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Genius Group adds Alan Turing AI Avatar to C-Suite of Avatars as it disrupts education model

Genius Group Limited

Genius Group Limited (NYSE-A:GNS) CEO Roger Hamilton discusses the company's innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI) in education with Proactive's Stephen Gunnion. Genius Group, an edtech firm, is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence to enhance lifelong learning. It boasts a platform supporting 6 million users ranging from children to adults in need of reskilling. The company's unique AI, "Genie," provides personalized learning pathways by initially assessing users' passions and guiding them accordingly. Recently, Genius Group expanded its AI capabilities by introducing multiple AI avatars of historical figures, such as Alan Turing, who has been named the Chief AI Officer. These AIs adopt the characteristics and knowledge of their historical counterparts to deliver tailored educational content. Hamilton highlighted Turing's role in advancing AI's integration into their platforms and shaping the future of educational strategies. He also touched upon future projects like Genius Cities, aiming to blend local culture and advanced AI to foster environments that enhance human and technological growth simultaneously. Contact Details Proactive North America Proactive North America +1 604-688-8158

May 01, 2024 10:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Wolfram and Classiq Integrate Advanced Quantum Software Tools into Mathematica

Classiq Technologies

In a landmark collaboration, Classiq, a leader in quantum computing software, and Wolfram Research, the leading computational software provider, announce a software partnership. This collaboration integrates Classiq’s cutting-edge engine within Wolfram Mathematica, offering a unified solution for the development of quantum and classical algorithms. This integration is targeted at enabling users to leverage the robust capabilities of Wolfram Mathematica for algorithm development and utilize Classiq’s Quantum Model (QMOD) language for quantum algorithm development—all within a single, cohesive environment. This blend of technologies empowers users to define, visualize and optimize quantum algorithms with unprecedented ease and efficiency. Key features of this collaboration are the facilitation of Classiq’s quantum algorithm compilation tailored to specific quantum hardware and ability to intricately develop quantum circuits from a high-level overview down to detailed gate operations. The integration further allows for the execution of these quantum circuits across a diverse array of backends and simulators, directly within the Mathematica notebook. This integration supports researchers by enhancing analytical capabilities, enabling continuous exploration and data assessment. As an example of the potential of this collaboration, the Quantum Differential Equations solver exemplifies how users will be able to tackle complex challenges by defining and executing quantum algorithms like the Harrow–Hassidim–Lloyd (HHL) algorithm and Quantum Singular Value Transformation (QSVT) for matrix inversion, directly from the Mathematica interface. This application highlights the power of combining classical computational methods with quantum processing to solve complex computational problems more efficiently. “The partnership between Classiq Technologies and Wolfram Research reflects a shared commitment to advancing computational excellence,” said Nir Minerbi, CEO of Classiq. “This collaboration not only enhances the toolset available for researchers and developers, we hope to see it pave the way for groundbreaking applications across various scientific and engineering disciplines.” "In the pursuit of applying quantum technologies to address real-world challenges, robust collaboration among industry leaders is paramount. We are delighted to unveil our strategic partnership with Classiq," remarked Mads Bahrami, quantum projects manager at Wolfram. "This partnership underscores the dedication of both entities towards crafting toolsets that empower governments, industries, and academia to tackle complex problems through quantum-classical algorithms." The companies invite those seeking to combine the best of quantum and classical computation to reach out and explore the possibilities this computation integration brings. About Wolfram Founded by Stephen Wolfram in 1987, Wolfram Research is one of the world's most respected computer, web and cloud software companies - as well as a powerhouse of scientific and technical innovation. As a pioneer in computation and computational knowledge, Wolfram has pursued a long-term vision to develop the science, technology and tools to make computation an ever-more-potent force in today's and tomorrow's world. As the creators of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha, the Wolfram Language, and Wolfram Quantum Framework, Wolfram is the leader in developing technology and tools that inject sophisticated computation and knowledge into everything. Wolfram's strategy as an organization is to maintain a portfolio of development, from continually strengthening core algorithms and the Wolfram Knowledgebase, to supporting the latest computing and deployment architectures, to developing major new concepts and capabilities - and consistently delivering the results in the form of products, services and experimental initiatives that make breakthrough technology accessible to the broadest possible spectrum of people and organizations. Learn more at: Follow Wolfram on LinkedIn, X, and YouTube. Contact Wolfram quantum team: Contact Wolfram PR team: About Classiq Classiq Technologies, the leading quantum software company, provides an all-encompassing platform (IDE, compiler and OS) with a single point of entry into quantum computing, taking you from algorithm design to execution. The high-level descriptive quantum software development environment, tailored to all levels of developer proficiency, automates quantum programming. This ensures that a broad range of talents, including those with backgrounds in AI, ML and linear algebra, can harness quantum computing without requiring deep, specialized knowledge of quantum physics. Classiq democratizes access to quantum computing and equips its users to take full advantage of the quantum computing revolution, including access to a broad range of quantum hardware. Classiq's core technology - algorithmic quantum circuit compilation - is engineered to power the quantum ecosystem of today and the future. Classiq works closely with quantum cloud providers and advanced computation hardware developers providing software for use with quantum computers, HPC and quantum simulators. Backed by investors such as HPE, HSBC, Samsung, Intesa Sanpaolo and NTT, Classiq's world-class team of scientists and engineers has distilled decades of quantum expertise into its groundbreaking quantum engine. Follow Classiq on LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter) or YouTube, and visit the Slack community and website, to learn more. Contact Details Rainier Communications Michelle McMahon +1 781-718-3248 Company Website

April 23, 2024 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Thinking Crypto Podcast’s Founder Announces the Release of a New Book

Rev Up Marketers

The host of the Thinking Crypto Podcast has announced the release of his book, "(Re)Thinking Crypto, The Crash of FTX and the Rise of Safer, Stronger Digital Assets." This insightful publication, available in both print and digital formats, delves into the world of cryptocurrency investing with nine crucial tips for digital investing literacy. In his new book, expert Tony Edward unpacks the world of cryptocurrency investments. Edward dives deep into the potential benefits, risks, and overall impact of crypto on the financial landscape. He also tackles the growing regulatory challenges surrounding crypto, which are becoming more complex as new exchanges enter the market. In his words, Tony Edward, The host of the Thinking Crypto Podcast, stated "I wrote '(Re)Thinking Crypto' to empower individuals with a deeper understanding of this transformative technology. From discussions on Bitcoin ETFs, tokenization, and CBDCs to examining the fallout of the FTX incident, readers will explore the future of crypto in an engaging and informative manner." Indeed, Edward's analysis extends beyond the surface, delving into the ethical dimensions of crypto, particularly in light of incidents like the FTX crash. He draws parallels between the actions of certain bad actors within the industry and the infamous Bernie Madoff, underscoring the importance of upholding the ethos of crypto. "(Re)Thinking Crypto, The Crash of FTX and the Rise of Safer, Stronger Digital Assets" expects itself to be a fundamental work for both seasoned investors and newcomers alike, offering a roadmap to navigate the complexities of the digital asset landscape. For more information visit Contact Details Thinking Crypto Podcast Tony Edward Company Website

April 21, 2024 01:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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QuantaSing (NASDAQ: QSG) Sets Its Sights On Global Expansion, Leverages Kelly’s Education Buy To Build Awareness In Hong Kong, U.S. And Beyond


By Meg Flippin, Benzinga QuantaSing Group Ltd. (NASDAQ: QSG), one of the largest providers of online education for adults in China focusing on both the learning and personal interest markets, is in growth mode, gearing up to expand internationally and into new markets. The company has a strong reputation in China thanks to its use of upcoming and cutting-edge technology, including livestreaming and artificial intelligence, to provide seniors with easy-to-understand, affordable and accessible online courses. It’s capitalizing on the aging population in China, which is growing at such rates the World Bank designated it a “ super-aged society. ” Revenue and subscribers for the company were up double-digits in the most recent quarter, and QuantaSing wants to replicate that success in the U.S. It's a big market to go after – as of 2022, there were 58 million Americans aged 65 and older. By 2050, that’s projected to grow to 82 million, a 47% increase. Expanding Its Global Footprint Into New Markets To that end, QuantaSing has been busy in the States, spending two weeks traversing the country from New York to San Diego, meeting with investors and key stakeholders to tell its story, plot its expansion and set the groundwork to forge new partnerships. The meetings have proven fruitful with QuantaSing reporting it will announce further developments in the coming weeks and months. As part of its vision for the future, QuantaSing is not just targeting seniors with its global expansion plans. It’s also banking on Kelly’s Education ’s success. QuantaSing bought the Hong Kong-based online language education platform last fall, giving it a presence in the global online education market and the language learning sector. Kelly’s Education targets kids ages 3 to 15, a new demographic for QuantaSing. As part of the deal, QuantaSing launched Hong Kong Online Education (HKOE), which offers high-quality online English education for children with a sharp focus on delivering value. HKOE adheres firmly to the belief that top-tier education should be within reach for a broader audience of children, not just a privileged few. By implementing a reasonable pricing strategy, the company says it can reach a wider age group, broaden its course offerings and diversify its revenue. “We are excited to integrate Kelly’s Education and the new brand HKOE into our ecosystem. Their strong business model and seasoned team lays a solid foundation for our global market entry,” Peng Li, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of QuantaSing, said at the time. “We plan to broaden our course offerings, including Chinese language learning, and diversify our revenue streams by appealing to a wider age group.” Networking And Building Relationships Stateside To build awareness in the U.S., Kelly’s Education CEO Ken Chau joined QuantaSing at the ASU + GSV Summit in San Diego, an annual conference bringing together the great minds from the pre-K to the gray education market and also contributing to the conversation around online learning, adult education and AI. Chau was part of a panel discussion, sharing his thoughts and insights on creating “Responsible AI for Kids.” Kelly’s Education uses AI to break down barriers, reduce stigma, develop confidence and enable children and young adults to live richer, more meaningful lives. The conference provided another opportunity for QuantaSing and Kelly’s Education executives to make contacts with industry players and investors. The company had a lot to share with the panel attendees. For starters Kelly’s Education recently inked two collaboration deals with Disney World of English and National Geographic Learning, aiming to provide children with a higher quality teaching environment and learning materials, further enhancing their learning outcomes and striving to build Kelly’s Education as the No.1 children’s English learning platform in Hong Kong. What’s more, the unit is gearing up to announce its first physical school in May. The school will combine online and traditional learning methods, serving as an interactive, innovative learning center offering various educational resources and high-quality teaching services, QuantaSing reports. The idea is to give students a more in-depth and engaging way to learn via interactive courses and guidance from teachers. Coinciding with the launch of the school is QuantaSing’s move to open its first office in Hong Kong in early-summer. It marks the company’s first presence outside of Mainland China and commences the company’s new chapter of growing internationally. From buying Kelly’s Education to networking in the U.S., QuantaSing is getting serious about expanding its business beyond China’s borders. Its soon-to-be-opened office in Hong Kong is expected to be a springboard for more to come. With the world getting older and students craving a new way of learning, QuantaSing is positioning itself to capitalize on that growth in its home country and beyond. Featured photo by Arthur Lambillotte on Unsplash. QuantaSing is a leading online service provider in China dedicated to improving people’s quality of life and well-being by providing lifelong personal learning and development opportunities. The Company is the largest service provider in China’s online adult learning market and China’s adult personal interest learning market in terms of revenue, according to a report by Frost & Sullivan based on data from 2022. By leveraging its proprietary tools and technology, QuantaSing offers easy-to-understand, affordable, and accessible online courses to adult learners, empowering users to pursue personal development. Leveraging its extensive experience in individual online learning services and its robust technology infrastructure, the Company has expanded its services to corporate clients, and diversified its operations into its e-commerce business and its AI and technology business. This post contains sponsored content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Leah Guo Company Website

April 18, 2024 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Learning Technologies reports steady performance amid economic challenges

Learning Technologies Group PLC

Learning Technologies Group PLC chief executive Jonathan Satchell takes Proactive's Stephen Gunnion through the company's 2023 financial results, which reveal a slight revenue decline but rising profitability. Despite the economic challenges, the company maintained strong cash flow and increased its dividend by 5% to 1.2 pence. Satchell highlighted the resilience of the company's long-term and SaaS contracts, which helped sustain performance amidst reduced corporate spending on employee development. Operational achievements included retaining all client contracts above $10 million. The company saw some revenue declines due to reduced discretionary spending but reported growth in US government contracts and expansions in Latin America and the Middle East. Another highlight was GP Strategies, which has more than doubled profits since it was acquired in 2021, benefiting from a commercial transformation program that improved margins without impacting customer service. Satchell also noted the sale of Lorien Engineering, aligning with the company's focus on learning and talent development. This strategy, alongside prudent financial management, positioned the company well in the tough economic climate. For 2024, the company anticipates revenues similar to 2023, with continued emphasis on acquisitions and leveraging AI in learning tools to enhance operational efficiency and data insights. Contact Details Proactive UK Ltd +44 20 7989 0813

April 18, 2024 08:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Adobe's New Acrobat AI Assistant

News Media Group, Inc.

Contact Details News Media Group, Inc. Karl Wayne +1 334-440-6397 Company Website

April 18, 2024 07:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Article thumbnail News Release announces prestigious George Mason University sign up for company platform Chief Executive Officer Evan Gappelberg joined Steve Darling from Proactive to unveil an exciting development: George Mason University (GMU) has partnered with and is set to integrate the ARway platform into its campus infrastructure. As part of a visionary project slated for 2024, GMU will deploy ten spatial maps across its sprawling campus, revolutionizing campus navigation and enhancing the overall student experience. In his discussion with Proactive, Gappelberg highlighted the significance of this partnership, noting GMU's substantial undergraduate enrollment of approximately 27,014 students and the expansive campus spanning 817 acres. The scheduled deployment of ARway is poised to commence in early summer, affording the university ample time to rigorously test the platform's capabilities and gauge its efficacy before potentially implementing a full campus rollout in 2025. The ambitious plans for 2024 include an expansion of the augmented reality tour, empowering students to seamlessly locate and navigate to various offices and buildings across the campus. By leveraging ARway's innovative technology, GMU aims to enhance the accessibility of campus resources and elevate the overall student experience to unprecedented levels. Moreover, GMU has already taken proactive steps to share its pioneering experiences with ARway, having submitted several conference proposals to disseminate findings on this groundbreaking technology. Additionally, dedicated time has been allocated for further research and development efforts over the summer, underscoring GMU's commitment to harnessing cutting-edge tools to enrich the educational journey of its students. The enthusiasm at GMU for exploring the interactive capabilities of ARway is palpable. Preliminary beta testing has instilled confidence in the platform's potential to foster engagement and promote self-efficacy, both of which are integral to the long-term success of the college experience. As GMU embarks on this transformative journey with, the possibilities for innovation and advancement in campus navigation and student engagement are boundless. Stay tuned for more updates as GMU pioneers the integration of augmented reality into its campus ecosystem, setting new standards for educational technology and student empowerment. Contact Details Proactive United States +1 347-449-0879

April 17, 2024 12:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Culinary Institute of the Pacific Taps CIA for new Workforce Development Program

Culinary Institute of America

Kapiʻolani Community College and the Culinary Institute of the Pacific today announced a collaboration with The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), the world’s premier culinary college, on a new workforce and professional development program. The program, designed for both professional chefs and people aspiring to join the foodservice and hospitality workforce, will offer in-depth, weeklong courses highlighting the cuisines of the Pacific Rim, Asia, Latin America, along with other global, plant-forward cuisines, contemporary garde manger, and more. Phase one of this program will launch early fall, with eight to 12 one-week-long programs taking place over the next year. The program kicks off September 16-20. "The collaboration between the Culinary Institute of the Pacific and the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) marks a pivotal moment aimed at truly creating a world-class culinary institute. By enlisting the support of CIA to introduce specialized classes for industry professionals and work force development, we're not just expanding our educational repertoire; but more importantly, highlighting the value of culinary education to the greater visitor industry and local community. This initiative will uplift the Culinary Institute of the Pacific, signifying a commitment to excellence and a dedication in fostering a community of highly trained, skilled, and innovative culinary professionals. It's a bold step towards realizing our goal of becoming globally competitive in culinary education and enriching the culinary landscape in Hawaiʻi for generations to come." - Chef Roy Yamaguchi, Director of the Culinary Institute of the Pacific. Yamaguchi, who was recently named Culinary Institute of the Pacific’s program coordinator will collaborate closely with the CIA’s chef instructors to develop a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship between the two organizations. “We are excited to collaborate with CIP to provide this workforce development program,” said Chef David Kamen, director of client experience at CIA Consulting. “These hands-on programs—set against the beautiful backdrop of Diamond Head—provides a dynamic learning environment and will help ensure the talent pipeline in the islands remains robust for years to come.” For more information or to register, visit About The Culinary Institute of America Founded in 1946, The Culinary Institute of America is the world’s premier culinary college. Dedicated to developing leaders in foodservice and hospitality, the independent, not-for-profit CIA offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees with majors in culinary arts, baking & pastry arts, food business management, hospitality management, culinary science, and applied food studies. The college also offers executive education, certificate programs, and courses for professionals and enthusiasts. Its conferences, leadership initiatives, and consulting services have made the CIA the think tank of the food industry and its worldwide network of more than 50,000 alumni includes innovators in every area of the food world. The CIA has locations in New York, California, Texas, and Singapore. For more information, visit About Culinary Institute of Pacific The programs at The Culinary Institute of the Pacific (CIP) at Kapiʻolani Community College planted its roots in 1946, then known as the “Hotel and Restaurant” program, under the Territorial Department of Public Instruction located at the Palama Settlement facilities. Since then, the program has moved from the Ala Wai Clubhouse to the Pensacola Campus to where it currently stands along the slopes of Lē‘ahi. The program has recently expanded its footprint to include the Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Diamond Head where two state-of-the-art culinary laboratories have been built and will soon be home to three prized facility additions: a Tasting Studio, the Food Creativity Center, and the highly anticipated CIP restaurant. The CIP program prides itself as a conduit for supporting the State of Hawai‘i’s culinary industry through a multitude of educational avenues, both short and long term, including bachelor’s degree transfer pathways, associate degrees, certificates, workforce development, and non-credit programming. The Culinary Institute of the Pacific programs extend across the University of Hawaiʻi Community Colleges System including programs at Leeward Community College, Kauaʻi Community College, Maui College, and Hawaiʻi Community College. Contact Details The Culinary Institute of America Amanda Secor - Associate Director, Industry Marketing & Communications +1 845-451-1457 Lisa Yamamoto - Public Information Specialist +1 808-734-9136 Company Website

April 16, 2024 10:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Comtex Launches Omnia: A Cutting-Edge News API Platform leveraging NLP and AI


Comtex News Network, Inc (Comtex), a leading provider of news aggregation and distribution services to top firms in financial services, news publishing, syndication, and analytics, proudly announces the launch of its innovative API platform, Omnia. Omnia is a state-of-the-art API platform designed to revolutionize the way businesses access and utilize news content. Omnia empowers users with instant access to real-time streaming news, AI-generated article summaries, enhanced tagging and categorization based on NLP, advanced filtering, and access to an extensive catalog of curated news sources. Key Features of Omnia Include: Real-time Streaming News: Omnia provides real-time streaming news via websockets push and REST API for seamless integration into existing systems. Enhanced Tagging and Categorization: Leveraging AI and proprietary NLP-based algorithms, Omnia offers enhanced tagging and categorization of content, including press releases, earnings releases, product categories, and more. AI-Generated Article Summaries: Omnia utilizes AI to generate concise and searchable article summaries, enabling users to quickly grasp an article before reading it. Advanced Filtering: Omnia's advanced filtering capabilities allow users to customize their news feeds based on specific criteria, ensuring they receive only the most relevant content. Access to an extensive collection of curated, high-quality sources used by top companies in financial services, analytics, research and a broad range of industries. Omnia is designed for rapid integration and serves a variety of use cases, including training of LLMs, financial platforms, asset management, trading, academic research, legal research, market research, and much more. Commenting on the launch, Comtex CEO Kan Devnani said, "We are pleased to bring a flexible, state-of-the-art news platform with access to curated, premium news sources to market. Omnia is an extendable platform, combining AI with our rich experience applying NLP to news content. This will allow clients to derive more intelligence and insights from the news content we offer and help clients curate and identify the content most relevant to them. Comtex will use Omnia to deliver evolving analytics and insight to its users." Access to Omnia can be trialed by visiting Comtex encourages users to explore its features and capabilities. To learn more about Omnia and request a demo, please contact or visit About Comtex News Network, Inc (Comtex): Comtex News Network Inc (Comtex) is a leading provider of news aggregation services to top firms in financial services, news publishing, syndication, and analytics. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Comtex delivers comprehensive news solutions that empower businesses to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Comtex also offers syndication services to content providers and platforms to generate traffic to online content. Contact Details Comtex News Network Media Relations

April 12, 2024 02:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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