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State of Texas Selects Comcast Business to Offer High-Speed Networking Solutions Throughout the State

Comcast Houston

The State of Texas’ Department of Information Resources (DIR) has selected Comcast Business as one of its providers in delivering high-capacity, fiber and broadband services to state agencies and public sector entities throughout the state. This new agreement provides agencies an additional set of diverse network solutions statewide. “We understand how critical it is for Texas’ agencies and educational institutions to stay up-to-date on, and connected to, some of the latest network solutions, particularly as reliance on them has increased exponentially in recent years,” said David Cross, Vice President of Public Sector Sales for Comcast Business. “We are proud to be able to offer a convenient and quick path to network connectivity for the State of Texas. We look forward to future partnerships, and to building the future of Texas’ network.” About Comcast Business: Comcast Business offers a suite of Connectivity, Communications, Networking, Cybersecurity, Wireless, and Managed Solutions to help organizations of different sizes prepare for what’s next. Comcast Business offers an expansive portfolio of services through the TEX-AN Program, including offerings such as Metro Ethernet, Dedicated Internet Access, SDN, software-defined wide-area-network (SD-WAN), network function virtualization, and network virtualization. Comcast Business has also been consistently recognized by industry analysts and associations as a leader and innovator, and one of the fastest-growing providers of Ethernet services. Contact Details Comcast Houston Foti Kallergis +1 832-986-0196 Company Website

April 27, 2022 02:22 PM Central Daylight Time

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Kivvit Named a Finalist for PRovoke Media’s North America Digital Agency of the Year


Kivvit has been chosen as a finalist for North America Digital Agency of the Year as part of PRovoke Media’s annual Agencies of the Year review – an exhaustive research process involving more than 150 submissions and 50 meetings with agencies across the U.S. and Canada. In announcing the recognition, PRovoke praised Kivvit for “bringing the tenacity—and results-orientation—of political campaigns” into its work with partners across sectors and for its “outstanding digital operations—including an investment in proprietary data and analytics that powers its campaigns and enables it to demonstrate real business impact.” PRovoke unveiled its 2022 agencies of the year and awards short list ahead of its SABRE North America gala, which will be held in New York City on May 4 th. Kivvit has been among PRovoke’s North American agencies of the year for the past 5 years and previously won Digital Agency of the Year in 2020. In the lead up to SABRE, PRovoke has also named Kivvit partner Anheuser-Busch the Diamond SABRE award winner for Company of the Year, pointing to the company’s innovative data-driven corporate reputation campaign, which Kivvit is proud to support. This prestigious award recognizes an organization that has embraced public relations as a key management discipline and can demonstrate that public relations has made a significant contribution over the course of the year to its overall performance. Additionally, Kivvit’s industry-leading work earned finalist recognition in several other SABRE award categories, including: The Diamond SABRE Award for Superior Achievement in Research and Planning, which recognizes public relations campaigns that draw on original research and modern data and analytics to develop critical insights into the client and its audience, and use formal planning techniques to devise the most appropriate strategic approach to address a challenge or seize and opportunity; The Diamond SABRE Award for Superior Achievement in Measurement and Evaluation, which recognizes campaigns focused on specific metrics to achieve a meaningful and measurable contribution to an organization’s bottom-line results; Educational & Cultural Institutions, which recognizes leading work on behalf of schools, universities, museums, and art galleries; and Issues Management, which recognizes advocacy campaigns that effectively shape attitudes and outcomes related to public policy. You can find the full list of this year’s finalists here. DIGITAL AGENCY OF THE YEAR PROFILE Below is an excerpt from PRovoke’s profile of Kivvit as an Agency of the Year finalist: Backstory Kivvit was created in October of 2015 through the merger of ASGK Public Strategies and M Public Affairs, with the goal of bringing the tenacity—and results-orientation—of political campaigns into corporate and nonprofit sectors to corporate clients. It is best known for public affairs and issues management work, as well as for its outstanding digital operations—including an investment in proprietary data and analytics that powers its campaigns and enables it to demonstrate real business impact. Locations Kivvit has operations across the United States, with offices in Boston, Chicago, Miami, New York, New Jersey, and Washington, DC. Performance Kivvit reported a very respectable 13% increase in revenues in 2021, ending the year just a little short of the $40 million mark and consolidating its position as one of the largest independent public affairs firms in the US. Driving the growth was the doubling of the firm’s advertising and research and insights revenue. Kivvit continued its work for blue-chip brands like Abbott, Anheuser-Busch, Google, the New York League of Conservation Voters, Tesla, The Nature Conservancy and the University of Chicago, while adding new assignments from the American Library Association, the Asian American Federation, the National Brain Tumor Society, and Similarweb. People & Culture Kivvit expanded its management team and increased the diversity of its leadership corps in 2021, most notably with the addition of four new managing directors: Arielle Goren, an executive and crisis communications expert who previously headed her own firm; Aaron Mays, who also led his own business; Terri Sanders, who joined from HIMSS, where she was chief marketing and communications officer; and Jalisa Washington-Price, a veteran of iHeartMedia and the Biden presidential campaign. The firm also doubled the size of its digital and insights teams. And the firm partnered with consultant Ivy Planning Group and talent firm Offor to ensure that it remained on the leading edge in terms of inclusion. Thought Leadership & Work Kivvit’s best work is driven by insights derived from data—an area in which it excels. This includes a Covid-19 vaccination effort for New Jersey’s Department of Health that included a survey examining all the reasons for vaccine hesitancy and then produced highly targeted messaging that helped the state achieve one of the highest vaccination levels in the country. On the corporate front, meanwhile, Kivvit helped Anheuser-Bush rethink its reputation strategy, focusing on its major economic investments, game-changing commitments to sustainability, and product innovation to maximize favorable opinions. But Kivvit also works on big issues, expanding harm reduction services in New Jersey and securing investment in New York’s disabilities sector. And the firm’s interest in the most critical progressive issues of the day also extends to its own thought leadership, highlighted by research into corporate support for Black Lives Matter. - Paul Holmes About Kivvit Kivvit is one of the largest and fastest-growing independent strategic communications and public affairs firms in the United States, with over 130 professionals across six offices in Boston, Chicago, Miami, New York, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C. Kivvit has earned over 60 awards and recognitions in the past 5 years, including Public Affairs of the Year (Reed Awards), Digital Agency of the Year (PRovoke SABRE North America), Most Innovative Agency (Bulldog Stars of PR Awards), and a Best Agency to Work For (PRovoke). Kivvit also leads O'Dwyer's national rankings of independent communications firms across multiple categories, including #1 for Real Estate Finance & Development, #2 for Energy and Non-Profit, #4 for Purpose and Corporate Social Responsibility. To learn more and see what we do, visit and follow us @TeamKivvit. Contact Details Zach Silber +1 212-929-0669 Company Website

April 27, 2022 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Aiding and Abetting Sandwich Trades, Front Running and MEV is anti-ESG

Telos Foundation

With ESG in the forefront, where is the social responsibility in networks that not only pollute our environment, but also aid and abet the ongoing theft that’s soon to surpass a billion dollars? Maybe it is not yet fully understood by the masses, but front running / MEV is quite literally organized theft, and it is running rampant on almost every blockchain network. Crypto enthusiasts need to understand that trader / miner bots are predatorily stealing money from DeFi and NFT traders daily. This theft is no different than your personal stockbroker using the knowledge of your pending trades only to further themselves and at your expense. These practices are not only unethical, but they are also illegal in any other modern day exchange environment. So why the blind eye and why the free pass? The same goes with the glutinous energy consumption. Why would any responsible entity or individual continue to support these super low standards? There is a massive lack of social responsibility. Especially considering that these networks are all easily replaceable by far superior technologies. Metaphorically, why does the world continue to nurture the coal fired engine and bank robbers when socially responsible zero-point energy exists? These are some of the questions that the Telos team is working through and effectively delivering on with its ESG compliant tEVM. The world’s fastest carbon neutral EVM! Telos Blockchain continues to work on solidifying its path in becoming the benchmark standard for credible neutrality and ESG compliance in crypto. For those new to ESG, the acronym stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. It’s a criterion which is popular in the world of business and investing. It defines three broad categories of interest for what is termed socially responsible for investors. “E” - As part of this ESG commitment, Telos recently became the first and only carbon neutral ( Net Zero ) EVM. This newest accomplishment makes the Telos EVM the most environmentally (the “E” in ESG) conscious Ethereum Virtual Machine. “S” - Telos’ socially (the “S” in ESG) responsible Ethereum Virtual Machine is the only EVM that puts an end to the front running theft that is unethically targeting hundreds of millions of DeFi traders. “G” - DeFi on Telos is 100% free of Sandwich trades, Front Running and MEV (miner extracted value) because of its fair governance (the “G” in ESG). Telos insulates all trades with a first in first out governed protocol. Therefore, there is never any reordering of the mempool, making it impossible to game the system. From a socially diversified work team gracefully working together from all corners of the globe to decarbonization and biochar to the fairest smart contract powered governance system, Telos as a Layer 1 is pushing the ESG envelope to new standards in crypto. The tEVM’s ecosystem is closing on 6 months of strategic growth since its launch. On the DeFi side, it has already launched multiple Dex/AMMs, Price Oracles, Farming dApps, multi-Chain bridges, Lending dApps and everything else that a vibrant DeFi ecosystem requires to level up its TVL and end user occupancy. Telos’ TVL is currently where the top marketcap chains were not too long ago, but with far superior governance, no front running, credible neutrality, true decentralization, and an ESG compliant EVM that is several multiples faster. In utopian fashion, Telos’ ecosystem is now ready to scale its occupants and its TVL simultaneously. About Telos Live since 2018, Telos Blockchain (ticker: TLOS) is a third-generation smart contract platform that offers compatibility with Solidity, Vyper and Native C++ smart contracts. Telos provides full EVM/Solidity support with fixed low-cost gas fees and no front running. Uniquely, Telos also offers a path to fee-less transactions via its robust native C++ smart contract support. Even while operating as a Net Zero Blockchain, the chain still sustainably support hundreds of millions of transactions per day, produces blocks in 0.5 second intervals (on a first-in-first-out basis, eliminating front running on the network) and securely validates transactions via a credibly neutral and globally decentralized block producer network. The Telos Blockchain has the throughput needed to facilitate and scale the thriving Metaverse / Web 3.0 better than any other blockchain. Its performance is unrivaled in the industry and was purpose-built to offer speed, scalability, cost-effectiveness, credible decentralization, and end-user fairness. Telos, harnesses its power by utilizing tight C++ on the frontend and a custom WASM runtime environment on the backend. About The Foundation The Telos Foundation is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization established as a promotional and funding body to advance the Telos Blockchain Network and provide support to network applications. Contact Details The Team Company Website

April 27, 2022 10:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Xpoint Technology

Edward Bedrosian Jr. Announced as Chief Regulatory & Compliance Officer; Tom Webb joins Xpoint as Chief Marketing Officer; Lana Lagow and Raul Bouchot Appointed Sr. Business Development Managers; Alli Rubin Moves from FanDuel To Join Xpoint as Product Manager Xpoint, the leading geolocation and compliance technology company specializing in U.S. sports betting and iGaming markets, has announced five new key hires to senior roles in compliance, marketing, product and sales, strengthening the company’s presence globally, and in particular in the USA where all five new additions are based. Edward Bedrosian Jr. becomes Xpoint’s Chief Regulatory & Compliance Officer, bringing experience which includes four years as Executive Director for the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, and as a Partner at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP. Tom Webb joins Bedrosian Jr. on Xpoint’s executive leadership team as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), bringing over 25 years of experience in global marketing and communications from the sports betting and iGaming industry, as well as Formula 1, the Olympic Games, Major League Soccer and Red Bull. Lana Lagow and Raul Bouchot add significant expertise, contacts and North American industry knowledge to Xpoint as Sr. Business Development Managers, reporting to Xpoint Chief Revenue Officer, Matt Robarts. Alli Rubin joins Xpoint as Product Manager, a role she previously held with FanDuel since 2019. “I’m delighted to welcome Ed, Tom, Lana, Raul and Alli to Xpoint and am excited to see the positive impact they are all going to make to our already accelerated growth trajectory,” commented Marvin Sanderson, Xpoint Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. “Ed’s experience speaks for itself. A former Executive Director for the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and a seasoned attorney, he will lead our compliance and regulation team. Tom is a key hire for us, taking on the opportunity to build the Xpoint brand and bringing decades of experience working with some of the most famous brands worldwide. Lana and Raul are also vital additions to our team, strengthening our base in the USA and bringing over 50 years of combined sales and business development skills to Xpoint. Finally, we’re proud that Alli took up the opportunity to join Xpoint from FanDuel. Her experience and knowledge of how one of the world’s biggest operators works is going to add real value to our team.” Edward Bedrosian Jr. has served as both the head of a gaming regulatory practice at an AM Law 50 law firm, and as Executive Director for the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. He has been intimately involved in the expansion of online gaming, advising clients, and working with regulators on issues including rule making, licensing and compliance. As a trusted gaming advisor, Ed has counseled clients including major sports leagues and online gaming operators as they navigated the introduction of online sports wagering in many new U.S. states. Tom Webb is based in Austin, Texas, from where he will lead Xpoint’s global marketing and communications activities. Originally from the UK, Tom has lived and worked in the USA since 2014, and has most recently led marketing and communications activities for a range of sports betting, iGaming, gambling and sports clients with Red Knot, the boutique marketing and communications agency. Prior to Red Knot, Tom has enjoyed roles with Austin FC (Major League Soccer), in Formula 1 (working with teams, sponsors, race promoters and F1 drivers), with Red Bull, Emirates Airline and the Olympic Games. Lana Lagow is a Business Development veteran with over 30 years of experience supporting businesses in a variety of different industries. A native to Grand Prairie, Texas, she attended Grand Prairie High School and also attended Texas State University. Out of college she spent time in banking then switched to employee benefits and life insurance, growing her firm into a multi-million-dollar agent channel while maintaining a 98% client retention rate over 23 years. After selling her firm, she shifted her focus to high-risk payments, which has allowed her to become well-rounded in both acquisition and Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment systems. In addition, Lana’s involvement in the high-risk payments industry has yielded many relationships with operators and consultants in the sports betting, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), iGaming, and tribal gaming industry. Raul Bouchot joins Lana Lagow as Xpoint Sr. Business Development Manager. A bilingual graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, Raul has worked in business development in the sports betting, iGaming and gambling industry in the USA for nearly 30 years. His career began in 1993 with Shuffle Master where he reached the role of VP of International Sales by the time he moved to TCSJOHNHUXLEY Americas in 2001, initially as EVP, then as CEO. Since then, his resumé has included senior leadership roles with IGT, Poker Tec, Nuvei, and now Xpoint. Alli Rubin is Xpoint’s new Product Manager, based in New York. Alli was previously with FanDuel, most recently as Product Manager, Optimization, managing casino and sportsbook product experimentation and optimization. A graduate of Lehigh University, Alli’s post-university career began as a Systems Analyst at Vitech Systems Group, before moving to FanDuel in 2019 as a Business Analyst in FanDuel’s Operational Readiness team. ABOUT XPOINT Xpoint provides essential geolocation security solutions and intelligent marketing insights to the global sports betting and iGaming industries. The innovative platform ensures partners meet their regulatory geo-compliance obligations, and delivers enhanced value to its partners through the generation of data that can drive marketing programs. Founded in 2019, with U.S. offices in Miami, Florida, and led by the company's CEO and Co-Founder Marvin Sanderson - a global sports betting and iGaming industry leader - Xpoint is changing the global geolocation market, bringing innovation to an industry that has, to date, viewed geo-compliance as utility, not a new business opportunity. For more information, visit and follow LinkedIn and Twitter for regular updates. Contact Details Tom Webb +1 512-952-9369 Company Website

April 27, 2022 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Shareholder Proposal Highlights Coca-Cola CEO’s Hypocrisy

National Legal & Policy Center

This morning National Legal and Policy Center will present a resolution at The Coca-Cola Company ’s annual shareholder meeting that would require the board to implement a policy to require the chair of the board of directors to be an independent member. Currently James Quincey holds the roles of both Chairman and CEO. Speaking as sponsor of the resolution was Paul Chesser, director of NLPC’s Corporate Integrity Project. His remarks as delivered follow; Extended remarks can be accessed at I am Paul Chesser, director of the Corporate Integrity Project for National Legal and Policy Center. Because the company is allowing only three minutes for the presentation of proposals, my extended remarks can be found on our website, On March 31, 2021, Coca-Cola Chairman and CEO James Quincey caved to progressive political activists and said about Georgia’s election integrity law, “I want to be crystal clear. The Coca-Cola Company does not support this legislation, as it makes it harder for people to vote, not easier.” However, as voter ID legislation has moved through the Parliament the last few months in Mr. Quincey’s home country, the United Kingdom, we have not heard a peep from him. Why not? Why does Mr. Quincey apply more stringent voting standards against the United States, where he receives his sizable paychecks? That’s not the only example of Mr. Quincey’s lack of awareness. Last year it was discovered also, under Mr. Quincey’s leadership, that Coca-Cola had imposed diversity training for its employees. The sessions included a course called “Confronting Racism,” which alleges that U.S. whites are socialized to believe they are “inherently superior” and suggests they “try to be less white” by being “less oppressive” and “break with white solidarity.” And during the height of the rioting across the nation during the summer of 2020, Mr. Quincey poured gasoline on the fire by embracing the violent, Marxist “Black Lives Matter” cause that destroyed many of our cities’ downtowns, including Atlanta’s. Mr. Quincey’s virtue-signaling has also addressed the topic of gender as well, with Coca-Cola boasting of its initiatives to help women, and highlighting its Equal Opportunity Policy that prohibits harassment, intimidation, retaliation, and threats against women. Those policies ring hollow, however, as Mr. Quincey totally ignored our request for him to call a special meeting of the Board to remove director Bobby Kotick, whose management of Activision Blizzard led to many credible charges of sexual harassment and assault at his company. Characterized as a “frat boy culture” by the California Dept. of Fair Employment and Housing, Mr. Kotick’s company lost several top executives, and hundreds of employees signed a petition calling for his ouster. While Mr. Quincey has bashed Americans and their alleged default racism, he has led our company in solidarity and submission to Communist China, even sponsoring the Genocide Olympics, and maintaining a factory in a province where millions of Muslim-minority Uyghurs are forced into slave labor and concentration camps. This is who moralist James Quincey believes Coca-Cola should partner with – genocidal communists, while hypocritically bashing Americans and their freedoms back home. His leadership has earned the company the mocking nickname, “Woke-a-Cola.” If any corporate resolution to separate the roles of Chairman and CEO is justified, it’s this one. END DELIVERED REMARKS The full text of NLPC’s shareholder resolution for The Coca-Cola Company can be viewed here. The text of Chesser’s extended remarks in support of the resolution can be viewed here. NLPC this week will also present shareholder resolutions on various issues at the annual shareholder meetings held by Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Goldman-Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, Boeing and Berkshire-Hathaway. Founded in 1991, NLPC promotes ethics in public life and government accountability through research, investigation, education, and legal action. Contact Details National Legal and Policy Center Paul Chesser +1 703-327-1970 Company Website

April 26, 2022 08:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Retention Cloud Leader CleverTap Recognized as the “Breakout SaaS Startup of the Year” at SaaSBOOMi Awards 2021


CleverTap, the world’s leading retention cloud today announced it has been awarded the "Breakout SaaS Startup of the Year'' at the SaaSBOOMi Awards 2021. The awards, presented by SaaSBOOMi, an informal group of SaaS founders looking to network and learn from each other, recognizes excellence in Indian SaaS companies, their founders, and their many achievements and successes. India’s SaaS industry now boasts over $1.5 billion in annual revenues, with around 1,500+ SaaS companies as an active part of the SaaS community. Acknowledging the importance of this industry, the SaaSBOOMi Awards were launched in 2020 with a mission to celebrate the extraordinary aspirations and efforts of Indian SaaS founders. “The SaaSBOOMi Awards were introduced to recognise exemplary SaaS startups in the country that have set global standards in deep tech and cutting-edge innovation,” said Vinod Muthukrishnan, Member, SaaSBOOMi Awards team. “For the recently concluded 2021 edition, we are very happy to recognise CleverTap as the ‘ Breakout SaaS Startup of the Year.’ This accolade truly reflects the brand’s phenomenal work over the last year and its commitment to building exceptional user experiences for its customers.” “This is our first award from SaaSBOOMi and will be our most precious. Our customers make us successful and this award, which is shaped and judged by the community, underlines the importance of that bond and trust for us as a company and the partners who support us,” said Anand Jain, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, CleverTap. “We will continue to focus on solving the problem of user retention for consumer apps of all sizes. Our goal is to be the retention category market leader, not just in India and Southeast Asia but also North America and Europe and amplify the Indian SaaS success story to a growing and global audience.” The award is just one in a string of recent accolades recognising CleverTap’s technology prowess and capabilities. More than 10,000 apps across industries and geographies use CleverTap for customer engagement and retention over 3 billion devices. Built for speed, security, and scale, CleverTap has helped customers send over one trillion messages and create about 9 million campaigns in 2021. About CleverTap CleverTap is the modern, integrated retention cloud that empowers digital consumer brands to increase customer retention and lifetime value. For brands that understand and value user retention, CleverTap drives context and individualization with the help of a unified and deep data layer, AI/ML powered insights and automation. Customers around the world representing over 10,000 apps, including Vodafone Idea, SonyLIV, Daimler, Gojek, Carousell, and Premier League, trust CleverTap to achieve their retention and engagement goals, growing their long term revenue. Backed by leading venture capital firms including Sequoia India, Tiger Global Management, and Accel, the company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, with offices in Mumbai, Singapore, and Dubai. For more information, visit or follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Contact Details CleverTap Sony Shetty Company Website

April 26, 2022 02:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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An Easier Way to Invest and Learn Along the Way from Plynk


Would it surprise you to know that 80 million Americans are interested in investing, but don’t know where to begin? Many people might be feeling left behind or not comfortable entering the world of investing. That does not have to be the case. Financial literacy could be the key, as it empowers us to make smart financial decisions. It’s important for individuals to know it’s never too late or too early to increase their knowledge and begin their financial journey. Enter Plynk: A new investment app for beginners that helps them get started with investing, build confidence, and gain knowledge along the way. Too often, the industry has overcomplicated investing with unnecessary jargon and complex charts. By including educational content and tips throughout the app, beginner investors aren’t alone– now is your opportunity to learn how Plynk is here to help. Plynk Think allows you to learn and gain confidence by encouraging a learn-by-doing approach. In honor of financial literacy month, Plynk is offering an earn-while-you-learn offer. All you have to do is read a lesson in Plynk Think, make an investment, and you can qualify for the match. For complete terms and conditions everyone can visit Learn more at A bout Plynk: Plynk is a new, no-experience-required investing app to help make investing easier for beginners. Created by people who have a passion for making investing simple, Plynk makes it easy to get started, get comfortable and get the hang of investing. Plynk offers straightforward language, clear explanations and just a $1 minimum to make it easy to begin investing. Plynk also includes tips, how-tosand easy to understand educational articles that help beginners learn as they go.Learn more at Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

April 25, 2022 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Agora Data Adds Brett Beebe as SVP – Head of Corporate Business Development


Agora Data, inventor of the first -ever crowdsourced securitization, reducing interest rate line of credit and technology platform supplying book value of loans for the subprime auto industry, today announced auto finance veteran Brett Beebe as Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Business Development. Beebe will leverage his vast industry experience to expand Agora’s reach through joint ventures and other strategic partnerships. Beebe spent more than 10 years at AmeriCredit (now GM Financial) in sales and business development leadership roles. He later held multiple senior leadership positions – including President and Chief Operating Officer – at DriverUp, an online auto finance marketplace. He’s built strategic relationships with national brands throughout his career and developed new lending channels and programs. Agora welcomes Beebe’s deep industry knowledge and indisputable track record at a fin-tech start-up. “As Agora grows, we seek to identify, partner with, and, in some cases, acquire companies that complement our mission of enabling independent dealers to maximize their growth potential,” said Steve Burke, CEO of Agora Data. “Brett is the ideal person to lead this charge. He knows how to create win-win relationships between dealers, consumers, and the industry.” Beebe noted, “Agora has already surpassed many significant milestones while providing attractive funding solutions and in-depth portfolio analytics to independent dealers and finance companies. The next logical step is to expand the company’s strategic partnerships and joint venture opportunities. It’s time to level the playing field for even more dealers and positively transform the auto industry.” About Agora Data, Inc: Agora Data’s platform delivers a suite of tools to empower independent dealers and finance companies to finance their non-prime customers. Agora’s family of auto finance products provides a wide range of critical funding paths so originators can obtain the cash they need to fuel growth, compete, and build wealth. Powered by patent pending technology, originators now have access to robust data analytics and planning resources to help optimize the performance of their portfolios. Agora Data made history by closing the first-ever Crowdsourced Subprime Auto Securitization in 2020 and followed that up with its second transaction in early 2021. For more information, visit or contact us at 877-592-4672. Contact Details Shelly Vandeven +1 682-282-4130 Company Website

April 25, 2022 09:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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World’s Fastest EVM Completes its First Hackathon

Telos Foundation

Telos Blockchain (ticker: TLOS), home to the world’s fastest, most inexpensive, energy efficient ( Net Zero ), non-congested, credibly neutral, truly decentralized and non-aiding and abetting ( No front running / MEV ) tEVM, is thrilled to announce the winners of the Telos Spark hackathon 2022! The entire team is ecstatic by the number of entries received for the first Telos Spark Hackathon. There were 156 entries and 26 published projects; The team is proud and truly inspired by the traction of this initiative. So many great projects that the team allocated another 20k TLOS to add two more finalists. The judging of these projects ended up being an incredibly challenging task for the team due to all the quality entries. Especially because they were all promising and unique. The most prevalent common denominator that all these great projects had in common was the dedication by each individual team. “These last couple of weeks have blown away all our expectations. Many quality projects are now growing deep roots within the tEVM, and they are loving it and we them. Lots of synergy here and lots of gravity to the speed, low fixed costs and credible neutrality of the tEVM. Telos is not just a hackathon chain. It is a perfect place to build high-performance, scalable and real-world-ready applications!” Justin Giudici, CEO of the Telos Foundation Please congratulate the Telos Spark Winners! ( Watch Video Here ) 1st place: Kluest - 100,000 TLOS 2nd place: Telos Spark Bridge - 50,000 TLOS 3rd place: Chedda - 10,000 TLOS 4th place: Refund - 10,000 TLOS 5th place: Telos.Build - 10,000 TLOS 6th place: VideoWiki - 10,000 TLOS 7th place: Shojiru. - 10,000 TLOS Take a moment and watch the initial video submitted by our first-place winner; From the entire Telos Team, Congratulations! A big thank you to ALL participants of the Hackathon, and please continue to build on Telos! There will be many more hackathons coming. Please continue to follow us on social media. Some inner thoughts: "The dedication, quality, and performance of the Kluest team lead the way. We are excited to see a hackathon project close to a genuine product and could be launched on Telos EVM very soon!" Kersten Wirth, Program Manager & Speaker of the Jury, Telos Core Development "Seeing these applications built in such a short time is exciting. I am always thrilled to see executed transactions on testnet and mainnet in our block explorers as proof that the teams created something that works!" Jesse Schulman, Lead Architect and TCO, Telos Core Development "We have been overwhelmed by the quality of applicants to the Spark Hackathon. The engagement process with applicant teams has been an inspiration, demonstrating the continued strong growth profile in our dApp ecosystem. We can't wait to have these projects built on Telos!" AJ Dinger - Head of Business Development, Telos Foundation "The proof that Telos EVM is ready to accept virtually any project and development and allows teams to build real solutions in such a short time frame is impressive. We are proud that our work enables the Ethereum communities to migrate and deploy on tEVM in a breeze." Douglas Horn,, Strategy and Vision, Telos Core Development On behalf of the entire Team, we want to also thank our friends at Taikai ( ) for their outstanding support and incredible platform - built on Telos. Some take away notes from the dApps: The majority of these teams have built a dAPP on Telos for the first time. All were excited about easy deployment, fanatic technical support, super-fast transactions, overall performance, and extraordinary low cost. The Seven Telos Spark Finalists KluestApp – (Real World #Metaverse) Allows users to create, play, share & monetize interactive experiences using proven cutting-edge augmented reality & geolocation technologies. Telos Spark Bridge - It is a seamless solution for users to access various dApps to effortlessly bridge their tokens between #Telos native and tEVM at a fraction of the cost and effort. Chedda - A lending protocol with isolated lending pools and VE token mechanics allows the token holders to direct token emissions to lending pools. Refund - An expense management system for DAOs. The app tracks and files expenses such as fuel, travel, and meals. Refund makes it easier to track and reimburse all the expenses in your DAO. Telos Build - A fundraising platform exclusively for the Telos EVM. VideoWiki - Turn your Event Audience into #NFT Fan Clubs. Conduct audience drops for your townhalls, launch parties, and AMAs. Shojiru - A proof-of-concept of a native Telos yield optimizer. A yield optimizer with improved tokenomics to provide a further yield to farmers. About Telos Live since 2018, Telos Blockchain (ticker: Tlos) is a third-generation smart contract platform that offers compatibility with Solidity, Vyper and Native C++ smart contracts. Telos provides full EVM/Solidity support with fixed low-cost gas fees and no front running. Uniquely, Telos also offers a path to fee-less transactions via its robust native C++ smart contract support. Even while operating as a Net Zero Blockchain, the chain still sustainably support hundreds of millions of transactions per day, produces blocks in 0.5 second intervals (on a first-in-first-out basis, eliminating front running on the network) and securely validates transactions via a credibly neutral and globally decentralized block producer network. The Telos Blockchain has the throughput needed to facilitate and scale the thriving Metaverse / Web 3.0 better than any other blockchain. Its performance is unrivaled in the industry and was purpose-built to offer speed, scalability, cost-effectiveness, credible decentralization, and end-user fairness. Telos, harnesses its power by utilizing tight C++ on the frontend and a custom WASM runtime environment on the backend. About The Foundation The Telos Foundation is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization established as a promotional and funding body to advance the Telos Blockchain Network and provide support to network applications. Contact Details The Team Company Website

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