users achieve 2.5 times their buy-in value because of the multi-day format of the game. Beat StatHero and you advance, don’t, and you’re out. StatHero currently has games for NFL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR and PGA. Contact Details Michael Adorno +1 212-931-6143 Company Website

September 10, 2020 10:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Fully Promoted® Now Offering Unique New Product to Combat Germs and Bacteria

Fully Promoted

Fully Promoted ®, the world’s largest branded products and marketing services franchise, announced today it will now offer nanoDefense ® products. The product line is comprised of recognizable, replaceable film that has a proprietary coating which activates in the presence of light to create a self-cleaning service. The surface engineered to repel contaminants allowing it to easily be wiped clean with water, but more importantly ingredients are actively involved in destroying organic compounds. The nanoDefense ® products are intended to be used by businesses on high touch surfaces in lighted areas, where the coating can work to remove viruses, bacteria, and contaminants. Fully Promoted recommends using the products on doors, elevator buttons, restrooms, touchscreens, self-service items and on mass transit. “Offering the nanoDefense ® products to our customers is another way that Fully Promoted is helping businesses get back to business,” said Mike Brugger, Fully Promoted brand President. “Businesses will find comfort in knowing that high touch points throughout their facilities are combating the growth and spread of contagions. Employees will be equally comfortable knowing that their work environment is safer.” In addition to offering nanoDefense ® , Fully Promoted offers a vast selection of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that will help businesses get back to business. Most recently, Fully Promoted launched social distancing bracelets for networking events. The color-coded wristbands indicate an individuals preferred level of interaction. A member of the United Franchise Group, Fully Promoted can access more than half a million promotional products . For more information about Fully Promoted, the nanoDefense ® products, or to receive a product sample, contact your local Fully Promoted store. About Fully Promoted Fully Promoted has 300 locations across the globe. The brand operates a full-service branded products and marketing service business and is the place to attract customers. From promotional products and embroidery to expert printing services, Fully Promoted can help take businesses to the next level. Fully Promoted also offers an office-based model allowing franchisees to operate their business using a developed network of resources. To find the Fully Promoted nearest you, visit , and for franchising opportunities, visit . Contact Details Brittny Fuchs +1 561-812-6032 Company Website

September 09, 2020 10:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Royal Belgian Football Association Helps Their Fans Cheer on the Red Devils from their Home for the Belgium vs. Iceland Match Today Via the Innovative Startup HearMeCheer


Today at the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels, Belgium, the Royal Belgian Football Association Red Devils will play against Iceland in an empty stadium. But to avoid it being a “silent” match, the Red Devils are calling on their fans to support them en masse, from their living rooms. RBFA has partnered with innovative start-ups HearMeCheer and FanFest to bring the full stadium experience to their loyal fans in their living rooms and beyond, as well as on the field for the Red Devils. “The Devils will have to play in empty stadiums for some time, which is why we needed to find a manner in which we could engage our fans in the game and get the full stadium experience to them,” said Manu Leroy, Marketing & Communication Director for the Royal Belgian Football Association . “We found two innovative start-ups via the international virtual incubator HYPE Sports Innovation. HearMeCheer transmits live cheers, while FanFest allows supporters to chat with friends via their computers about the match as if they were in the stadium or a café. ” HearMeCheer will bring the full King Baudouin Stadium experience on your TV instead of a sterile, pre-recorded audio track. The app from the Canadian start-up captures the cheers, chants, and encouragement of Belgian fans in front of their television. The app mixes supporters’ sounds and transmits them live as a background to the comments on Belgian broadcasters VTM and RTBF, the channels that will broadcast the match against Iceland. “If you want to cheer the Red Devils on to victory from your living room, go to on Tuesday evening,” said Leroy. “As a start-up, we are honored that we can help fans of the highest-ranking team in the world in one of the most popular sports,” said Elias Andersen, founder and CEO of HearMeCheer . “Now that the Red Devils have to play in empty stadiums in the time of COVID-19, our innovation helps the Royal Belgian Football Association create the feeling of a full stadium. It makes the experience much more enjoyable for the players on the field and the supporters at home in front of their TV set. “ HearMeCheer is built to bring together fans and teams in a new way, bringing the stadium experience into their home while bringing the fan experience into the stadiums so that the players know their fans are still with them,” Andersen added. “The opportunity for HearMeCheer to work together with the Royal Belgian Football Association gives everyone the chance to be part of this exciting match no matter where in the world they are watching, and lets the Red Devils hear their fans that inspire their on-field performance. The RBFA is actively engaging their fans in this COVID-19 world, as play resumes without fans in the stands. They are being proactive and innovative, and their willingness to work with a young startup company like ours is further proof that RBFA and other teams need fan engagement platforms like HearMeCheer to keep their fans in the game.” About HearMeCheer: HearMeCheer is an innovative fan engagement platform developed by the team at ChampTrax. The Toronto-based company has created an app that allows sports fans at home to actively engage with their favorite teams playing in ballparks, arenas, and stadiums around the world. HearMeCheer collects live fan noise, cheers, sounds and reactions into a live audio stream that is used by sports teams, leagues, and broadcasters in live game coverage. Additional information is available at . Contact Details Jim DeLorenzo +1 215-266-5943 Company Website

September 08, 2020 12:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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