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Abilene Christian University and Infosec Pioneer Innovation: College Credit for CompTIA Certifications

Abilene Christian University

In a ground-breaking collaboration at the intersection of industry training and academia, Abilene Christian University (ACU) and Cengage Group announce an industry-first initiative to award college course credit for certification through Infosec Institute’s boot camps from CompTIA, a globally recognized organization that offers professionals trusted credentials that validate their career experience. This innovative partnership will save students time and money when pursuing an online bachelor’s degree or certificate in the fast-growing field of cybersecurity by providing academic credit for the existing certifications in the information technology field. It also marks a significant leap forward in recognizing the value of highly-regarded industry expertise and facilitating a seamless transition from Infosec Institute’s acclaimed cybersecurity training programs to formal academic recognition. Bridging the Gap: From Industry to Academia As the need for cybersecurity training rapidly evolves, ACU Online and Infosec Institute are at the forefront of fostering a monumental shift in cybersecurity education. The core innovation in this partnership lies in the recognition of Infosec Institute’s boot camps offering CompTIA certifications, a widely respected standard in the information technology industry, as eligible for college course credit within ACU Online's cybersecurity degree and certificate programs. Key Highlights of the Partnership: Credit for Industry Certifications: Building on the success of Infosec Institute's renowned training programs, learners can now earn academic course credit at ACU for successfully completing industry certifications through Infosec’s boot camps, starting with the prestigious CompTIA certifications. This groundbreaking approach acknowledges the real-world relevance of industry certifications and provides a structured pathway for learners to advance their education toward formal academic credentials, such as university certificates and degrees. Save Time & Money: Learners with existing CompTIA certifications can save $1,185 per course, with up to five courses waived within a bachelor’s degree. Those interested in pursuing one of ACU’s cybersecurity certificate programs can save 25% on tuition. Flexible Learning Pathways: The collaboration offers a flexible and personalized approach to cybersecurity education. Learners can seamlessly integrate their Infosec training into ACU’s online bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity and two cybersecurity certificate programs, creating a comprehensive and industry-aligned learning experience. Fusion of Practical and Theoretical Knowledge: Infosec's industry-leading practical, hands-on training meets ACU's academic rigor, ensuring that graduates not only possess technical skills but also a deep understanding of cybersecurity principles. This fusion positions learners for successful careers in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. "This partnership with Cengage Group’s Infosec Institute represents a transformative approach to cybersecurity education,” said Stephen Johnson, chief executive officer of ACU’s Dallas campus. “By recognizing the value of CompTIA certifications for college credit, we are breaking new ground in providing a pathway for learners to bridge the gap between industry expertise and formal academic achievement. ACU is proud to lead in innovation and make quality education accessible to professionals worldwide." According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, cybersecurity professionals with a bachelor’s degree can expect to make an average annual salary of $112,000 per year. Even more impressive, this field is expected to grow 32% from 2022 to 2032, making cybersecurity one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. "At Infosec Institute, we have always believed in the power of hands-on, practical training. This collaboration with ACU Online is a testament to our shared commitment to empowering individuals in their cybersecurity journey,” said Keatron Evans, Vice President, Portfolio Product Strategy, Infosec Institute. “The ability to earn college credit for CompTIA certifications is a game-changer, offering our learners the recognition they deserve in both the industry and academic realms." ACU’s online programs are administered through its branch location in Dallas and include 15 bachelor’s degrees, 15 master’s degrees, four doctoral degrees, four undergraduate certificate programs, and 10 graduate certificate programs. Prospective students, industry professionals, and Infosec learners interested in exploring this innovative pathway to academic recognition can find more information and begin their journey by visiting ACU also supports military students through specialized tuition assistance programs for its online degrees. Learn more about ACU’s active-duty and veteran military tuition discounts here. About Abilene Christian University Founded in 1906, Abilene Christian University enrolls more than 5,700 students in robust online and residential undergraduate and graduate programs. Students choose from 87 baccalaureate majors that include more than 171 areas of study, 71 areas of study in master’s degree and specialist programs, and four doctoral programs. ACU’s mission is to educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world. Abilene Christian is one of only 19 universities to be ranked in the top 50 nationally for both Undergraduate Teaching and Undergraduate Research/Creative Projects in the 2022-23 U.S. News & World Report rankings. Learn more at About Infosec Infosec, part of Cengage Group, is a leading cybersecurity training company helping IT and security professionals advance their careers and empowering employees to be cyber-safe at work and home. Its mission is to put people at the center of cybersecurity through role-guided training that’s accessible and engaging. More than 70% of the Fortune 500 have relied on Infosec Skills to develop their security talent and teams, and more than five million learners worldwide are more cyber-resilient from Infosec IQ’s security awareness and phishing training. Follow Infosec on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Infosec’s Resources Blog for the latest news, or visit for more information. Contact Details Story and Strategy PR Kim Brown, MA, APR +1 806-316-8879 Infosec Institute Jeff Peters

January 23, 2024 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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How Minuteman Press Franchise Owner Ray Ochoa Turned a First Order for Sales Flyers Into a Branded Building Project for SoCalGas

Minuteman Press International Inc

Ray Ochoa has owned the Minuteman Press franchise in Torrance, CA since November of 2016. Before buying the business, Ray was no stranger to the printing industry. Ray shares, “I’ve been in printing all my life. I graduated from Don Bosco Technical Institute located in Rosemead, California, which was part of five-year program combined with high school. We spent half of each day on academics and the other half on vocational training. After completion of the program, I went straight into the workforce.” Throughout the course of his career prior to Minuteman Press, Ray worked all over Los Angeles, Texas, and Atlanta for large printing companies that worked with big businesses. Ray says, I worked my way up from press operator to sales to several levels of management. One of my jobs was doing sales for an entertainment print company doing theatrical printing, banners, posters, and printing for home entertainment. We had clients like Sony, Warner, and Paramount.” First Order Leads to Bigger Business Ray’s hard work in his previous career paid off when out of the blue, one of his clients from the entertainment industry called with a rush project for a friend of his. They hadn’t talked in years but they remembered Ray from his outstanding service. Ray says, “I get a call from my contact to see if I could help with a rush printing job for SoCalGas. They needed super-fast turnaround for sales sheets. I didn’t hesitate and fulfilled the order that same day.” Turning around that small print project of 2,500 sales flyers same day lead to the larger month-long project which included painting and large format graphics for the SoCalGas ERC (Energy Resource Center). SoCalGas happens to be the nation’s largest gas distribution utility. They service 21.1 million consumers for the past 150 years and are a subsidiary of SEMPRA Energy. Ray says, “You never know where that next big client will come from. The client was impressed with our quickness and efficiency, and this kick-started everything that was to come between the partnership of Minuteman Press and SoCalGas.” As the business relationship grew, so did the scope of the orders. Ray says, “The team at SoCalGas is so busy and they come to me to turn printing around on a dime. I was used to working with entertainment companies and ad agencies with short timeframes, and so I carried that with me to Minuteman Press. We have fast service, quick turnaround, and can handle high-level commercial printing.” Today, in order to service the SoCalGas marketing division with top quality, fast turnarounds and very competitive pricing, Ray and his team consider themselves an extension of the marketing team. He says, “When we hear of a potential project coming our way we purchase the paper right away and communicate with SoCalGas that we are ready to, willing and able to jump!” Ray continues, “We have delivered through so-called client emergencies, dilemmas, and timeframe issues, even if it means stepping out of our comfort zone. When SoCalGas needed a shipping container to be painted and have vinyl graphics added and installed, I managed the whole project including lining up the painters. They have come to trust me to get the job done, and it is very gratifying to keep delivering for their team.” 30-Day Project Sparks Record Sales Month It is no surprise that when SoCalGas needed to complete a 30-day project in lightning fast time, they turned to Ray Ochoa and Minuteman Press in Torrance. Ray shares, “They came to me with a huge project. There’s a push here in California for companies like SoCalGas to be carbon free by 2030, creating a big push for electric energy. SoCalGas has initiated a process where they add hydrogen to natural has, which is an intermediate step before going green.” Ray continues, “With that said, SoCalGas has its headquarters in downtown Los Angeles but has facilities all over Southern California, including their Energy Resource Center (ERC). As a result, they built a carbon-free hydrogen home – otherwise known as H2 Home – and they tasked me with doing all of the prep work, painting, and graphics installations.” For this project, Ray acted as the project manager in addition to handling all of the printing later on. He says, “I was there every morning at 7:30 am for their construction meetings, listening to everything that was happening. We went in there and prepped/painted all of the equipment and even the rooftops. We carefully measured each piece of equipment and then had graphics installed on every single piece that was built to those measurements.” The completion of this project not only helped Ray achieve a record sales month, it also has created even more business afterwards. Ray explains, “This initial project was 30 days and we had tight deadlines so they could hold their grand opening for the facility. Since then, we have also printed a lot of collateral materials for SoCalGas. They had a special request to have their marketing materials printed on FSC paper that is 100% recyclable, and we got it done. We’ve also done graphics for their trucks as well as a 200-ft. banner.” When asked for the keys to his relationships with clients like SoCalGas, Ray says, “It’s all about customer service… understanding what is needed, when it’s needed and delivering it to them without exception! You are that problem-solver and you need to build that reputation as a trusted business partner.” “When it comes to doing business, there are three keys: 1. We are in the happy customer business; 2. We need to make a profit; 3. We want to have fun doing it!” -Ray Ochoa, owner, Minuteman Press, Torrance, CA Additional Quick Questions and Answers On doing business in Torrance, CA: “Torrance is a big city with a rather large footprint. We are a beach city with restaurants, manufacturing, and attorneys, etc. The three primary ways I’ve grown my business are through marketing, building my reputation, and cultivating personal relationships.” On products and services: “High-demand products are all of the different kinds of signage – pullup banners, vinyl banners, window clings, large format, and stickers.” On support from Minuteman Press: “I graduated from that five-year program in 1985 and have been in printing since that time. What I liked about Minuteman Press the most was FLEX – from order entry to reports, it’s such a valuable tool. I also liked the capped royalties and the local support. If I need help, my RVP Dan Byers or anyone on the team at World HQ is there.” Advice for Others: “1. Customer service – this is the most important. 2. Follow the Minuteman Press system. Also, maximize the capabilities of FLEX. 3. You are there to serve and to help. Buyers are trusting you. If they pick the wrong vendor, they can lose their jobs. Mistakes happen, so make up for them, and say ‘this is what I’ll do for you.’ Clients may sign off on the proof but you have to look beyond that and make things right when needed.” For more information on Ray Ochoa’s Minuteman Press franchise in Torrance, CA, visit Learn more about #1 rated Minuteman Press franchise opportunities and read Minuteman Press franchise reviews at Contact Details Minuteman Press International Chris Biscuiti +1 631-249-1370 Company Website

January 22, 2024 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Start the Year Off Strong! Daily Wins, Lasting Changes: Achieve Your Health Goals with ‘Small Steps, Big Wins’


As we step into the new year, many of us are looking for realistic ways to lose or maintain weight and achieve our health goals without the stress of a drastic transformation. Recently, registered dietitian-nutritionist, Scott Keatley, conducted a satellite media tour to share easy and sustainable tips to lose weight without completely overhauling your diet and routine. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: To help people with their New Year’s health resolutions, food tracking and nutrition app, MyFitnessPal, launched the free Small Steps, Big Wins plan. The one-week challenge introduces seven small changes that can have a big impact on health goals long-term across topics such as protein, sugar, hydration and more. If you are trying to lose weight in the new year, the Small Steps, Big Wins plan can help you accomplish your goal through small changes, tips, food swaps, and daily affirmations. This plan is right for you if you are: looking to lose weight but don’t want to completely overhaul your diet and routine, ready to make small daily changes that you can stick to long term or looking for easy tips and advice to keep you feeling motivated all year. Tracking food with MyFitnessPal not only holds you accountable, but it’s also incredibly empowering to learn more about how your body responds to nutrition. Tracking allows you to understand the quantity (calories) and quality (macros - protein, fat, and carbs) of what you eat. It can be difficult to make sure you are getting enough nutrients, such as protein and fiber, without tracking with a tool, like MyFitnessPal. If you want to start the year off strong, MyFitnessPal can provide inspiration on making small daily changes that add up to big improvements over time so that your resolutions last past January! Whether you're looking for healthy recipes, nutrition insights, food swaps, or workouts; the app is like having a nutritionist, personal trainer and coach right on your phone. If you’re interested in participating, simply download the free MyFitnessPal app on iOS and Android and join the Small Steps, Big Wins Plan today. You can join at any time and commit to making small changes to your daily routine for 7-days to kick-start the new year with a step in the right direction towards your wellness goals. To learn more visit, or visit the Apple App store or Google Play store to download the app today. About Scott Keatley Scott Keatley is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist and member of MyFitnessPal’s Advisory Council. He is an active member of the Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics. Scott holds a master’s degree in dietetics from Iowa State University, a BS in Food and Nutrition from Brooklyn College and completed training at the Brooklyn Hospital and the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, a nonprofit cancer treatment and research center. In addition to his clinical dietitian work, Scott’s wellness contributions include NBC News, U.S. News & World Report, Cosmopolitan, Prevention and Yahoo Health. Additionally, Scott received The Media Excellence Award from the New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in 2023. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

January 16, 2024 04:37 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Top Five NSFW AI Chat and Image Tools You Must Try in January 2024

Summit Ventures BV

In today's tech-savvy world, we're increasingly connecting with AI chatbots for entertainment and interaction. With numerous options available, there are over 120 NSFW AI chat and image tools ready for your exploration. This article serves as your guide to the top NSFW AI chat and image tools that are a must-try, featuring AI hentai and AI writer capabilities! Table of Featured AI Chat and Image Tools 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Top Five Engaging and Diverse AI Chat and Image Tools The world of AI chatbots has seen significant growth, offering a variety of engaging options. While each chatbot brings its own unique features to the table, stands out with its exceptionally engaging interactions and a wide range of capabilities. GirlfriendGPT: Chat with 25,000+ NSFW AI Characters GirlfriendGPT is an innovative AI-powered tool that brings your favorite anime characters to life, offering interactive experiences. This platform provides a wide array of activities, enabling you to create a virtual space for engaging conversations with your AI character companion. Moreover, GirlfriendGPT offers unrestricted content for a diverse experience, including an AI Hentai Image Generator and AI Writer. Key Features: Empowers you to create your personalized AI character companion. Allows unrestricted interactions and NSFW chats and conversations. Provides NSFW AI chatbot options, granting control over explicit content. Offers affordable premium and deluxe subscription plans. Resumes conversations with long-term memory. Chai App: Experience NSFW Chats with AI Characters Chai App stands out with its excellent website design and user-friendly interface, making it ideal for forging connections. This platform excels in creating companionship with a variety of AI characters. The AI NSFW chatbot seamlessly resembles a typical messenger app, enhancing realism. Additionally, Chai App allows you to customize your AI companion. Key Features: Intuitive navigation. Realistic chatbot interactions. Offers a diverse selection of AI companions. Allows customization of AI companions. Features AI Hentai Image Generator and AI Writer capabilities. AI Girlfriend: Personalized AI Girlfriends for Spicy Chat For those seeking personalized NSFW AI companions, AI Girlfriend is the perfect choice. Much like NSFW Character AI, this platform empowers you to tailor your own AI anime companion, adhering to your specific preferences. AI Girlfriend brings your ideal NSFW AI character to life, offering engaging and realistic interactions. Key Features: Provides realistic AI companion interactions with varied emotions and backgrounds. Abundance of features available for diverse AI character interactions. Offers budget-friendly pricing compared to other NSFW AI chatbots. Allows for the creation of a personalized AI companion. Sexy Furries: Explore Desires with Furry AI Chatbots Sexy Furries is renowned for having the best Furry characters in the AI chat and image tool world. This platform specializes in catering to intimate conversations and activities with AI chatbots. These AI companions provide natural and realistic responses, making it an ideal platform for those interested in NSFW and adult content. Key Features: Multilingual AI companion interactions. Customizable chatbot to align with personal preferences. Accommodates various interests and preferences in AI characters. Incorporates Image Generator capabilities. AI Companion: Engage with Customizable Chatbots AI Companions is a leading platform known for its wide range of character options in the AI chat and image tool domain. This versatile platform is designed to accommodate a variety of conversations and interactions with AI chatbots. Whether users are looking for engaging, realistic responses for everyday topics or exploring more mature themes, AI Companions offers a tailored experience for every user. Key Features: Support for multiple languages, enhancing global accessibility. Personalization options to tailor the chatbot according to individual preferences. Broad spectrum of interests and character types to suit diverse user needs. Advanced Image Generator technology for a more immersive experience. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Is there any age restriction for using NSFW AI chat and image tools? A: Yes, you have to be at least 18 years old and above as these tools contain restricted content suitable for adults. Q: Which AI tools allow NSFW content? A: Many AI companion chat and image tools offer NSFW content, with among the top platforms. Q: Do Character.AI tools allow explicit content? A: Some AI platforms allow explicit content, while others do not. Q: What is the AI tool suitable for flirtatious interactions? A: GirlfriendGPT is perfect for flirtatious interactions with AI characters, offering unique and realistic conversations with a variety of AI Anime characters. Q: Which AI chat and image tools do not filter NSFW content? A: GirlfriendGPT provides a great NSFW experience without content filtering. Q: What is the most cost-effective NSFW AI chat and image tool? A: GirlfriendGPT is among the most cost-effective AI chat and image tools, with plans starting with a free trial, offering an enjoyable experience with your NSFW AI companion. Q: Are NSFW AI chat and image tools safe to use? A: Yes! Platforms like GirlfriendGPT provide a secure and unrestricted environment for engaging with AI companions. They prioritize delivering a realistic and enjoyable experience while ensuring safety. In Conclusion As technology continues to advance, NSFW AI chat and image tools offer unique opportunities for users to establish virtual connections and relationships with their AI companions. These tools enable the expression and experience of emotions such as affection, comfort, and shared feelings in a virtual space. They bridge the gap between the virtual and real worlds, providing an innovative way to connect with AI characters. We encourage you to explore these NSFW AI chat and image tools, each offering a distinctive experience and limitless possibilities. is the most advanced AI companion subscription service with a community of more than 500,000 Monthly Active Users. With more than 25,000 characters, it has transformed how people interact with and experience AI. Please refer to our detailed Terms of Use and Community Guidelines for comprehensive information on usage, safety, and ethical considerations on Contact Details GPTGirlfriend Business Enias Company Website

January 16, 2024 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Quilbot Out, Excellence In: Best Alternative to Quilbot's Paraphrasing Tool

Spark Metro

When it comes to writing for school or work, having a good paraphrasing tool is super important. Students and professional writers often need a tool to help them rephrase work while keeping their writing clear and unique. Quilbot has been a go-to for many, but it turns out it is not so great at getting the job done. This tool doesn't give the required output at first, making it very time-consuming. Also, the subscription rates are not student-friendly at all! That's where our journey begins — exploring alternatives that not only beat Quilbot but also save time and money. We have discovered the top 2 paraphrasing tools that will get the job done at the most affordable rates. How to use them? Don’t worry! This descriptive guide is your answer to all of your paraphrasing woes! Stay tuned, and let's dig deeper into each tool!'s Paraphrasing Tool Unlike Quilbot,'s paraphrasing tool is designed with a focus on accuracy and speed. This tool stands out with its accuracy, speed, extensive support, and document-friendly features, offering a superior alternative to the limitations of Quilbot. Benefits of’s Paraphrasing Tool This outstanding paraphrasing tool stands out through an enhanced user experience and thoughtful adaptability to user preferences. Let’s check out some of the benefits of this smart paraphraser. Enhanced User Experience: The tool transforms the user experience with its intuitive, seamless, and straightforward experience, designed for users of all proficiency levels. Precision in Rephrasing: One of the standout features is the tool's remarkable precision in rephrasing content. It carefully looks at the context, keeps the original intent, and makes it clearer and more organized. Preservation of Original Meaning: The tool places emphasis on preserving the original meaning of the text. Through advanced algorithms, it ensures that the rephrased content remains faithful to the author's intent. Adaptability to User Preferences: Recognizing the diverse needs of users, the tool offers a range of customizable settings. Users can tailor the level of paraphrasing based on their preferences. How it Works Let’s dig into the convenient and easiest working process of this tool: 1. Manual Content Input Whether it's a sentence, a paragraph, or an entire document, the user-friendly interface allows for manual and direct input. 2. Paste Text or Sample Text Another convenient option is the ability to paste existing text directly into the tool. Users can simply paste the content they want to paraphrase or else use sample text to test the efficiency of the tool. 3. Document and PDF Upload's paraphrasing tool goes a step further by supporting document and PDF uploads. Now, users can also upload files directly into the tool. 4. Click “Paraphrase” Button Once the content is input or uploaded, start the paraphrasing process with a simple click on the "Paraphrase" button. We used this tool to check out its efficiency and definitely loved the results: Outstanding Features of this Paraphrasing Tool's tool excels at preserving the context and tone of the original content. Here are some outstanding features offered by Contextual Brilliance:'s tool goes beyond simple rewording, ensuring that the essence and feeling of the original text are preserved with precision. Customizable Settings: Whether the users want a subtle rephrase or a more significant transformation, the tool adapts to their unique writing style and needs. Multilingual Support: This tool goes beyond language barriers, offering robust multilingual support for over 26 languages. Multiple Modes also offers different modes of paraphrasing, making the experience unforgettable for you! If you, like us, also liked this tool, you can also explore multiple tools offered by this essay maker.'s Paraphrasing Tool In contrast to Quilbot,'s paraphrasing tool is designed with a focus on precision and efficiency. This tool surpasses Quilbot with accurate and swift paraphrasing, keeping the main idea of the original text intact. Benefits of PerfectEssayWriter’s Paraphrasing Tool This smart and advanced paraphraser is loved for its exceptional precision, ensuring a refined and clear paraphrasing of content. Precision Beyond Rephrasing: The tool excels not just in rephrasing but also in precision. Each word and sentence is thoroughly analyzed, maintaining coherence and clarity. Enhanced Coherence: The tool carefully structures the rephrased content, ensuring that ideas flow seamlessly, contributing to an improved and polished narrative. Clarity Amplification: The rephrased content is not only coherent but also crystal clear, making complex ideas more accessible. How it Works Let's delve into the seamless and user-friendly operational process of's tool: 1. Manual Content Input Users enjoy the flexibility to manually input content, and paste functionality for text and sample text. It further supports document and PDF uploads, enhancing versatility and ease of use. 2. Paraphrase it Once content is input or uploaded, users can paraphrase the content with a simple click on the "Paraphrase" button. 3. Effortless Results The paraphrasing tool swiftly processes input, providing a well-crafted, paraphrased version that maintains the original meaning while presenting it in a unique way. Exceptional Features of Paraphraser's tool includes a vast set of paraphrasing features, including: Enhanced User Interface: Its intuitive and user-friendly interface simplifies navigation, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable paraphrasing experience. Contextual Brilliance: This tool shows precision in maintaining the context and tone of the original content, ensuring intent preservation. Customizable Settings: You can tailor the paraphrasing with user-controlled settings, allowing for a subtle rephrase or transformative modeling. Multilingual Proficiency: Get support for over 26 languages, breaking language barriers for seamless paraphrasing in diverse linguistic preferences. Various Writing Modes has different ways of paraphrasing, making the experience memorable for you! also offer the diverse range of tools other than paraphrasing too. Try out this AI essay writer! Final Thoughts As we wrap up, the transition from Quilbot to and marks a significant upgrade in your paraphrasing experience. These tools, each with their unique strengths and modes, promise precision, clarity, and a user-friendly approach. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the future with and It's no t just a change; it's a powerful transformation. Your writing deserves the best, and with these tools, you're on the path to excellence. Contact Details Skyscrapers LLC Alex +1 302-597-6768 Company Website

January 16, 2024 07:12 AM Eastern Standard Time

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A Milestone in Web3 Governance: STORM Chosen as Legal Counsel for 1inch DAO

STORM Partners

STORM Partners, a leading Web3 solutions provider based in Geneva, has been voted by an overwhelming majority as the legal counsel for 1inch DAO. The decision sets a historic precedent for decentralized autonomous organizations, as it becomes the first time that a DAO has directly hired legal counselling services and delegated its legal representation before third parties. This decision also represents a bridge between the decentralized ethos of a Web3 DAO and the legal and regulatory stability provided by a centralized legal counsel. With STORM Partners’ extensive track record of Web3 client partnerships, this convergence signifies a seamless union of two realms, forming an ideal synergy aligned with the DAO’s objectives. It also marks a significant stride in addressing the multifaceted legal challenges faced by DAOs in today’s evolving landscape, such as regulatory compliance, contractual agreements, governance frameworks, liability protection, intellectual property rights, and defense against external claims The voting was closed on Tuesday night, with an overwhelming 96.46% approval. This is a one-of-a-kind case, as the Swiss company, as legal counsel, proposed the DAO to be engaged and have detailed the characteristics of their mandate. Thus, 1inch DAO has chosen and conferred upon STORM Partners a power of attorney to legally represent it before third parties. “ We are honoured that the 1inch token community has entrusted us as the legal counsel for their DAO. Our team is dedicated to safeguarding their interests with the utmost commitment. This engagement, being 'fully decentralized,’ marks a significant step forward in the journey towards legal recognition of decentralised organizations. It's not just a milestone for us but a testament to the evolving landscape of legal frameworks adapting to innovative governance models,” said Nicola Massella, director of the Legal and Compliance department at STORM Partners. The importance of legal counsel for 1inch DAO cannot be overstated, given the intricate challenges posed by regulatory risks, liability concerns, contractual ambiguities, governance complexities, and the imperative need for legal recognition as a legitimate entity in multiple jurisdictions. We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter with STORM Partners. This partnership not only represents a significant milestone for 1inch Network but also for the broader decentralized finance space. As we navigate the complex regulatory landscape, this collaboration stands as a testament to our dedication to innovation while upholding our core principles. We are enthusiastically looking forward to the future, confident that this union will bolster the robustness and credibility of DeFi, enabling us to continue to expand the horizons of what’s achievable”, added Jordan Reindl, Governance Lead at 1inch. STORM Partners' exclusive focus on Web3, coupled with its tailored approach and experienced legal services, positions it as an ideal collaborator for 1inch DAO. About STORM Partners STORM Partners is a premier all-in-one professional services provider within the dynamic blockchain industry. Its expertise spans the global landscape of Web3, collaborating with a diverse spectrum of businesses and brands – from nimble startups and pre-IDOs to flourishing scale-ups and established global organizations. About 1inch DAO 1inch DAO is a decentralised organization that governs the network parameters, enabling 1INCH holders to vote for key protocol parameters and collect governance rewards. Distributed by STORM Partners. Contact Adrian Bono for interviews and quotes or telegram @STORMPartners Contact Details STORM Partners Adrian Bono

January 12, 2024 11:27 AM Eastern Standard Time

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CES 2024 Latest Trends

News Media Group, Inc.

Contact Details Karl Wayne +1 334-440-6397 Company Website

January 11, 2024 07:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West Presents New Exhibition of Contemporary Western Master Artist Tom Gilleon

Western Spirit: Scottsdale's Museum of the West

Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West announces today the debut of Inner Light: The Art of Tom Gilleon, celebrating a painter who has become one of the most respected masters in contemporary Western art. Before dedicating himself to fine art in the 1990s, Gilleon was an accomplished illustrator who worked on NASA’s Apollo and Saturn space programs and then embarked on a successful career with Walt Disney Imagineering, where he was mentored by several of their master artists. The exhibition opens on January 16, 2024, and will continue through August 2024. Inner Light: The Art of Tom Gilleon features luminous colors and authentic portrayals of Native Americans and iconic Western structures and landscapes. The exhibition presents a 70-painting career retrospective featuring 12 original paintings on special loan from Walt Disney Imagineering. Gilleon worked alongside Walt Disney Imagineering art legend Herb Ryman and other greats, and his art helped develop the concepts for Imagineering’s projects worldwide. Inner Light: The Art of Tom Gilleon is co-curated by Tim Peterson, Western Spirit Trustee, and Richard King of KingArts art agency, in collaboration with Western Spirit. Noted writer, Gilleon collector, and friend Patrick Hemingway described Gilleon’s sophisticated use of colors as “magical elegance” and compared him to modern greats Edward Hopper and Mark Rothko. In addition to showcasing paintings created throughout Gilleon’s Western art career, the exhibit also presents the world premiere of Spirit Catcher, his stunning 22-minute digital painting triptych that magically morphs before viewers’ eyes, created with former Disney Imagineer and concept designer Marshall Monroe of Marshall Monroe Magic. Western Spirit’s CEO and Executive Director Todd Bankofier says, “Tom Gilleon’s mastery of light and the emotional resonance it brings to his art is remarkable. Inner Light is a testament to his profound ability to infuse his creations with the very essence of the American West, inviting viewers to explore hidden treasures of the soul within the landscapes we often take for granted.” “The Tom Gilleon retrospective will be a major exhibition by one of the greatest living American artists today,” notes Tim Peterson. “His artistic odyssey is a brilliant fusion of nature, light, and spirit that transcends traditional artistic boundaries.” Inner Light: The Art of Tom Gilleon promises to be an immersive experience, allowing visitors to delve into the heart of the American West and discover a world where nature and the human spirit are harmoniously intertwined. Wall signage throughout the show features Gilleon’s own words, explaining his life and work directly to museum visitors. Western Spirit features regularly changing and permanent exhibits of Western and Native American art and artifacts, entertaining events, and informative programs that bring the West’s heritage, culture, and community to life. Other current special exhibitions are Werner Segarra: Vaqueros de la Cruz del Diablo, through February 25, 2024; William Matthews: Decades, through April 28, 2024; the Elliott Southwest Women Art collection preview, through Fall 2023; and “Dazzling Array: The Richard A. Gates Collection of Native American Jewelry,” currently on display. Permanent exhibitions continuously on display include Canvas of Clay: Hopi Pottery Masterworks from The Allan and Judith Cooke Collection, featuring 65 of the finest examples of Hopi pottery spanning six centuries; the Frankie and Howard Alper Collection of John Coleman Bronzes; and The Abe Hays Family Spirit of the West Collection, a showcase of more than 1,400 saddles, spurs, cowboy gear and other Old West objects. For more information on Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West, visit About Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West Western Spirit is located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. Within months of opening in January 2015, Western Spirit qualified as a Smithsonian Affiliate. The museum has also received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, enjoys a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on both TripAdvisor and Yelp, and is continually recognized as one of the “Nation’s Best Western Museums” by True West magazine, most recently named the #1 Western Museum in the United States for 2023. Also, named to Phoenix Magazine’s 2022 Best of The Valley Readers' Choice: “Best Museum You Probably Don’t Know About”, Arizona Foothill’s Best of Our Valley: “Best Museum” & “Best Annual Charity Event: Saddle Up” and the winner of Your Valley’s “East Valley Favorites” for the museum category. For more information, visit Contact Details 48 West Agency Alison Rose +1 602-300-3433

January 11, 2024 06:22 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Defense Acquisition University (DAU) to Support NCMA Nexus 2024

National Contract Management Association

The National Contract Management Association (NCMA) is pleased to announce the collaboration with the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) for the inaugural Nexus 2024 conference, scheduled from March 3-6 in Jacksonville, FL. This strategic partnership is a significant milestone for NCMA as it reinforces the commitment to advancing the knowledge and skills of the defense acquisition workforce. Notably, participants in Nexus 2024 will benefit from transferable credits toward their certifications, making this collaboration with DAU particularly valuable for professionals seeking career development opportunities. Nexus 2024, offers a unique platform for cross-functional collaboration for both government and industry to address pressing issues in federal procurement, including supply chain risk, cybersecurity, and sustainability. The event encourages joint efforts in innovation, strategic discussions, case studies, hackathons, and real-world problem-solving, providing deployable solutions for attendees. The co-hosted event aligns seamlessly with the new Better Contracting Initiative (BCI), emphasizing that multi-functional groups come together to learn the acquisition lifecycle side by side, promoting a comprehensive understanding of each’s others perspective job functions along with federal procurement challenges. One of the emcees for Nexus 2024 is DAU’s Professor of Program Management, Julie Knechtel, expressed her excitement about the event, stating, "I am excited to be part of an event that brings together diverse perspectives and expertise in defense acquisition. It is a great opportunity to train as we work, leverage the expertise of multi-functional teams, and enhance the skills needed to tackle the evolving challenges in federal procurement collaboratively." NCMA's Chief Executive Officer, Kraig Conrad, commented on the natural fit between NCMA and DAU, saying, "The collaboration with DAU at Nexus 2024 exemplifies our shared commitment to advancing the knowledge and skills of the acquisition workforce. We are grateful for their support as together we drive better practices and better outcomes in acquisition and procurement.” Michelle Currier, NCMA's Chief Learning Officer, also shared her enthusiasm, stating, "The Nexus 2024 event underscores the importance of collaboration and continuous learning in federal procurement. DAU's support enhances the educational value of the event, aligning with the goals of not only NCMA, but the federal government overall." Nexus 2024 is open to all professionals involved in federal procurement, providing an ideal opportunity for integrated teams to learn and train together. For more information about Nexus 2024 and to register for the event, visit the NCMA website at The National Contract Management Association (NCMA) – – stands as the premier contract management organization whose mission is to collaborate towards a globally recognized contract management profession that strengthens its nexus with related acquisition communities. Serving approximately 20,000 members in both the public and private sectors, NCMA propels the growth, advancement, and impact of practitioners through a steadfast commitment to serve through the open exchange of ideas in neutral forums. DAU is the acquisition learning, development and talent management organization for the Department of Defense with a mission to provide a global learning environment to develop qualified acquisition, requirements, and contingency professionals who deliver and sustain effective and affordable warfighting capabilities. Nearly 160,000 acquisition professionals across all military services and Department of Defense agencies have access to career-long learning and support from DAU faculty and staff. Contact Details Holly DeHesa +1 281-865-3296 Company Website

January 11, 2024 05:05 AM Eastern Standard Time

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