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Grandparents are Grand: Celebrate Grandparents Every Day


For many families, the COVID-19 pandemic has separated grandparents from their grandchildren and made it difficult to be there in person for some of their grandchildren’s biggest moments. And sometimes it’s not even about missing the big moments, but the everyday moments, such as reading a story to them or sharing a meal, that make it so hard to be separated. Because many of us are separated from loved ones right now and relying on virtual ways to connect, UnitedHealthcare collaborated with Sesame Workshop to develop downloadable resources to be shared with family and friends that offer fun ways to connect with grandparents, together or apart. As we celebrate grandparents on National Grandparents Day and every day, now is the chance for your audience to learn more about UnitedHealthcare and Sesame Workshop’s Growing Every Day, Every Way program and how it is honoring grandparents and families by providing educational resources on developmental milestones to establish lifelong healthy habits. Tameeka Smith, grandmother and Community Plan CEO at UnitedHealthcare and Andrea Cody, senior project manager, Social Impact at Sesame Workshop partnered with D S Simon Media and Your Update TV on a nationwide media tour to discuss: Information on Sesame Street in Communities How grandparents can be empowered to take care of themselves Ways grandparents can connect with kids both in-person and virtually For more information on all Sesame Workshop and UnitedHealthcare are doing you can visit: About YourUpdateTV: YourUpdateTV is a social media video portal for organizations to share their content, It includes separate channels for Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Media and Entertainment, Money and Finance, Social Responsibility, Sports and Technology. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

September 20, 2021 04:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Phase 4 Services Adds Marketing and Technology Pro to Broaden Consulting Scope, Better Assist Lab Clients

Phase 4 Services

MCR Labs Director of Marketing & IT Yasha Kahn has been named vice president of marketing & technology at Phase 4 Services, a laboratory management and consulting firm positioned to help hemp and cannabis testing labs capture market share in the expanding cannabis industry. Kahn, an information technology expert with nearly a decade of experience guiding marketing strategy and upgrading IT systems for cannabis testing providers, will be tasked with helping Phase 4 clients secure their data and generate brand awareness. His combined marketing and technology expertise make Kahn uniquely well-suited to offer insights tailored to finding success in the digital age. “As a scientist, promoting the business and managing our data were details I hadn’t really considered when we first opened the lab,” said Michael Kahn, Founder and CEO of MCR Labs, a cannabis testing lab operating in several Northeast cannabis markets. “As the industry here grew, Yasha made sure any potential clients coming in knew our name, and he scaled our technology infrastructure to handle the team’s rapid growth.” In his role at Phase 4 Services, Yasha Kahn will guide the firm’s laboratory partners on decisions related to data security and networking, events and outreach projects, and media strategy both digital and traditional. By adding high-level technology and marketing knowledge to their consulting scope, Phase 4 Services enables their client laboratories to focus on the important work of accurately analyzing cannabis products while helping to bring in new business and ensure the right tools are in place to facilitate operations across departments. About Phase 4 Services: Phase 4 Services is a scientific consulting and laboratory management firm dedicated to growing, supporting, and enhancing hemp and cannabis testing laboratories. Founded by experts in analytical testing, pharmaceutical chemistry, business administration, and development strategy, our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure partner laboratories are successful in their pursuit of advancing public health and safety for cannabis patients and consumers. For more information visit Contact Details Phase 4 Services Joe Crinkley +1 857-230-0839 Company Website

September 20, 2021 11:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Pollen VC announces new financial tools to level the playing field among mobile ad networks

Pollen VC

Fintech lender Pollen VC, a leading provider of revolving credit facilities to app and game developers, today announced a new online calculator to compare CPMs (cost per thousand impressions of an advert) from different advertising networks on a level playing field based on their payment terms. The payment terms of mobile ad networks differ vastly, with most networks offering terms between Net 15 and Net 60 days. In other words, depending on the network, app and game publishers receive payment between 15 and 60 days from the end of the month when the impression was served. Publishers are rightly focused on achieving the highest CPMs for their ad inventory but are consistently overlooking the financial impact on their business caused by the lengthy and non-standard payment cycles. Specifically, the opportunity cost of not being able to reinvest proceeds from ad revenue into additional user acquisition. This can result in money being left on the table for publishers and missed revenues for advertising networks. Martin Macmillan, CEO & Founder at Pollen VC commented: “Real time app bidding is a big step forward for the mobile app industry. The mobile ads market is evolving from one historically plagued by lack of transparency and manual operational overhead, to a new world order which moves towards a real-time bidding auction for ad impressions which squeezes out many of the inefficiencies out of the previous model.” “But as the bidding model continues to evolve, savvy media buyers and ad monetization managers need to better understand their underlying financial dynamics, and how they can better optimize their growth opportunities. Many publishers are leaving money on the table by not taking the time to understand these underlying financial dynamics.” Time value of money A $10 CPM that pays out in 90 days is less valuable than a $10 CPM that pays out in 7 days. If a publisher has to wait an additional 83 days, they are missing out on the opportunity to reinvest that cash into customer/traffic acquisitions that could generate a positive ROI. In order to compare ad CPMs on a level playing field, the actual days until payment needs to be taken into account. This is achieved by applying a discount factor based on days until funds will be received and a known cost of capital. The resulting number – the discounted CPM or dCPM - is the value to the company today, assuming it had to pay to borrow the money until the ad networks ultimately paid out. Martin Macmillan added: “The dCPM calculator will allow publishers to compare ad networks on a level playing field and look beyond just the headline CPM, applying some financial discipline to look more rigorously at the true CPMs generated at a financial level.The most important factor to consider is the opportunity cost to the publishers. It may only be a few cents difference in headline CPM but could make a huge difference to the publisher who is kept waiting before reinvesting back into more user acquisition or traffic to their website.” In the new world of real time bidding, publishers are focussed on achieving the highest CPMs but are often disconnected from their finance teams, they focus on the headline CPMs as opposed to considering when their “trade” will actually settle, thus not seeing the full picture. Understanding dCPM as a metric can help publishers make better informed choices about whose ads they prioritize when using dCPM as their primary metric. Bridging the Gap Financially savvy publishers often put in place revolving credit facilities which can effectively accelerate the payout terms of the advertising networks onto a weekly cycle, allowing them to increase their pace of customer acquisition without relying on external capital. This helps to effectively normalise the payment terms across networks and drastically reduce inertia caused by long payment delays, enabling faster reinvestment and capital efficient growth. About Pollen VC Pollen VC provides flexible credit facilities to app and game developers using a data-driven lending model which is designed from the ground up for the app economy. Based in San Francisco and London, we help developers all over the world to take control of their finances and grow their business in a capital efficient way. Our team includes structured credit, capital markets and performance marketing specialists with in-depth knowledge of the mobile app and gaming market and the growth challenges faced. Pollen VC is backed by a group of leading private and institutional fintech investors, and has diverse sources of liquidity spanning private and institutional capital providers in Europe and North America. Contact Details Bilal Mahmoood +44 7714 007257 Company Website

September 20, 2021 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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How Well Do States Support Small Businesses?


The 2021 Small Business Friendliness Survey results are in from Thumbtack, the only app homeowners need to care for their home. This year, they heard from more than 3,600 small business owners in the home maintenance and construction industries as well as events, lessons, and business services who evaluated federal, state, and local governments on their experiences over the past year and the support they received. In addition, Thumbtack surveyed over 1,150 Americans to learn about the actions they’ve taken to champion local businesses. Recently, David Steckel, Home Expert at Thumbtack, participated in a nationwide satellite media tour to discuss the survey results and much more. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Cities and states across the U.S. received grades from “A+” to “F” on overall friendliness as well as several other factors including regulations, taxes, training opportunities and more. Here are some of the highlights: Overall Friendliest States for Small Businesses: Maine – A+ New Hampshire – A+ North Carolina – A+ Florida – A Georgia – A- Overall Friendliest Cities for Small Businesses: Jacksonville, FL – A+ Salt Lake City, UT – A+ Orlando, FL – A Baltimore, MD – A Seattle, WA – A- Female-Owned State Support Rank: Maryland – A+ Washington – A+ Massachusetts – A- Georgia – A- Virginia – B- BIPOC-Owned State Support Rank: Virginia – A+ Florida – A+ Maryland – A+ Georgia – A+ New York – A+ For more survey results and to explore services, visit About David Steckel: David Steckel is a Home Expert at Thumbtack, with 15 years of experience in the home building industry. At Thumbtack, he provides homeowners with the guidance they need to better plan, budget, and complete home maintenance projects. As a licensed general contractor, David has experience in custom home building as well as residential and commercial building maintenance. Prior to his role at Thumbtack, David founded Setter, a subscription-based home maintenance and repair service. About Thumbtack: Thumbtack is a technology leader building the modern home management platform. Through the Thumbtack app, homeowners can effortlessly manage their homes — confidently knowing what to do, when to do it, and who to hire. Bringing the $500 billion home services industry online, Thumbtack empowers millions of homeowners to fix, maintain, and improve their most valuable asset. Hundreds of thousands of local service professionals, from painters and plumbers to photographers and math tutors, use the Thumbtack platform to grow their business each year. About YourUpdateTV: YourUpdateTV is a social media video portal for organizations to share their content. It includes separate channels for Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Media and Entertainment, Money and Finance, Social Responsibility, Sports and Technology. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

September 17, 2021 05:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Donors Trust

This week the team at DonorsTrust, a donor-advised fund committed to encouraging philanthropic giving and protecting donor intent, launched a new podcast focusing on philanthropy. The Giving Ventures podcast explores innovative projects and problem-solving initiatives made possible by support from DonorsTrust account holders. “We are excited to provide a forum where donors with a pro-liberty mindset can learn more about great work on exciting projects that may otherwise get missed,” explained Peter Lipsett, Vice President at DonorsTrust and Giving Ventures host. “My colleagues and I regularly engage with groups aiming to limit government, grow personal responsibility, and strengthen free enterprise. The podcast allows us to share insights and ideas from these conversations, ideally leading to even more philanthropic activity.” Giving Ventures is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, and directly from the DonorsTrust website. “The Giving Ventures podcast will feature a variety of people, initiatives, and nonprofits dedicated to making the world a better, freer place thanks to the ongoing generosity of the DonorsTrust donor community,” Lipsett continued. “We look forward to using this new avenue to connect givers with the causes and projects they care about most.” In the first episode, “ New Approaches to Reducing Poverty,” Peter Lipsett talks with three leaders tackling innovative free-market solutions to this age-old problem. Guests for the inaugural episode include: Randy Hicks, president, and chief executive officer of the Georgia Center for Opportunity, discusses the ways the organization is combating poverty in the Peach State. Matt Warner, president of Atlas Network and director of its Human Dignity and Freedom Project, shares what his organization is doing to curb poverty at home and abroad. Graham Walker, executive director of the Oakland, California-based Independent Institute, shares how his organization is tackling homelessness and poverty in the Golden State. “Our first episode of Giving Ventures will get your mind racing about all the possibilities for new philanthropic partnerships and open your eyes to the ways our donors and grantees are changing the world for the better,” Lipsett said. “Future episodes will surely do the same.” About Giving Ventures: As the landscape of nonprofits continues to grow, trying to stay current on all the good work going on can be overwhelming – especially if you target your support to efforts that help reduce government’s size and people’s dependence on it. Twice a month, the Giving Ventures podcast will highlight several non-profit efforts, initiatives, and projects that leverage private philanthropy to solve public problems. Giving Ventures is produced by Peter Lipsett and Carolyn Bolton with music from About DonorsTrust: Established in 1999 as a 501(c)(3) public charity, DonorsTrust is a community of donors devoted to creating a better future. Our donors support charities they believe protect our Nation’s constitutional liberties and strengthen civil society through private institutions rather than with government programs. Our boutique size lets us offer our donors personal attention and advice that helps them achieve their philanthropic goals. We ensure that our donors’ intentions are protected and offer them a simple, effective, and tax-advantaged way to give. Since its inception, DonorsTrust has granted out over $1.5 billion to over 4,000 charities that protect our constitutional liberties and strengthen civil society without government funding. ### Please visit For more information DonorsTrust and Giving Ventures Podcast, or to schedule an interview please contact Dan Rene of kglobal at 202-329-8357 or Contact Details kglobal Dan Rene +1 202-329-8357 Company Website

September 16, 2021 11:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Investis Digital Publishes Critical Cyber Security Guide for C-Suite Leaders to Consider When Planning their Ransomware Attack Prevention Strategies

Investis Digital

Investis Digital, a leading global digital communications company, announced the release of CyberSecurity and the C-Suite, a new guide that helps senior leaders learn how to take ownership of corporate cybersecurity threats such as ransomware. The report includes actionable advice on how C-level leaders can prepare their companies to fight ransomware attacks, ranging from training employees to choose the right information technology resources required. The guide includes a series of questions to help businesses evaluate their next steps in fighting cybersecurity threats, including requirements for their hosting and application providers to gauge their preparedness in protecting online corporate assets. The guide also discusses the repercussions suffered by businesses that have been victimized by ransomware attacks. “Businesses everywhere are under siege. Malicious parties are unleashing havoc seemingly every day by hacking corporate websites—sometimes for ransom and sometimes for no other reason than to damage a company’s reputations”, said David Corchado, Chief Digital Officer. “Making Cyber security a priority is paramount to not only ensure business continuity but also protecting your entire business before it is too late.” The report also includes a special section devoted to educating chief executive officers on what to look for in a successful chief information security officer (CISO). The recent spike in ransomware attacks has cast a spotlight on his crucial C-suite leader, who is being challenged to take on a more critical role in instilling a culture of cybersecurity awareness and vigilance in the organization. But chief executive officers need to understand how the role of the CISO has changed in order to empower the CISO to step up to the role of “chief guardian.” This guide could not be timelier as the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2021 states that cyber risks continue to rank as a top global risk. Leveraging this guide will be crucial to elevating cybersecurity as a strategic business issue which only 16% of executives say their organizations are well prepared to deal with. The report is based on Investis Digital's own experience managing the global cybersecurity needs of clients through Investis Digital's Connect.ID technology and 24/7 service. Read the full report: Cybersecurity and the C-Suite. Investis Digital has been at the forefront of digital communications for two decades. Over time we have gained deep sector knowledge, invested in leading technologies, and built lasting and trusted relationships with more than1600 global companies, including Ascential, Anglo American, Rolls-Royce, Fruit of the Loom and Vodafone. Through a proprietary approach we call Connected Content™, we unite compelling communications, intelligent digital experiences, and performance marketing to help companies build deeper connections with audiences and drive business performance. We tell brand stories through strategic and engaging content that meets your audiences at the right time, in the right place, with the right message. We build and run intelligent websites and digital experiences that are rapidly deployed and strategically measured, underpinned by our secure, world-leading Connect.ID technology and 24/7 service. We find the audiences that matter most through powerful performance marketing solutions that optimize and amplify your brand across all touchpoints. This unique blend of expertise, technology and “always on” service allow clients to trust that their digital footprint and brand reputation is secure and protected 24/7 by our dedicated team of 500 digital experts across 9 global offices. To learn more on how Investis Digital has been powering digital communications since 2000, please visit: Contact Details Investis Digital MaryAlina Vettichira-Mathew Company Website

September 16, 2021 09:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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OKY and SUZUKI Guatemala form Strategic Alliance


OKY, a cross-border e-commerce fintech platform, and Suzuki Guatemala have announced the formation of a strategic alliance for the Guatemalan marketplace. Suzuki Guatemala, one of the country’s leading companies, will now be selling their products through OKY’s innovative platform. The addition of Suzuki to the OKY network of over 100 leading brands enables immigrants in the United States to purchase Suzuki motorcycles in Guatemala through a variety of payment options, including cash, credit card, or direct transfer from a banking account. In addition, this partnership allows OKY users in the U.S. to give their loved ones increased mobility which opens new opportunities for economic advancement. The alliance came into effect on July 16, 2021. To use the service, the user must download the application and create an account. Then, they can make a purchase directly through the application or go to one of the 1,380 points of sale in more than 250 cities in the United States and add funds with cash. Once the recipient in Guatemala has received their digital voucher, they can present it to a salesperson at their nearest Suzuki branch and choose from more than 30 motorcycle models Suzuki Guatemala offers. The entire process is safe and immediate. “As immigrants, we understand what the needs of the region are, the challenges they face, and the type of support that is required from family or friends who are currently in the United States,” said Víctor Unda CEO of OKY. “Through this alliance, Guatemalans abroad will be able to offer their loved one’s access to one of the most popular and important motorcycle brands in Guatemala. This collaboration between OKY and Suzuki is unique. We will be able to observe the positive impact of the application of technology as a tool to promote inclusion and provide a better quality of life for all,” he added. Beyond providing them access to an effective, safe, and less expensive method of transportation, the alliance between OKY and Suzuki Guatemala allows immigrants in the United States to offer an indispensable work tool to their parents, children, or friends. In turn, this will enable them to continue the path toward financial independence. OKY is the only fintech platform designed to give immigrant communities the ability to digitize cash and engage in cross-border e-commerce activities. Through OKY, users can send funds directly to family members in their home country to make purchases at participating retailers such as Suzuki. By removing these barriers, a motorcycle company like Suzuki can now sell products to Guatemalans in the United States who do not have access to traditional financial tools, making it a unique alliance for immigrants and their families in the region. This alliance not only adds a leading global brand to OKY’s network but also aligns itself with the mission of providing immigrants in the United States with a greater number of resources that contribute to closing the geographic divide with more appropriate and equitable financial solutions. Through OKY, users can continue to participate and contribute in a meaningful way to the lives of those they had to leave. “Suzuki is one of the most popular motorcycle brands in Guatemala, and we are committed to the progress and economic development of the communities we serve. We are proud to be a part of the OKY network,” said Ing. Balmory Leck, Suzuki Sales Manager in Guatemala. “The work and dedication of the immigrant community in the United States is admirable and we are confident that, together with OKY, we can continue to support and have a positive impact on the economic development and growth of their home countries,” he added. ABOUT OKY OKY was launched in the summer of 2020 for immigrants and by immigrants, with the vision of helping underserved communities achieve financial equity and overcome common financial barriers through the use of technology. OKY achieves this by enabling users to make e-commerce transactions without the support of financial institutions, which often impede the immigrant community from attaining financial stability. Today, OKY users across the United States and other countries have access to a marketplace that connects the Central American region including retail service providers in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and some offerings for México. For more information, please visit the company’s website, ABOUT SUZUKI SUZUKI, with more than 50 years in the Guatemalan market, currently being the leader of Motorcycles in Guatemala. It has the largest stock of Parts and Accessories in Central America. Its mission is to be a comprehensive and productive organization for Guatemalans, sell motorcycles and high-quality products with the best support, generating business opportunities through a network of employees, trade agents, and satisfied customers. Contact Details Julio Ligorria Company Website

September 15, 2021 01:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Goodway Group Names Micheal Hayes as Inaugural Chief Growth Officer, Expanding Leadership Team

Goodway Group

Goodway Group, the digital partner advertisers trust to deliver campaign performance and media efficiency, announced today that it has expanded its leadership team with the appointment of industry veteran, Michael Hayes, to serve as the agency’s Chief Growth Officer. In the newly created position, Hayes will lead the agency’s growth efforts across business development and sales, client experience, and marketing, reporting directly to Jay Friedman, President. Hayes joins Goodway Group with more than two decades of experience across the advertising and marketing industry. A transformative media leader, he brings with him a proven track record of building and leading successful digital businesses that drive revenue and support business growth for agencies, startups, and bluechip brands. His addition to the team comes at a time when Goodway Group is experiencing significant growth. Amid an increase in market demand for its services, the agency is broadening its service areas and on track to expand its team by 25 percent in 2021, bolstering the agency’s skillsets and ability to deliver exceptional strategic support and expertise to its clients. In his new role, Hayes’s responsibilities will include managing client relationships to help meet their business objectives, expanding and retaining the agency’s new and existing client business, and identifying additional growth opportunities for Goodway Group. He will also play a key role in leading the agency toward its 2029 goal of moving marketing to the top of the boardroom agenda for its clients. “Michael has deep and proven expertise in developing digital businesses that produce strong results. As we lean into our recent growth, he will be invaluable in the expansion of our service areas to meet our client’s needs in a rapidly changing industry,” said Jay Friedman, President of Goodway Group. “We are thrilled to have someone of his caliber join the leadership team and help guide Goodway Group into its next stage of transformation.” Previously, Hayes served as Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer at IdeaLab’s programmatic advertising and location intelligence platform, UberMedia. Prior to this, he held the position of President and Chief Digital Officer Worldwide at Initiative where he built and led the agency’s digital practice, winning more than $1B in revenue for the agency. “With their commitment to evolving alongside, and often ahead of the industry, and a performance-based approach to digital marketing that drives real business outcomes for their clients, Goodway Group has tremendous growth potential beyond what they’ve seen this year,” said Hayes. “I am excited to work alongside Jay and the leadership team as we expand Goodway Group’s expertise and capabilities to further solidify the agency as a leader reshaping the industry and deliver unparalleled results to our clients.” About Goodway Group: Goodway Group is the digital partner advertisers trust to drive campaign performance and media efficiency. Proud to be completely independently owned and operated, Goodway provides trustworthy expertise that meets its clients' needs – and no one else's. Using predictive intelligence, Goodway helps advertisers get the most value out of every impression across all paid digital media. Through the combination of employing the smartest technology and the most experienced people in the industry, Goodway delivers authentic results. Find Goodway Group online at Goodway Group. Honestly Smart Digital. Contact Details Kite Hill PR for Goodway Group Bridget Callahan +1 631-338-7248 Company Website

September 15, 2021 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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ThriveFantasy Closes $3M Funding Round as Platform Continues to Experience Sizable Growth


ThriveFantasy, the leading player prop daily fantasy sports and esports platform, announced today the closure of its latest funding round, raising $3 million (USD). The round will be used to acquire strategic talent, solidify numerous sports/esports partnerships and continue its aggressive marketing programs to exponentially increase strong user growth. ThriveFantasy was created to give everyday fans a better chance at winning by challenging them to pick simple player props for sports or esports contests such as, over/under of yards, catches, touchdowns, assists or kills and more. The platform’s ease of use and focus on both sports and esports contests continues to attract many different types of users and led to significant growth over the past 12 months. “We are excited to see how ThriveFantasy has become the prop game of choice for the exploding number of fantasy players”, said Adam Weinstein, CEO of ThriveFantasy. “Our investors truly understand this unique value proposition and enthusiastically helped us complete this round very quickly to help supercharge our ongoing growth.” The round was led by Cardinal Sports Capital Inc. (formerly, Shore Capital Sports & Entertainment LLC), an advisory and investment firm with offices in Toronto and New York. As part of its strategic investment, Cardinal Sports Capital Inc. will take an active role assisting ThriveFantasy with business development, strategic partnerships as well as financial advisory services. Scott Secord, Managing Partner, will also join the ThriveFantasy Board of Directors. Mr. Secord is the former President/CEO of Gaming Nation Inc., a publicly traded company on the TSXV, which was acquired in 2018 by a private equity firm. Prior to Gaming Nation, Mr. Secord held the position of President/CEO of Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. from 2009 until 2015. “ThriveFantasy is exciting because it is a unique fantasy platform that gives both esports and traditional sports fans a fun and easy playing experience,” said Secord. “The opportunities in the sports and gaming industry seem limitless, but we understand that one of the strengths of this market lies in the quality and experience of the platforms. Thrive’s is one of the best we’ve seen. Our investment in Thrive shows our commitment to continually improving how these games are offered to the growing number of fantasy fans.” Due to ThriveFantasy’s popularity, current and former professional athletes participated in this investment round. Notable investors include: New York Angels members, Yolo Investments, Reflect Ventures and Stage 1 Ventures. For more information, please visit About ThriveFantasy ThriveFantasy is a Daily Fantasy Sports and Esports App for Player Props. Thrive eliminates the countless hours of research users have to spend, by only focusing on the top-tier athletes that have the biggest impact on the game. Follow ThriveFantasy on Instagram (@ThriveFantasy), Twitter (@ThriveFantasy) and Facebook (ThriveFantasy). Contact Details Michael Adorno Company Website

September 15, 2021 09:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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