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Claravine Named Winner of 2022 AdExchanger Award for Best Data Technology


Claravine, a pioneer in data integrity for the global enterprise, has been selected as a 2022 AdExchanger Award winner for Best Data Technology. Claravine receives this honor for its work in helping brands measure campaigns more effectively and addressing this growing challenge in the industry. Claravine enables its clients to prove the value of full paid media by moving away from hypothetical decision-making and use the data richness, quality, and time savings to develop increased analytics maturity. "We are thrilled to be recognized by AdExchanger as a Best Data Technology," said Verl Allen, CEO of Claravine. "Our goal is to continue to transform the way brand marketers, analysts, and agencies manage marketing data to make the greatest impact on the businesses they serve. Data quality has become paramount and we see demand growing for more solutions around metadata, data standardization, new ways of measurement and more." Marketers who use Claravine consistently report a 10% to 15% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) for each new dollar tracked, 100% data format, tracking code, and tag compliance, and more than an 80% reduction in time spent on data quality processes. Through its Data Standards Cloud platform, Claravine’s clients are able to centrally define, apply and connect data standards, customizing them to the unique requirements of each marketing team and technology. Claravine has recently substantially expanded its integration library to be compatible with more of the major platforms including Google Ads, Snapchat Ads and Pinterest Ads Manager, improving naming compliance, metadata capture and enrichment while maintaining connection points between key datasets. These new integrations enable the ability to hand-off across workflows and quickly measure which campaigns are performing best. Claravine has also recently joined the Clean Room Primer Group, a new consortium of advertising industry experts with a shared mission of providing marketers, agencies, and publishers with a reliable and expert source on data clean rooms. The 2022 AdExchanger Awards, which celebrates excellence in digital marketing and advertising, announced the winners at the Programmatic I/O Awards Gala in New York City on October 17. Claravine was chosen from hundreds of submissions received from across the globe and selected by a team of judges who evaluated each entry based on the strength and breadth of its offerings, its documented case studies and client references. About Claravine Claravine is a pioneer in Data Integrity for the global enterprise. We empower a proactive approach to marketing measurement by activating data standards across people and technology, bridging the silos that limit speed and decisions. That’s why nearly a quarter of the Fortune 100 use our platform, The Data Standards Cloud, to define, apply and connect standards across their ecosystem for faster decisions, greater agility, and increased ROI. Contact Details Kite Hill PR Michael Kocher Company Website

November 01, 2022 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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8 Best "Write My Essay For Me" Websites: Pay Someone To Do It For Cheap

Genuine Papers

It takes more than sheer grit to achieve success. After all, success is a function of a well-planned endeavour. You do not rush into it. You do not scurry into it. You do not stumble upon it. It does not happen to you by chance. Instead, it is a result of a well-thought-out plan and execution. And in this execution, there is a clear understanding of personal abilities, strengths, and weaknesses directing the approach of such a success plan. The ants know this. So, there is a clear-cut division of labour amidst them. And that is why they have thrived for so long despite the harsh climatic conditions they have had to live through. Thus, it only makes sense that for you to achieve such excellence as you so desire in your academic pursuits, you must engage the services of people who know their onions on the task. Essay writing is one of the things many students need help with. Some of them cannot do it. But is that a bad thing in and of itself? No. Why? Because many life contexts determine different life approaches. An immigrant undergraduate student who juggles three jobs would have little or no time to sit down before a computer and type long (or even short) essays. The same goes for a family man who, after a long day in school, still has to fend for his children at home. At the same time, some students do not have a strong command of the English language and can not write coherent essays. So, should these folks suffer in their academic pursuits because of their life situations? Definitely not. And this is why we are introducing you to the 8 best "write my essay" services with affordable prices. These websites are specifically for you if you need help accordingly. 99Papers - the best "write my essay for me" company overall. Studdit - professional paper writers from the USA. EssayPro - the cheapest website to write your essay. PaperHelp - top-rated company to pay someone for an essay. EssayFactory - popular "write my essay in the UK" service. SpeedyPaper - writers that can do your essay faster. EssayBox - affordable college paper writing provider. Ivory Research - admission & application essay service. In case you are wondering what our criteria for choosing these "write my essay" websites are, then you have a valid concern. We picked these sites based on their attention to detail, careful and prompt delivery, excellence in their written essays, customer service and support, customer satisfaction, and pricing. So you do not have to worry about “who would do your essay for you” anymore. We've got you covered! TOP 8 “Write My Essay For Me” Websites to Get Writing Help Online #1. 99Papers 99Papers is a TOP rated "write my essay" service with all you would ever need to get ahead in your academic pursuits. From high school to postgraduate studies, they attend to all kinds of essay needs that you might have. And not only that, but they also deliver excellently on all of them. Thus, not only are they capable, but they are also reliable in meeting your writing needs. They are the best essay writing website you can order from. This claim is not without proof. Many positive comments and feedbacks on how well they have delivered on client tasks are available on reliable review sites such as Trust Pilot and Sitejabber. Similarly, they have great feedback with customer-specific details on their website for your consumption. All these reviews and comments point to the premium quality work that 99Papers delivers. They are at the forefront of excellence according to the industry standard. Likewise, they lead many other sites with the affordability of their essays. You do not have to break the bank before you order from them. You would get an original essay written from scratch for just $9.95 per 275 words or 1 page. So, you can avoid plagiarism and any fake write-up detector software like Turnitin flagging your essay. It is a solidly written piece of work written by capable hands. To cap it all up, they are also prompt with their delivery of customer work. Further, talking of capable hands to handle your work, there are expert writers with sterling experience in both academic and writing spaces. So, they can take your order specification and turn it into an essay that ticks all the necessary boxes for you. Moreover, most of these writers are experts who have clinched postgraduate certifications themselves. Thus, they know how best to craft an essay for that academic difficulty and other lower grades. As a result, they can take on essays like academic essays, personal statements, dissertations, admission essays, and term papers. And each of these types can be attended to by a standard, top, or native writer, depending on your choosing. If you are considering discounts, some are available for you when you order from them. They tend to offer a 15% discount around the back-to-school period. They also offer a chance to win a free essay. And this can significantly affect the lump sum of the essay in general when taken advantage of. #2. Studdit Studdit is one of the recent additions to "write my essay" companies in the market. And despite their newness to the game, they have shown incredible feats as what they are capable of handling. With thousands of essays written for students worldwide, and good reviews by many who have patronized them, Studdit has shown itself to be a reliable site to order from. Moreover, as a sign of good faith, this site offers you money-back as well as plagiarism-free guarantees. Thus, they pose as a secure place to order your essays from. Further, the customer journey on their site is hassle-free. It involves less time for wandering and wondering. You can place an order with a clear description of terms and an easy process. All you have to do is check out a simple calculator and a form to fill out. And in case you need answers to some questions that might be bugging your mind as you want to place an order, they have anticipated and answered these questions under their FAQs section. Little wonder many review sites commend them for their outstanding customer service and support. They are keen on helping out their clients with the slightest inconvenience. And that shows how reliable they are to work with. It would be an absolute disaster if a site had great customer support but bad essay deliveries. That is one of the ways Studdit separates itself from the pack. This site is excellent across the board. With client inquiry and premium-quality work, they deliver remarkably on all fronts. They respect deadlines and stipulated delivery timeframes. They also create fresh and from-scratch content with 0% plagiarism queries. And all these are attributed to their sea of seasoned writers. These are professional writers from the USA. These writing experts give their all to meeting all of Studdit's clients' needs. They are academics themselves with Masters' and PhD degrees. Thus, they can help with pretty much anything a student needs, including homework. With as low as $13, you can order stellarly-curated content. However, with the specifications of your order, the price might increase or decrease. If you apply a discount code, it will lower the pricing for the essay. However, with factors such as academic difficulty level, the grade of the writer writing your essays, plagiarism reports, VIP service etc., the price of your order is likely to increase significantly. For discounts, Studdit likes to add to the overall experience of its customer by including 25% off on their first order. #3. EssayPro EssayPro is a pro essay writer because of the speed of their turn-ins. They have a reputation for sending in essays within a short period. Once you stipulate your deadline, they get your task to you at said time. And they do this for a wide range of essays that you can think of. These include term papers, dissertations, research papers, personal statements, admission essays, theses, etc. All these are essays written for high schoolers as well as for persons who are presently in tertiary institutions. And guess what? Persons in postgraduate studies are also not exempted from their league of clientele. You should know that EssayPro is a sucker for excellence. And that shows in the rigorous process they take their writers through they are finally admitted. These procedures are not to misuse them. Rather, they are duty-of-care processes that separate the wheat from the tares. Thus, only the best of the best writers, who are culture-fit for consistent delivery of quality work despite the huge workload, are retained. There is always the ID and Diploma verification stage for the writers they recruit. Then, they are asked to send in samples of their previous works. Further, test jobs are assigned to them before they are admitted into a full-time hire, howbeit probationary phase. In contrast, placing an order on the EssayPro site is an entirely different ballgame. It is simple and seamless as opposed to the recruitment scheme for most of their writers. You first fill out the order form. This usually includes details about the length of the essay, the topic, and the academic level of such an essay. At this stage, you can surely provide them with samples you have worked on before if you have. This is so the writer can tailor the essay to your writing style. Once you have finalized the order information, you can choose which writer to work on your task. You can check out their profile here as well as the field of specialization. You're also open to chatting with them to know the right fix for you. Having done all this and you have made a choice, you can then make a deposit and place the order. Their market pricing is also quite fair, and you can get an excellent essay for just $10.8. But like other sites, the delivery stipulations, whether high school or undergraduate level writing, would also determine the increase or decrease of the price slide bar. #4. PaperHelp PaperHelp is truly that “write my essay” site that you can pay to get your writing needs to be sorted for you. Why? There are a couple of reasons that have informed this claim. And a major of them is the quality of their essays. It's sterling. Most of their previous and current customers have testified of their special deliveries. The specifications are fully adhered to, as well as the time of submission. The students who order from them have grades ranging between B- and A. This tells you that they are good at what they do. Another feature of their services that stands them out is the referral program they run. This involves students and others sharing their services with people outside the platform. And once those referred people sign up and order, the one who refers gets a discount on the essay orders they place. This feature has been integral to the fast growth of PaperHelp in the essay-writing market. Further, you can order any writing needed on PaperHelp. What this means is that not only can you write with them, but you can also edit and proofread your already-written essays. You could also run calculation jobs by them. They have capable hands ready to turn your essay challenges into an amazing body of work that would earn you a high grade with your lecturers or supervisors. Interestingly, it does not matter the topic or deadline. What counts is the number of words and type of paper you need to be written. And you would be amazed at the original content curated for you by these expert writers. With PaperHelp, their essays begin at a pegged price of $12. This is a low price for many students, which is affordable for them to pay. And considering that there is an underlying guarantee of a possible high grade, such a price is too small to pay for such a top-grade essay. And things get more interesting when you realize they have a couple of discounts up their sleeves. For example, you enjoy a 15% discount on your first order. Then, when you refer people, you get 10% off too. #5. EssayFactory EssayFactory is that professional “write my essay for me” website. That requires little or no monitoring. As much as you have placed your order on their site, you can rest assured that you will get an excellent delivery on your job. This is especially if you are in the United Kingdom. They are a popular "write my essay in the UK" service. Of course, they service writing needs across the globe. However, contact them if you are a UK student and need an essay writing company. They are excellent, fast, and reliable. They write in good British English, just as you need. Further, they also offer editing services if you are not looking to order a custom essay from them. This would enable them to tweak your essay the way you want for high-grade submissions with your professor or teachers. And the process of doing this is so simple. It works the same way as the custom essay order procedure - fill out the form on their site. The academic level has been tweaked to reflect the UK school system. You can choose university level or A1/A2 for A-level courses. EssayFactory pricing starts from £11.50. However, where it ends depends on what you pick while you place the order. That is the delivery period, the essay's academic difficulty, and many extras that you might want in the delivery, such as the plagiarism report. But here is something to get you excited, they have many discount options you can leverage as you order essays on their website. There is a 25% off discount code. You can also get your 5th essay for free if you paid for it. You could also get your 7th assignment for free if you booked 6 assignments within 7 days. There are also 10% and 15% discount deals that you can take advantage of when you place an order on EssayFactory’s website. #6. SpeedyPaper SpeedyPaper is known for what its name represents – a speedy submission of ordered papers. And the most interesting part is that it does not tamper with the work's quality. The prompt delivery does not negatively impact how well-written the essay is. SpeedyPaper would still create original content for you suited to your order specifications. They present you with a pool of choices to pick from as regards the services you want them to render to you. Their work is not limited to writing alone. They can also help you to edit, rewrite, problem-solve, mark or even just proofread your essays and homework. The company can pull this off through its remarkable expert team, which has repeatedly proven that it can handle whatever the customers bring. Thus, the company pumps a lot of effort into picking the best writers to work for them. And they do this via a thorough process of recruitment. This is to preserve the consistent reach of excellent essays to clients who approach them with “write my essay” requests. They also do this to hire folks who can engage speedy processing of client orders as well as prompt delivery. Further, ordering from SpeedyPaper is not a strenuous job. Filling out a form is the major thing to do. And that included inputting the title of the paper, length of the essay, delivery time, style of writing, etc. You can provide them with a sample of work you have done before to maintain a consistent approach to all of your essays. It would help them get a better understanding of your writing style. After this, you can then make payments and finalize the order. Pricing is also one of the things that endear many clients to SpeedyPaper. With just $11, you are assured of prompt delivery and excellent work. In addition, there are a lot of discounts on their service. For your first-time order, you get 11% off your payment. In a referral program, you and your referred friend get 10% off your orders when they join the platform. There are also Labor Day, Youth Day, and Independence Day offers with 15%, 12%, and 15% off, respectively. #7. EssayBox EssayBox is popular among college students. This is confirmed by the numerous positive reviews of their customers. It is easily seen in how much EssayBox has shown itself as a reliable "do my essay" platform for them, especially regarding the speed of delivery. When you order from them, you can be certain of two things. One is that the essay written will not be less than average quality. And two, you will get your essay at the stipulated time you noted that you want it. These two services have won the hearts of many college students in the country. They have presented you with a clear way to order from them. Like many other essay writing websites, you can easily find your way across their company site. This is to show you their commitment to great customer support and service. On their homepage, you get welcomed by the price calculator above, in which you will find the form to fill in the details of your order. As you input the information about your task, the price will be progressively curated to know the amount you would be paying at checkout. And this is commonly affected by the number of pages in your essay, the delivery timeframe, academic level, and what type of essay it is. Some extra services also attract more fees, such as priority support, type of writer - native speaker or top writer, plagiarism report, copy of sources, a 1-page summary, and other extras. Just like the others, their pricing per page is not unbearable. This means that with just $12, a high schooler can get an essay that makes them a candidate of distinction in such a course or subject. They also offer a 15% back-to-school bonus, which can be helpful when ordering from them in subsequent times. #8. Ivory Research Ivory Research has been active in the “write my college paper” space for almost two decades. That shows they have established themselves as an authority in the market. They have the experience to meet writing needs with their ever-ready team of expert writers. They have been helping students to reach their academic goals in school, both undergraduate and postgraduate, since 2005. They help you take care of your assignment, so you can focus on other things, such as upping your grades. They have helped thousands of students with short essays, dissertations, theses, term papers, research papers, and exam preparations. In the UK, they have a stronghold in the market as they are one of the most reliable to work with. Students reach out to them, and they have more than enough hands to tend to all writing needs that comes their way. Furthermore, their customer support is one of the best in the industry. They have agents who are ready 24/7 to answer questions, resolve queries, and respond to inquiries from customers and clients worldwide. These consistent interactions and communication put your mind at rest that the best hands in the market are handling your work. Thus, delivery of original content, as well as prompt delivery, is thereby ascertained. The pricing for Ivory Research is one of the most dynamic in the market. And the reasons of based on their ordering system. Thus, the price can vary. And it usually depends on the grade you want to achieve with the essay. For instance, you could get a 1000-word essay for $132, and it's targeted towards a 2:1 grade. However, there are some discounts you could leverage on their website, which could lower the price. Questions & Answers What is an essay? An essay is a form of writing that talks about a specified topic. It could give an overview of the topic or niche-down and discuss sub-topics in such fields. Essays could also relate to taking a side on a given topic. This is usually referred to as an argumentative essay. And here, you approach it from a "for" or "against" perspective. That is, you could argue for such a topic or offer points against it. The other forms of essays include discursive, persuasive, narrative, and descriptive essays. Moreover, one thing is consistent with all these types of essays. And that is a clear outline of thoughts, whether prosaically or argumentatively. Further, most essays are academic. And they are usually regarded as a yardstick for academic performance. Thus, at the middle or end of a teaching term or semester, teachers usually request an essay to test the student's knowledge of the topic taught during that time. And such essays are used as a grading tool for the student's grasp of the topics discussed or taught. Is “do my essay” websites legit to use? “Do my essay” websites are very much legit. They are a safe landing for you when you want to clinch that high grade in your academic pursuits. They are legit because you would not be breaking any law by ordering your essays from them. As a matter of fact, these websites are companies with legally-backed registrations that are government-compliant. Thus, you are safe when you order from them. You do not need to worry about committing any criminal offence when you seek essay assistance from them. Well, simply because you would not be committing any. Also, these websites are legit because they do not offer you plagiarized content as an essay. And alongside, your information is safe with them. So if you are worried about your details leaking on the internet, you should put your mind to rest. This is because they all have a strict anonymity policy where they are discreet with the information of all their customers and clients who place orders on their websites. Is it safe to order college essays online? It is 100% safe to order college essays online. In case you are wondering why, you have to realize that these services are available to assist with your academics. And tons of reviews online would point you to the fact that they are reliable means of getting your essays written. The major reason most customers leave these positive reviews is the level of excellence that accompanies their write-ups. Expert writers on each platform deliver their essays with premium quality—no plagiarism. Rather, you would have access to plagiarism reports upon request. The only moment it becomes unsafe to order college essays online is when you order from unreliable websites. Unfortunately, many sites are posing as original while they are simply fraudulent platforms in disguise looking to scam you. This is why we have a curated list of the best and most trustworthy websites to get your essays written. All you have to do is consider any of them that fits your bill and choose them for your essays. Do professors know if you bought an essay? No. In case you have been wondering, your questions have been answered today. Your professors do not know if you bought an essay. Rather, they are impressed at the excellence of the essay you have submitted. You see, irrespective of your academic level as a high schooler, undergraduate, or even postgraduate, your professors cannot detect that you buy an essay online. Your professor (or any essay detector software like Turnitin, for that matter) cannot detect that you bought an essay online because the essays are original content. The essays written by the "write my essay" websites are written from scratch, and they are with 0% plagiarism. How many students pay for their essays? Don't be surprised that most of the students you know have paid for their essays at one time or the other. It is not a crime to do so. On the contrary, they are absolutely justified to have done so if they ever did. And the reason is that they needed assistance and requested experts' help to write their essays. As a result, most of these students end up topping their classes. And that's because their essays were written by people who have been in their shoes. These specialist writers are academics, and most have bagged postgraduate certifications. Who can write my essay for me? There are many essay writing services online for you to take advantage of. Our 8 best "write my essay for me" websites list to pay someone are reliable online platforms that can write your essays for you. These companies hire the best hands every time to tend to the varying writing needs of their customers and clients all across the globe. If you need someone skilled, experienced, and who respects prompt deliveries of essays, then you should reach out to any of the services highlighted above. They are well and able to write your essays to your satisfaction. Where can I pay someone to write my essay? If you want to pay someone to write an essay for you, you can check out 99Papers. They are the best essay writing platform overall. Why? Because they offer a relatively cheap price per page to get started on your essay. Not only that, but they also have a solid team of expert writers who can take on any writing need you might have. These take care of term papers, admission papers, research papers, high school essays, personal statements, etc. They also have 24/7 customer support that listens and attends to the inquiries of all persons with challenges on their website. Thus, you can track the progress of your essay as it is being written. Therefore, 99paper is a great choice to consider when looking or where to pay someone to write your essay. Who can do my essay faster? Do you need your essay delivered fast? Try SpeedyPaper. You do not have to worry so much about them delivering your job when you need it. They are quick and prompt with their delivery. As you specify the deadline by which you need the job, they swing to action to write your paper with the best resources available to them. And guess what? The speed of their submission does not affect their resolve to give you a great customer experience in the quality of the work itself. Thus, you get to tick all the boxes with excellent delivery and great submission. Also, the pricing for the essays is not so high that they are not affordable to you. Most speedy services would have increased their price for fast delivery. SpeedyPaper approaches this with a rather considerate pricing system. What is the cheapest "write my essay" website? EssayPro is your best bet here. When you are in a fix to choose the cheapest “write my essay” website, know that EssayPro is that one-stop shop that provides you with good delivery, great essay, and plagiarism-free content without charging you so high that you have to break the bank. You can get an excellent essay for just $10.8. And this package also includes many offers like delivery of your essay as and when due. Further, several discount options could benefit you and reduce the cumulative price of your essay order. Some of these codes are available online for your use. Write my essay in the UK... What is the best service? Are you a UK student looking for the best essay writing service? We think you've come to the right place. With loads of reviews online to back this up, EssayFactory has distinguished itself in the UK market as the best "write my essay" plug for students with writing needs. So, contact them today if you want to score a high grade on your essay. Also, know that they address both writing and editing needs. So, they can help you to fine-tune your written essays to a distinction level. Further, they are open to assisting you with various services such as term papers, research papers, admission essays, dissertations, theses, etc. So all you need to do is reach out to them, and they will give you the best writing experience in the UK. What are the best working “write my essay” discounts and promo codes? It does not only count that you order on these websites. It also matters that you take advantage of all possible benefits that they might have to offer. Some of these websites have discount codes available that you can enter to lower the cumulative price of your order. However, if you are looking for the best working “write my essay” discount codes, then the following are available for you to use. If you decide to go for 99Papers, you can get a 5% discount with the code – “ UVFUNPKM ”. If you are using EssayBox, take advantage of 5% off with “ 42UQLDIE ". Do you plan to use EssayFactory? Then a 5% discount code is “ DORF3RMY ”. And now we can sum up... As a student that needs help, do not drown in the ocean of essays. You can get help. We know that it can be a bit demanding. A bit? Scratch that. It can be very overwhelming such that you get lost in a maze of wanting to get high grades and finding enough time, the right resources, and the required experience to write essays that would deliver the grades you so desire. And do you know the most beautiful thing about this? There is a way out. You can always ask for help. And that from experts who are ready to assist you with any of your writing needs. So, what are you waiting for? Open up your arms and order essays from professionals looking to craft an original essay for you. Their write-ups are plagiarism-free as well as void of any forms of grammatical errors. In fact, if you ask for it, they will give you a plagiarism report that affirms their claim on your essay. They also deliver your essay as and when due. And their websites are available for you to peruse. Write your essays with them today! Contact Details Robert Claus

October 29, 2022 12:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Caleb & Brown – A Ticket To Survival In Crypto Winter?

Caleb & Brown

This educational guide exploring How To Protect Crypto Assets in a Bear Market was created in conjunction with Caleb & Brown and Benzinga. Caleb & Brown is the world’s leading cryptocurrency brokerage. Learn more here. With the price of Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) and Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) declining from all-time highs by approximately 75% and 82% respectively, many crypto investors have had a difficult time with their portfolios in 2022. Coming off the rampant bull market of 2021, the swift shift in sentiment has shocked thousands of investors who had grown accustomed to short-term buy-and-hold strategies that can beat the annual average market returns of crypto and traditional asset classes. For many, the transition did more than just shock. According to one Benzinga report, Bitcoin’s descent alone has wiped out 80,000 crypto millionaires in 2022. For many, whether to buy, sell or hold remains a deep mystery. For others, it may feel as if the choice has been made for them – it’s either hold, or sell at a severe loss with no hope of recouping those profits, or perhaps even the initial investment. It’s not an understatement to say that many crypto investors are weathering a storm, one that has potential to do lasting damage to their finances if this particularly harsh crypto winter is not navigated properly. As outlined in a previous article, an investor’s actions in a bear market could mean the difference between incurring unrecoverable losses or preserving capital for compounding returns in the bull markets to come (check out this resource to learn more about bear and bull markets). Thus, the most important question a crypto investor must now consider is: what is the right way to act? Helping answer this difficult question is Caleb & Brown, the world’s leading cryptocurrency brokerage. With an emphasis on providing true value to its investors, Caleb & Brown provides not only the expertise to navigate crypto winters but also the personalized touch to ensure investors understand every step they take along the way. What Is Caleb And Brown? Caleb & Brown provides top-of-the-line brokerage services at affordable rates and exceptional speed. Caleb & Brown prides itself on providing a personal touch to its brokerage services to crypto beginners and sophisticated investors alike. Operating more as a crypto investor’s partner rather than a broker, Caleb & Brown’s team of experts helps clients navigate the complexities of buying, selling and swapping hundreds of cryptocurrencies worldwide. Backed by crypto natives with years of experience, the Caleb & Brown team acts as a trusted partner that’s always there when you have a question or need to take action in the market. “We say it as it is, investing in crypto is not always smooth sailing. That’s why we exist, to help you navigate the complexity and reduce the risk so that you can capitalize on this transformative asset class and build a better future,” the company's website says. “Our personalized broker service delivers a human touch, giving you the answers and support you need to cut through the misinformation and complicated mechanics of cryptocurrency. Caleb & Brown allows you to make confident investments at the right price, without hidden fees or slippage eating into your returns.” Caleb & Brown’s Crypto Services Caleb & Brown has designed its business model to give investors an edge in the market while taking them down an educationally enlightening path. Investors, for example, will be able to learn about risk management, portfolio allocation and altcoin analysis, all by asking their brokers about these topics. Specifically, Caleb & Brown allows investors to: Execute rapid trades on 250 digital assets Deal in direct transactions, eliminating middlemen Reduce risk by enlisting the help of professionals Observe transparent fees and pricing Receive access to institutional liquidity providers and over-the-counter desks Additionally, the firm provides heightened protection over investors’ crypto assets, using cold storage, end-to-end custody and Fireblocks-secured solutions to ensure crypto assets are kept safe from notorious hackers in the crypto scene. Caleb & Brown wants to be their clients’ guide and partner on an enjoyable journey that will leave investors better off financially, as well as educationally. As a trusted partner in the cryptocurrency space, Caleb & Brown ensures its clients have the tools to grow both their portfolios and their knowledge. Through weekly newsletters, articles and market analysis from experienced brokers and traders, investors will have access to quality information distilled from the minds of those with years of experience. Protect your crypto portfolio by enlisting the help of the professionals at Caleb & Brown. Click here to learn more. And be sure to check out the rest of the educational guides in this series: Survival 101 – How to Stay Alive In The Middle of Crypto Winter And A Bear Market The Best Way To Survive A Bear Market? Some Say, "Do Nothing" Knowing When To Take Your Foot Off The Gas — Things To Keep In Mind In A Bear Market Crypto Investing: Is It Time To Dollar Cost Average? Let The Experts Guide You Through Crypto Winter Caleb & Brown helps clients safely trade cryptocurrencies with a 24/7 personal broker service. Caleb & Brown's clients range from beginners needing a trusted partner, to seasoned investors and institutions looking to execute trades of any scale and complexity, seamlessly. The crypto brokerage has grown to support 21,000 clients across 100 countries, continuing to put personalised service, education and consumer protection at the heart of everything they do, as has been the company's promise since its foundation in 2016. This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Chris Nedelkos Company Website

October 28, 2022 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Ready for Ron Sues Federal Election Commission

Ready for Ron

Ready for Ron (RFR), the only credible organization working to draft Governor Ron DeSantis to run for President, filed a lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The action, brought in the U.S. District Court for D.C., follows the FEC issuing an Advisory Opinion to prevent Ready for Ron from sharing with Governor DeSantis the names of those who signed a petition encouraging him to challenge Joe Biden. The lawsuit states in part, “…RFR wishes to provide its signed petition, including names and contact information provided by its signatories, to Governor DeSantis—a traditional form of political expression and association. The Commission has issued an advisory opinion concluding the Federal Election Campaign Act (“FECA”) prohibits RFR from doing so…” Prominent Republican campaign finance attorney Dan Backer recently argued before the FEC and submitted three detailed Public Comments to the FEC supporting Ready for Ron’s request, to share the list of supporters with DeSantis both before and during a potential candidacy – as an act of Constitutionally protected political speech. The arguments cited binding D.C. Circuit Court precedent, legislative history, and the FEC’s own administrative precedents. “The FEC would stop Ready For Ron from sharing a petition – the quintessential form of free speech – unless we also charged for it,” argued Backer. “Act Blue does the same thing we propose – sharing support names and contact information on a vastly larger scale – tens of millions of individuals – while funneling a billion and a half dollars a cycle”. “The FEC is fine with Act Blue doing this to support Biden, as long as money is involved, but when the speech is free or bad for Biden, suddenly it must be suppressed,” Backer continued. The lawsuit further states, “…RFR’s fundamental First Amendment rights to engage in political speech and expressive political association have been violated by the FEC’s response to RFR’s advisory opinion request and the reasonable prospect of prosecution if RFR provides its signed petition to Governor DeSantis…” “We are disappointed some on the FEC are again standing in the way of political speech and freedom of association. Millions of Americans want Ron DeSantis to run. Signing their names to Ready for Ron’s draft petition is the ultimate act of political free speech and association, and there is simply no basis for saying they cannot give those names to the Governor if – and when – he heeds their call and runs. It is disappointing that this litigation is necessary, but we are eager to protect our Free Speech and encourage DeSantis to seek the Presidency. We are confident we will prevail,” Backer continued. “We have before in taking on the FEC, and surely will again.” Since its launch in late May, Ready for Ron has garnered nearly 100,000 petition signers, generated significant media attention, and run hundreds of ads to help convince Ron DeSantis to run for President. Ready for Ron has emerged as the only credible independent organization in support of Ron DeSantis. Americans are encouraged to sign the petition at to draft Ron DeSantis to run in 2024. ### The lawsuit and exhibits may be found at For more information or to schedule an interview with ‘Ready for Ron’ legal counsel Dan Backer or Lilian Rodríguez-Baz, contact Dan Rene at 202-329-8357 or Contact Details Ready for Ron Dan Rene +1 202-329-8357 Company Website

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Integrated voice collaboration, best-in-class compliant communication and the power of connectivity showcased at Symphony’s Innovate New York 2022

Symphony Communication Services

The Symphony platform has seen a 500%+ increase in traffic across its compliance-enabled messaging offering for WhatsApp, WeChat and SMS T. Rowe Price announced 200,000 new connections with JP Morgan counterparts on Symphony Over 250 financial professionals attended the event in person Symphony – the leading markets’ technology and infrastructure platform – showcased the power of instant voice and real time connectivity while highlighting a compliant communications offering that is solving critical financial markets challenges, in the company’s flagship conference Symphony Innovate 2022, held last week in New York City. The full realization of the vision behind Symphony’s acquisition of Cloud9 Technologies last year was presented at Innovate, as attendees learned about Symphony’s applied voice strategy, which creates seamless connectivity and efficiency by connecting trader voice workflows to messaging workflows. Video. CEO Brad Levy talked about the state of the market and how Symphony is helping customers navigate the volatility, velocity and risk of the cycle. “Symphony is evolving to protect and enhance how our users communicate. Innovations such as instant voice are driving the market towards a future where information can be shared with ease without worry to those who need it most”, he said. Levy also shared significant growth in the Symphony network and platform, with a 60% increase in external messaging, 150% increase in buyside to sellside connections and an over 500% increase in traffic across Symphony’s compliant messaging offering for WhatsApp, WeChat and SMS. Video. Compliance and frictionless connectivity Putting in place robust regulatory and compliance practices is more critical than ever, with many banks in the United States recently being fined millions of dollars as a consequence of non-compliant communications. Regulatory and industry leaders joined the Symphony team to discuss how these challenges are being addressed. Among the experts on stage, were Commissioner Kristin Johnson from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Dean Elwood from Umony, Paul Kelly from Blackstone Credit, Olga Chin from InterPrice Technologies, Keith Gaub from Bristol-Myers Squibb, James Gutow from Barclays, Jonathan Slavin from UBS, Wendy Askew from ETD, Matthew Cheung from ipushpull, Paul Dyson from Singletrack, Leslie Spiro from Glue42, Alejandra Villagra from JP Morgan, and John Courtney from Maverick Capital. CFTC Commissioner Johnson encouraged an active dialogue between regulators and financial firms and explained how she believed it was key for regulators to model best practices when it comes to technology. Video. In a demonstration of frictionless connectivity, head of global trading at T. Rowe Price, Marc Wyatt, joined remotely to share that “with the help of the Symphony team, we successfully connected the Global Trading organization at T. Rowe Price with our Global Markets counterparts at JP Morgan. In total, 200,000 new connections were created.” Also introduced at the event was the ETD (formerly known as Euromoney) @TaDa Chatbot - powered by ipushpull technology - which enables Symphony users to query reference data in real time, including corporate actions, exchanges holidays, symbology and historical transaction reporting. To wrap up the day, Alejandra Villagra, head of digital innovation at JP Morgan and John Courtney, senior equity trader at Maverick Capital, had a discussion moderated by Symphony CRO Gary Godshaw on the importance of connectivity, where voice and data fit in the market, and the future that lies ahead. Video. Over 250 leaders attended Innovate New York in-person while another 250+ financial professionals from around the world were able to watch live online. To view all Innovate New York 2022 sessions please visit: The next editions of Innovate will take place in London and New York in the spring of 2023. About Symphony Symphony is the most secure and compliant markets’ infrastructure and technology platform, where solutions are built or integrated to standardize, automate and innovate financial services workflows. It is a vibrant community of over half a million financial professionals with a trusted directory and serves over 1000 institutions. Symphony is powering over 2,000 community built applications and bots. For more information, visit Contact Details Symphony Communication Services Odette Maher +44 7747 420807 Company Website

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Elsevier and the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics Announce the Forthcoming Launch of Genetics in Medicine Open


The American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG), the only nationally recognized US medical professional organization solely dedicated to improving health through the practice of medical genetics and genomics, and Elsevier, a global leader in research publishing and information analytics, are delighted to announce the January 2023 launch of a new gold open access, online only journal: Genetics in Medicine Open ( GIM Open ), an Official Journal of the ACMG. GIM Open will complement ACMG’s flagship journal Genetics in Medicine ( GIM ), also published by Elsevier, and is designed to meet the evolving needs of the global medical genetics and genomics community and expand its open access publishing options. Published under Creative Commons license, all GIM Open articles will be immediately, permanently, and openly available online for readers to view, download, share, and reuse. This will enable authors to more easily comply with funder and institutional mandates, even as requirements continue to evolve. ACMG’s decision to expand the breadth of its openly available content directly supports its mission to improve personal and public health through the clinical and laboratory practice of medical genetics; advocacy, education, and clinical research programs; and the safe and effective integration of genetics and genomics into all of medicine and healthcare. “I am excited about our new gold open access journal that will be available to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world independent of financial resources or library access. GIM Open will be an international journal with a focus on medical genetics and genomic medicine including all aspects of therapy,” noted ACMG retiring Chief Executive Officer Maximilian Muenke, MD, FACMG, who led the development of the new journal. “It will be a trail blazer for diversity, equity, and inclusion from a double anonymous review process of manuscripts, to the Editor-in-Chief and an editorial board that truly reflects our society in the United States and around the world. We are fortunate to work with our colleagues Robert D. Steiner, MD, FAAP, FACMG, and Jan Higgins, PhD, ELS, from GIM and our publisher Elsevier on the start of this new venture. As a medical geneticist who thinks that genomic medicine is the present and future of medicine, GIM Open will educate healthcare professionals to contribute to optimal patient care everywhere.” GIM Open’s eminent international editorial board will be led by Editor-in-Chief Bo Yuan, PhD, FACMG, Baylor College of Medicine, an internationally recognized expert in the field. “I am tremendously honored and excited to serve as the founding editor of this new journal that will actively support open science for the medical, scientific and research professionals in a broad range of specialties who comprise our ACMG community,” said Dr. Yuan. “Collectively, members of the editorial board and I are dedicated to the rapid dissemination of high quality, authoritative and cutting-edge medical genetic knowledge both within and beyond the genetics community with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.” Louise Curtis, Senior Vice President, Life Sciences and Social Sciences, Elsevier, commented, “We are extremely pleased to expand our publishing portfolio with ACMG, building on our collaborative partnership with this prestigious society that began in 2022 with publication of GIM. Launching GIM Open strongly aligns with our mission to help researchers and healthcare professionals advance science and improve health outcomes for the benefit of society, and we share the commitment to inclusion and diversity at the heart of this exciting new venture.” GIM Open manuscript processing will include rigorous double anonymous peer review, a rapid submission to publication decision turnaround time, and an expedited publication timeline. Detailed instructions for authors and information regarding open access and publishing fees can be found here. Manuscript submission will open as of October 25, 2022. Papers submitted to GIM may be considered for publication in GIM Open if deemed more appropriate for that journal. It is Elsevier’s intention to submit GIM Open for inclusion in the major abstracting and indexing services at the earliest opportunity. As one of the fastest-growing open access publishers in the world, nearly all of Elsevier's 2,700 journals enable open access publishing, including 600 fully open access journals. In 2021, Elsevier published 119,000 gold or pay-to-publish open access articles, an increase of more than 46% over 2020, making Elsevier one of the largest open access publishers in the world. Notes for editors About Genetics in Medicine Open ( GIM Open ) Genetics in Medicine Open ( GIM Open ) is an open access journal with a broad focus on medical genetics and genomic medicine including all aspects of therapy. It will have a strong emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion and will have a double anonymous review process for submitted manuscripts. Positioned as an official journal of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) and the companion journal of Genetics in Medicine, GIM Open aims to be an international journal publishing research studies that advance the knowledge, understanding, and practice of medical genetics and genomic medicine for all continents. GIM Open welcomes submissions of Original Research, Reviews, Commentaries and Brief Reports in the areas of clinical genetics, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, biochemical genetics, reproductive medicine, cancer genetics, pharmacogenomics, clinical trials, population genetics, public health, genome-wide association studies, polygenic risk, bioinformatics, methodologies, clinical implementation, ELSI (ethical, legal and social issues), genetic counseling, and practical standards and guidelines. Manuscripts reporting animal models providing clinically relevant insights into human disease mechanisms and potential therapeutics are also welcome. Manuscripts of candidate disease gene discoveries based on a small cohort size but solidified by a high standard of scientific rigor, validity and reproducibility may be considered. Rare case reports may be considered if they fill a knowledge gap in populations underrepresented in genetics research or experiencing health disparities, or inform exceptionally significant actionability in diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutics. GIM Open promotes studies that include diverse especially under-represented populations. About Elsevier and society partnerships Elsevier has long-standing partnerships with over 600 learned societies worldwide, helping them to realize their missions and inspire and support their communities. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering outstanding publishing outcomes through strategic insight, reliable finances, global dissemination, embracing open science and open access, and championing the needs of the communities we jointly serve. About American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) Founded in 1991, the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) is the only nationally recognized medical professional organization solely dedicated to improving health through the practice of medical genetics and genomics, and the only medical specialty society in the US that represents the full spectrum of medical genetics disciplines in a single organization. The ACMG is the largest membership organization specifically for medical geneticists, providing education, resources and a voice for nearly 2,500 clinical and laboratory geneticists, genetic counselors and other healthcare professionals, nearly 80 percent of whom are board certified in the medical genetics specialties. ACMG’s mission is to improve health through the clinical and laboratory practice of medical genetics as well as through advocacy, education and clinical research, and to guide the safe and effective integration of genetics and genomics into all of medicine and healthcare, resulting in improved personal and public health. About the Editor-in-Chief Bo Yuan, PhD, FACMG is an Associate Professor of the Human Genome Sequencing Center (HGSC) and the Department of Molecular and Human Genetics at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM). He is also a Division Director of the Clinical Laboratories of HGSC. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree from Nankai University in China, he came to the United States and completed his PhD training in molecular and human genetics at BCM. He then received the American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ABMGG) fellowship at BCM and was subsequently board-certified in Clinical Molecular Genetics and Clinical Cytogenetics. Dr. Yuan is an active laboratory geneticist and academic researcher with interest in characterizing new mechanisms of human genetic disorders, investigating, developing and implementing tools to improve molecular diagnostics and genomic data interpretation, and enhancing the visibility of genomic medicine in clinical care. He has authored and co-authored more than 60 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. Dr. Yuan is a Fellow of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG). He is also a contributing member of other professional communities, including the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG), ClinGen Variant Curation Expert Panel, and ACMG evidence-based guideline (EBG) workgroup. He has also been a longtime reviewer for a number of journals. About Elsevier As a global leader in information and analytics, Elsevier helps researchers and healthcare professionals advance science and improve health outcomes for the benefit of society. We do this by facilitating insights and critical decision-making for customers across the global research and health ecosystems. In everything we publish, we uphold the highest standards of quality and integrity. We bring that same rigor to our information analytics solutions for researchers, health professionals, institutions and funders. Elsevier employs 8,700 people worldwide. We have supported the work of our research and health partners for more than 140 years. Growing from our roots in publishing, we offer knowledge and valuable analytics that help our users make breakthroughs and drive societal progress. Digital solutions such as ScienceDirect, Scopus, SciVal, ClinicalKey and Sherpath support strategic research management, R&D performance, clinical decision support, and health education. Researchers and healthcare professionals rely on our over 2,700 digitized journals, including The Lancet and Cell; our over 43,000 eBook titles; and our iconic reference works, such as Gray's Anatomy. With the Elsevier Foundation and our external Inclusion & Diversity Advisory Board, we work in partnership with diverse stakeholders to advance inclusion and diversity in science, research and healthcare in developing countries and around the world. Elsevier is part of RELX, a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers. Contact Details Elsevier Kiran Dhaliwal - Global Press & Communications Manager American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics Kathy Moran - Senior Director, Communications and Public Relations Company Website

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Discover $SOPA In The Philippines 🏝 Interview With Philippines' General Manager, Arbie Pagdanganan

Society Pass Incorporated

Contact Details Dennis Nguyen: Founder, Chairman & CEO +1 877-440-9464 Company Website

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Logitix Becomes First U.S.-based Partner with StubHub International


Logitix, the leader in live event ticketing technology and analytics, announced a landmark partnership with StubHub International. The deal establishes Logitix as the first U.S.-based ticket distribution partner for StubHub International. As a result, customers outside of North America will be able to buy tickets to events happening in the United States and Canada. It will also mark the first time U.S. ticket sellers will have access to automated distribution solutions for international events. Effective immediately, ticket sellers across the U.S. who partner with Logitix will have a new distribution channel through StubHub International. Logitix manages millions of tickets across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college sports, and live event properties. “Our partnership with StubHub International is significant for the global ticketing marketplace,” said Logitix CEO Stu Halberg. “From a consumer perspective, it removes a barrier for buyers worldwide to purchase a ticket to an event in the U.S. or Canada. At the same time, our ticketing partners in the U.S. now have the opportunity to expand their distribution internationally.” “Our customers are passionate fans of U.S. sports such as NFL, NBA and MLB and they love to travel the world to see their favourite artists perform at iconic venues,” said StubHub International CEO Dan Mucha. “Partnering with a leading, trusted U.S.-based ticketing technology platform like Logitix gives our customers access to the biggest live experiences in North America.” About StubHub International StubHub International is a ticket exchange and resale company providing services for buyers and sellers of tickets for live entertainment events. Backed by award-winning customer care, StubHub’s FanProtect™ Guarantee means every ticket is guaranteed valid or customers receive a replacement ticket of equal or better value, or their money back. StubHub International Background StubHub International is the newly established independent group following the CMA’s inquiry into the merger of viagogo and StubHub. It was determined that StubHub’s international entities (all entities except those in the USA and Canada) were to be divested and made independent from StubHub and viagogo. It consists of businesses in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and numerous other international markets. About Logitix Logitix is the preeminent monetization engine and ticketing platform for the live event industry, combining optimized pricing, distribution, and inventory management with real-time insights to help sellers and buyers respond to a rapidly changing market environment. The Logitix vision is to automate the entire ticket life cycle and provide data-driven insights to serve the diverse needs of its partners, including ticketing rightsholders, agencies, and other sellers. The company is backed by ZMC and is privately held. For more information about Logitix, visit or find them on LinkedIn. Contact Details Eric Nemeth +1 602-502-2793 Company Website

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Bloomsbury Publishing pleased with "surge in the numbers"

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

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