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Public Relations Global Network Expands Asia-Pacific Presence with Addition of New Zealand Agency Alexander PR

Public Relations Global Network

Following its 2022 Asia Summit Conference and Fall Member Meeting in Singapore, the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) announced today it has added New Zealand-based Alexander PR Ltd. to its global network, enhancing its ability to serve clients throughout the world. Following the addition of five new member agencies earlier this year, the latest move marks the 30 th anniversary of the global agency network, further expanding its presence in the burgeoning Asia-Pacific region. The addition raises the number of member agencies in the network to 53 and adds local PR and communications expertise in the southwest Pacific area from Alexander PR’s office in Auckland, New Zealand. The newest PRGN member, Alexander PR, is a full-service public relations agency specializing in reputation management. The firm assists boards, CEOs, business owners and marketing decision makers with reputation, strategy, content and commercial opportunities. “New Zealand’s Alexander PR is a global leader in public relations,” said PRGN President David Fuscus. “Under the leadership of Kate and Dwayne Alexander, the firm serves a stellar client base with innovative and pioneering communications. The Public Relations Global Network is proud to welcome Alexander PR as the 53 rd member of the world’s leading public relations network.” “Joining the global PRGN family is a significant milestone for us and one that we know will benefit both our team and clients,” said Kate Alexander, co-founder of Alexander PR. “We pride ourselves on client service and results within a collaborative, supportive company culture, all of which is rewarded by longevity and tenure – a number of clients and staff have been with us for more than 15 years. Having established a reputation for award-winning work in New Zealand and internationally, we are greatly looking forward to expanding our global footprint and working with like-minded peers in the Public Relations Global Network.” In addition to joining PRGN, Alexander PR added another three accolades to its 11 international awards at the SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific 2022 held in Singapore earlier this month, including the coveted Diamond SABRE Award – CEO of the Year (Rhiannon McKinnon) – Addressing gender equity through financial wellbeing – Kiwi Wealth with Alexander PR; Geographic – Global (led out of Asia-Pacific with work in other regions) – Changing the world with the 4 Day Week – 4 Day Week Global with Alexander PR; and Best Micro Asia-Pacific Agency to work for – Alexander PR. Founded in 2005, the team led by experienced communication veterans Kate and Dwayne Alexander, Alexander PR is best known locally for its strategic crisis, issues and reputation management as well as for numerous national and international campaigns. Among its most notable clients, alongside 4 Day Week Global, Kiwi Wealth, and HERA, are trustee company and philanthropy management leader Perpetual Guardian, life insurer Partners Life, property data and analytics provider CoreLogic New Zealand, accommodation group Sudima Hotels, multinational energy and automation digital solutions specialist Schneider Electric New Zealand, Crimson Education, Cambridge Assessment International Education and a dozen other global stock exchange listed firms. About the Public Relations Global Network Founded in 1992 by a group of visionary public relations leaders, with approximately 1,000 professionals in 62 locations, PRGN is one of the world’s largest international public relations networks.PRGN partners are independent, local, owner-operated public relations and marketing communications firms that share expertise and resources, while providing broad-based comprehensive communications strategies to clients worldwide.Companies or organizations interested in the services of PRGN’s local agency network can visit the Agency Directory or contact PRGN’s executive director Gábor Jelinek at for more information.Independent agencies interested in joining the network can visit the member recruitment section of the PRGN website for more information or email its membership chair, David Wills, Senior Vice President of Media Profile, at About Alexander PR Alexander PR and The Content Place assist boards, CEOs, business owners and marketing decision makers with reputation, strategy, content and commercial opportunities. We are a New Zealand-based, full-service public relations agency with global reach, specialising in reputation management. Having established a record of high performance and market-leading results in a global landscape, Alexander PR combines traditional public relations expertise with forward-thinking digital marketing and content creation strategy to help clients achieve their bottom-line objectives. We specialise in building media relationships and achieving results in earned, owned, and sponsored media to enhance our clients’ reputations. With a sound understanding of what makes a business tick, the team at Alexander PR brings its specialist knowledge and profile-building experience to the partnership to achieve real, measurable outcomes for clients. Whether it is quality media coverage, brand positioning or ad-hoc crisis communication you need, the team has the know-how and expertise required. For more information on the services we offer, refer to our services page. The Alexander PR team provides comprehensive 24/7 crisis and issues management services and expertise. Our professionalism, relationships with media and industry experts, confidential support, and years of experience in crisis management across all sectors are the tools we use to protect clients, their reputations, and their businesses. Learn more at Our comprehensive services include specialist content marketing curator The Content Place, a separate division of Alexander PR and a full-service content marketing and book publishing provider which supports clients’ objectives for achieving targeted media wins in their desired channels and platforms. The Content Place provides access to the best business, tech, financial and consumer writers, videographers and photographers in New Zealand. We have built relationships with these quality people over many years and can help you create, share your story, and achieve business outcomes. We are your content marketing place. Learn more at Contact Details Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) Gabor Jelinek +36 30 162 8910 Company Website

October 24, 2022 09:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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NASDAQ: $SOPA Seeks to Strengthen Their Ecosystem 💪 Interview With Indonesia's GM, Patrick Soetanto

Society Pass Incorporated

Contact Details Dennis Nguyen: Founder, Chairman & CEO +1 877-440-9464 Company Website

October 21, 2022 12:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Knowing When To Take Your Foot Off The Gas — Things To Keep In Mind In A Bear Market

Caleb & Brown

This educational guide exploring How To Protect Crypto Assets in a Bear Market was created in conjunction with Caleb & Brown. Caleb & Brown is the world’s leading cryptocurrency brokerage. Learn more here. For many inexperienced investors, the transition between the 2021 bull market and the 2022 bear market may have had dramatic effects on their portfolios. The simple reason is that both equities and cryptocurrencies do not behave the same way in a bull market as they do in a bear market. This seems like such a common sense conclusion that it’s barely worth stating, but, for those who have never experienced both ends of the market spectrum, it’s worth repeating. Investing in a bull market is like swimming with the tide. Guided by the strength of the current, your strokes lead you to your intended destination with ease. Investing in the 2021 bull market was more like swimming in the direction of a tsunami: A purchase of Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (CRYPTO: SOL) made on Jan. 1, 2021, resulted in 120%, 227% and 1,350% returns, respectively, by April 15 of the same year. Imagine the psychological conditioning one developed as a new crypto investor in 2021. The values that have been proven to be wealth generators in the market — discipline, patience, risk management and knowledge — were all seemingly tossed out of the window. Abandoning these prudent principles may be covered up in a bull market, but in bear markets, they shine like diamonds in a field of coal. As discussed in a previous post, bear markets may provide the opportunity for bargain-picking certain assets, both traditional and digital, but they must be approached differently to bull markets. Here’s how to stay on the right course. Know Thyself First on the Bear Market Survival Guide is self-reflection. No one can tell you what kind of drop in your portfolio you can handle, or what your relationship to risk is. Investors sit on different ends of the risk-tolerance spectrum, and it’s your obligation to know where you lie. This is particularly important in bear markets, as portfolios decline and paper losses materialize. Knowing your personal risk tolerance helps you avoid catastrophic behavioral impulses like panic selling or, on the other end of the spectrum, aggressive buying. Consider the following examples as reflections of the catastrophic nature of both behaviors: As discussed in a previous article, panic selling an investment in the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSEARCA: SPY) at the end of 2009 would have yielded a 57% loss on an investor’s portfolio (assuming they had made their purchase at 2007’s top). If held until the peak of 2022, this loss would’ve been a 450% gain. Starting at $100,000, panic selling in 2009 would have yielded a portfolio value of $43,000, while holding until 2022 would have yielded a portfolio value of $450,000. Similarly, aggressively buying risky crypto coins like Shiba Inu (CRYPTO: SHIB) in February 2022 would have yielded a nearly 80% drop in value by June. In four months, a $100,000 investment would have dropped to $20,000. Aggressively buying risky investments may have yielded spectacular results in the midst of a bull market, but in a bear market, it could mark the end of your investing career. The first step to preventing that outcome is knowing your risk tolerance. The second is considering that you are in a bear market and that behaviors that worked before may not work now. Let The Professionals Guide You Self-awareness and self-control are keys to success in the investing field, but that doesn’t mean you have to develop these skills on your own. By enlisting help from experienced professionals, traders can shorten the learning curve required to adopt a psychological edge in the market. For Caleb & Brown, providing investors with the tools and knowledge to make sound decisions in bear markets is a fundamental business pursuit. As the world’s leading cryptocurrency brokerage, Caleb & Brown offers personalized broking services to each of its crypto investors, covering all matters of questions and concerns through its communication efforts. With Caleb & Brown, investors can expect open conversations with their brokers whenever and wherever they’re needed. Caleb & Brown has helped over 20,000 investors avoid catastrophic losses and prepare for future bull markets. Click here to learn more about how you could be next. Interested in learning more about the best way to survive a bear market? Check out the previous article in this series here. We help our clients buy, sell, swap, and safely store cryptocurrencies, with a 24/7 personal broker service. Our clients can reach their personal broker on the phone and email at any time. Our clients range from beginners needing assistance to buy their first cryptocurrency, to seasoned investors needing a professional service to make high value, complex trades. We put personalised service, education, and consumer protection at the heart of everything we do. We were founded back in 2016 and we now have over 21,000 clients in more than 100 countries, serviced by 76 staff based in our offices in Melbourne, Sydney and London. This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Chris Nedelkos Company Website

October 21, 2022 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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The Best Way To Survive A Bear Market? Some Say, “Do Nothing”

Caleb & Brown

This educational guide exploring How To Protect Crypto Assets in a Bear Market was created in conjunction with Caleb & Brown. Caleb & Brown is the world’s leading cryptocurrency brokerage. Learn more here. Between 2007 and 2009, the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSEARCA: SPY) declined by 56.8% — the greatest price fall in the exchange-traded fund’s (ETF) history. Few could prepare for the psychological toll of that kind of drop. At the time, many had been informed that index funds and ETFs were safe bets. Undoubtedly, professionals would have informed investors that the S&P 500 had survived two world wars and presidential assassinations, and that the 2008 crash, in due time, would be just another addition to that list. Without help from professionals, it takes substantial willpower and courage to stop emotions from taking over during tough times. However, it is the decisions you make at these pivotal moments that could define the trajectory of your wealth. History tells the story in vivid detail: Since the SPY’s apocalyptic decline between 2007 and 2009, the S&P 500 has increased by more than 450%. In a world which celebrates quick fortunes, it takes a special kind of person to appreciate the value of time as a compounder of wealth. For business magnate Warren Buffett, times of crisis represent buying opportunities. In a 1997 letter to shareholders, Buffett wrote, “Smile when you read a headline that says: ‘Investors lose as market falls.’ Edit it in your mind to, ‘ Dis investors lose as market falls — but investors gain.’” Investors gain by getting bargains and avoiding the panic sell. Here’s how to do the same. Average Wins Versus Losses In Bull And Bear Markets The stock market’s history and the figures surrounding bull and bear markets support the argument that time is a great investing tool. By widening time horizons, traders and investors can avoid panic selling in times of crisis and maintain low-cost positions in anticipation of the next bull market. Here are some figures to support this idea: According to Hartford Funds, stocks lose 36% on average in bear markets and gain 110% on average in bull markets. There have been 26 bear markets – as defined by a drop of over 20% – in the S&P 500 Index since 1928, and 27 bull markets. On average, bull market gains far outweigh bear market losses. The average length of a bear market is 289 days (0.8 years), while the average length of a bull market is 991 days (2.7 years). In 98 years of market history, stocks have been on the rise 78% of the time. The figures above are in line with the idea of an ever-growing economy with occasional drops — corrections or recessions — ultimately fueling future growth. This is reflected in the cryptocurrency market, as well. Holding Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) over any five-year span has always resulted in financial gain. Avoiding The Panic Sell? In his book “The Psychology of Money,” Morgan Housel says, “A genius who loses control of their emotions can be a financial disaster. The opposite is also true. Ordinary folks with no financial education can be wealthy if they have a handful of behavioral skills that have nothing to do with formal measures of intelligence.” One of the greatest behavioral skills the long-term investor can develop is the ability to do nothing in times of crisis. While seemingly counterintuitive, the figures above, and the greatest value investor of our time, tell us this is sound advice. Acting rationally on this information, however, can be difficult when emotions are tied to investors’ money. Objectivity, patience and calm are key. For Caleb & Brown, the world’s leading cryptocurrency brokerage, providing investors with education and professional guidance is a fundamental business value. Unlike exchanges and other brokerages that just provide a platform to execute trades, Caleb & Brown offers personalized service, and is available 24/7 to help clients better understand and navigate the crypto markets through bearish conditions and bull runs. When emotions start to take control of the wheel, it never hurts to have a professional who’s just a phone call away by your side. Make sure you’ve got the guidance you require to help you avoid the panic sell. Click here to learn more about Caleb & Brown. Interested in learning more about the similarities and differences between crypto winters and bear markets? Check out the previous article in this series here. We help our clients buy, sell, swap, and safely store cryptocurrencies, with a 24/7 personal broker service.Our clients can reach their personal broker on the phone and email at any time.Our clients range from beginners needing assistance to buy their first cryptocurrency, to seasoned investors needing a professional service to make high value, complex trades.We put personalised service, education, and consumer protection at the heart of everything we do.We were founded back in 2016 and we now have over 21,000 clients in more than 100 countries, serviced by 76 staff based in our offices in Melbourne, Sydney and London. This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Chris Nedelkos Company Website

October 21, 2022 08:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Is This A Robotics Company With No True Competitors? Meet AvaWatz

AvaWatz Inc.

In many collaborative industries, effective communication, project management and systems for effective teamwork are now considered essential. As the demand for robots increases in various industries, the need for collaborative robots (cobots) is also seemingly rising — basic robots might not be able to effectively complete various tasks for companies that demand collaborative elements without complicated programming to do so. AvaWatz Inc. is a decision intelligence tech firm that supplies for the growing demand for cobots. The company created a product platform called ARYA that enables teams of mobile robotic agents to work together — either independently or alongside human partners — to perform complex multipart tasks. Powerful machine-learning methods combine the capabilities of individual mobile robots into a unified system for collaborative detection, decisioning and action. ARYA is scalable to support a range of indoor and outdoor scenarios. Cobots can be used in a variety of fields to perform tasks that are too difficult, dangerous or tedious for humans alone. Cobot teams are adaptable and might help solve challenging problems for public- and private-sector customers in industries such as the military, aviation, search and rescue, construction, infrastructure and transportation. The U.S. Air Force, Army and Department of Homeland Security are funding AvaWatz research and development to advance the existing technology. As robotic technology increases — as has been seen in recent years with the development of drones, self-driving cars and industrial mobile robots — the need for learning platforms that can assist cobot teams may also increase. An Emerging Field With Unique Opportunity And Growth? AvaWatz is a unique company because wherever there is a need for cobot teams, there is a need for programming to make them work. The company says it doesn’t have any true competitors yet because robotic manufacturers are customers, not competitors. Cobots likely aren’t going away anytime soon. In 2021, the global collaborative robots market size was valued at $1.01 billion and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 31.5% from 2022 to 2030. More than 500 companies are making products in the robotic industry, and because of the adaptability of AvaWatz technology, they are potential customers. AvaWatz says it has the technology to reach a huge market with virtually no competitors and only potential clients. This is a feat few companies might be able to boast of. Discover what the AvaWatz investment opportunity involves by clicking the offer link: AvaWatz is a decision-intelligence company charting a new frontier in “Cobots” - collaborative air and ground robots. Leveraging AI and advanced knowledge network technologies, our cooperative robotic services are programmed to carry out tasks too dangerous, difficult, or time-consuming for humans. Our initial services target airfields, ground transit, and surveillance missions across private, government, and defense sectors, with a working prototype piloted by the U.S. Air Force. Visit to learn more. This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Rajini Anachi Company Website

October 21, 2022 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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VideoXRM Gets Your B2B Video Found


VideoXRM, a B2B content distribution and discovery platform, launched its beta site today with a commercial launch slated for January 2023. VideoXRM merges the superior communications power of rich media with granular searchability to bring global exposure to video and rich media assets. VideoXRM is the launch brand and new corporate name for this cloud-hosted platform developed over two and a half years as Issuer Pixel. VideoXRM is a scalable media discovery platform leveraging proprietary indexing structures, industry taxonomies and search engine technology that lets content providers upload and individually index their rich media assets to be easily found. Industry Problem – B2B video is hard to find with precise results, which limits its value and potential. It’s either siloed on millions of corporate websites or buried on consumer video portals. Irrelevant results from conventional text searches create frustration rather than solutions. 59% of executives prefer video to reading text. 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. 82% of consumer internet traffic will be video by 2022 Global corporate video investments exceed $20K per company, per year - but these assets are hard to locate. Solution – VideoXRM’s patent-pending technology uses highly sophisticated indexing and search technology to make unstructured video content easily discoverable with precision. This new ecosystem delivers huge value to searchers and content providers as businesses increasingly tap the power of video and rich media to differentiate their value and to reach new audiences. The platform is ideal for company-to-company and company-to-customer engagement, news media, researchers, supply chain and procurement managers, M&A sourcing, partnering and benchmarking. VideoXRM has the “Last Mover” advantage in the video and audio sharing industry, bringing structure, searchability, distribution and intelligence to rich media investments. About VideoXRM ( ) VideoXRM is a global, searchable video and audio sharing and networking platform connecting corporate rich media content with all potential stakeholders. The platform and smart search technology creates value and knowledge from mountains of unstructured digital media, delivering greater ROI from content investments. VideoXRM’s mission is harnessing the enhanced communicative power of rich media through a new distribution and discovery paradigm. VideoXRM was Co-founded by David N. Baker, who formed Revere Data LLC (Sectorbase) which was acquired by FactSet Data Systems, Inc. His Co-founders are Vadim A. Tarasov, Byron Kwok and David Guzy. Contact Details Catalyst IR David Collins +1 212-924-9800 Company Website

October 20, 2022 02:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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CloudWerx Announces Infrastructure Services Specialization in Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program


CloudWerx, a full-service enterprise cloud consulting firm, announced today that it has achieved the Infrastructure Services Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program. A Google Cloud Premier Resell and Service Partner and a fast-growing North American partner, this specialization proves CloudWerx’s expertise in building customer infrastructure and workflows on Google Cloud. Google Cloud Partner Advantage provides organizations with qualified partners that have certified experience in successfully delivering Google Cloud solutions. Organizations that have achieved the Infrastructure Services Specialization — the highest technical designation a partner can earn — have demonstrated technical proficiency, industry expertise, and proven success using Google Cloud infrastructure solutions and services. “We are excited to be aligned with the open source, open community culture at Google Cloud,” said Jason Geis, Co-Founder and CEO of CloudWerx. “Our Digital Native customers that want to take advantage of the open source community and best-of-breed security are migrating to Google Cloud.” “Google Cloud specializations highlight the proficiency required to deliver technical competencies and support to customers,” said Derrick Thompson, Global Head of Partner Differentiation, Google Cloud. “Achieving this specialization is evidence of CloudWerx’s commitment to providing customers with the expertise they need to build and modernize their infrastructure workloads on Google Cloud.” CloudWerx chose to be an exclusive resell and service partner of Google Cloud because of the innovation, customization, collaboration, and flexibility Google Cloud offers its customers when it comes to building optimized and secure cloud infrastructures. To learn more about CloudWerx’s Google Cloud Infrastructure deployment process, please visit About CloudWerx CloudWerx is an engineering-focused cloud consulting company that provides the most elite technology resources to solve the toughest challenges. Maintaining 100 percent customer retention and a commitment to 11/10 technical, account and customer service, the CloudWerx team has unique experience working in some of the most complex cloud environments at scale and can help your business accelerate with confidence. Please visit to learn more. Contact Details CloudWerx Betsy Reed +1 206-999-3517 Company Website

October 20, 2022 11:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

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What are Americans’ Favorite Halloween Treats?


A video accompanying this announcement is available at: Spooky, ooky, creepy and crawly? It must be Halloween – and this year, 93% of Americans intend to celebrate in a big way with plans to enjoy their favorite chocolate and candy treats, according to a recent survey from the National Confectioners Association. Whether consumers are enjoying new and innovative offerings or classic candy corn, confectionery is an iconic part of the season’s celebrations. No matter how you plan to celebrate the Halloween season, there’s no doubt that chocolate and candy play a major role in the holiday celebrations. Whether you’re going to a Halloween party, welcoming trick-or-treaters or even just enjoying a little treat for yourself, Halloween treats are a key piece of the season. This Halloween season is even sweeter because America’s chocolate and candy companies delivered on their commitment to help consumers manage their sugar intake by providing more transparency, choice and portion guidance options. 85% of chocolate and candy sold today comes in packaging that contains 200 calories or less per pack. That number includes individually wrapped products or multipacks that contain smaller packages inside – the perfect size for the 97% of Americans who say they welcome trick-or-treaters with chocolate and candy. The Halloween season brings people together. Sharing treats is a perfect way to connect with others – especially as people are looking for more moments of celebration than ever before. To help Americans navigate the Halloween season while enjoying their favorite treats, NCA has a robust set of resources available at, where consumers can find tricks for treating in 2022, including safety tips, history lessons and fun facts about the season. To join the conversation on social media, use #HalloweenTreats, and follow NCA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Happy Halloween! About the National Confectioners Association (NCA): The National Confectioners Association is the leading trade organization for the U.S. confectionery industry, which generates more than $37 billion in retail sales each year. Making chocolate, candy, gum and mints, the industry employs nearly 58,000 workers in more than 1,600 manufacturing facilities across all 50 states. NCA advocates for an environment that enables candy makers to thrive and work to ensure that chocolate and candy are celebrated for their contributions to culture, society, the economy and everyday moments of joy. Learn more at or follow NCA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

October 20, 2022 11:13 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Sekur Private Data Has Seen Wild Growth In Q1 and Q2

Sekur Private Data Ltd

Sekur Private Data Ltd. (OTCQX: SWISF), previously known as GlobaX Data Ltd., has had a remarkable year of growth. The company grew revenue and subscribers in the first and second quarters apart from expanding subscription models and developing technologies. Sekur is a US listed cybersecurity and internet privacy company — with roots in Switzerland — that provides Swiss-hosted secure communications and data management. It uses military-grade encryption security and combines it with its own infrastructure located in Switzerland, under Swiss data security practices and laws. All user data is protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (FADP) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance. Under Swiss federal law, it is a crime to publish information based on leaked “secret official discussions.” In 2010 the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland found that IP addresses are personal information and that under Swiss privacy laws they may not be used to track Internet usage without the knowledge of the individuals involved. Sekur’s use of some of the strongest privacy protection in the world for individuals and entities makes its Swiss-hosted services attractive. In early 2022, Sekur launched its SekurMail email service and Sekur business plans, a resource for businesses globally. The expansion brought an increase of over 5,600% in sales and an increase of over 1,900% in subscriber signups in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the first quarter of 2021. One reason Sekur appeals to businesses is its disconnect from any Big Tech. The company offers independent, private and secure means of communication through its proprietary technology and secured servers in Switzerland, taking advantage of the country’s tight regulatory laws protecting privacy. Sekur’s ability to promise privacy and security for businesses broadened its market early in the second quarter. In April, Sekur signed an agreement with Tasloko S.L., a Spain-based distribution company that is tasked with distribution for Sekur. This partnership allowed for sales to begin in Colombia, Panama, Peru, Chile and Mexico beginning in June. Central America and South America are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats, especially as the region continues to develop economically and technologically. Sekur’s strategic decision to begin distribution in the region has so far proved successful. In May, Sekur qualified to trade on the OTCQX Best Market, an upgrade from the OTCQB Venture Market. The second quarter also marked continued growth for Sekur, with sales increasing by 1,140% and active recurring paid users rising by 800% compared to the same period in 2021. Technology Advancements In Q1 And Q2 The first half of the year also saw technology and product advancements at the company. SekurMessenger, a defining product of Sekur, expanded to include a proprietary feature and technology coined SekurArchive. SekurArchive allows business clients to archive all employee messages and manage them for the period regulations require while simultaneously allowing the business’s employees to use the Self-Destruct feature, a popular aspect of the messaging platform. SekurMessenger now also has the capacity to facilitate the registration of thousands of users at once, bringing convenience to companies that are mass-onboarding users, whether they be employees or clients. This feature is especially popular in Latin America. Another function of the platform that will further boost privacy and security is a proprietary technology called Chat-By-Invite. This feature allows a SekurMessenger user to invite a non-SekurMessenger user to chat in a fully secure way without downloading the app or registering as a user themselves. This feature is now available in 61 countries with a combined population of 3.4 billion. Between proprietary technology advances and increasing sales, Sekur is setting itself up for continued growth in the third and fourth quarters of this year — and beyond. Sekur Private Data Ltd. is a Cybersecurity and Internet privacy provider of Swiss hosted solutions for secure communications and secure data management. The Company distributes a suite of secure cloud-based storage, disaster recovery, document management, encrypted e-mails, and secure communication tools. Sekur Private Data Ltd. sells its products through its websites and, and approved distributors, and telecommunications companies worldwide. Sekur Private Data Ltd. serves consumers, businesses and governments worldwide. This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Corporate Department Company Website

October 20, 2022 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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