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San Diego’s KWFN Becomes First Multi-Site MaxxCast™ Deployment Delivering HD Signal

GeoBroadcast Solutions

Entercom radio station KWFN-FM in San Diego has substantially improved its signal through the launch of a MaxxCasting ™ system from GeoBroadcast Solutions . The four-node single-frequency network (SFN), which represents the first commercially deployed HD Radio™ Single Frequency Network (HD SFN), extends clear FM and HD Radio coverage up and down the busy Interstate 15 and State Route 78 corridors. The improved signal also increases penetration with Nielsen PPM Portable People Meters (PPMs) to help broadcasters accurately measure audiences and set advertising rates. This successful implementation of an HD SFN through MaxxCasting also demonstrates that geo-targeting for radio will work when the boosters are equipped with GeoBroadcast Solutions’ ZoneCasting ™ technology. The FCC is currently considering a rule change petition that would permit radio broadcasters to air geo-targeted programming. ZoneCasting will eventually owe its success to MaxxCasting, the foundational architecture that is currently boosting FM and HD signals from the Boston market’s WXLO-FM to KWFN in San Diego. “Providing a digitally clear, strong HD signal to the flagship station of the San Diego Padres serves the expanded listening audience and advertisers,” said Bill Hieatt, CTO of GeoBroadcast Solutions. “The MaxxCasting system now reaches listeners in previously underserved areas north of San Diego, including the cities of Escondido, Ramona, and San Marcos. The immediate results have been positive: KWFN saw a one-month ratings share increase from 1.8 to 2.5 post-launch.” The San Diego market is very terrain-intensive, and signal penetration is limited due to the density of hills. Yet JR Rogers, Market Technical Operations Director, San Diego for Entercom noted that, “there is no question that commuter listening experience has improved, as the holes in the signal coverage have been greatly diminished.” He also sees potential for broader audience growth for key programs including, Ben & Woods, KWFN’s new morning Sports Talk show. “The community was previously served by a massive AM signal originating in Mexico,” said Rogers. “We especially wanted to provide the Padres and their fans as close to 100 percent coverage as possible. While high-power AM has a much broader coverage pattern, FM offers far superior sound. The MaxxCasting system will provide the community with higher quality game coverage, and better penetrate the entire market.” GeoBroadcast worked closely with GatesAir for the KWFN installation, using its Flexiva™ transmitters with FAX Exgine exciters, a Flexiva FXMi 4g Exporter/Importer HD Radio system, and Intraplex IP networking and synchronization gear. The latter time-locks FM and HD signals between the main transmitter and four nodes. MaxxCasting is a system of FM on-channel boosters (SFN) with transmitters fully synchronized to boost the signal from the main transmitter with seamless transitions from the main to the booster nodes. Other important contributors to the project include Bert Goldman of Goldman Engineering Management, which provided the bridge between system design and FCC compliance; and SCMS, which managed equipment sales and staging. Shively provided all directional antennas for the network. GeoBroadcast Solutions has been continuously testing and improving ZoneCasting in the field and at its headquarter laboratory in Chicago, through simulations and modeling. The geo-targeting technology uses existing consumer radios that receive FM booster radio stations within the primary station’s service area. The boosters originate separate localized content and insert it at specific and limited times. When not operating in geotargeting mode, the primary station’s signal is amplified, thus improving the signal in the area covered by a number of the boosters at all times. This technology, which would be optional for broadcasters, does not impact interference between neighboring stations and does not cause harmful self-interference. The rule GeoBroadcast seeks to change relates to FM boosters, and no changes to the FCC's rules regarding translators or interference are necessary. Radio is currently the only mass medium that cannot geo-target its content. The television industry gained the ability to geo-target in 2017 when the FCC adopted the Next-Gen TV standard — also known as ATSC 3.0 – at the urging of NAB. The ability for radio stations to add localized weather and traffic, news, advertising, and emergency alerting during parts of a broadcast hour is beneficial to listeners, small businesses, and advertisers. It would allow the radio industry to progress and remain competitive in the market. # # # About GeoBroadcast Solutions LLC GeoBroadcast Solutions was formed in 2011 to develop the ZoneCasting™ Geo-Targeting platform. This platform has been successfully tested under special FCC authorization. Geo-Targeted separation of the main channel audio of an FM radio station to its listeners allows the ability to split an FM signal into local “zones.” Out of this development effort came MaxxCasting™, which increases signal quality, PPM watermark decoding, and allows geographic targeting and fencing of radio screen advertising. It is successfully deployed and operational in many markets and growing rapidly. Additional information is available at . Contact Details Robert Udowitz +1 703-621-8060 Company Website

July 16, 2020 09:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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HTC Selects MOBITV to Deliver Streaming Video Services to Residential and Business Members


MOBITV , a global leader in app-based TV video delivery solutions, today announces that Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (HTC) has selected MOBITV Connect managed services for delivery of streaming video content to residential and business members in Horry and Georgetown Counties in South Carolina. HTC is taking strategic steps toward infrastructure expansion and with MOBITV Connect, the cooperative can offer an optimal IP-based video streaming service while remaining financially responsible to its members. The service is undergoing a soft launch in Q3 and a broader launch in late 2020 to all members, especially those with multiple set-top boxes and advanced services. “HTC is a trusted name in telecommunications throughout the Southeast and MOBITV is proud to partner with the cooperative to build an advanced streaming service that sets their product line apart from competitors,” said Charlie Nooney, CEO of MOBITV. “We’re honored to know they wanted to work with us because they knew that we would offer a full end-to-end platform that would enable HTC to stay ahead of the technology-innovation curve.” “Working with MOBITV will position HTC to deliver the best content over the best infrastructure,” said Sandy Hendrick, Marketing Supervisor, HTC. “HTC has also had a strong reputation for being a leader in customer service. Partnering with MOBITV will strengthen our service offerings, capacity and network reliability.” As HTC members spend more time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, reliable connectivity is a top priority. Network infrastructure must be scaled and upgraded to seamlessly keep up with the increased demand for broadband. MOBITV Connect enables HTC and other providers to offer a full suite of advanced services on a robust network with the latest technology, something not offered by over-the-top internet-based delivery platforms. HTC is now able to offer the service bundles most desired by residential and business members with TV, internet and Wi-Fi elements included. The MOBITV app-based streaming TV service platform contains a user-friendly interface that can be customized to meet HTC content and design preferences. The Connect Platform includes on-demand, live TV, catch-up TV, unlimited network DVR, and recommendations. The software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based platform allows for real-time enablement of new technologies such as 4K/HEVC, Cloud DVR, replay TV, and robust voice control without the high cost and frequent replacement of legacy set-top boxes in the home. Customers can download the app and view television on any of their connected devices. About HTC HTC, Inc. is the nation’s largest telecommunications cooperative. Founded in 1952, HTC celebrates nearly 67 years of service to Horry and Georgetown Counties as a local communications leader. HTC offers High Speed Internet, Digital Cable, Digital Wireless, Home Security, local telephone and long distance service, and advanced business services such as Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN), Managed Networks, VOIP Solutions, WiFi Solutions, Firewall and Security services. HTC provides these services utilizing the area’s most extensive fiber optic network. About MOBITV MOBITV is the leading white-label Pay TV streaming service in the market, which enables Pay TV operators to rapidly launch a branded, thoroughly compliant, fully-featured app-based Pay TV service. With the explosion of smart TVs and connected devices like Apple TV, Roku and Fire TV, MOBITV has been able to extend its platform to provide a true multi-screen experience, replacing outdated set-top box solutions. Operators now have a way to offer a full cable line-up with an on-demand catalog, live TV, catch-up TV, network DVR and recommendations available on nearly every device. MOBITV powers a fully IP-based approach and, in combination with almost two decades of MOBITV’s expertise in IP video delivery, operators can finally make the switch to a truly future-proof TV solution. For more information please visit . Contact Details NRPR Group, Nicole Rodrigues +1 650-815-5069 Company Website

July 16, 2020 06:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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Cloud Conventions Unveils Connected Event Networks for Virtual Conferences & Trade Shows

Convey Services

Cloud Conventions today unveiled new event management technology that connects multiple virtual conferences or trade shows from a centralized hub allowing events with unique identities to share a common set of exhibitors, sessions or content. This Industry-first solution allows trade associations, companies and large event operators to produce several related events from a single administrative portal that maintains and updates content or session catalogs and exhibitor booths and selectively updates portals in the network. Cloud Conventions is a full featured virtual event SaaS technology from Convey Services . “Convey’s proprietary Hub & Spoke technology has powered industry networks in telecommunications and insurance for years, connecting multiple suppliers and vendors with an indirect salesforce,” said Carolyn Bradfield , founder of Convey. “Using Hub & Spoke, multiple virtual event portals can receive content and marketing assets from a centralized hub site. The event operator can deliver more value to exhibitors and sponsors and it makes it easier for exhibitors to manage their booths when they participate in more than one event. It is designed for groups planning multiple virtual events or having regional events, pop-up shows, or conferences throughout the year.” An event hub site is set up to allow exhibitors to access, setup and manage their virtual booths, changing out content and sessions easily for each networked show. The reporting engine consolidates activity reports from all the event portals for one consolidated view. “Hub & Spoke event networks create efficiency and reduce the cost of putting on monthly, quarterly or regional events,” added Bradfield. “This will be a huge help to associations that hold conferences that share the same sponsors or exhibitors. A small staff can use Hub & Spoke to manage a dozen events and maximize ROI for exhibitors and sponsors.” Cloud Conventions portals come complete with templates to set up the homepage, deliver email messaging, create attendee dashboards, set up virtual booths, customize CRM systems and databases to track attendees and exhibitors and access a full set of analytics and reporting. About Cloud Conventions Cloud Conventions is a Virtual Trade Show and Conference Platform from Convey Services that brings new capabilities to a marketplace looking for solutions to replace the thousands of live trade shows, annual conferences and association meetings cancelled in the wake of COVID-19. Originally launched as ConveyLive, Cloud Conventions automates exhibitors and virtual booths, attendee registration, speaker sessions and reminders, invitations and email communication, while at the same time producing detailed analytics on attendee, session and exhibitor activity.  Trade Associations and event managers can explore all of the Cloud Conventions solutions by visiting  or contacting or call 888-975-1382.  Contact Details Bruce Ahern +1 770-580-0810 Company Website

July 15, 2020 02:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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End Boring Meetings Forever

Engagement Multiplier

Are your remote teams still slogging through hours of conference calls each day? Does the appearance of yet another video meeting on the calendar cause a near revolt? “The way we work has changed forever. So should the way we meet,” says Stefan Wissenbach, founder and CEO of Engagement Multiplier ( ) a leading SaaS provider of employee engagement surveys and tools for small-to-medium enterprises. “Teams that attempt to replicate the meeting structure they used in the office, are finding they’re losing productivity and sapping their peoples’ energy.” The connections that exist between people on a team, and between teams and the company, are vital components of employee engagement. Leaders who aren’t changing up their meeting routines could be unwittingly wasting time and diminishing performance. Wissenbach’s advice: put energy and connection front and center in team meetings, and watch how things improve. “When the pandemic drove our teams home, we quickly started to change how we do meetings,” WIssenbach says.”We developed a new routine that we’ve turned into a framework we call the EPIC Meeting (™). Our team loves it - meetings are focused and efficient, but we still have time for fun and building connections between people. We have a tighter culture and more agile team as a result.” EPIC Meetings are easy to run, if you just follow this simple outline: Energy: Start each meeting by asking everyone to share something they’re feeling great about at that moment – whether or not it’s work-related. This simple act takes just a few minutes, gets everyone talking. Purpose: Insist on a clear agenda for each meeting, but take it a step further: in addition to the purpose and objectives, challenge your team to also add what needs to be true at the end of the meeting to the agenda. This focuses the group clearly on getting to that solution. Insight: A good exchange can unleash a torrent of ideas and information. Near the end of the meeting, ask each person to highlight a unique insight or learning they gained from the meeting. This enables you to capture – in the moment – thoughts as they’re crystallizing, and opens everyone to different points of view. Connection: Start running EPIC Meetings, and you’ll see connections build: between your people to each other, and to the business purpose. The result: business captures more value and builds a stronger, more agile culture. For a downloadable EPIC Meeting Guide and additional ideas for improving your meetings, please visit: . About Engagement Multiplier Engagement Multiplier helps businesses achieve greater profitability, productivity and success by enabling leaders to quickly assess, understand and improve employee engagement and harnessing the power of the company’s Engaged Purpose (™). Using the intuitive Engagement Multiplier dashboard, business leaders can easily survey employees using a Benchmark Assessment, or gather feedback from defined teams with a customized On-Demand Survey. The company’s mission is to transform businesses and help 100 million employees become measurably more engaged. Founded in 2014, Engagement Multiplier today serves businesses and partners around the world. Contact Details Sarah Skerik +1 872-240-1918 Company Website

July 15, 2020 09:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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SynaVoice SOL has world-class leaders for remaining virtual camp sessions

SynaVoice SOL

SynaVoice SOL is a pop-up virtual camp for high school students. Unique topics are presented in one-week sessions to provide exposure to new ideas, concepts, and skills for the campers. A diverse group of campers from nine states hear from world-class experts and engage in conversations in their cabins. Counselors from elite universities facilitate the discussions and act as role models for the campers. SynaVoice SOL has completed three sold out sessions and reviews from campers have been extraordinary with 100% of campers providing positive reviews. Registration is currently open for the remaining three sessions. The week of July 20 features Amy Kurzweil, award-winning author and The New Yorker cartoonist . She will lead campers through exercises to help them write and illustrate their own personal narratives. Campers will get feedback directly from Ms. Kurzweil on Friday. The week of July 27 features, Dr. James D. Diamond, Dean of Academic Affairs at The National Tribal Trial College, former law professor at the University of Arizona College of Law, and author . Prior to teaching, Dr. Diamond practiced law for 25 years as both a state prosecutor and a defense attorney. Dr. Diamond has extensive criminal trial experience and was the lead lawyer in more than 1,000 criminal cases. He will provide real-life examples to explain the criminal justice system to the campers. He will meet live with the campers on Friday to lead the discussion and answer questions. Our last session features Curt Doty , an award-winning marketer with an extensive legacy in creating branding and image campaigns in television. He has lectured all over the world and is a visionary and outspoken creative on what is happening at the intersection of technology, content and design. Campers will learn about the influence of design from ancient history to the present day and will create logos of their own. On Friday, they will present their logos to Mr. Doty for real-time feedback. Registration is open to high school students for the final three sessions at the SynaVoice SOL website. If you would like to support the camp by sponsoring a camper you can do so here. SynaVoice LLC is a woman-owned consultancy providing strategic communications, training, customer outreach, market research and insights to both federal and corporate clients. SynaVoice SOL is a pop-up, virtual camp for high school students providing exposure to new ideas, concepts, and skills for high school students that inform their college, career, and life choices. Contact Details Julie Rothhouse +1 703-401-2340 Company Website

July 15, 2020 07:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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MassMedia Marketing, Advertising, PR

MassMedia Marketing, Advertising, PR is analyzing current digital media consumption trends and offering insight to businesses who are trying to maintain and even increase their brand awareness during this pandemic. Zak Krassin , digital marketing director at MassMedia, imparts the following insights into various digital strategies that businesses can be implementing now to help them thrive and possibly obtain market share during an economic downturn: Actively engage with your social media community, implement an employee advocacy program, or seek out potential collaboration opportunities with other thought leaders. Building a community around your business and having your employees engaged on social media as experts can help humanize your brand and extend the reach of your content – ultimately driving more traffic to your site. Brands on social media should strongly consider running paid social ads. Starting small and putting five to 10 dollars towards a Facebook post as a “boosted” effort can go a long way. Paid social ads offer robust targeting options to ensure the paid promotion hits your intended audience which will expand your reach beyond your current network as well as drive qualified traffic to your website. Brands should certainly be taking advantage of posting video content. Video has the ability to connect with customers on a level that static imagery simply cannot. Video can convey your brand message, product details, and thought leadership content in a more expressive way that really brings them to life. To learn more about digital marketing strategies and how to make them work for your business, visit . ABOUT MASSMEDIA MARKETING, ADVERTISING, PR Founded in 1997, MassMedia is a full-service marketing, advertising and PR agency whose knowledge, strategic insights and innovative programs have developed brands, communicated messages, and influenced consumers for a variety of clients, products and services across the nation. Some of the firm’s clients include Southwest Gas Corporation, Nevada State College, One Nevada Credit Union, Legacy Traditional Schools, Desert Radiology, Battle Born Injury Lawyers, Remington Nevada, Goettl Air Conditioning and Plumbing, and Pisanelli Bice. To learn more about MassMedia, visit , and follow the company on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and Linkedin . Contact Details Brooke Cashin +1 702-306-7808 Company Website

July 14, 2020 12:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time

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Cloud Conventions Launches 365 Program for Virtual Conferences, Trade Shows and Events

Convey Services

Cloud Conventions today announced Cloud Conventions 365 a new service for virtual conferences, trade shows and events that allows show and event sponsors access to an event portal year-round to manage virtual or hybrid events. Trade show operators, companies and associations that use a Cloud Conventions platform can now keep their portal live and accessible using Cloud Conventions 365 for up to one year. Cloud Conventions is a full featured virtual event SaaS technology solution from Convey Services . “A virtual event is no longer limited by the 2-3 days a physical trade show normally operates; it can be open and evolving all year with Cloud Conventions 365,” said Carolyn Bradfield , founder of Convey. “Once traditional trade shows moved to a virtual format as a result of cancellations in 2020, they realized the benefits from keeping their audience engaged and connected longer. When the pandemic is behind us, we expect all shows will incorporate a virtual solution to accompany a live conference, tradeshow or event in 2021 and beyond. Despite initial pushback, people have realized that virtual events expand their attendee audience, rather than reduce it, give exhibitors a stronger ROI from increased and extended online market presence and offer reduced cost from delivering a virtual event experience.” Once a live Cloud Conventions virtual event has closed, the portal can retain its structure and easily be repurposed for subsequent events throughout the year. Cloud Conventions is designed for the non-technical user and does not require special coding or development to manage it. Virtual booth can remain or be refreshed for the next event or can accommodate new exhibitors, sponsors or speaker sessions. Attendees from prior events can remain in the database as ‘pre-registered’ for new pop-up events or the registration process can begin over. “The Cloud Conventions 365 option is incredibly cost efficient and saves time for the trade show operator that wants to stage virtual or hybrid events all year,” added Bradfield. “The portal can be available for a period of time after their first Cloud Conventions event or the organization can simply enter into a six or twelve month subscription agreement for the use of the technology.” About Cloud Conventions Cloud Conventions is a Virtual Trade Show and Conference Platform from Convey Services that brings new capabilities to a marketplace looking for solutions to replace the thousands of live trade shows, annual conferences and association meetings cancelled in the wake of COVID-19. Originally launched as ConveyLive, Cloud Conventions automates exhibitors and virtual booths, attendee registration, speaker sessions and reminders, invitations and email communication, while at the same time producing detailed analytics on attendee, session and exhibitor activity.  Trade Associations and event managers can explore all of the Cloud Conventions solutions by visiting or contacting or call 888-975-1382. Contact Details Bruce Ahern +1 770-580-0810 Company Website

July 14, 2020 03:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Minuteman Press Franchise Free COVID-19 Resource Bounce Back USA Gains National and Local Media Attention Supporting Thousands of Local Businesses in Their Communities

Minuteman Press International

Since the launch of Bounce Back USA in April 2020, Minuteman Press International has seen an overwhelming response from businesses and communities. To date, over 12,000 businesses have joined the movement in their communities by submitting free local listings at and Bounce Back websites in Canada , the United Kingdom , Australia , and South Africa . The free Bounce Back USA initiative was created by Minuteman Press to give back to communities during COVID-19 and support local businesses. Businesses submit their logo and text, and their ad is posted for free on They also receive a free COVID-19 safety and awareness poster. What is Bounce Back USA? --Bounce Back USA ( ) is a free initiative that provides free business listings & COVID-19 awareness and prevention posters to support local business . --Bounce Back USA was created my Minuteman Press International, the #1 rated marketing and printing franchise by Entrepreneur, to give back to local businesses and help provide a free boost to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic. --Bounce Back USA has been featured by FORBES , Entrepreneur Magazine (July 2020 issue), the International Franchise Association , Modern Restaurant Management , and many local publications in communities across America. --There are already over 12,000 participating businesses and the free Bounce Back initiative is now available in 5 countries: Bounce Back USA , Bounce Back Canada , Bounce Back UK , Bounce Back Australia , and Bounce Back South Africa . Why Support Local Businesses? “Supporting local business is more important than ever before, and what we are doing with Bounce Back USA is creating a movement that community members can rally around because people are looking for every reason to shop local,” says Nick Titus, President, Minuteman Press International. People are looking to support local businesses. This is backed by a recent Groupon infographic , which cited the following statistics: --67% of people are more hopeful now than when the pandemic began and 75% plan to support small businesses as much as possible once restrictions on non-essential businesses are lifted in their areas. --The average consumer plans to spend nearly $100 per week at local businesses post-COVID-19, up 16% vs. before the pandemic — in the hopes of boosting their local economy. --86% have supported a locally owned business during quarantine. Join the Movement for Free Join the movement to support local business for free today! Visit to submit your free listing and receive your free COVID-19 awareness and prevention poster. Learn more about #1 rated Minuteman Press franchise opportunities and read Minuteman Press franchise reviews at . Contact Details Chris Biscuiti +1 631-249-1370 Company Website

July 14, 2020 02:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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The Scrappy Entrepreneur Podcast Season 1, Episode 19 CLICK HERE. Episode Premiered Wednesday, July 1 In the nineteenth episode of The Scrappy Entrepreneur Podcast, CEO Beth Campbell breaks down the theory behind a people-first mentality and why it optimizes business performance. She gives sage advice on building a senior management team, recruiting talent, how to stay fast and nimble as well as how to go about creating and cultivate lasting client relationships all while running a global company with a high-performing team. The Scrappy Entrepreneur Podcast publishes new episodes weekly and is available on Apple Podcasts , Spotify, YouTube and Stitcher. ABOUT THE SCRAPPY ENTREPRENEUR PODCAST Scrappy Entrepreneur podcast and online community is founded and hosted by Paula Yakubik, a self-made entrepreneur dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners achieve success. The podcast features insightful conversation, including tips and tools from business leaders, experts and thought leaders to help entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of business. Follow Scrappy Entrepreneur on Facebook , LinkedIn , YouTube and Instagram . ABOUT BETH CAMPBELL Beth Campbell is the CEO of global interior architect firm Wilson Associates. Wilson is known for creating current, iconic, must-experience spaces. It has been an innovating force in hospitality design for luxury and boutique brands for nearly 50 years. Wilson has 10 offices across the globe and employs more than 225 employees. Contact Details Brooke Cashin +1 702-306-7808 Company Website

July 14, 2020 10:15 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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