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Activate, the world’s first active gaming facility and TikTok viral sensation, is thrilled to announce its fourth location in Ontario, set to open in Mississauga on June 14, 2024. Following successful openings in Brampton, Burlington, and Scarborough, Activate offers an entertainment option like no other of unparalleled excitement that has sparked a nationwide gaming sensation. Activate Mississauga is located at 5980 Mclaughlin Rd, Unit 1, Mississauga, ON, L5R 3X9. Founded in Canada, Activate is transforming the gaming landscape, counting 13 locations across Canada and 10 locations in the United States with no signs of slowing down. Attracting over 2.6 million players worldwide, the experience blends cutting-edge technology with action-packed challenges for an adrenaline-fueled adventure. "Activate's expansion into Mississauga marks an exhilarating milestone in our journey to revolutionize gaming entertainment," expressed Adam Schmidt, Founder & CEO of Activate. "We are thrilled to introduce our action-packed challenges to a new market in Ontario. Our mission is to deliver an unforgettable social adventure, uniting friends and families and creating lasting excitement, camaraderie, and cherished memories." With over 9,000 square feet of fun, Activate Mississauga’s new state-of-the-art gaming facility welcomes all ages and skill levels, encouraging players to explore and create their own unique experiences. Here’s what to expect: Guests can sign up in groups of two to five players Through progress tracking via Activate’s high-tech electronic RFID wristbands, players can rack up points, leveling up and earning prizes along the way. Top gaming rooms include the TikTok viral sensation Mega Grid with 500+ multi-activated rainbow-coloured tiles, blasting the beaming bullseye in a game called Strike, and feel like a modern day spy in the Laser room. Try Level 1 easy or take it to Level 10 extreme. Play as a team in cooperative mode, or challenge your friends in competitive mode games. In addition to Mississauga, Activate can be found in major Canadian markets such as Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax, and Brampton, along with U.S. markets such as Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, and New Jersey. Additional Activate locations are set to open in 2024 across Canada in markets such as Southern Ontario, Saskatchewan and B.C, along with internationally, including Dubai opening in the Fall, 2024 and launching in the UK in 2025. Today, Activate operates over 30 locations across Canada and the U.S. PLAN YOUR VISIT Book in advance to save time and ensure your preferred time is available. Each game lasts 1-3 minutes. The full gaming experience lasts 75 minutes. Complete the waiver required for you to play in advance. Wear activewear and indoor runners. Age requirements: 10 and older. Where: 5980 Mclaughlin Rd, Unit 1 Mississauga, ON, L5R 3X9. When: Sun-Thurs 9:30 am - 10:00 pm, Fri-Sat 9:30 am - 11:00 pm. For a sneak peek into Activate’s dynamic gaming experience, and to keep tabs on the Activate Mississauga grand opening, click here. Join the Inner Circle to be the first to hear about new locations, behind-the-scenes information, deals, and more. Please find imagery assets here. Activate is the world’s first active gaming experience where players #EnterTheGame. Activate offers a unique blend of physical activity and gaming that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Each Activate location provides fun and interactive rooms for players to compete, earn stars and track achievements. With the global headquarters located in Winnipeg, Canada, Activate has grown to 30 locations across Canada, the U.S. and now the world! To join the active gaming movement, visit Follow Activate on social media: Facebook: Activate Instagram: @activategames TikTok: @activategames Contact Details Jive PR + Digital Jalila Singerff +1 613-614-6777 Company Website

June 10, 2024 09:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Room to Roam: ‎The Elephant’s Path to Climate Resilience

News Media Group, Inc.

Contact Details Karl Wayne +1 334-440-6397 Company Website

June 10, 2024 07:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Comcast Announces Live American Sign Language Interpreting Services at Eight Bay Area Xfinity Store Locations

Comcast California

As part of its ongoing commitment to digital inclusion and accessibility, Comcast today announced the availability of live American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services at eight Xfinity Store Locations in the Greater Bay Area. Customers who need ASL support can stop into any of the select Bay Area Xfinity Stores, where representatives will utilize ASL Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) to access a live interpreter provided by partner, Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD). The Retail Associate simply taps the app on the store iPad and is connected in moments via video to a live interpreter who can translate from ASL to English and vice versa as the customer and Associate converse. “We’re proud to deliver an inclusive service solution that will help more customers better interact and engage with Retail Associates representing our Xfinity Products and Services, to provide them with a much better in-store experience,” said Thomas Wlodkowski, Comcast Vice President for Accessibility. “I’m also grateful to our partners in California — who are helping to close the digital divide for more members of our disabled community by working with us on a variety of digital equity initiatives.” Comcast launched the ASL VRI service as a pilot in select stores last year; it is the first telecommunications retailer in the country to offer live, on-demand, remote ASL interpreting services in stores to better serve customers. The company is expanding the service to additional stores across the country this year. The eight Xfinity Greater Bay Area stores that offer ASL VRI service include: San Jose: 1068 E. Brokaw Rd. # 50, San Jose, CA 95131 Sunnyvale: 301 W. McKinley Ave. Suite 140, Sunnyvale, CA 94086 San Jose: 1566 Monterey Hwy #20, San Jose, CA 95110 San Jose: 1600 Saratoga Ave., San Jose, CA 95129 Palo Alto: 2825 El Camino Real #100, Palo Alto, CA 94306 Fremont: 43325 Christy St., Fremont, CA 94538 Oakland: 3070 E. 9 th St., Oakland, CA 94601 Dublin: 4104 Grafton St., Dublin, CA 94568 “As part of California School for the Deaf’s mission, we are deeply committed to providing a language rich environment that maximizes communication access in order for our students to lead fulfilling lives,” said Amy Novotny, Superintendent, California School for the Deaf. “Access to technology and connectivity builds confidence and independence, and that’s why we are excited to partner with Comcast on opportunities to close the digital divide for members of our Deaf and hard of hearing community.” The American Community Survey (ACS) estimates that 3.6% of the U.S. population is “deaf or have serious difficulty hearing.” Additionally, according to Pew Research Center, 23% of people with disabilities say they never go online, with 57% saying they do not have a home broadband connection. That’s why, through its Project UP initiative, Comcast is working to address and eliminate the unique barriers to connectivity through a series of efforts, including Internet Essentials, Lift Zones, and skill development and training. In addition to announcing this inclusive retail experience for customers, Comcast donated $60,000 in digital equity grants to community partners, San Francisco LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, California School for the Deaf, and the World Institute on Disability. These grants aim to broaden the scope of digital inclusion and accessibility to students, families, seniors, and community members. “Assistive technologies are opening doors to greater independence for folks with a range of disabilities,” said Sharon Giovinazzo Chief Executive Officer of the San Francisco LightHouse of the Blind and Visually Impaired. “These innovations truly can level the playing field. Comcast has been a valued partner in delivering technologies and supporting our efforts to promote independence, community, and equity for blind and low vision people.” “Diversity, equity and inclusion are the guiding stars of what we do here at the World Institute on Disability, and it is gratifying to see partners, such as Comcast, who also believe that equity and accessibility go hand-in-hand,” said Marcie Roth, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, World Institute on Disability. “Technology continues to evolve rapidly, and we must continue to work together to invest in solutions, which will help support people with disabilities having equal and greater access to products and services in today’s world as well as laying the foundation for greater accessibility for future generations.” About Comcast’s Accessibility Program: For more than a decade, Comcast has invested in making its products, technology, and experiences accessible to the widest possible audience while opening new doors to independence for people with disabilities. These innovations include the Large Button Voice Remote, voted USA Today’s Best Accessible Design remote in 2023, and the Xfinity Adaptive Web Remote. To learn more about Comcast’s groundbreaking accessibility work, visit About Comcast Corporation: Comcast Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA) is a global media and technology company. From the connectivity and platforms, we provide, to the content and experiences we create, our businesses reach hundreds of millions of customers, viewers, and guests worldwide. We deliver world-class broadband, wireless, and video through Xfinity, Comcast Business, and Sky; produce, distribute, and stream leading entertainment, sports, and news through brands including NBC, Telemundo, Universal, Peacock, and Sky; and bring incredible theme parks and attractions to life through Universal Destinations & Experiences. Visit for more information. Contact Details Comcast Calfornia Jon Koriel +1 925-315-2690 Company Website

June 06, 2024 10:15 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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Black Radiance Launches Beautyverse App as First Step into Beauty Tech Space

Black Radiance

Black Radiance, one of the first inclusive beauty brands, is excited to launch its first augmented reality app, Beyond Radiant. Available now in all app stores, Beyond Radiant empowers women of color with the confidence to be their best selves by seeing the unlimited possibilities in the avatars. Beyond Radiant stands at the intersection of augmented reality technology, beauty, and empowerment. Unlike traditional beauty apps that focus solely on makeup application, Beyond Radiant offers an immersive experience surrounding four diverse avatars, each with unique personalities and professions, to inspire women of color and foster a community of confident, empowered women who see themselves in the achievements and aspirations of the app’s avatar. “Black Radiance has always stood on the cutting-edge of the intersection between beauty and race,” said Sherry West, Brand Marketing Manager at Black Radiance. “We know the way of the future is to embrace technology in new and unique ways, especially with the increasing presence of AI in the beauty industry. We’re excited to step into the future in an inclusive way that holds true to Black Radiance’s long-standing mission of empowering women of color.” Beyond Radiant Augmented Reality avatars are inspired by history-making women who have blazed new paths for Black women, like NASA Astronaut Jessica Watkins, and record-breaking ice skater Starr Andrews. Jessica Watkins is the first Black woman to complete an International Space Station long-term mission, while Starr Andrews is the first African American woman to win a Grand Prix medal in the singles discipline. The dedication, creativity, imagination, and fortitude of these women can be seen in the four avatars: The Boss Babe, The Champ, The Content Creator, and The Innovator. “In a world where beauty standards often feel limiting, Black Radiance dares to redefine what beauty can mean for women of color,” said K. Parris MacDonald, Vice President of Marketing at Black Radiance. “The Beyond Radiant App feels like a natural progression to further offering space to women of color to be their authentic selves and see themselves reflected in the narratives of achievement and success.” The Beyond Radiant app is available to download in all app stores now and at For more information and updates, visit and follow @blackradiancebeauty on social media. Hi-res images and interviews are available upon request. About Black Radiance: For over 30 years, Black Radiance® has recognized, represented, and celebrated the diversity of darker complexions by offering affordable, high-quality cosmetics with uncompromising color, trusted coverage, and formula innovation. Black Radiance empowers and inspires women of color through cosmetics, beauty, and lifestyles. Our mission – to enable Black women worldwide to be even more beautiful. We promise to create both products and experiences that encourage women of color worldwide to embrace, enhance, define, and love their shade of beauty. Contact Details Cami Carlson

June 06, 2024 08:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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West Hollywood’s 40th Anniversary: Vacation in The High-Energy Playground to the Stars, Full of Sunshine, Style, and Culture


A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Style, culture, glamour, luxury, fun, wellness, shopping, design, trendsetting, playground to the stars, iconic. Those are just some of the words to describe West Hollywood, California’s most walkable city in the heart of LA. This year, West Hollywood celebrates its 40th anniversary with four decades of cultural innovation, diversity, and unparalleled experiences in one of Southern California’s most iconic cities, measuring only 1.9 square miles. With influence from rock ‘n roll, folk, hair, metal bands and the distinct charm and the continuance of the famed Halloween Carnaval and WeHo Pride contribute to the rich tapestry of West Hollywood's cultural relevance, not to mention being the hub of many reality TV shows and paparazzi sightings. West Hollywood also has a long history of enacting progressive policies that protect and promote the rights of the minority, including the LGBTQ+ community. West Hollywood became an official city in 1984 with a majority-gay city council and its first openly gay mayor was elected in 1985. West Hollywood hosts one of the largest and most vibrant Pride celebrations in the country, attracting global visitation. This annual event showcases the city's commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusivity and provides a platform for the local LGBTQ+ community and the many businesses that serve it. West Hollywood commemorates these milestones with 40 Days of Pride and the return of WeHo Pride. “Pride Starts Here” kicked off on Harvey Milk Day (May 22) and runs through June 30 for “40 Days of Pride'' with programming that includes the WeHo Pride Weekend Parade, the Dyke March, the WeHo Pride Arts Festival and more. Headliners for the 2024 OUTLOUD festival included Kylie Minogue, Janelle Monāe, Kesha, and Diplo. A nationwide media tour was conducted on May 21st with Jeff Morris, Chief Marketing Officer, West Hollywood Travel and Tom Kiely, President and CEO, West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board. Topics that were discussed during the media tour included: ● How guests can dive into the cultural forefront by exploring West Hollywood's three neighborhoods: The Design District, Santa Monica Boulevard (including LA’s Rainbow District) and the famed Sunset Strip, all nestled in the heart of LA. ● WeHo Pride celebrates 40 Days of Pride, coinciding this year with West Hollywood’s 40th Anniversary. ● What some of the summer cultural, culinary and entertainment highlights will be for anyone visiting including new trendsetting restaurants, bars, boutique, including 20 fabulous hotels, ranging from luxury to historic to celebrity drenched, not to mention the phenomenon of "roof topping” (swimming pools, sun decks and even pickleball). For more information, visit Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

June 05, 2024 02:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Los Angeles, CA (May 28, 2024) - Baker Entertainment Group, a film development and production company rooted in the tradition of classic Hollywood romance by visionary filmmaker Jonathan Baker, announced today it has wrapped production on “Fate” and is looking ahead to its next and final film. Baker’s next project “ICON” will be his final act as he sets sail on his directorial career in Hollywood. ”ICON” is about a soul that moves through a hundred years until it reaches its destiny as a rock star, using one family’s saga through immigration and musical history as its backdrop. “ICON” will head into production in 2025. "I've waited my entire life to share this story," said Jonathan Baker. "This narrative of ICON is crucial to America, highlighting the significance of immigration and how it shaped our nation. Our past is integral to our identity. A film like ICON is truly unique; it blends a historical perspective with a musical lens like never before." Baker envisions a star-studded ensemble cast coming together to create what he calls “a musical masterpiece” for “ICON”. Production on Baker’s last film “Fate” has wrapped, featuring an all star cast that includes Academy Award-winning actor Faye Dunaway (“Bonnie & Clyde”, “Chinatown”), Academy Award-nominee Harvey Keitel (“Bugsy”, “Taxi Driver”), Actor, Director, Writer, Andrew McCarthy (“The Blacklist,” “Orange is the New Black”, “Brats”), Brandon Routh (“Superman Returns”), Mena Suvari (“Grace and Grit”), Cheech Marin (“From Dusk Till Dawn”), and Janet Montgomery (“Black Swan”, “Black Mirror”). “The magic of the film is that everyone is not what they appear to be”, said Academy Award-winner Faye Dunaway. Jonathan Baker spent two years crafting the cast of “Fate” by hiring against type for each role. “Fate” and “ICON” are both co-written by Micheal Buhlman and Jonathan Baker. “Fate” is currently looking for a domestic distributor who believes in theatrical releases. Highland Film Group is handling international sales which kicked off at this year's Cannes Film Festival. For more information, please visit ### Contact Details Jive PR + Digital Jordan Parlee Company Website

June 04, 2024 02:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Is Gamification The Future Of Advertising? Here’s How One Company Is Shaking Up The Industry


By Faith Ashmore, Benzinga In the early 90s and even 2000s, ads were a key part of consuming media and advertising was, in a way, fun. Commercials were part of the popular culture monolith and it was clear that advertising budgets were spent with intention. Ask any 90s kid, and they can quote the most popular ads of the time, whether that is Tony the Tiger’s “They’re G-r-r-reat!” or Verizon’s (NYSE: VZ) “Can you hear me now?” Today, the landscape of ads has changed, and the overall feeling is not one of enjoyment but rather fatigue. Advertising seems to be missing its mark for the majority of viewers. While ads have always been looked at through the lens of doubt, only 4% of people in a recent study by Inc. Magazine believed they were trustworthy. Not to mention, people feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of ads they are exposed to on a daily basis, which makes them more likely to tune them out. Additionally, the cultural significance of advertising has diminished due to the increasing amount of ads on the internet, and most ads are not viewed as entertaining or effective at selling products. There has also been recent discourse that criticizes the rise of "woke-wash" advertising or makes false claims about social or environmental responsibility just for profit. “It’s harder to reach audiences, the cost of marketing is going up, the number of channels has exponentially proliferated and the cost to cover all of those channels has proliferated,” Jay Pattisall, the lead author of a recent advertising report, shared in an interview. “It’s a continual pressure for marketers – we’re no longer just creating advertising campaigns three or four times a year and running them across a few networks and print.” What Does The Future Of Successful Advertising Look Like? In a world where everyone seems to despise ads, gamification could be the next frontier for advertising, with 2 out of 3 Americans spending an hour on gaming every day. In this landscape, Overplay emerges as a solution that aims to disrupt the status quo. Overplay leverages the power of gamification and introduces a new approach to advertising that transforms traditional ads into interactive games. By turning ads into engaging experiences, Overplay seeks to capture users' attention and boost their active participation. Overplay's innovative platform empowers creators to effortlessly infuse their videos with interactive elements, removing the need for coding skills and technical expertise. This democratization of interactive content creation opens up a world of possibilities for creators, allowing them to tap into the immense popularity of gaming culture quickly and easily. The result is a more immersive and enjoyable ad experience that stands out amidst the noise of traditional advertising. Not only does Overplay benefit creators, but it also offers value to brands. By harnessing the power of playable game ads, brands can connect with their target audience in a highly interactive and memorable way. Plus, playable ads have been shown to achieve a staggering 7x higher conversion rate compared to other ad formats, making them a powerful tool for driving results. With Overplay, brands can create these effective playable game ads at a fraction of the cost and time traditionally required. The allure of Overplay is undeniable, with hundreds of thousands of app downloads and millions of games played. By recognizing that the current zeitgeist has shifted away from enjoying ads, Overplay has set out to transform the advertising landscape by making ads more enjoyable, interactive and effective through the power of gamification. Featured photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash. Overplay is revolutionizing a $574 billion digital media landscape with the first frictionless platform for user-generated games.With Overplay, everyone can turn their videos into games and share them with the world — in minutes, for free, with no code. Overplay’s app can be used to quickly and easily make games from anything: funny moments with your friends, cat memes, cooking tutorials, extreme sports POVs, and more!Imagine the NBA creating playable highlights reels, movie studios releasing trailers that are games, and car companies making commercials where you virtually test drive their cars. Overplay’s app and licensable technology allows billions of creators, social media users, and brands to amplify audience engagement by making their content interactive.Overplay sits at the intersection of three massive markets: social media, video advertising, and casual gaming. We are merging everything that makes these markets successful into one revolutionary form of digital media that will be consumed and created by BILLIONs of potential Overplayers worldwideWith Overplay’s API, brands can apply a thin layer of gaming on top of videos already being streamed in advertisements. Because our technology is so simple and takes only a few minutes, Overplay cuts down on thousands of hours of production time and millions of dollars in costs for brands to leverage this highly engaging ad format. This post contains sponsored content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Caroline Strzalka Company Website

June 04, 2024 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Bitcoin (BTC) Stability Boosted By Massive ETF Inflows, Rebel Satoshi is on a dream presale run

Blockchain Digest

In the constantly changing world of cryptocurrency, periods of stability are really sought after, especially for Bitcoin (BTC). Right now, Bitcoin is seeing a boost in investor trust, thanks to big investments in spot BTC exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and favorable trading situations. At the same time, Rebel Satoshi Arcade (RECQ), a crypto project led by its community, is making great progress in its presale stage, catching the eye of both investors and fans. Massive ETF Inflows Boost Bitcoin Stability Bitcoin's recent stability can be credited to the huge influx of investments into spot BTC ETFs, signaling growing confidence among investors. According to Bitfinex researchers, Bitcoin has found solid support around the $60,000 level, thanks to consistently strong daily closures and significant withdrawals from crypto exchanges. Even with the massive outflows totaling $3.85 billion on May 15, Bitcoin's volatility remained low, and the cryptocurrency held its ground. What's particularly interesting is the spot Bitcoin ETF market in the US, which has seen net inflows for seven days in a row. This trend shows that investors are increasingly interested in BTC-related investment products, highlighting the growing appeal of Bitcoin as an asset class. Rebel Satoshi Arcade (RECQ) – Igniting The Wave Of Decentralization Picture this: in the bustling arena of cryptocurrency, Rebel Satoshi emerges as a beacon of hope, challenging the established presence of Bitcoin. It’s a rebellious project with the focus to transform the gaming and financial systems with complete decentralization. Do not think of Rebel Satoshi as another meme maniac, but a community-wide movement against the elites. With a unique dual-token system, featuring the Rebel Token (RBLZ) and the Requis Token (RECQ), it offers more than financial stakes – it stands for belonging and governance. If you hold this token, you are literally a decision maker in this project, while the other token serves a transactional purpose. The current presale has exceeded everyone's expectations with its remarkable success. Rebel Satoshi's innovative strategies and commitment to its community have generated immense interest and excitement. With ambitious goals outlined in its roadmap, such as reaching a $100 million market cap, Rebel Satoshi is poised for something substantial. And it's not mere speculation – comprehensive audits demonstrate the project's dedication to security and transparency, instilling confidence in potential investors. Rebel Satoshi isn't just about snagging investors; it's about making moves. Like, as this presale ramps up, it's drawing in investors who want to be a part of a bigger picture—a movement all about decentralization and making money stuff more fair for everyone. And, with each step it takes, Rebel Satoshi is cementing its spot as a big deal in the crypto scene. It's not just about throwing cash in; It's about having a shot at shaping a world where everybody gets a fair shake. Conclusion The combination of Bitcoin staying solid and all the hype around Rebel Satoshi’s presale is truly getting people excited about crypto. In this ever-changing world, projects like Rebel Satoshi offer a golden chance to be part of a community-driven push for a more inclusive financial future. Whether you’re a pro investor or just dipping your toes into crypto, now's the perfect time to check out Rebel Satoshi Arcade (RECQ) and dive into the vibe of innovation and empowerment. For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram. Contact Details Rebel Satoshi

June 04, 2024 08:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Expert Predictions: 4 Cryptos Primed for Significant Upside

Blockchain Digest

ONDO, Rebel Satoshi ($RECQ ), Ethena (ENA), and Optimism (OP) are gaining traction as the four most lucrative crypto investments in the current market space. Let’s take a more detailed look at the facts and analyze how high these tokens could reach over the next crypto bull run! Experts Rank ONDO Among the Best Altcoins to Buy Now Analysts point out that the opening of the ONDO-PERP market on the Coinbase International Exchange enabled ONDO to reach a new record high of $1.32 on May 26. Furthermore, ONDO bulls are convinced that the token will manage to sustain its positive momentum and increase toward the $1.50 threshold in the following months. Experts single out ONDO’s significant surges in terms of its Total Value Locked (TVL) as another reason for this optimistic ONDO price prediction. Thus, ONDO is gaining traction as one of the best altcoins to buy before the next crypto bull run. On the other hand, some analysts expect pronounced drops in ONDO’s imminent market performance based on the token’s inability to provide valuable short-term returns. According to ONDO bears, holders can expect corrections toward the $0.80 mark by the end of the year. Traders Recognize $RECQ as a Formidable Force in the Crypto Meme Market Rebel Satoshi is a new meme coin project aiming to reshape the crypto landscape through its dedication to the decentralized revolution. On top of that, Rebel Satoshi users receive excellent rewards by contributing to the development of the platform’s vibrant two-token ecosystem. $RBLZ offers excellent real-world utility as Rebel Satoshi’s governance and membership token. Furthermore, the token raised over $2.5 million during the presale phase and is currently selling for $0.025 on the Uniswap DEX. Moreover, $RBLZ holders expect continued rallies in the forthcoming weeks, as the token’s current price marks a noteworthy 150% increase from the starting $0.010. Meanwhile, Rebel Satoshi’s second token, $RECQ, is at Stage 2 of the presale, available for only $0.0044. Thus, Stage 2 investors can expect 25% gains as early as the next presale stage and a remarkable 184% gain when $RECQ reaches its launch price of $0.0125. $RECQ serves as Rebel Satoshi ’s base currency for everyday transactions such as purchases, rewards, and fees. Furthermore, the powerful $RECQ token also provides access to Rebel Satoshi’s advanced buyback program and the numerous play-to-earn games in the fun-filled Rebel Satoshi Arcade. Make sure to chip in today, as $RECQ is set to continue its upward trend over the next crypto bull run! Ethena Emerges as One of the Top Altcoins to Buy in 2024 Ethena bulls suggest ENA as one of the top altcoins to buy now based on its excellent performance since its launch on April 2, 2024. While ENA recorded its all-time high of $1.51 on April 11, experts believe that Ethena could surpass the $1.70 price mark during the next crypto bull run. ENA traded at around $0.90 during the second half of May, meaning Ethena could increase by a remarkable 88.88%. Moreover, analysts point to Ethena’s various strategic partnerships as another important factor behind this bullish ENA price forecast. For example, Infinex announced its integration with Ethena Labs via an X post on May 28. However, Ethena bears warn that ENA’s failure to consolidate above the $1 threshold could announce the beginning of a lengthy downward trend. In the worst-case scenario, ENA could decrease by the year's close toward the $0.50 mark. Optimism Crypto Price Prediction: Could OP Surge To $3.60? Optimism enthusiasts believe that the next crypto bull run could help the OP token approach the $3.60 price level. OP traded around the $2.50 range during the final week of May, meaning OP investors could receive more than 44% gains. This bullish OP crypto price prediction is based on several factors, such as Optimism’s reputation as one of the leading L-2 scaling solutions. On the other hand, some experts have evaluated OP as a risky investment for the following term, as several Optimism whales have started to dump their OP holdings. Thus, Optimism bears claim that holders should expect corrections below the $2.20 range amid Optimism’s imminent price movements. Top market experts single out ONDO, ENA, OP, and $RECQ as the most rewarding options for the next crypto bull run, so don’t hesitate to join Rebel Satoshi’s mighty army of Recusants! For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram Contact Details Rebel Satoshi Rebel Red

June 03, 2024 02:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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