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Venture X® Expands its Presence in the Dallas Market

Venture X

Venture X , will be opening its newest location in the Dallas-Fort Worth market in early 2021 at Braniff Centre. This location will join the other nine locations already open in the Dallas metro area, continuing the growth of Venture X in this pivotal market. Venture X Dallas – Braniff Centre will be just over 22,000 square feet and be located at 7701 Lemmon Ave, Suite 260 in Dallas. The Braniff Centre at Love Field is a redevelopment project that has resulted in 200,000 square feet of space comprised of retail, restaurants, offices, entertainment and hospitality facilities and an auto dealer showroom. The restoration and expansion taking place is making this area a destination for surrounding neighborhoods while keeping the spirit of the original Braniff Airlines Operation and Maintenance Base. "Coworking continues to grow, particularly with many companies now offering remote working options," said Todd Nelson, Owner/Operator. “Venture X Dallas-Braniff Centre’s flexible workspace offerings will be ideal for those working in the surrounding neighborhoods as well as travelers who need meeting room or office space while visiting.” Venture X’s flexible workspace offerings range from private offices for teams and individuals to dedicated desks to virtual offices. The goal is to fill the workspace need now and in the future for members. In addition, each Venture X location has several well-appointed, various sized conference rooms for members and non-members to utilize by the hour. The open community space also likens itself to professional events. “Our growth in general and specifically in the Dallas market has been explosive over the last few years and we are thrilled to welcome Dallas - Braniff Centre to our Venture X family,” said Jason Anderson , president of Venture X. “Providing the community with flexible workspace options, in this unique setting, is a win-win and we look forward to the success of this location as it opens in 2021.” Tom Sutherland, Ryan Hoopes and Sarah Savage of Cushman & Wakefield represented Venture X in their lease negotiations for this property. The landlord is CLT Commercial Partner, LP, a Texas limited partnership. Additional details on Venture X’s workspace options and services are available at . About Venture X Venture X is a shared workspace and community that is a blend of boutique hotel and modern office styles, with a high level of design that feels professional and welcoming. We are designing beautiful spaces and developing an environment and community that people love coming to work every day. Venture X is part of a successful group of affiliated companies and brands under the United Franchise Group (UFG) and has been recognized by Inc. as one of the best co-working spaces in the United States. For more information about locations visit  and for information about franchise opportunities visit .  About United Franchise Group Led by Founder and CEO Ray Titus, United Franchise Group is home to an affiliated family of brands, including Signarama, Fully Promoted, Experimax, Jon Smith Subs, SuperGreen Solutions, Transworld Business Advisors, Accurate Franchising, Venture X, The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill, Network Lead Exchange and Resource Operations International (ROI). With over three decades in the franchising industry and more than 1,600 franchisees throughout the world, United Franchise Group offers unprecedented leadership and solid business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Contact Details Brittny Fuchs +1 561-812-6032 Company Website

September 21, 2020 09:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Network Lead Exchange Launches Monthly Expert Panel Series

Network Lead Exchange

Network Lead Exchange is a business networking and referral group that makes networking simple with its custom-built technology platform. Today, Network Lead Exchange announced the launch of its Expert Panel Series. Hosted by Austin Titus , Network Lead Exchange Brand President, the virtual series will feature leading industry professionals covering various business-related topics. The monthly, one-hour panel series was established to provide valuable information to like-minded professionals. The first event featured guest speaker, Dale Dupree, Leader of The Sales Rebellion. Dupree covered the topic: “The Evolution of Sales and Negotiation in 2020,” where he discussed how the sales process has changed in 2020, how to negotiate leases and contracts during this time and other tools to assist business owners in pivoting as times change. “We created the Expert Panel Series to provide added resources to current and future owners and members to help them improve their business across all areas,” said Titus. “While the Network Lead Exchange Expert Panel is available to the public right now, we will eventually limit the access to our members only as an added benefit.” Looking ahead, the Expert Panel Series will cover topics including finance, referrals, motivational leadership, strategic planning, technology, navigating the post-COVID world, and more. Network Lead Exchange provides an easy-to-use online platform to exchange qualified referrals in real-time to fellow members. The centralized platform, which contains a virtual wallet, makes the overall experience easy to share, collect, and monitor leads and funds within the network. Network Lead Exchange has 30 established Chapters across the United States, with plans to have at least 50 chapters open by year’s end. To learn more about the Expert panel series or to reserve your spot for a future event, visit . For more information about Network Lead Exchange, visit . About Network Lead Exchange Network Lead Exchange is backed by franchising powerhouse United Franchise Group, comprised of several affiliated companies and brands with over 1,600 franchisees in over 80 countries. With the intent of promoting new business referrals within each chapter, Network Lead Exchange brings networking online, allowing members to pass and receive leads virtually. Network Lead Exchange puts convenience and results into networking, without the traditional demanding requirements and meetings. With a state-of-the-art platform, organized by chapters, members exchange leads and ideas, share promotions and events, learn from pros and access a network of service providers that provide specific incentives to all members across Network Lead Exchange. To learn more about Network Lead Exchange and available franchise opportunities, visit . Contact Details Brittny Fuchs +1 561-812-6032 Company Website

September 17, 2020 01:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Bring Back Weekly World News — Celebrated Tabloid Launches Alien-Approved Kickstarter Campaign

Weekly World News

From the caves where Bat Boy was discovered, Weekly World News announced a $50,000 crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to accelerate the relaunch of its newsgathering, reporting, graphics and video capabilities. The campaign launches Monday, September 21st at 2:00 pm ET – earthling and alien participation is encouraged! Weekly World News — “The World’s Only Reliable News” — offers the highest quality investigative journalism on the planet. Weekly World News began as a weekly print publication in 1683 (or was it 1979 – we forget), shedding light on unreported events for millions of devoted truth seekers. Weekly World News is the authority on aliens, mutants, cryptids (look it up!), conspiracy theories, biblical prophecies, health cures, crazy tech and wayward politicians. It has published well over 100,000 articles profiling a wide array of events and thousands of unusual beings. Seeking to minimize its environmental footprint, Weekly World News transitioned to a mostly online format and recently relaunched under new leadership. Editor-In-Chief Greg D’Alessandro commented, “For more than 40 years, Weekly World News has covered stories the mainstream media has ignored, suppressed or were afraid to take on. Stories that capture the imagination, stir the soul, allow people to wonder, to dream — or to scream! With a record number of people feeling lost, confused and yearning to know why there are itty bitty elephants in their soup, Weekly World News will provide the answers!” Weekly World News is the only publication in the world(s) to cover the exploits of Bat Boy, Manigator, The Lake Erie Monster, Ph.D. Ape, P’Lod the Alien, SpyCat, Bigfoot Hooker and many other beings. Tammy Pescatelli, veteran comedian and crack investigative reporter, has joined the Weekly World News team and will be scouring the earth to dig into feature stories and mysteries in her “News from a Broad” column. Why Kickstarter? Weekly World News could have secured funding from massive media conglomerates or wealthy oligarchs, but its independence is sacred. Instead, it is entrusting its future to the loyal readers and illiterate fans that have sustained its “reliable” news for decades. Weekly World News also seeks support from those who don’t know it but are smitten with the paranormal, supernatural and other bizarre news in the universe. Kickstarter Rewards! Weekly World News has developed an amazing assortment of backer rewards, including a limited-edition, black & white newsprint edition of “ Weekly World News Greatest Covers,” a Zoom session with WWN ’s renowned staff psychic Mel Doerr , limited-edition Bat Boy/Bigfoot 2020 Campaign merchandise, a private Zoom chat with WWN investigative reporter and stand-up comic Tammy Pescatelli, one-year memberships to the WWN Advisory Board; and high-visibility sponsorship opportunities across the WWN media-scape. All this plus the satisfaction of helping WWN thrive! Weekly World News has the most educated, loyal and dedicated readership in news history. Throughout the millennia, the smartest beings on Earth and elsewhere have been loyal readers. In fact, Albert Einstein often read Weekly World News while riding his bicycle! The alien invasion is underway, and there’s only one thing the Gootans and the Zeebans agree on – let’s all back WWN ’s Kickstarter campaign! # # # # For further information (background, images, videos, etc.) Click Here! Weekly World News Media Contact: David Collins 212 924 9800 WWN Online: Website: Facebook: WeeklyWorldNews Instagram: WeeklyWorldNewsOfficial Twitter: WeeklyWorldNews YouTube: WeeklyWorldNewsUniverse LinkedIn: Weekly-World-News Firework: @weeklyworldnews Tiktok: WeeklyWorldNewsOfficial Weekly World News – ‘The World’s Only Reliable News’ began as a weekly print newspaper tabloid in 1979, offering the highest quality investigative journalism on the planet. In 2008 the publication's assets were purchased from David Pecker (that's really his name) head of American Media, the publisher of the National Enquirer , and the fully independently owned and operated Weekly World News transitioned to a mostly online format. In 2019 it relaunched under new leadership to reclaim its mantle of journalistic greatness. Weekly World News remains the the authority on aliens, mutants, cryptids, conspiracy theories, biblical prophecies, health cures, crazy tech and wayward politicians. It has published well over 100,000 articles profiling a wide array of events and thousands of unusual beings. In addition to news gathering and reporting, Weekly World News looks to leverage its brand and archive in entertainment, licensing, advertising and promotions and anything else that makes sense. Contact Details David Collins +1 212-924-9800 Company Website

September 17, 2020 11:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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The Truth About How 5G Will Impact Your Industry (and Your Marketing)

Merritt Group

5G will change how we live; in practice, it may look like the advanced Internet of Things (IoT) devices we use at home such as a smart refrigerator, the security systems to protect our loved ones like our Ring doorbell or the robotic surgery done from across the world in an emergency room. As 5G improves the way we live and work, opportunity for communications increases on a global level. The storytelling that PR and marketing professionals will be tasked with will help educate the masses about the impact of 5G technology across industries. It’s a big job, but someone has to do it! As communicators, we are responsible for highlighting how increased data, low latency and faster edge computing is going to make a tangible difference. Merritt Group put out a recent infographic detailing this topic and I'm here to dive deeper today. Edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT continue to be at the forefront of 2020’s technology trends and headlines, specifically around how 5G-enables new technologies and existing use cases. 5G technology enables a list of possibilities for explosive data since 1.4 billion devices will be connected to 5G by 2025, according to GSMA . While the 5G conversation has been heavily focused on autonomous vehicles and telecom capabilities, the truth is that there is more beyond improving our mobile connectivity with this emerging technology. To drill down, the rate of technology innovation will increase because of 5G and it will enable AI and machine learning (ML) at the edge and bring with it new companies and tech capabilities like we’ve never seen. As these devices and technology are being developed across industries, what used to take years or months to go to market, will now be done at record speeds. Bill Menezes, a senior principal analyst at Gartner Inc. said in the Wall Street Journal , “5G in the field, in real-world deployments, enhances the value of all these other technologies.” While the rate of advancement is clear, the speed and quality of data processing will also be greatly enhanced and bring new and reliable products. 5G should be seen and positioned as a technology enabler that will up-level most of what we already do and take us to where we’ve always wanted to go. The edge brings speed...and opportunities for marketers 5G will enable large amounts of data to be processed at the edge, driving new capabilities such as real-time notifications of available parking locations or smart pills with miniature chips that doctors can use to manage patient health. IoT will be empowered with the needed connectivity and processing ability that will bring us new devices that we’ve only imagined, including wearables with preventative and proactive decision-making capabilities based on your body’s temperature. Gartner predicts that the 5G IoT endpoint installed base will approach 49 million units by 2023 and within that, the largest market for 5G IoT solutions is outdoor surveillance cameras. These cameras will represent 70 percent of the 5G IoT endpoint installed base in 2020, before contracting to 32 percent by the end of 2023. By increasing the amount of data and speed processed at the edge in real-time, surveillance cameras will be able to not only visually see a situation on video, but, using AI, can analyze the data and proactively generate a response or predictive warning. Data processing speeds will increase at the edge because of 5G, but more importantly, is the data that it’s pulling. This will be a new opportunity for marketers to highlight how 5G takes company data to the next level, empowering existing technologies and enabling new products. Addressing the customer data narrative in 5G communications The speed and processing ability from 5G and edge computing will bring in more data than we’ve ever known what to do with. How IoT, telecom and medical companies use and organize their data will become even more crucial because it can either strengthen a product or weaken it. Likewise, how marketing and communication professionals express their brand’s story about how they use or protect their customer’s data will be incredibly valuable. For example, pharmaceutical development will take on an entirely new pace and a medicine or vaccination that once took years to test will be sped up as 5G speeds and data processing meets data science modeling. Finding the right formula and testing various outcomes will be so directly impacted that it will make the speed of vaccination creation prior to 5G look like the stone age. The pace of launching new products into the market will increase, along with their marketing and PR campaigns, calling for new strategies and processes to be quickly implemented. If processed data is coming in at a higher speed in real-time, remote patient monitoring, robotic surgeries guided from a doctor across the world or equipment maintenance for assisted living facilities or those with chronic illness and special needs become realities. Machines will become smarter, make better decisions and will be designed to assist humans within the medical world at an increasing rate. According to Samsung , virtual reality, at-home monitoring, rehabilitation, virtual doctor visits and more will be enhanced by 5G, reducing overall healthcare costs and bringing access to rural areas. Highlighting use cases, educating consumers and promoting the data inspired by the benefits of these technologies will be a marketer’s bread and butter. Once 5G becomes the standard level of connectivity, medical accessibility will be possible in regions that were once isolated and the hospital will meet your living room. A recent report from Market Research Future predicts that the telemedicine industry will experience a 16.5 percent compound annual growth rate from 2017 to 2023, due to an increased need for medical services in rural and underserved areas. But, the COVID-19 pandemic had other plans, and the use of telemedicine, or virtual doctor appointments, may reach one billion by the end of 2020 . This is just the beginning and with the help of 5G, more new life saving capabilities will be coming to our doorsteps. It will take time before many of these examples are implemented, however it’s important to note that they are on the horizon and the future with 5G will make the 2000’s look archaic. The speed, low latency and other capabilities that come with 5G are going to optimize most of life as we know it - from healthcare, government, IoT, supply chain and more. So what does this all ultimately mean for PR and marketing pros? Since there are many industries expected to be impacted, marketing and communications professionals need to be prepared to evolve their message and communicate the results of 5G clearly to key influencers and stakeholders. Here’s how: Embrace Thought Leadership: The potential of 5G — with everything from high-power edge computing to lightning-fast speed — is an opportunity for consumers and businesses alike. Brands should position themselves as visionaries and discuss trends and predictions while highlighting the evolution of their business, building interest and excitement around the positive impact of 5G. Validate Your Approach to 5G: Like many other emerging technologies over the years, brands associated with 5G oftentimes overstate or overhype their 5G story. From a market and media perspective, be sure to validate your story with partnerships, analyst references, tangible solutions that solve real-world problems and, of course, customer case studies (always easier said than done). Prioritize Your Data And What It’s Telling You: Because 5G-enabled technologies are in their infancy, validation can prove difficult for the players and the space will be crowded. Invest time and resources in the data that validates your business’ solution is an answer to a major market problem. Data about how the technology can address your customer’s pain points will help frame your story, which in turns amplifies your external communications, marketing and PR efforts. For more information and to create a marketing and communication plan fit for what 5G will bring, email Suzanne Block and . For more on how to create differentiated 5G messaging, read our blog here . Contact Details Katie Pesek +1 703-390-1505 Company Website

September 16, 2020 12:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Iowa State Football Picks HearMeCheer to Bring Cyclones Fans at Home Right into the Action at Jack Trice Stadium against Louisiana This Saturday


The Iowa State Cyclones kick off their 2020 college football season this Saturday, September 12 against the University of Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns at Jack Tice Stadium. Normally a packed stadium would cheer on the Cyclones, but with COVID-19 safeguards and precautions in place, Iowa State has turned to HearMeCheer to bring their fans at home right into the action. As live sports continue to return to American television, COVID-19 social distancing guidelines preclude fans actually being in the stands in most states. HearMeCheer’s patented technology allows fans watching the games at home to cheer into the microphones in their smartphones, tablets and computers and be heard live inside stadiums, arenas, ballparks as well as on radio and television broadcasts from those sites. According to Elias Andersen, the founder and CEO of HearMeCheer , “We are excited by our first opportunity to work with football, and college sports, this weekend with the Iowa State Cyclones game. HearMeCheer has been proven as a great fan engagement platform for Top Rank boxing on ESPN from the beginning of the summer, for the New York Red Bulls at their home games since late August, for the Royal Belgian Football Association earlier this week, and now we will bring the Iowa State fans into the action at Jack Tice Stadium this Saturday. We know HearMeCheer can keep college sports fans and alumni engaged in every game, everywhere.” Andersen and his growing company believe HearMeCheer is a software platform that can increase fan engagement. HearMeCheer takes audio from fans watching at home and aggregates the sounds into one audio stream, which is provided to broadcasters and to feeds in ballparks, stadiums, and arenas. The sound from fans is converted into crowd noise using low-latency algorithms. Previously an Electrical Engineering major at the University of Toronto, the 20-year-old Andersen decided to leave college this past January to devote his attention to his start-up, ChampTrax, full-time. While pitching Major League Baseball teams the young company’s sports analytics platform at spring training sites in Arizona this past March accompanied by co-founder Jason Rubinstein, the pivot to develop HearMeCheer happened while Andersen was on an airplane returning to Toronto as the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the sports world. About HearMeCheer: HearMeCheer is an innovative fan engagement platform developed by the team at ChampTrax. The Toronto-based company has created an app that allows sports fans at home to actively engage with their favorite teams playing in ballparks, arenas, and stadiums around the world. HearMeCheer collects live fan noise, cheers, sounds and reactions into a live audio stream that is used by sports teams, leagues, and broadcasters in live game coverage. Additional information is available at . Contact Details Jim DeLorenzo +1 215-266-5943 Company Website

September 11, 2020 11:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Join Us Today for a Webinar on PR & Marketing Strategies for Raising Capital


Join us today, Thursday, September 10th at 4:00pm EST as REQ’s EVP of PR, Elizabeth Shea, and special guest, Parag Sheth of Outcome Capital will discuss how to position your company to be successful when pursuing a capital raise. In this session, we'll discuss: How to craft the PR and marketing strategies that position your company to be successful for a capital raise How to think creatively about value proposition and growth strategies How to navigate the current marketplace A little more about our speakers: Elizabeth Shea is EVP of Public Relations for REQ bringing more than 20 years of experience in the tech PR space, helping many companies navigate the messaging and strategies of both capital raises and merges and acquisitions. Parag Sheth is a Managing Director at Outcome Capital and serves as a Board Member of Mindshare and the Northern Virginia National Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth for over three years. He is a venture capital investor and a trusted advisor and business partner to companies in all stages of the growth spectrum. Click Here to Register About REQ A leading digital marketing and brand management company, REQ outpaces changes in today’s rapidly evolving media landscape by bringing brand marketing, reputation management, advocacy, and business results to new heights. It delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions and technologies that define, connect, and protect brands — serving global companies and leaders in technology, healthcare, government, real estate, hospitality, retail, and finance. The company has been named to both the Inc. 500 and Deloitte Fast 500 lists as one of the fastest-growing companies in America and has received over 200 creative, performance, and workplace awards. For more information, visit Contact Details Lisa Throckmorton +1 703-287-7803 Company Website

September 10, 2020 11:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Signarama , the world’s leading sign franchise, is excited to announce that it is the official title sponsor of the World Axe Throwing League’s (WATL) 2020 Championship event for a second year. Referred to as the 2020 Signarama World Axe Throwing Championship, the event will take place December 4-6 at Bad Axe Throwing in Atlanta, Georgia. “Signarama‘s sponsorship isn’t just about putting our logo on a program name, it’s our way of connecting with the loyal, engaged and diverse audience that make up our customer base. Last year, we were blown away by the response of the World Axe Throwing League Championship. As this sport continues to grow and reach new audiences, we look forward to sharing the fun and action with everyone on December 6," said A.J. Titus, President of Signarama. The 2020 Signarama World Axe Throwing Championship will air live on ESPN3 on December 6 at 2 p.m. ET. Viewers will have the unique opportunity to watch the final six competitors throw live, including the chance to win the title of World Champion and the prize pool of $50,000. This year, WATL will also televise the World Championship for Big Axe competition and Duals where two competitors throw on the same target and compete against another two competitors. If you miss the action on December 6, check out the replay on December 13 at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN2. What started as a mission to create a forum for axe throwing facilities to establish official rules and regulations, the World Axe Throwing League has grown to 28 countries, over 266 affiliates and more than 300 locations worldwide since its inception. Today, the League is the largest professional association for axe throwing in the world. "We're excited to have Signarama be this year's title sponsor for a second year. With their ongoing support, we are confident that this will be the best televised event we’ve ever produced," said Mario Zelaya, Commissioner of the World Axe Throwing League. Signarama is part of a successful system of franchise brands under the United Franchise Group (UFG), and based in West Palm Beach, Florida. UFG has more than 1,600 franchisees in 80 countries worldwide. For more information about the 2020 Signarama World Axe Throwing Championship, visit . ABOUT WORLD AXE THROWING LEAGUE The World Axe Throwing League (WATL) is the global governing body of urban axe throwing. WATL was founded in 2017 by representatives from Canada, the United States of America, Brazil and Ireland. It has 25 axe throwing nations with affiliates. It organizes international tournament events such as the US Open, Canadian Open and most notably the World Axe Throwing Championship. ABOUT SIGNARAMA Signarama, the world’s largest sign franchise, offers branding and messaging solutions in addition to comprehensive sign and graphic services to consumers and commercial customers – from business signs, vehicle wraps, and digital signs, to advertising and marketing services. Signarama is part of a successful system of business-to-business franchise brands and development services under the United Franchise Group (UFG). As part of a $49-billion-plus worldwide sign market, Signarama has been at the forefront of the sign industry for over three decades. With more than 700 locations in 60 countries. For more information, visit . Contact Details Brittny Fuchs +1 561-812-6032 Company Website

September 10, 2020 11:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Fully Promoted® Now Offering Unique New Product to Combat Germs and Bacteria

Fully Promoted

Fully Promoted ®, the world’s largest branded products and marketing services franchise, announced today it will now offer nanoDefense ® products. The product line is comprised of recognizable, replaceable film that has a proprietary coating which activates in the presence of light to create a self-cleaning service. The surface engineered to repel contaminants allowing it to easily be wiped clean with water, but more importantly ingredients are actively involved in destroying organic compounds. The nanoDefense ® products are intended to be used by businesses on high touch surfaces in lighted areas, where the coating can work to remove viruses, bacteria, and contaminants. Fully Promoted recommends using the products on doors, elevator buttons, restrooms, touchscreens, self-service items and on mass transit. “Offering the nanoDefense ® products to our customers is another way that Fully Promoted is helping businesses get back to business,” said Mike Brugger, Fully Promoted brand President. “Businesses will find comfort in knowing that high touch points throughout their facilities are combating the growth and spread of contagions. Employees will be equally comfortable knowing that their work environment is safer.” In addition to offering nanoDefense ® , Fully Promoted offers a vast selection of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that will help businesses get back to business. Most recently, Fully Promoted launched social distancing bracelets for networking events. The color-coded wristbands indicate an individuals preferred level of interaction. A member of the United Franchise Group, Fully Promoted can access more than half a million promotional products . For more information about Fully Promoted, the nanoDefense ® products, or to receive a product sample, contact your local Fully Promoted store. About Fully Promoted Fully Promoted has 300 locations across the globe. The brand operates a full-service branded products and marketing service business and is the place to attract customers. From promotional products and embroidery to expert printing services, Fully Promoted can help take businesses to the next level. Fully Promoted also offers an office-based model allowing franchisees to operate their business using a developed network of resources. To find the Fully Promoted nearest you, visit , and for franchising opportunities, visit . Contact Details Brittny Fuchs +1 561-812-6032 Company Website

September 09, 2020 10:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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New survey shows strained PR pro – journalist relationship

News Direct

Today, News Direct and PRWeek released survey results on the current state of media outreach to gain better and more timely insights into the PR pro –journalist relationship. Among the key findings, only one out of 10 journalists “always” trust the information contained in press releases -- reflecting a deficit of trust that is fundamental to the dynamic between communicators and journalists. This is the first in a series of articles that will delve deeper into the primary challenges that journalists and communicators face and offer solutions on ways to work together more effectively. The relationship between PR professionals and journalists has endured for more than half a century. From print to digital news formats, a 24/7 news cycle and the ubiquity of social media, the relationship has evolved, yet the fundamentals remain the same. “Despite the very real challenges that exist in the PR pro - journalist relationship, there’s also common ground, which is why the relationship, when it works best, is symbiotic. Our goal at News Direct is to bridge these two ecosystems to enable both journalists and PR professionals to do their best work,” said Gregg Castano, Founder and CEO, News Direct. Castano continued, “Survey findings indicate that with the right tools, knowledge and insights, PR pros can help journalists do their jobs more effectively. Working together, they can deliver information and content to audiences that inform, excite and inspire.” Below are key insights from the survey results: Avoid pitching mistakes : With the pitch at the core of media relations, it’s crucial that PR pros get it right, yet 89% of journalists report that they miss the mark by not researching the publication before pitching. Among other pitfalls for corporate communicators to avoid are excessive follow-up, providing outdated content and not giving enough lead time on a story. The power of a pithy headline : A full 94% of communications pros and 91% of journalists rank the press release headline as the most important in capturing audience attention, with media pros specifically seeking a “catchy but informative headline that’s not exaggerating.” Both parties also agree that the introductory paragraph is the second most critical element. Strengthen the relationship : Nearly 42% of journalists say PR pros do not make their jobs easier, and over 25% say the relationship has regressed over the last five years. One key to improving the dynamic is newswire services, a source both communications and media professionals trust for their legitimacy of content, efficiency and reach. Multimedia is a must : Comms pros are doing a better job of sharing more multimedia content than they did three years ago, according to 80% of PR pros and nearly 70% of journalists. PR professionals need vendor partners that can help them expand their distribution of this content efficiently. In fact, nearly 60% surveyed say they would benefit from using a newswire to share multimedia assets. A need for greater value and security : Over 40% of comms pros note, when using a wire service, that they do not have enough targeting options to distribute content to the audiences they need. Further, over 40% report they don’t have a sense of the ROI on their efforts with online outlets, underscoring the need for more discrete measurement tools. Additionally, both PRs (80.4%) and journalists (74.2%) agree that maintaining data security is important during the media outreach process. The survey was conducted in May 2020 among 200 communications and media professionals in the United States. About News Direct News Direct is redefining the content and news distribution industry – and we’re doing it from the ground up. That’s because the News Direct platform was designed and built from the ground up, to reinvent content delivery, re-engineer workflow, revitalize metrics and ROI, and bring security and pricing into the 21st century. News Direct is purpose-built. Client-focused. Dedicated to modern media outreach, and to the PR and IR professionals who need a platform to make them the best they can be. To learn more visit or follow us on LinkedIn , Twitter and Facebook . Contact Details Ally O'Hara +1 212-404-6609 Company Website

September 09, 2020 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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