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Scents of Space: Citizen Helps to Create a Relaxing Environment at Home


A video accompanying this announcement is available at: In a time where working remotely, virtual school and stay-in date nights have taken on a whole new meaning, your home environment has never become more important. Leading watchmaker, Citizen, launches a new innovative scent diffusing wellness clock – Sensory Time™ for home and offices. This multi-functional sensory clock is fully integrated, time saving and a life enhancing product. Our homes are our sanctuary; it is one of the few places where we feel comfortable, safe, and at peace. However, with the current events, many of us need to try to transform our homes into a more relaxing place, helping us to cope with all the stress that we might feel. Caroline Fabrigas, CEO of Scent Marketing Inc. and Co-founder of Scent Invent Technology partnered with Citizen, D S Simon Media, and YourUpdate TV on a nationwide media tour to discuss the ways the scents can be used to create a relaxing home environment and discuss the launch of the new scent-diffusing wellness clock from Citizen called Sensory Time™. The use of scent has become a vital part of everyday life as the pursuit for health and wellness increases. Created in partnership with IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances), one of the largest fragrance houses globally, the end result was an innovative, scent diffusion system that provides high quality aromas. Sensory Time is available with two essential oil blends: Lavender Escape and Citrus Boost. Lavender Escape is a calming, uplifting blend of aromatic and woody noted for a sense of calm and a feeling of comfort and balance. Citrus Boost is an uplifting surge of stimulating botanicals for a sense of rejuvenation. This noiseless aroma machine can use essential oil directly without any water. Water based evaporators or fans destroy all the properties of the essential oil which are important for well-being. By using solid state diffusion technology the scent machine preserves all the good properties of the essential oil while providing a subtle diffusion Sensory Time also uses 100% essential oil, leaving nothing to waste. Nano particles leave no residue and allow you to scent a 500 cubic square feet house or office space subtly and efficiently. Replenishment oil supply will be sold to separately. Sensory Time is offered in three modern designs: White on Expresso Wood (CC1038), White on White (CC1036), and White on Dark Grey (CC1037). All clocks retail at $99.00. Sensory Time’s other unique features include precision timekeeping with a 24-hour digital clock and alarm for the scent diffusing mode, a Bluetooth wireless speaker that delivers pitch perfect sound, USB power source for extra charging capabilities and a modulating wellness light that adjusts to suit your mood. Sensory Time is the perfect gift for this holiday season. It is available at About Citizen Watch: Citizen, a pioneer in watchmaking and innovation since 1918, promotes excellence and creativity with a deep-rooted respect for craftsmanship. Citizen advocates “Better Starts Now,” searching for and accomplishing goals that cultivate positive change. Driven to create timepieces enjoyed by citizens all over the world, Citizen formed an alliance partnership with Disney in 2018, another powerhouse brand with similar values. With a long-term partnership in place, Citizen participates in activations surrounding the Disney Parks, Marvel, Star Wars and more. Citizen is the Official Timepiece of both Walt Disney World and Disneyland with branded clocks in both theme parks. In addition, in 2020 Citizen joined 1% for the Planet, pledging to donate 1% of its website sales in the U.S. to support global nonprofit organizations focused on the environment. At Citizen, our purpose started with a simple yet revolutionary challenge to ourselves: to think about power differently. For over 40 years, CITIZEN’s proprietary Eco-Drive® technology has harnessed the power of light from any natural or artificial light source to convert it to energy, eliminating the need for any battery replacement, using a renewable energy to keep batteries from landfills. All watches require power, but very few consider the source that power comes from, and what impact it may have on not just the wearer, but the world at large. Eco-Drive isn’t an ordinary power source — it’s one with purpose built in. About YourUpdateTV: YourUpdateTV is a social media video portal for organizations to share their content. It includes separate channels for Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Media and Entertainment, Money and Finance, Social Responsibility, Sports and Technology. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

February 05, 2021 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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New Suzy Research Shows Shift in Valentine’s Day Date Plans This Year


Suzy, a real-time market research platform, today announced its new research report, “State of the Consumer: Valentine’s Day 2021,” shows that nearly 70% of consumers are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home this year. The report found that while many Americans and their significant others will change their romantic dinner plans compared to last year, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates still have the hearts of those planning to give candy to the people they love. According to Suzy research, top Valentine’s Day gifts include: Candy (66%); Flowers (60%); Jewelry (54%); Greeting Cards (52%); Wine/Alcohol (42%); and Perfume/Cosmetics (45%). A night in and dinner at home for most Likely due to COVID-19 restrictions or concerns, more than one-third of respondents (38%) who went out for Valentine’s Day last year are staying home this year. Suzy’s research also revealed that 31% who stayed home in 2020 are sticking to the same plan this time around, while nearly a quarter (24%) plan to go out for Valentine’s Day – just as they did last year. Most respondents are cooking dinner at home this year (36%), followed by ordering takeout from a restaurant (28%). Only 23% are planning to dine at a restaurant this year. Candy remains Cupid’s arrow Despite the shift in Valentine’s Day plans, candy remains a Cupid’s arrow for consumers who are planning to give gifts this year. In fact, 86% of those surveyed plan to buy Valentine’s Day candy this year, most often for a significant other (69%), their children (49%) or themselves (41%). The most popular candy purchases are the timeless heart-shaped box of chocolates (29%), followed by Hershey’s Kisses and chocolate-covered cherries (tied at 22%), M&M’s and conversation hearts (also tied at 11%). Most Americans will spend between $10 and $30 on candy (36%). A smaller percentage will spend between $33-50 (18%), $50-100 (15%), and more than $100 (12%) on candy. More than half of consumers are planning to buy greeting cards for Valentine’s Day (53%), with 41% of cards going to a significant other, and 11% to their children. “Research shows that Valentine’s Day this year means a candlelight dinner in the kitchen instead of a night out on the town, and brands will have to adjust accordingly,” said Suzy President Avi Savar. “While spending is still expected to be on par with previous years, sales strategies will need to be adjusted to meet consumer’s ever-changing needs during the pandemic.” Suzy’s State of the Consumer: Valentine’s Day 2021 survey was conducted on Jan. 14, 2021, and included 538 respondents. A full report is available upon request. About State of the Consumer: Valentine’s Day 2021 Suzy’s State of the Consumer: Valentine’s Day 2021 study surveyed 538 U.S. consumers in January 2021. The samples are directionally representative of U.S. consumers and census-weighted across age, gender, ethnicity, and region to accurately reflect attitudes across the broader American consumer population. About Suzy Founded in 2017, Suzy is an enterprise software platform that puts the voice of the consumer at your fingertips. Whether you’re a novice or an expert researcher, Suzy delivers advanced tools combined with the highest-quality audience to deliver insights in minutes. Many of the biggest brands in the world use Suzy to deliver breakthrough products and experiences backed by data-driven decisions. To date, Suzy has raised over $35MM in venture capital funding from investors that include Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, Foundry Group, Tribeca Venture Partners, Triangle Peak Partners, and Kevin Durant’s 35 Ventures. Learn more at Contact Details Catrine Thorrud Company Website

February 02, 2021 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Tempered Networks Launches Airwall Teams: Free, Zero Trust Remote Access and Private Network Solution


Tempered Networks, a leading Zero Trust secure networking provider, today released Airwall Teams, a free, industrial-strength security platform for micro-segmentation and remote access. Airwall Teams allows organizations to build secure communications channels between devices, regardless of where they are located, to ensure secure access across all mobile, corporate, internet, and cloud networks. Airwall Teams is based on the same network technology as Airwall™, Tempered’s easy-to-manage, enterprise-grade solution that leverages the standards-based Host Identity Protocol (HIP), including a range of scalable hardware gateways and policy management devices. They form a private overlay network that sits on top of existing cybersecurity and network infrastructure. “Airwall Teams is a great option to allow potential Airwall users a chance to try our groundbreaking HIP secure access technology,” said Jeff Hussey, President, CEO and co-founder of Tempered. "Our platform allows users to greatly increase the security of their network flows and system access even though network perimeters are rapidly dissolving and cyberattacks are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated. Organizations are looking for an easy-to-deploy and manage Zero Trust network architecture, and Airwall Teams is the most expedient way to try out this approach quickly, at no cost.” Some of the key benefits of Airwall Teams include: Secure, Remote Management & Increased Productivity: With Airwall Teams organizations can increase productivity by quickly building the most secure remote access to critical endpoints and systems while completely eliminating vulnerabilities to unauthorized users. Security, DevOps and admin teams can use Airwall Teams to provide access to data center applications, IoT endpoints, and other industrial systems. Trusted Network Privacy: Airwall Teams makes network assets essentially invisible and completely private to unauthorized users. Airwall Teams, like Airwall, recreates a virtual air gap to critical infrastructure while still allowing necessary remote access and communication across a global network. Hackers cannot attack what they cannot see. Easy Deployment & Secure Team Connectivity: Airwall Teams features a simple drag-and-drop interface that can connect home, office, mobile and cloud resources across networks in just minutes. Employees can securely connect to each other and to servers, applications and email wherever they are located. “Airwall Teams provides a valuable solution for securely connecting endpoints for a range of use cases across any network, anywhere”, said Caston Thomas, President of Interworks, a Michigan-based security integration firm. “It’s great for remote access to specific systems running in the cloud, or sharing files and even video streams over an encrypted overlay tunnel. I like it as a free platform to trial some zero trust deployment scenarios that might make sense for my clients.” For its development of Airwall Teams and Airwall, as well as delivering innovative security services, Tempered was recently awarded a 2020 Best Practices Award by leading analyst firm Frost & Sullivan. “Frost & Sullivan is pleased to announce Tempered Networks as the recipient of the 2020 Technology Innovation Leadership Award for its strong commitment to delivering simple and less expensive network security solutions”, said Harikrishnan N M, Senior Research Analyst, TechVision at Frost & Sullivan. “Through pioneering Identity-Based Networking with the Host Identity Protocol (HIP) and cryptographic identities, Tempered helps customers set up a truly native zero trust network architecture that can make the entire network invisible to cyber threats and hackers.” “Tempered is committed to making the world a safer place by simplifying secure network and systems access,” added Hussey. “In the wake of the devastating SolarWinds attack and with threats already increasing inside corporate networks, organizations need to completely rethink how they are securing their networks and data. Airwall Teams offers this unparalleled network security for free, for networks up to 25 devices, enabling organizations to protect their devices and data inside simple, private and encrypted networks.” Airwall Teams is available immediately and can connect up to 25 devices for free, supporting Macs, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. To learn more and sign up for Airwall Teams, please visit: Tempered makes the industry’s only truly native Zero Trust Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) solution. Airwall is the modern air gap for all connected things. Airwall makes it easy to create and maintain hyper-secure networks across complex infrastructure anywhere, including IT/OT/ICS/SCADA, remote and in the cloud. Airwall networks are multi-factor authenticated, micro-segmented, encrypted end-to-end, and impervious to lateral movement. Ready to make your company’s critical assets and infrastructure invisible to threats? Visit Contact Details Merritt Group for Tempered Katie Pesek +1 703-795-1928 Company Website

February 02, 2021 08:57 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Comcast RISE Awards 36 Black-Owned, Small Businesses in California with Marketing and Technology Resources and Makeovers

Comcast West Division

More than 700 Black-owned businesses across the country have been named Comcast RISE award recipients, including 36 small businesses in California. Now, the second phase of Comcast RISE, which stands for “Representation, Investment, Strength and Empowerment,” is accepting applications through February 7, 2021. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)-owned, small businesses are encouraged to apply for the chance to receive consulting, media, and creative production services from Effectv, the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable, or technology upgrades from Comcast Business, based on their specific needs. “While many of my contemporaries were preparing for retirement, I became an entrepreneur,” said Judi Townsend, founder and owner of the Oakland-based store, Mannequin Madness, that received media services through RISE. “My business is in the recycling industry, where I find new uses for old things. So, when COVID-19 hit, I had to reinvent again. And RISE is an important tool for publicizing the new direction of my business.” “When we were first shut down, we were looking at creating a bigger online profile, and I found the RISE program,” said Jonathan Powell, founder and co-owner of Forever Diamonds & More, a jewelry store in San Jose that received a 30-second TV commercial production. “When you’ve got an establishment like Comcast reaching to pull up small businesses, the lifeblood of the economy, take their hand!” "We all crave a good cup of coffee,” said Olton Rensch, founder and owner of San Francisco-based Tallio’s Coffee that received marketing consultation services. “I was looking for ways to bolster my business during COVID-19 and found the RISE program. Had I not applied, I would have lost out on this great opportunity to bring my dream to life.” Comcast RISE brings together two of the company’s brands — Comcast Business and Effectv, both with expertise in the small business space — to empower business owners with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate the economic effects of the pandemic. Comcast RISE consists of the following main components: A media and technology resources program: This pillar combines Effectv’s renowned media platform and marketing expertise, its award-winning creative agency, Mnemonic, and state-of-the-art technical support from Comcast Business to help small businesses foster and elevate growth. Recipients will receive help with their marketing, media campaigns and creation of 30-second commercials, as well as equipment and technology upgrades, including: ○ Consulting: Advertising and marketing consultations with local Effectv marketing, research and creative teams to gain insights on how to grow your business. ○ Media: A linear TV media campaign to run over a 90-day period. ○ Creative Production: Turnkey 30-second TV commercial production for their businesses. ○ Technology Makeovers: Computer equipment and Internet, Voice and Cybersecurity services for up to a 12-month period. (Taxes and other fees may still apply for tech makeover services.) Business resources to help with curated content: Comcast has launched the Comcast RISE destination complete with aggregated small business news, tips, insights and more on the X1 platform. The destination is designed to help businesses grow by empowering them through education, inspiration and entertainment. Just say “Comcast RISE” into the X1 voice remote. Comcast RISE is part of a larger $100 million Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative that Comcast launched this summer. In June, Comcast NBCUniversal announced the development of a comprehensive, multiyear plan to allocate $75 million in cash and $25 million in media over the next three years to fight injustice and inequality against any race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation or ability. Visit to apply, for more information and the latest updates. About Comcast Corporation Comcast Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA) is a global media and technology company with three primary businesses: Comcast Cable, NBCUniversal, and Sky. Comcast Cable is one of the United States’ largest video, high-speed internet, and phone providers to residential customers under the Xfinity brand, and also provides these services to businesses. It also provides wireless and security and automation services to residential customers under the Xfinity brand. NBCUniversal is global and operates news, entertainment and sports cable networks, the NBC and Telemundo broadcast networks, television production operations, television station groups, Universal Pictures, and Universal Parks and Resorts. Sky is one of Europe's leading media and entertainment companies, connecting customers to a broad range of video content through its pay television services. It also provides communications services, including residential high-speed internet, phone, and wireless services. Sky operates the Sky News broadcast network and sports and entertainment networks, produces original content, and has exclusive content rights. Visit for more information. Contact Details Adriana Arvizo +1 925-200-1919 Adriana_Arvizo@Comcast.Com Company Website

February 01, 2021 02:40 PM Pacific Standard Time

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Army Veteran Dave Wyatt Grows Minuteman Press Franchise in Medina, Ohio During COVID-19 Pandemic By Helping Local Businesses

Minuteman Press International Inc

During his first year in business as Minuteman Press franchise owner in Medina, Ohio, Dave Wyatt was faced with the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We reached out to local businesses early on to let them know we were there to help them in their time of need. They learned we were open as an essential business and that they could trust us, and that sparked our growth.” One of the ways Dave helped other local businesses when they needed it most was through their free initiative Bounce Back Medina. “Bounce Back Medina simply connects local businesses with community members who are looking to shop local and support local. This is completely free and we also provide participating businesses with free COVID-19 awareness posters. This was our way of letting everyone know that we are all in this together and we will help in any way we can to lift each other up.” Dave also reached out to local bars and restaurants, providing them with 100 free printed menus. “I knew they needed to make changes to their menus or simply needed to use them to reach out to customers, so I thought it was the right thing to do. They were very appreciative and once again they saw that we were there to help them at a critical time.” He also printed free 10-minute parking signs for all businesses in the square downtown. “Curbside pickup became very big, and I just wanted to do my part to help other businesses adapt and stay safe.” Goodwill goes a long way to growing sales As a result of his efforts in giving back and building authentic relationships with other local businesses he truly cares about, Dave has seen his sales grow 30% despite the challenges of the pandemic. “Some of the businesses I reached out to through Bounce Back and these other giveaways have remembered us and stuck with us. They see that we can meet their printing and marketing needs. More importantly, they know I am there for them and that I can empathize with them since I am a local business owner too.” At Minuteman Press Medina, Dave is able to provide high-demand products and services that local businesses need right now. He explains, “We provide general printing services, custom branded apparel, wide format printing and signage, and direct mail campaigns. These are all items being ordered and used by our clients during the pandemic.” He continues, “For example, we were honored to be able to help our graduating students last year by printing over 1,200 signs for families. We are proud to help keep businesses safe with social distancing signage and branded face masks. They can safely reach out to their target audiences through direct mail postcards as well as Dynamic Direct Mail, where people are contacted both through the mail and online.” Dave adds, “We are local and we care about our community. We have that personal touch you won’t find elsewhere, and you certainly won’t find it online. You will not find another team to take care of your printing and marketing needs like we do at Minuteman Press Medina.” Dave also credits his local in-house staff of three employees who he is able to lean on to make sure his clients receive that personal touch and outstanding customer service. “We have a great team that works well together. Sierra is our Graphic Designer; Mary is our Customer Support Rep; and Eric is our Production Specialist. I am humbled to have the support I do from them. As a business owner you want to be comfortable when you are away from the shop and they make it that way for me.” Furthering his local ties to the community, Dave makes sure to get involved and stay active. “Community is so important. I am a Chamber Ambassador for the Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce and also a member of the Wadsworth Chamber of Commerce. This allows me to get to know the new businesses as they are coming in or just joining the Chamber. I am a member of the Medina County Economic Development Corporation as well. I join as many networking groups as I can and still be comfortable with my time. Networking and growing relationships through the ‘know, like and trust’ platform was key in thriving during this pandemic.” “Printing will never go away but you must be more than a printer. You need to be a marketer, a designer, a promoter, and most importantly, a business partner. People need to trust you and your team. Once you have that trust, you have a customer for life.” -Dave Wyatt, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Medina, Ohio From the US Army to the American Dream of Business Ownership Prior to owning his own business at the end of 2019, Dave Wyatt says, “I spent 8 years in the Army as an Aircraft Electrician. I spent the next 19 years with Konica Minolta (16 years in service and 3 years in sales). During that time, I did a lot of training and calibrating equipment so I was in many different types of businesses. I saw independent print shops, UPS stores, and Minuteman Press franchises. When I decided to own my own business, I knew I didn’t want to open without support so I went the franchise route.” Why Minuteman Press? Dave answers, “What I liked about Minuteman Press from what I learned in research and what I saw while working for Konica Minolta is that they allow the personality of the business to shine. They offer the most flexibility in terms of how to run your franchise, so while I am following their system, I still feel like an entrepreneur. I didn’t see that from other franchises and I also didn’t want something like foodservice where I’d be working long hours at night and on weekends. Having that freedom to be me and the Monday-Friday hours were huge along with their training and support.” “Minuteman Press has guidelines and if you follow those guidelines you will be successful, but they also allow you the freedom to make many of your own choices when it comes the way that you actually run your business. During my search for a franchise, I felt many other franchisees were just glorified managers for their franchisors because they seemed to have very little freedom to make decisions on their own without corporate breathing down their backs. Between that, their training and support, the Monday-Friday hours, and their cap on royalties, I was sold.” -Dave Wyatt Dave expands on the ongoing local support he receives from Minuteman Press International. “I have a great local support team in Regional Vice President Gary Nowak and Area Manager Rich DeRosa, who are only a call or email away. Everyone at Minuteman Press has been helpful during this pandemic and they have really shown me that they have my back with constant communications and additional marketing strategies. He adds, “Our Minuteman Press FLEX software system is also a huge game-changer for us. We have implemented customer dashboards, which allows for easy online ordering and reordering. If people come to me and say that they prefer online ordering, we make that available to them while also still being their local trusted provider they can still talk to and meet with. They can have the best of both worlds.” Advice for Others Dave shares the following advice for others who are looking to own a business. He states, “Ensure you have enough capital; my bank has been a good business partner and because of that I was prepared when the pandemic first hit. With that said, you can’t be afraid to spend money in ways that will help you market and grow. Invest in people, inventory, and equipment where it makes sense. I also encourage you to study, read books, and listen to podcasts. Always be learning, and never stop.” For more information on Minuteman Press in Medina, Ohio, visit Learn more about #1 rated Minuteman Press franchise opportunities and read Minuteman Press franchise reviews at Contact Details Chris Biscuiti +1 631-249-1370 Company Website

February 01, 2021 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Velocity Global welcomes tech leader and ‘Shark Tank’ investor Robert Herjavec as global brand ambassador

Velocity Global

Velocity Global, the leading provider of global expansion solutions, today announced a partnership with Robert Herjavec to serve as an international brand ambassador for the company. Herjavec is a leading investor on the Emmy Award-winning show, “Shark Tank,” and founder and CEO of global cybersecurity firm, Herjavec Group. “As an entrepreneur and investor, I want other business leaders to know there are efficient and agile global expansion options for immediate, streamlined growth,” said Herjavec. “My own business experience taught me firsthand about the challenges of growing on a global scale. Velocity Global simplifies global expansion. Fast-growing businesses gain the ability to test new markets without a long-term investment, bring on top talent anywhere around the globe, and protect valuable intellectual property. Its focus on the customer experience approach is what sets it apart and I’m excited to help businesses grow.” Clients rely on Velocity Global’s expertise and global infrastructure to hire internationally without the cost or complexity of foreign legal entity establishment. As a strategic partner, Velocity Global manages in-country compliance, payroll, and benefits for its clients’ supported employees so that businesses can focus on growth. “A rise in demand for tech services is spurred by the pandemic, and growth happens now,” said Rob Wellner, Velocity Global chief revenue officer. “Robert relates with other business leaders as a peer. He grew his cybersecurity company into a multinational firm and is passionate about helping others recognize the benefits of global business. He embodies the entrepreneurial journey as an immigrant with a paper route to the launch of his own successful global company from his basement. He shares our vision and our values, and we welcome him to the Velocity Global team.” Herjavec contributes his insights on the outlook of global business in Velocity Global’s 2021 State of Global Expansion ™ report scheduled to be released in February. Sign up here to receive a copy of the report upon launch. Herjavec joins former FedExCup and five-time PGA TOUR champion, Billy Horschel, as a global brand ambassador for Velocity Global. Both exhibit the values of the company and reinforce Velocity Global’s People First approach to global expansion. ABOUT ROBERT HERJAVEC Robert Herjavec is one of North America’s most recognizable business leaders. A dynamic entrepreneur, Robert has built and sold several IT companies and is the Founder & CEO of Herjavec Group, a global cybersecurity operations leader specializing in managed security services, compliance, identity services and incident response for enterprise-level organizations. He shares his expertise with other entrepreneurs each week as a leading Shark on ABC’s Emmy Award-winning hit show, Shark Tank. For more information visit ABOUT VELOCITY GLOBAL Velocity Global helps companies grow globally. Founded in 2014, Velocity Global’s clients rely on its expertise and global infrastructure in 185 countries to hire compliantly around the world, increase revenue, scale efficiently, and access global talent. Named a “Leader” in Global Employer of Record services by prominent analyst firm NelsonHall, Velocity Global is a strategic partner to its clients with comprehensive services led by its core offering of International PEO as well as Immigration, Entity Setup and Support, Global Talent Acquisition, and Consulting. Velocity Global is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with regional headquarters in Amsterdam and Singapore, and local employees in 14 countries. Contact Details Velocity Global John Hall +1 720-650-4348 Company Website

January 28, 2021 07:02 AM Mountain Standard Time

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Dating 101 in 2021


2020 was a rollercoaster year, upending all of our norms, including the world of dating. Bumble, the women-first social networking company, recently found that 40% of daters say they aren’t confident they know how to date any more. Recently, Clare O’Connor, Head of Editorial Content at Bumble teamed with YourUpdateTV to share insights from the popular online dating app. A video accompanying this announcement is available at: One of the biggest trends coming out of 2020 and into 2021’s cuffing season is the rise in “Slow Dating.” Daters are being more intentional and serious about their online dating lives as they raise the bar on what it means to build trust while dating on Bumble. Another trend is a surge of newly single daters, otherwise known as “New Dawn Daters.” – these are users that were in a relationship that ended shortly following the outbreak of COVID-19 and nationwide lockdowns where daters were not able to see their partners. Despite all of the challenges that this past year presented, data shows that people feel a sense of optimism and are more intentional about finding love in 2021. When it comes to using dating apps, 45% of daters are looking for a serious relationship and 41% are keeping it casual. For more information, tips and advice on getting started, visit About Clare O’Connor: Clare O'Connor is Bumble's Head of Editorial Content, working on building out a content platform at the women-first social networking company. Prior to joining Bumble, she spent more than seven years as a staff writer at Forbes, most recently covering women entrepreneurs and workplace equality. During graduate school at Columbia University's School of Journalism she worked at CNN's Anderson Cooper 360. She was born and brought up in Bermuda. About YourUpdateTV: YourUpdateTV is a social media video portal for organizations to share their content. It includes separate channels for Health and Wellness, Lifestyle, Media and Entertainment, Money and Finance, Social Responsibility, Sports and Technology. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

January 27, 2021 01:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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NVIDIA Violates the Transaction Processing Performance Council’s Fair Use Policy

Transaction Processing Performance Council

Today the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) announced that NVIDIA has violated the TPC’s Fair Use Policy. In the paper "State of RAPDIS: Bridging the GPU Data Science Ecosystem," presented at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2020, and in associated company blogs and marketing materials, NVIDIA claims that it has “outperformed by nearly 20x the record for running the standard big data analytics benchmark, known as TPCx-BB.” Since NVIDIA has not published official TPC results, and instead compared results from derived workloads to official TPC results, the comparisons are invalid. "The TPC actively encourages publicizing of TPC results by all organizations, including the press, market researchers, financial analysts and non-profit organizations,“ said Mike Brey, chairman of the TPC Steering Committee. "However, to ensure that users and readers of TPC results are given a fair and complete representation of TPC data, the TPC requests that all users follow the Fair Use rules, outlined in TPC policies, when publishing or publicizing results.” The TPC is working with NVIDIA to resolve the issue and make all relevant corrections. About the TPC The TPC is a non-profit corporation founded to define transaction processing and database benchmarks and to disseminate objective, verifiable TPC performance data to the industry. The TPC currently has 20 full members: Actian, Alibaba, AMD, Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, HP Enterprise, Hitachi, Huawei, IBM, Inspur, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Nutanix, Oracle, Red Hat, Transwarp, TTA and VMware; and 4 associate members: China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), Gartner, Imec, and the University of Coimbra. Further information is available at Contact Details Owen Media Forrest Carman +1 206-859-3118 Company Website

January 27, 2021 09:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

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CMMC Center of Excellence Announces Engagement Agreement with Choice Cybersecurity

Interoperability Clearinghouse

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Center of Excellence ( CMMC COE ), hosted by the Information Technology Acquisition Advisory Council (IT-AAC), a public-private partnership serving the public and private sectors for more than 15 years, is excited to announce a partnership with Choice Cybersecurity, a certified Registered Provider Organization (RPO) that provides end to end security and compliance solutions for government contractors working to meet all levels of CMMC compliance. This unique partnership will extend efforts to identify and include proven capabilities within the CMMC COE Marketplace to improve cybersecurity protection and resilience for the global defense industrial base network of contractors, vendors, and suppliers. The executed Engagement Agreement establishes a collaborative engagement between Choice Cybersecurity and the CMMC COE to partner in the furthering of their respective and complementary missions and objectives regarding the adoption, use, and expansion of CMMC based cybersecurity practices, risk management, and compliance for the DIB contractor community and the information and communications technology sectors creating a broader CMMC ecosystem globally to improve security and resilience. Specific actions will include: The co-development of CMMC advisory services, cyber training and education programs to accelerate CMMC certification, increase cyber adoption and improve cyber protection & resilience. Co-sponsor symposiums, training programs and podcasts leveraging their combined cyber and IT expertise. Host regular working groups, with other partners, to enable collaboration and communications. Source qualified CMMC/ cyber professionals to serve as advocates. Establish an independent Industry Cyber Security Advisory Council with peer organizations to advise and educate leaders across government and industry on the continued evolution and effectiveness of CMMC. The CMMC-COE ( ) and Choice Cybersecurity partnership will focus on bringing together the many disparate cyber and national security communities of interest to reduce complexity, improve awareness, and accelerate industry effort to become more cyber resilient against the growing threats from nation states and criminal enterprises. The range of capabilities offered by Choice Cybersecurity, including Risk & Compliance Assessment; Security Products & Services; & Continuous Compliance Services, strengthens the portfolio of technology partner providers supporting the CMMC Center of Excellence. “This is exciting opportunity for us”, said Mr. John Weiler, Chairman of the Board at CMMC Center of Excellence, “This new partnership will further help advance the goals and objectives for improving the supply chain security and resilience of the US Department of Defense (DoD)”. "Choice Cybersecurity is excited to partner with the CMMC COE to improve the overall cyber resilience of companies in the defense industrial supply chain. The collective effort will go a long way in preventing future cyber attacks and data breaches across the entire ecosystem.” said Steve Rutkovitz, CEO, Choice Cybersecurity. The CMMC-COE establishes both a Market Place and Knowledge Clearinghouse that will include resources that support the overall effort, including white papers; tutorials; recorded webcasts; presentations; and more, that will help reduce the cost and burden on small and medium size contractors already struggling from the impact of COVID. For more information on the CMMC COE, please visit email or call 703-863-3766 For more information on Choice Cybersecurity, please visit About Us ---------- CMMC-COE.ORG is a unique non-profit public-private partnership, with a vision to accelerate Cybersecurity Maturity Model (CMM) adoption, and reduce time & cost for security compliance for our partners by leveraging commercial best practices, CMMC standards, and innovative solutions for a measurable success. Our mission, focused on DOD mission objectives, cost containment and expeditious CMMC compliance, is to help the DIB improve cyber posture and resilience, and simplify its acquisition. The CMMC-COE is hosted by the Information Technology Acquisition Advisory Council (IT-AAC), a public/private partnership (P3) chartered in 2007 as an honest broker to reach outside the confines of the Federal IT advisories that lack dynamic reach into the Global IT Market, and dedicated to the adoption of commercial IT management standards of practice and innovations emanating from the Global IT market. Team IT-AAC has already demonstrated the value of its decade long investment, and provides a unique value to agencies seeking to achieve accelerate the transformation of legacy processes and systems. Our Just-in-Time SMEs apply an innovative suite of Technology Business Management and Agile Acquisition Processes needed to assure the business value of commercial IT. The Interoperability Clearinghouse (ICH), is the managing partner that make up the 24 NGO/SDO organizations that make up the IT-AAC. ICH provides the contract vehicles, clearances, and critical resources proven to guide sustainable, measurable and repeatable processes needed to drive better investment decisions as the speed of mission need, while aligning existing processes, methods and workforce with IT reform mandates contained in Clinger Cohen Act, FITARA, IT MGT Act, EO13838. Contact Details Bob Dix +1 703-975-6633 Company Website

January 27, 2021 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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