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Reid Hoffman Wished Death Upon Trump & Funded ‘Lawfare;’ He Must Be Removed from Microsoft’s Board & Defense Innovation Board


Following the assassination attempt of former President Donald Trump in Butler, Pa. on Saturday, National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) is calling upon tech entrepreneur Reid Hoffman to resign his seat on the board of directors for Microsoft Corporation. Should he refuse to step down, then the Microsoft Chairman and Lead Independent Director must take steps along with fellow directors to remove him. The shareholder group is also calling for Hoffman’s removal from the Defense Innovation Board (DIB), a body organized under the Federal Advisory Committee Act to make recommendations regarding technological modernization of the military. DIB is currently chaired by Michael Bloomberg. At the billionaires’ retreat in Sun Valley, Idaho, this week, Mr. Hoffman reportedly engaged in a vigorous debate with fellow tech executive Peter Thiel over how the LinkedIn co-founder’s funding of “lawfare” has turned Trump into a “martyr.” According to a report by Puck News, Mr. Hoffman responded to Mr. Thiel, “Yeah, I wish I had made him an actual martyr.” Previously, Hoffman was also widely known for introducing Jeffrey Epstein to other Silicon Valley figures. According to Luke Perlot, associate director of NLPC’s Corporate Integrity Project: “As shareholders of Microsoft, we call on Mr. Hoffman to resign, or be removed, from the board of directors. His ongoing presence on the board is a stain on Microsoft’s reputation and would implicitly condone his statements and actions.” According to Paul Chesser, director of NLPC’s Corporate Integrity Project: “Sarcasm or not, Hoffman has made clear that he doesn’t think Donald Trump has any civil rights, and that he and other billionaires should pick the president, not the American people. Some holders of great wealth seek to help the less fortunate or promote freedom and decency. Hoffman has instead sought to undermine democratic norms and values. We repeat our call that we made last year that Mr. Hoffman be removed from Microsoft’s board as well as the Defense Innovation Board.” According to Peter Flaherty, NLPC Chairman: “The Defense Innovation Board is engaged in the task of using technology to strengthen our defense in a dangerous world. It conducts serious business. It is no place for an unserious character like Reid Hoffman. For one thing, his associations with Jeffrey Epstein make him a security threat. For another, funding lawsuits by the likes of E. Jean Carroll and wishing martyrdom on Donald Trump should disqualify him from any government board or position.” Founded in 1991, the National Legal and Policy Center promotes ethics in public life through research, investigation, education and legal action. Contact Details National Legal and Policy Center Dan Rene +1 202-329-8357 Company Website

July 14, 2024 09:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Celebrated Chef Antonio Caruana: Culinary Mastermind Behind Restaurant’s Luce and Luce Secondo

Luce Resturant

Chef Antonio "Tony" Caruana, the dynamic force behind Luce in Norfolk and Luce Secondo in Chesapeake, has been named "Best Chef" by the readers of Coastal Virginia Magazine in their annual CoVa Best Of Readers' Choice Awards. This prestigious accolade comes as no surprise to those familiar with Chef Caruana's innovative approach to Italian cuisine and his unwavering dedication to excellence. Chef Caruana's culinary journey is marked by his fearless spirit and a relentless pursuit of perfection. He has been at the helm of Luce, where his modern take on traditional Italian dishes has garnered widespread acclaim. This year, Luce has been recognized in multiple categories in the CoVa Best of Awards, including Best Restaurant Overall, Best Fine Dining, and Best Service/Waitstaff, solidifying its status as a premier dining destination in the region. In addition to his recent accolades, Chef Caruana has been featured on the cover of the 2024 food issue of Coastal Virginia Magazine. The magazine highlighted him among a select group of chefs who are "helping define our region's cuisine," a testament to his significant impact on the local culinary landscape. Chef Caruana's passion for food extends beyond the kitchen. His adventurous spirit is reflected in his love for motorcycles, bringing an electrifying fusion of traditional cooking and high-octane intensity to his creations. Each dish crafted by Chef Caruana is a narrative rich with tales of his travels and the adrenaline rush of his rides, offering diners a unique taste of freedom and authenticity. Luce Secondo, Chef Caruana's latest venture at Summit Pointe in Chesapeake, promises to elevate the dining scene with his signature Italian fusion cuisine. Set in a beautifully designed space, Luce Secondo is poised to become a central hub for food enthusiasts, offering a vibrant expression of life's most exhilarating moments through meticulously crafted dishes. "Food is more than just a meal—it's a vibrant expression of life's most exhilarating moments," says Chef Caruana. "At Luce and Luce Secondo, we pay respect to the origins and traditions of Italian food while infusing it with our own twist, taste, and flair." As Chef Caruana continues to push culinary boundaries and create unforgettable dining experiences, his contributions to the restaurant industry and the community are undeniable. His fearless approach and meticulous eye for detail have set a new standard for excellence, making every meal at his establishments a bold statement of respect for heritage and a thrilling pulse of contemporary life. About Us Lucé in Norfolk and Lucé Secondo in Chesapeake are the culinary creations of celebrated Chef Antonio "Tony" Caruana. Known for their exquisite blend of traditional Italian cuisine and contemporary innovation, both restaurants deliver award winning and exceptional dining experiences. Chef Tony's passion for quality and creativity shines in every dish, using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. Recognized by Coastal Virginia Magazine in their CoVa Best Of Readers' Choice Awards, Chef Tony continues to set new standards in the industry.For more information, visit and #LucéNorfolk, #LucéSecondo, #ChefTony, #ItalianCuisine, #FineDining, #CulinaryExcellence, #GourmetDining, #NorfolkVA, #ChesapeakeVA, #CulinaryInnovation, #LocalIngredients, #CoVaAwards, #BestChef, #ItalianFusion, #DiningExperience, #Foodie, #Restaurant, #Gastronomy, #ModernItalian, #ChefLife, #EATalian, #FoodPassion, #EatLocal, #CulinaryArtistry. Contact Details Luce, Luce Secondo Nicki Pelone +1 757-502-7260 Company Website

July 12, 2024 03:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Article thumbnail News Release Expands Leadership Team with New CMO and CRO

Zingly, a leading innovator in AI-powered customer experience solutions, recognized as one of the Top Ten Contact Center Technologies of 2024, announced today the expansion of its leadership team with the appointment of Pat Oldenburg as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Gary Chan as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). This strategic expansion aims to further strengthen’s market presence and accelerate its growth trajectory. “The last two decades were about cloud technologies and agent facing solutions. The next two will be about customer facing CX and AI experiences, and for these two things we need true innovation with real ROI on AI investments.” said Gaurav Passi, CEO of “Gary's experience has given him an invaluable understanding of the digital experience needs from top financial companies. Pat brings a wealth of knowledge in CX and AI trends across industries from his time at Five9 and Motive, and a customer-centric mindset in his approach to marketing.Their collective expertise will be crucial as we continue to expand our market presence and redefine the customer experience landscape, in our mission to make CX truly collaborative.” Gary Chan joins as Chief Revenue Officer, bringing over 12 years of leadership experience in financial services and SaaS sales. Prior to Zingly, Gary was most recently Head of Sales at EasySend. Prior to that, he was a founding sales leader at Glia, where he pioneered Digital Customer Service for financial institutions. In his new role, Gary will oversee go-to-market (GTM) and sales strategy, customer and partner development, and market expansion. Gary has already begun to assemble a high-performing revenue operations team, focusing on scaling sales processes, enhancing customer relationships, and identifying new market opportunities. "With the imbalance of agents and consumers, and the added cost and inflation pressure we are experiencing today, businesses need to fundamentally rethink customer service, and acquisition. The Zingly solution is a transformational rethinking of traditional Contact Center approaches and I couldn’t be more excited to partner with our current and future clients to build relationships bigger than business," said Gary Chan. Pat Oldenburg joins as Chief Marketing Officer, bringing over 20 years of experience in enterprise and cloud software marketing. In his role, Pat will lead all aspects of marketing strategy and execution, helping the company accelerate its CX category leadership. His dynamic leadership ensures that's groundbreaking relationship-building tools resonate and thrive in the global market. Pat has been actively building a dynamic marketing team, dedicated to leveraging innovative CX and AI strategies to strengthen the brand, market expansion, GTM strategies and enhance customer experiences. Pat joins the Zingly team from Motive, where he served as VP of Global Demand Generation. He has also held leadership roles in digital marketing, operations, content, and customer marketing at ServiceMax, Five9, McAfee, and EMC Corporation. "With the shift in customer behavior from traditional, siloed channels like 1800 numbers to digital platforms, coupled with rapid advancements in generative AI, there is an urgent need to rethink customer experience strategies within relationship-centric organizations. With visionary CEO Gaurav Passi, as well as industry leaders and veterans from Five9, Talkdesk, and Glia, and more, we have a massive opportunity to help bring collaboration to the forefront of the CX landscape. I look forward to partnering with the team to drive demand, strengthen customer connections, and discover new avenues for growth and success," said Pat Oldenburg. About Zingly is the new way for businesses to meet, onboard and build lasting relationships with customers. Built by industry insiders in collaboration with Fortune 500 service providers, Zingly is a faster, cheaper, more secure, and better-organized solution than today's chatbots and 1-800 calling, eliminating friction and accelerating use cases like customer acquisition, onboarding, and support. Zingly makes online customer experiences delightful and personal by intelligently combining GenAI + Humans + Data to provide infinite scale for businesses and hyper personalization for customers to drive revenue acceleration and create exceptional customer experiences. Zingly serves businesses across multiple industries including Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Education, and Healthcare. Visit to learn more. Contact Details Bilal Mahmood +44 7714 007257 Company Website

July 11, 2024 12:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Claravine Launches Connected Application on the Snowflake AI Data Cloud


Claravine, The Data Standards Company, today announced the launch of a connected application Powered by Snowflake, connecting The Data Standards Cloud to the Snowflake AI Data Cloud. Organizations and marketers can now manage and mobilize their data faster and more efficiently, gaining intelligence and proving the business value of marketing campaigns. By leveraging the Snowflake AI Data Cloud, Claravine's connected application dramatically reduces manual data preparation tasks, breaks down data silos and accelerates both data availability and quality. Claravine provides a marketing data foundation, standardizing metadata within Snowflake, to streamline efforts across the marketing organization, many of which have the potential to impact AI initiatives, including AI use cases such as propensity scoring, personalization, prescriptive email content, and customer support co-pilots. Claravine's solution allows Snowflake customers to access dimension table management and enables seamless integration of creative metadata from a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system into media campaigns, providing a comprehensive data ecosystem. "Today marks an important step in our partnership with Claravine," said Jim Warner, Global Field CTO for Advertising & Marketing, Snowflake. "The new connected application enables joint customers to pass standardized marketing metadata directly into Snowflake to power campaign intelligence. With Claravine and Snowflake, marketers can make more confident, data-driven decisions that drive their business forward." In the dynamic and highly competitive marketing environment, marketers must have a comprehensive understanding of their performance metrics. Yet, marketers are confronted by a multitude of channels and data silos, diminishing marketing budgets and the acceleration of campaign and creative output. This creates a complex and financially demanding challenge. Claravine and Snowflake can assist their joint customers by delivering a solid infrastructure for marketing data. “Launching The Data Standards Cloud and Snowflake AI Data Cloud integration is a game-changer for our joint clients and their marketing teams,” said Chris Comstock, Chief Growth Officer, Claravine. “This connected application streamlines marketing data management – reducing errors in data preparation and providing a reliable source of marketing metadata. As more customers centralize their core data infrastructure on Snowflake we believe metadata is an essential component to a successful data strategy." To become a Snowflake partner and access Snowflake’s self-service partner resources, please click here. About Claravine Claravine is The Data Standards Company aiming to give people, teams and technology a shared understanding of their data. Claravine helps brands and agencies deliver on the promise of modern marketing by standardizing taxonomies, naming conventions, and metadata across all digital experiences at the source of data creation. The Data Standards Cloud empowers a proactive approach to marketing metadata naming conventions and taxonomy for fast, accurate and rich business insights that help deliver the experiences customers want. Claravine partners with a quarter of the Fortune 100 to define, apply and connect standards across their ecosystem for faster decisions, greater agility, and increased ROI. For more information, visit To become a Claravine partner, please click here. Contact Details Kite Hill PR +1 704-960-2295 Company Website

July 11, 2024 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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IZEA Is Making Moves With Share Buyback, Acquisition And 40% Managed Services Growth


By James Blacker, Benzinga IZEA Worldwide (NASDAQ: IZEA), the influencer marketing pioneer helping lead the world into the creator economy era, recently made two pivotal announcements that highlight the company’s strategic moves to improve its market position and deliver value to its shareholders: the launch of a $5 million share repurchase program and the acquisition of 26 Talent by its subsidiary Hoozu. The company also recently announced Managed Services contract bookings of $10.3 million in the second quarter of 2024 – representing year-over-year growth of 40%. Expanding Reach In APAC With 26 Talent Acquisition According to Cognitive Market Research, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) influencer marketing market is currently worth $3.18 billion and accounts for around 23% of the global market. This market size is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 40% from 2024 to 2031, driven by a huge population coupled with growing internet penetration and social media usage. To take advantage of this massive market opportunity and continue its global M&A strategy, IZEA, through its recent subsidiary Hoozu, acquired Australian talent management agency 26 Talent on 1 July for an undisclosed sum. The company not only expands Hoozu’s talent pool with its portfolio of top-tier influencers and creators but also broadens its service offerings with innovative marketing solutions. Using 26 Talent’s expertise and network, the acquisition is set to boost Hoozu’s capability to drive impactful campaigns across the APAC region, catering to the growing demand for localized, authentic content that resonates with regional audiences. “[26 Talent’s] impressive roster of talent and innovative approach to influencer marketing perfectly aligns with our mission to lead the industry in APAC,” said Hoozu CEO Natalie Giddings. Boosting Shareholder Value: IZEA's $5 Million Stock Buyback In a move that underscores IZEA’s financial health and confidence in its long-term growth prospects, the company also announced on 28 June that its Board of Directors authorized a share repurchase program. The program allows IZEA to buy back up to $5 million of its common stock from time to time, subject to market conditions. The move is aimed at capitalizing on what IZEA perceives as a market undervaluation of the company. For shareholders, reducing the number of outstanding shares is expected to increase the earnings per share, making each share more valuable. “We are encouraged by the year-over-year growth in bookings and substantial increases in our pipeline, which have not yet been reflected in our stock price. IZEA’s Board of Directors and management team firmly believe that the market currently undervalues our core business, technology assets, and cash reserves. This share repurchase program grants us the flexibility to buy back stock over time, provided market conditions remain favorable,” stated IZEA Chairman and CEO Ted Murphy. Growing Demand: Managed Services Bookings Hit $10.3 Million In Q2 In another sign that the future could be bright for IZEA, the company announced on July 8 that its Managed Services team secured contract bookings of $10.3 million in the second quarter of 2024, a year-over-year increase of 40% from $7.3 million in the same period of 2023. In the first half of the year, Managed Services bookings grew 46% to reach $19.6 million. “While we benefited from some of our acquisitions in the quarter, more than 90% of these bookings were generated organically, underscoring the underlying strength of IZEA’s core offering,” said Murphy, adding that second half financial performance is expected to improve as the benefits of these bookings begin to materialize. “Our pipeline remains strong, with the addition of multiple new managed services clients, including a new Fortune 50 customer,” he said. Murphy also pointed out that while Managed Services make up the majority of IZEA’s revenue, the company is also seeing continued growth in its SaaS customer base, particularly with its FormAI software, and saw a record number of active SaaS customers at the end of the second quarter. IZEA’s stock buyback and the acquisition of 26 Talent are key components of the company’s overall strategy – demonstrating a commitment to expanding its market presence and boosting shareholder value. The strong growth in Managed Services bookings shows that it has a robust core product and highlights the effectiveness of its acquisitions. This positive momentum, along with a growing SaaS customer base and a strong pipeline for the rest of the year, is an indication of IZEA’s long-term growth potential. The company was founded in 2006 as one of the first influencer marketing platforms and has now grown to more than 150 team members in 13 countries worldwide. It has completed nearly 4 million transactions between marketers and brands and currently processes tens of millions of dollars to creators each year. To learn more about IZEA's services, visit the company's website. Featured photo by Diggity Marketing on Unsplash. Benzinga is a leading financial media and data provider, known for delivering accurate, timely, and actionable financial information to empower investors and traders. This post contains sponsored content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Benzinga +1 877-440-9464 Company Website

July 11, 2024 08:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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BestGrowthStocks.Com Issues an Extensive Comprehensive Analysis of Asset Entities Inc.

Asset Entities Inc

NEW YORK, NY / NewsDirect / July 11th, 2024 / Best Growth Stocks, a leading independent equity research and corporate access firm focused on finding and reporting on the best growth stocks utilizing exclusive ai-assisted research recently issued a comprehensive analysis of Asset Entities Inc. a provider of digital marketing and content delivery services across Discord and other social media platforms, and a Ternary Payment Platform company. Asset Entities Inc. (NASDAQ: ASST) has garnered significant investor attention following the strategic acquisition of the assets of TommyBoyTV and a 1-for-5 reverse stock split. Best Growth Stock's full report offers an analysis of Asset Entities Inc. (NASDAQ: ASST) operations, potential catalysts, growth drivers, financials, share structure, chart setup with support and resistance levels, and more. Access this full analysis with no obligation: Access this full analysis with no obligation: About Asset Entities, Inc. Asset Entities Inc. is a technology company providing social media marketing, management, and content delivery across Discord, TikTok, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, and other social media platforms. Asset Entities is believed to be the first publicly traded Company based on the Discord platform, where it hosts some of Discord’s largest social community-based education and entertainment servers. The Company’s AE.360.DDM suite of services is believed to be the first of its kind for the Design, Development, and Management of Discord community servers. Asset Entities’ initial AE.360.DDM customers have included businesses and celebrities. The Company also has its Ternary payment platform that is a Stripe-verified partner and CRM for Discord communities. The Company’s Social Influencer Network (SiN) service offers white-label marketing, content creation, content management, TikTok promotions, and TikTok consulting to clients in all industries and markets. The Company’s SiN influencers can increase the social media reach of client Discord servers and drives traffic to their businesses. Learn more at, and follow the Company on X (formerly Twitter) at @assetentities. About Best Growth Stocks Best Growth Stocks is a leading independent equity research and corporate access firm focused on finding and reporting on the best growth stocks utilizing our exclusive ai-assisted research. BGS is also a financial news provider, focused on giving investors direct access to CEOs of promising, publicly-traded companies, and market experts. Our CEO interviews aim to answer the questions that rest on the minds of current and future shareholders. This is not to be construed as financial advice. Please consult with a licensed financial advisor before making any investment decisions. Media Contact Best Growth Stocks Senior Editor: Steve Macalbry SOURCE: BestGrowthStocks.Com Contact Details Media Source LLC Best Growth Stocks +1 989-274-7778

July 11, 2024 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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BestGrowthStocks.Com Issues Comprehensive Analysis of Gaxos.Ai Inc.

Gaxos.Ai Inc

NEW YORK, NY / NewsDirect / July 10th, 2024 / Best Growth Stocks, a leading independent equity research and corporate access firm focused on finding and reporting on the best growth stocks utilizing exclusive ai-assisted research recently issued a comprehensive analysis on Gaxos.Ai Inc. a company developing artificial intelligence applications across various sectors. Gaxos.Ai Inc. (NASDAQ: GXAI) has garnered significant investor attention following an announcement that it partnered with Meshy to deliver 3D assets in its AI solution for game developers and publishers. Best Growth Stock's full report offers a comprehensive analysis of Gaxos.Ai operations, potential catalysts, growth drivers, financials, share structure, chart setup with support and resistance levels, and more. Access this full analysis with no obligation: Access this full analysis with no obligation: About Inc. Gaxos.AI isn't just developing applications; it's redefining the human-AI relationship. Our offerings span health and wellness as well as gaming. We're committed to addressing health, longevity, and entertainment, through AI solutions. About Best Growth Stocks Best Growth Stocks is a leading independent equity research and corporate access firm focused on finding and reporting on the best growth stocks utilizing our exclusive ai-assisted research. BGS is also a financial news provider, focused on giving investors direct access to CEOs of promising, publicly-traded companies, and market experts. Our CEO interviews aim to answer the questions that rest on the minds of current and future shareholders. This is not to be construed as financial advice. Please consult with a licensed financial advisor before making any investment decisions. Media Contact Best Growth Stocks Senior Editor: Steve Macalbry SOURCE: BestGrowthStocks.Com Contact Details Media Source LLC Best Growth Stocks +1 989-274-7778

July 10, 2024 04:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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New Verticals Catapult Forever Network into ComScore Top 25 US Media Rankings

Basketball Forever

Fueled by its new verticals for football, baseball and hockey, Forever Network, one of the fastest-growing and most engaged independent sports content brands in the world, announced today that it is now ranked in the Top 25 of ComScore’s US Media outlet rankings. Debuting at No. 24, Forever Network is ranked among media giants like Warner Bros (#1), Walt Disney (#2) and Comcast (#4). The company also marked its entrance on the list as the eighth top sports media company accompanied by sports industry stalwarts like the NBA (No. 3), NFL (No. 7), Barstool Sports (No. 11) and the WWE (No. 15). “Getting ranked so high by ComScore legitimizes the work we have put in since establishing a North American presence at the beginning of this year,” said Alex Sumsky, CEO and co-founder of Forever Network. “We couldn’t be here without our devoted team and their commitment to user experience, ensuring we are people’s go-to source and have the best content for all things basketball, football, hockey and baseball. This also provides us with a significant benchmark for measuring our success as we continue to establish ourselves as a major player in the US media market.” Including its first vertical, Basketball Forever, Forever Network has earned 3.6 billion total impressions and 356 million engagements year-to-date across its network of sports social media channels. Football Forever has been the most popular new vertical, garnering 528 million impressions since its start in April. Dugout Forever has earned 198 million impressions since its launch in March and Hockey Forever has earned 282 million since its May launch. “The popularity we have achieved and growth we have experienced since the start of this year is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Basketball Forever Chief Strategy Officer Nick Kelland. “With plans for our new soccer vertical to debut in July, we estimate that our network of channels will capture more than eight billion impressions before the year ends.” Forever Network closed a $4 million raise earlier this year to expand in North America and develop new verticals. Along with the new verticals, another key point of the raise was the development of Forever Network’s proprietary free-to-play and real-money games, V.O.A.T., Hot Hands and Streaker, which are on track to launch later this year. ABOUT BASKETBALL FOREVER Basketball Forever was founded in 2015 with a mission to celebrate the game and embrace its ability to unite people from all over the world. The brand reaches millions globally as the best source of breaking news, commentary, rumors, and culture through a uniquely social-first approach, bringing the best content to the consumer and removing the barriers between the creative and the consumer. The company is currently the top ranked global sports company amongst millennials by engagement, garnering 3.9 billion impressions yearly, with a monthly global reach of 105 million unique visitors. For more information and to subscribe, please visit: Contact Details Sterling Randle +1 801-319-6153 Company Website

July 10, 2024 08:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Kevel launches Kai to boost performance optimization, relevance and revenue for retail media networks


Kevel, the API-first ad serving company, is announcing its new branded AI feature set: Kai (Kevel Artificial Intelligence), a suite of AI and machine learning technologies that enable performance optimization and drives relevancy, profitability and revenue. Kai is available as part of the Retail Media Cloud TM, the ultimate SaaS platform for building retail media networks with ad serving that maximizes share of advertiser budgets. The new tools were developed and spearheaded by Kevel’s AI/ML research group, chaired by CTO Tim Ewald, Sr. Director of Research and W3C member Paul DeGrandis, Principal Data Scientist Richard Carter, PhD and Retail Media Cloud TM GM and Velocidi founder Paulo Cunha. The group has decades of combined experience in AI, which has led them to develop this powerhouse suite of AI features to power ad serving and audience segmentation for a premium retail media experience. With Kai, Kevel introduces two new features, Forecast and Custom Relevancy, alongside its existing AI Audience and DecisionAPI products. Kevel Forecast predicts inventory and campaign performance for existing and future campaigns using machine learning simulations to generate insights on both current and future ad flights. “Forecast is a first of its kind for retail media. Traditional forecasting tools look simply at historical data to predict future campaign performance, whereas Kevel Forecast uses machine learning algorithms to project future campaign performance when considering all contextual and user audience targeting and pacing parameters in conjunction with other running or future ads. This way, advertisers always know exactly what their future performance looks like and retailers can maximize their inventory yield,” Paulo Cunha, Retail Media Cloud GM at Kevel explains. Kevel’s Custom Relevancy allows for retailers to input their own AI/ML algorithms into Kevel Ad Server for custom targeting geared towards the individual performance of each network. Functioning as a unique ‘BYOM’ (bring your own model), Custom Relevancy helps retailers utilize their own advanced models to determine relevance as part of their ad stack in a safe and secure way. “Retailers know their customers better than anyone else, but struggle to influence their ad serving with the exceptional AI-driven optimization they use for promoting a customized user experience,” commented Tim Ewald, CTO at Kevel. “That all changes with Custom Relevancy, which allows customers to plug their own ML models into our ad decision process to dynamically adjust relevancy and improve ad serving a per-user basis." Kai encompasses not just new features like Forecast and Custom Relevancy, but existing features like ad decisioning and pacing. Kevel’s approach to pacing, delivery and decisioning leans into historical data, events, previous behavior, context of the experience, ads viewed, and relevancy scoring, plus trends and predictions to drive ad performance. “What excites me about KAI is that it's a set of features that showcases how machine learning can be used to deliver more value to our customers. We’ve developed these systems from original research using proprietary data sets, harnessing our many years of experience in ad serving,” stated Richard Carter, Principal Data Scientist. “We’ve been working closely with retail customers to prove where the most value sits and it’s in decisioning, relevancy and segmentation. KAI is just the start of many more innovative, unique features in our pipeline.” About Kevel Kevel powers world-class retail media networks with the Retail Media Cloud™. With the combination of Kevel Ad Server and Kevel Audience, multi-brand retailers, marketplaces, and ecommerce companies can launch limitless ad formats and unique targeting segments online and in-store, all with closed-loop attribution. Kevel believes that every digital retailer should have the capability to scale their own distinct ad platform, just like big tech players like Amazon. Customers like Edmunds, Delivery Hero, Leroy Merlin, Slickdeals, and other leading retailers and marketplaces all launched their own retail media network with Kevel. The company has garnered numerous accolades, most recently earning recognition as one of the leading 100 innovative tech start-ups driving the future of brand-to-consumer in 2023 and awarded the MarTech Breakthrough Award for best overall ad tech company in 2022. Learn more at Contact Details Kevel Jennifer Choo Director of Marketing +1 973-343-8819

July 09, 2024 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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