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Customer Experience Equally Important as Price for Today’s Modern Consumer


Good customer service is a key driver of repeat business, according to 75% of respondents 61% are willing to pay more for a better experience and 55% would change brands to receive better customer service Different generations have varying levels of comfort for different service needs, such as 19% of both Gen Z and young millennials would use social media to ask questions about a product/service compared to 4% of Baby Boomers, and 71% of Gen Z respondents would use a digital channel to manage orders, reservations and appointments compared to only 32% of Baby Boomers 47% of respondents say they believe good customer service is more important now than it was 12 months ago, pointing to integrated paths of communication in the physical and digital worlds being critical.To learn more about the findings, download the full report here. Customer experience (CX) has become as pivotal as price when it comes to purchasing decisions, demonstrating its importance to business success and a conversation that must break into the boardroom, according to research published today by global cloud communications software and solutions provider, imi mobile, part of Webex. The findings indicated a growing challenge for brands to balance and deliver three customer experience elements across all customer touchpoints – resolution, customer rapport and relevance, which imi mobile has designated the “CX Trilemma” and points to CX as a major business imperative. The inaugural “ 2022 CX Trilemma Report,” surveyed 2,000-plus U.S. and U.K consumers about qualities for good customer experience and presents findings that uncover shifting consumer preferences. Specifically, the report reveals preferences for how and when respondents want to engage and communicate with their favorite brands and businesses. Some key highlights: “Customers expect brands to meet them through their preferred channel, at their desired time with the information they require, and businesses who aren’t scaling to deliver against this increasing customer expectation will fade away,” said Jay Patel, VP & GM, Webex CPaaS. “The good news is that world-class CX can now be delivered by cloud-based technology. There are easy-to-use, multi-channel cloud communication platforms that enable businesses to orchestrate and automate their customer interactions on one, central platform, enabling the ability to resolve issues quickly, build rapport with customers and drive relevant experiences. Improving customer experience is the key business priority for 2022 that can directly impact the bottom line.” The CX Trilemma Report reveals that organizations truly committed to solving the CX challenge must support multiple channels and navigate new technology and innovation to not only meet but exceed customer expectations, especially for the Gen Z and millennials who are increasingly using more digital channels. For organizations serving multiple demographics or offering a diverse set of services, one channel simply can’t give every customer a satisfying journey. Resolution: Resolving customer problems, queries, and complaints, while being proactive with updates on products and services remain a cornerstone of a great customer experience. Respondents identified simplicity (79%), consistency (78%), speed (76%) and convenience (73%) as fundamental to resolution. Furthermore, 75% of respondents said quick resolutions influence repeat transactions. Rapport: Those surveyed called out brands for displaying a lack of empathy, transparency, and honesty as well as an inability to understand frustrations as reasons for a poor customer experience and dissuades them from using a brand or business altogether. Of this, 64% cited repeating information to different teams and having to proactively chase agents as leading factors for poor customer experience, which can also lead to negative word-of-mouth, reviews, and a tarnished reputation. Relevance: In a post-pandemic era, relevance is becoming an increasingly important part of the customer experience mix – communicating with customers on the channels they want to use, meeting them where they are and at the most convenient time (67%) while also delivering relevant, personalized communications are key for successful customer engagement (60%). What’s more, the findings unveil that every generation, industry, and region have varying preferences in regard to channels, when to be contacted and personalization of communications. “Finding the right communications mix for your customers requires a deep, nuanced understanding of them and your processes, and they are very different to those of just two years ago. To reach them in the right way, businesses need communications that work best for everyone, and this requires technical capabilities and expertise to orchestrate end-to-end customer journeys across multiple channels.” stated Patel. While you can support multiple communications channels manually, technologies such as Enterprise CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) make it easier to manage multiple channels, comply with regulations, and deliver a consistent, connected customer experience. About imimobile imimobile, part of Webex, provides cloud communications software and services that manage business-critical customer interactions at scale. We believe that customer experience is the key competitive advantage for consumer businesses. So, we’re creating a world where enterprises can stay constantly connected to their customers. A world where every touchpoint, on every channel, is an opportunity to deliver rich, engaging, intuitive experiences. Our API and low-code Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) offering enables large enterprises to automate, orchestrate and monitor their customer interactions all on one platform. This helps businesses to lower costs, reduce complexity and accelerate IT roadmaps. Our innovative platform and applications are being used at scale today by blue-chip global enterprises and leading public-sector organizations to deliver smarter customer interactions, such as AA, Best Buy, BT, Capitec Bank, Centrica, EE, IHG, Mercedes, Orange, O2, Vodafone and Walgreens. The business was acquired by Cisco Systems in February 2021 and has global offices across the UK, USA, Canada, India, and South Africa. Contact Details Kite Hill PR Michael Kocher +1 704-960-2295

February 01, 2022 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Minuteman Press Franchise in Winter Park, FL Celebrates 25 Years and Shares Secrets to Longevity and Growth

Minuteman Press International Inc

In 1996, Linda Sang decided to leave the corporate world and join the Minuteman Press franchise family, and she is now celebrating 25 years in business. Linda’s daughter Darcy has been along for the ride, saying in a recent newsletter, “It was a world that none of us knew anything about, but would quickly learn as every available hand was recruited to answer phones, hand collate and staple jobs and market the business for our intrepid leader. And we have been doing it ever since.” Being in business for over 25 years, Linda shares her biggest keys to longevity and growth. She says, “We keep pushing to get new customers in various methods. The pandemic initially cut down on the door-to-door marketing that has always been successful in the past for us. We currently do more social media, thanks to my daughter, Darcy, and some direct mail campaigns targeting local businesses and new businesses.” Linda continues, “We are also very attentive to our customers, keeping them informed and helping them find solutions/options for their needs. We respond to emails almost instantly and turn quotes around as quickly as possible, generally the same day if there isn’t a lot of research involved. When we make deliveries, each customer gets a ‘goody bag’ with notepads and other branded items. Many customers get excited about our deliveries, sometimes even more so for our giveaways rather than their finished jobs.” Over the past two years, Linda and her team have utilized various digital and print marketing tools available to them. She says, “We have gotten more into social media than in the past and have worked on getting high Google ratings, as customers do look at reviews. We do find that we are getting a lot of requests from Google and the Minuteman Press Internet Marketing program. We also test out the suggested methods from Minuteman Press corporate (such as the lumpy mailer and direct mail campaigns) and see what works best for us and our customer base. Otherwise, we are simply doing what we have always done through the years… provide solid customer relations.” What’s next for Minuteman Press in Winter Park? Linda says, “We hope to grow this year by reaching out to new prospective customers and generate more referrals.” Lastly, Linda reflects on the family business and says, “In our case, Darcy and I work together well and have the same goals and work ethic. My husband, Kelly, is semi-retired and helps out when we need him. When you have this situation, you don’t have to worry about someone showing up to work or leaving for other opportunities. There is always loyalty. We also find it key to treat our employees as if they are family as well. Not only does it create a pleasant working environment, but loyalty builds as well. We work lean and mean, which makes for some long days, but when you trust your employees and family, it is truly a joy.” For more information on Minuteman Press in Winter Park, FL, visit For Minuteman Press products and services, visit Learn more about #1 rated Minuteman Press franchise opportunities and read Minuteman Press franchise reviews at Contact Details Minuteman Press International Chris Biscuiti +1 631-249-1370 Company Website

January 31, 2022 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Agora Data names Josh Pezzuto as Senior Vice President, Head of Sales


Agora Data, inventor of the first-ever crowdsourced securitization, reducing interest rate line of credit and technology platform supplying book value of loans for the subprime auto industry, today announced Josh Pezzuto has joined the company as Senior Vice President, Head of Sales. He will lead Agora’s sales team as the company continues its quest to make game-changing funding solutions and portfolio analytics available nationwide to Buy Here Pay Here dealers and finance companies. Pezzuto’s diverse sales and operations background spans multiple industries across his career. He has a proven track record of leading, growing and training teams to achieve measurable results. Pezzuto has worked for both startups and well-established, global corporations. The ability to thrive in any environment has contributed to his consistent success over the past two decades. In addition, Pezzuto’s fierce creativity and innovative thinking have been crucial to solving the toughest challenges along the way. Steve Burke, CEO of Agora Data, said, “Josh is a perfect fit for Agora’s trailblazing, entrepreneurial culture. We are breaking down more barriers for the Buy Here Pay Here industry every day. I believe Josh’s impeccable sales expertise, technology background and superior leadership skills are exactly what Agora and the industry needs to help even more dealers fuel their businesses and surpass their growth goals.” Pezzuto commented, “When I learned about Agora’s disruptive vision, I knew this was the place for me. I’m inspired by the company’s commitment to leveling the playing field for a notoriously underserved market, subprime auto dealers. Most of all, I’m excited to expand Agora’s impact by connecting more dealers and finance companies with the kind of funding and data analytics previously only available to mega-size operations.” About Agora Data, Inc: Agora Data’s platform delivers a suite of tools to empower Buy Here Pay Here dealers and finance companies to finance their subprime customers. Agora’s family of auto finance products provides a wide range of critical funding paths so originators can obtain the cash they need to fuel growth, compete, and build wealth. Powered by patent pending technology, originators now have access to robust data analytics and planning resources to help optimize the performance of their portfolios. Agora Data made history by closing the first-ever Crowdsourced Subprime Auto Securitization in 2020 and followed that up with its second transaction in early 2021. For more information, visit or contact us at 877-592-4672. Contact Details Shelly Vandeven +1 682-282-4130 Company Website

January 31, 2022 09:03 AM Eastern Standard Time

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BitX Funding Triumphs With Record 2021 Results

BitX Funding

Fairfield, CT., January 24, 2022— BitX Funding, one of the most prominent alternative lenders in Southern Connecticut, announced a banner year for growth in 2021. Overall, revenue went up 10%, new users increased by 70%, impressions went up 300%, and business applications came in at a rate of 1,275% more than the previous year. Out of all the loans that BitX sold, Startup loans had the highest increase. “Our economy saw solid growth in small business lending and the startup loan category lead the way due to the great resignation”, said Todd Rowe, president of BitX Funding. “We continue to grow BitX revenue with support from internal sales, record marketing results, CT Innovations mentor support, and our raving fans. Our 2022 goals are to continue to build out our lending platform, grow our lender base, obtain our own lending facility, and drive client growth. Our goals are to increase revenue by 160%, have a 133% increase in units sold, and a loan amount increase of 200% in 2022.” Rowe continues to promote his company as a marketplace for small business loans, especially with young entrepreneurs. With one click, you can get a response to your loan request within 24 hours. That makes BitX Funding a partner you can trust in 2022. BitX Funding is an omnichannel marketplace for alternative small business loans and business insurance. BitX connects their clients with the right loan and lender from SBA 7a, start-up loans, short-term loans, mid-term loans to merchant cash advances and business lines of credit. BitX is where lenders compete for your business. Our top-rated lenders focus on real-life business data and cash flow, which means you can qualify for small business loans even if your credit score isn’t perfect. We care about small business and it’s our mission to secure the right funding when you need alternative small business loans within our small business loan marketplace. Contact Details BitX Funding Todd Rowe +1 203-763-1430 Company Website

January 27, 2022 01:05 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Theorem Inc Defends Trademark and Trade Name, Wins Preliminary Injunction Against Citrusbyte LLC

Theorem Inc

Theorem Inc, a flexible full-service digital marketing solutions provider, recently defended its federally registered trademarks and trade name, winning a Preliminary Injunction in the United States District Court for the Central District of California against Citrusbyte, LLC, recently conducting business as Theorem LLC ( and, as of January 24, 2022, conducting business as TheoremOne ( After all attempts at reaching an amicable resolution failed, Theorem Inc, which has been operating under its Theorem trademarks and trade name since its inception in 2002, sought an injunction against Citrusbyte LLC, which had rebranded itself under the name Theorem. Despite receiving a decision by the United States Patent and Trademark Office rejecting its attempt to register the name “Theorem” for its business due to the likelihood of confusion with the registered trademarks of Theorem Inc, Citrusbyte LLC previously moved forward with their rebrand from Citrusbyte to the name Theorem, and promoted itself through its website at The District Court ruled that Theorem Inc was likely to prevail in its trademark infringement claims against Citrusbyte, and therefore, issued a Preliminary Injunction requiring Citrusbyte to cease its use of the Theorem name pending final resolution of the litigation. The granting of this Motion for Preliminary Injunction by the United States District Court was the first step to permanently eliminating market-wide and end-user confusion within the industry in connection with Citrusbyte’s use of Theorem Inc's registered trademarks. The primary requirements of the Preliminary Injunction became effective as of January 24, 2022 notwithstanding Citrusbyte’s efforts to stay the Injunction at the District Court and the Ninth Circuit appellate court. Pursuant to the Preliminary Injunction, Theorem LLC (formally known as Citrusbyte, LLC) has now rebranded itself toTheoremOne. About Theorem Founded in 2002, Theorem creates, delivers and optimizes digital marketing campaigns for some of the world's most successful brands. By offering scaled technology, media, operations, marketing, CRM, and creative solutions under one roof, Theorem can provide flexible, full-service marketing solutions to their clients. Theorem’s consultancy teams and operational expertise helps brands simplify, streamline and automate complex digital tasks. This value exchange saves clients time, reduces their costs, and increases their revenue. For more information, visit Contact Details Maggie Stasko +1 843-693-7161

January 27, 2022 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Say Hello to Amazon Glow: Technology That Keeps Families Connected


Families who live or spend time far from each other have long understood how technology can help keep people connected. Over the last two years, the need to stay connected has been more important than ever. Recently, Lifestyle Expert Bethany Braun-Silva teamed with Amazon on a nationwide satellite media tour to discuss tips on connecting with family, keeping kids engaged, and how the new Amazon Glow can help. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Connecting with distant family is especially important for kids – there is something so special about the smile’s kids bring to our lives, especially when they are shared with extended family and relatives. From playing games and drawing to reading and solving puzzles, the fun families and loved ones have together is so important. It is so hard to replicate these experiences when not in person together, but we try our best because we know these relationships can be so impactful. While video chatting has been a great tool over the last few years, how many times have we jumped on a call with relatives, only for our child to quickly get bored and wander off? The key to staying connected is keeping everyone engaged and visible, making virtual visits feel much more like being in person together. Amazon Glow is a new device that really makes it easy and fun for kids to spend time with remote grandparents, aunts, uncles and family friends. It’s really a new way to create bonds across generations, even when distance is a barrier. During video calls on Amazon Glow, kids read stories, play games, use physical objects and can even create art using the touch-sensitive projected virtual space. At the same time, loved ones far away can engage with the same content on their tablet or smartphone using the free Glow App. Pick from thousands of children’s books to read together, draw pictures, or play early literacy games like ABC Bubbles or classics like Chess and Checkers. Activities on Glow create engaging sensory experiences with audio, video, and tactile elements similar to in-person fun. Children have access to books, games and art activities and can experience all of these in a whole new way with remote family and friends. It’s a great resource for parents looking to provide opportunities for their children to actively use their senses while simultaneously building new family memories and connections. For more information, visit About Bethany Braun-Silva: Bethany Braun-Silva is the former editor at, one of the most trusted resources for parents online! She received her Bachelor's Degree at New York University, where she studied theater arts and creative writing. She then received an M.F.A. from Pace University at the Actors Studio Drama School. She moved to Los Angeles in 2010 where she began her career in journalism. It was a particular Broadcast Journalism class at UCLA that confirmed her passion for telling stories and being of service to the community. She worked at various media companies before landing her first job as a parenting editor. It was there that she knew she could blend her love for writing with her love of being a mom—she had just welcomed her first son Eli! Since then, Bethany has worked for, Big Apple Parent Magazine, CafeMom, RedTri, Mommy Poppins, OK! Magazine, Hollywood Life and various other parenting publications. She can often be seen interviewing celebrity parents and of course at her local playground with her two boys. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

January 26, 2022 05:01 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Walk West Names Brian Phillips as Creative Director

Walk West

Walk West, a full-service marketing and branding agency located in Raleigh, North Carolina, is excited to announce Brian Phillips as Vice President, Creative Director. Brian will lead the agency’s creative team in bringing clients’ strategic visions to life, from ideation to execution. Brian brings over 15 years of creative and art direction experience working with pharmaceutical, technology, and consumer brands. Known for being a champion of compelling ideas and simple, elegant art direction, Brian’s creative philosophy is ideal for today’s noisy communications environment. “I believe that a great idea can live on its own without unnecessary filigree and ornamental type. I believe in the old school, a school where ‘that’s been done before’ never existed,” said Brian. “I’m excited to join the talented Walk West team and be a part of a culture that champions diverse experiences, backgrounds and perspectives.” With this latest addition, Walk West continues to build a team focused on driving results for clients. “The real value any agency can provide to its clients is identifying and hiring talented individuals with diversified perspectives and experiences. These individuals combined are those who understand the ever-changing market and see the opportunities that exist to help guide clients to solutions from every angle,” said Abha Bowers, Senior Vice President, Walk West. “We’ve done just that with the addition of Brian to our team, which is a demonstration of our commitment to our client’s growth and success.” About Walk West Driven by curiosity and innovation, Walk West is a full-service, marketing and branding agency located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our diverse team of marketing professionals combines creative thinking and expert knowledge to build brands through memorable, effective campaigns. To learn more visit, For media inquiries, reach out to Contact Details Walk West Company Website

January 26, 2022 03:20 PM Eastern Standard Time

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News Direct Announces OTC Pricing Updates That Are Easy for CFO's to Love.

News Direct

News Direct today announced significant pricing and service updates for OTC Markets companies that are sure to warm the hearts of OTC CFO’s everywhere during these cold winter months. Details can be found within the News Direct profile in the OTC Markets Premium Provider Directory. The update highlights a new, highly attractive flat rate structure for all OTC Market traded companies that is simple, affordable and transparent. For U.S. issuers, News Direct now offers a $7,500 unlimited annual subscription package that enables all companies traded on any of the OTC Market tiers to distribute an uncapped amount of news releases and multimedia assets for one year, for that single flat rate. The distribution satisfies U.S. fair disclosure requirements and includes dissemination to a comprehensive network of media, online news sites and vertical press that is the equal of any major legacy newswire. Distribution of everything from financial results to multimedia assets are included in the package. Similarly, for dual-traded U.S.-Canada companies, News Direct is offering an unlimited package price of $10,000 for North America (U.S. and Canada) distribution. The U.S. distribution portion of the package is identical to the $7,500 offering but adds full Canadian nationwide distribution to all major Canadian media and online sites, including disclosure media. This groundbreaking pricing advantage is merely the pot of gold at the end of an extensive rainbow of numerous exclusive features offered by News Direct that revolutionizes the process of financial disclosure and distribution for OTC companies. This begins with SimpliFi, News Direct’s proprietary earnings distribution tool. SimpliFi’s self-directed workflow enables the uploading and distribution of financial results literally within minutes, rather than the tedious hours it requires with legacy providers. Issuers maintain complete control over pre-market results from within our encrypted Content Studio, never needing to share sensitive information with third-party newswire editors. Optional, and complimentary, 24/7 access to our deeply experienced Customer Success team via Live Chat or phone/video conferencing is available for those needing assistance, as is a collaboration function enabling stakeholders to securely interact within the platform. Another exclusive feature offered by News Direct is the Equity Impact Report, which provides key market data detailing the impact of each announcement across the most relevant metrics of a company’s share performance in real-time. It covers value, volume, volatility, peer activity and relative performance and even enables companies to track the impact of its own announcements against the share performance of peers and competitors. The report is dynamically updated over a 90-day period. “News Direct understands that to stand out to investors in a crowded field, OTC issuers must leverage the same sophisticated distribution tools as their larger counterparts traded on major exchanges, but often lack the financial resources of these deeper pocketed entities. News Direct solves this dilemma by offering them use of the world’s most technologically advanced distribution platform for an extremely affordable, predictable flat annual rate. In essence, the absolute best of both worlds.”, noted Gregg Castano, Founder and CEO of News Direct. About News Direct News Direct provides news and content distribution for PR, IR, Corporate Communications and Marketing professionals. Our automated platform delivers a completely reimagined, intuitive workflow, industry-leading security, transparent, flat-rate pricing and actionable analytics. Further, News Direct has deployed an array of innovation including advanced automation, isolation cloud technology and custom software for the most dynamic, efficient and flexible platform available today. To learn more visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Contact Details News Direct Neil Hershberg +1 475-291-0791 Company Website

January 26, 2022 12:25 PM Eastern Standard Time

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REPX appoints Ian Clowes as CEO


Clowes brings over 25 years of executive and board experience in the fintech, financial services, and payments industry. REPX’s race to the top of the fintech world continues with a very high-profile entry at its top. The fintech, through products and a series of technologically advanced applications – all based on registered patents – and an innovative business model, allows sports clubs, entertainment and sports stars, celebrities, influencers, brands and cities with high tourist appeal to have their own personalized prepaid card. Along with a special App that allows them to connect with their followers, this innovative product boasts a significant potential increase in fan engagement. Reaching its target of nearly half a billion fans in soccer and Esports, REPX has already signed partnerships with 15 top football clubs of international relevance. As proof of a winning dynamism on the product front but also of the management team, the company has announced in recent days another excellent entry in its top management, entrusting Ian Clowes with the post of CEO. Clowes brings over 25 years of executive and board experience in the fintech, financial services, and payments industry. He is also a seasoned entrepreneur and has an impressive track record of launching and building successful businesses in the fintech space. His career has included roles such as Group payments director of Abbey Bank (now Santander), director of Unisys and CEO of an investor-backed, high-growth digital payments and banking platform Fintech. He earned his MBA from Warwick University. “I am thrilled to be joining REPX at the start of their amazing journey and looking forward to building a transformational business with this prestigious board to bring social commerce to billions of sports and celebrity fans worldwide” – said Clowes. “Repx already has an envious roster of premiere sports teams and global brands as clients and is uniquely positioned to provide banking services and exciting new fintech products to the sports and entertainment world. Building on the recent launches of AS Roma and AC Milan, its rich client base of global brands gives access to over 500m fans worldwide and is a true industry disruptor”. Clowes is an influential player within the payments and fintech industry, having served on numerous industry associations and regulatory bodies including the Payments Association (PA), APACS Council, BACS and the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company. He is currently serving as Chairman for the boards of Paynetics UK (a card issuer and payment service provider) and Swiipr (a mobile wallet platform in the travel space). Prior to REPX, Clowes was the CEO of Payment Cloud Technologies (PCT), a B2B digital banking and payments platform that he founded in 2008 and merged with Tuxedo Money Solutions to form the Omnio group in 2019. Francesco de Leo, a founder and senior board member at REPX, commented: “We are proud to announce that The Repx is on the move to make 2022 a memorable year under the stewardship of Ian Clowes, our new CEO. We are confident that with this highly qualified addition to our executive team, we are now ready to fast forward the blitz-scaling of REPX across Europe. The financial service industry is currently facing an unprecedented process of creative disruption, with not so much room left for those players that are not capable, nor willing to embrace tech-enabled innovation. We operate in a hyper-competitive market space where talent and brainpower make all the difference. REPX is moving on to further enlarge its talent pool to sharpen the future of the fintech world. Speed of action is key to stay ahead of the game: I like to thank our best-in-class board of directors and the founder, Alfredo Maria Villa, for their un-relentless support”. About REPX REPX is a fintech revolutionizing traditional banking by combining technology and the passion of billions of fans worldwide with Social Media. REPX allows sports teams, celebrities, influencers, brands and iconic cities to innovatively connect with fanbases through exclusive co-branded prepaid cards, debit cards and digital products. REPX’s portfolio of partners and brands creates maximum engagement of the social generation through electronic payments. Come and explore the many opportunities our platform has to offer by visiting us at Contact Details REPX Antonio Matta +44 7752 613086 360PRWire Allan Herman +1 786-544-5592 Company Website

January 26, 2022 11:55 AM Eastern Standard Time

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