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Article thumbnail News Release Is Bridging the Gap Between The Digital World and Reality By Bringing Virtual Characters to Life

Imagine interacting with a virtual character from an anime series in real life, being able to connect with them on an interpersonal level, get to know their personality, emotions, and preferences. It almost sounds like a childhood dream come true, only it’s a very real reality thanks to and the power of AI technology. Leveling up on the realistic interactivity,, an AI/AR-focused tech company, is on a mission to create multiple platforms where people can live their everyday life alongside their favorite virtual characters. The innovative company is currently focusing on developing a technology platform that can bring one’s favorite virtual characters straight to their smartphone. Wonder X, a virtual character adventure game created to give users the ability to interact with a full scale life sized virtual character, came to fruition just before Lin and his team’s current passion platform., founded in March of 2019, is the next step in creating the user virtual companion platform they are working towards daily. However, Wonderverse is the platform that will give life to the ability of living alongside a virtual companion, perhaps a character you have grown up receiving entertainment from. Lin grew up playing video games and anime, and like most kids his age, he would fantasize about what it would be like if the characters in his game were real. When he founded he wanted to utilize cutting edge technology to create a multicomponent platform that could bring these well-loved characters to this dimension. During his masters at the University of Cambridge, he proposed merging a virtual component and real-world content as his end of year project. This would have been made possible using virtual reality headsets if any of the instructors or students could envision his dream. Instead of imagining the lives changed by this new technology, it was shut down and labelled “ridiculous.” Undeterred, Michael Lin went on to help create wonderverse where players can live alongside right next to their favourite virtual character. Inside the wonderverse platform, all virtual characters become the AI companions to the users, “I prefer to build the future than to actually predict it, and I was right,” says Lin. The technical definition of an AI companion is any IP, cartoon character, avatar, or anime character, with a personality, feelings, behavior, storyline, and preferences, that has the ability to interact with the user in real time. When you combine the virtual character with artificial intelligence and augmented reality you release the advanced capabilities of your virtual companion, anywhere at any time. These characters can converse, chat, and speak with their own unique voices and personas. They can share real-life physical interactions in AR and share lifestyles with users. They can form relationships, socialize, and even display human emotions with users. Seeing the potential of this technology, decided to collaborate with and first implement the technology in the vTubing market. Dreaming of the day when people can finally have a personal interaction with virtual characters they love,, partnered with Phase-Connect, one of the biggest vTubing agencies in North America. Together they plan to take people one big step closer to the goal of “bringing virtual reality and characters to life.” For the first time, they are breaking the traditional barrier of talking through a chatroom and fans are sharing the same space as their most loved personality. This is only the beginning of the future of user-companion interactivity and with daily innovation you can expect revolutionary gifts from their team of creators. As a user you’ll soon find interactions to be as simple as opening your mobile device or walking out of your bedroom to live alongside a genuine persona, no scripts, no pre-planning, just top of the line AI tech driven conversations. Wonderverse will create the new standard of AI technology, proving what is possible when you align a vision with persistence and passion. “Our love for virtual characters inspires our work. Everyone in the company grew up with games, comics, and novels where they all had their own favorite character they wanted to bring to life. They strive to do that very thing daily with the goal in mind that these characters bring lifestyle value to the users, not just superficial conversation.” To learn more about and keep up with their pioneering productions, visit About are cultivating a world where Artificial General Intelligence can live amongst people as equals and relate to them on an interpersonal level. By giving each of those AI Companions a character of their own, design AI companions, who complement people in their everyday lives. Hereby, creating a world where users live alongside their favorite characters. Company Name: Contact Person: Michael Lin Email: Website Link: Social Media Links: Contact Details Michael Lin Company Website

December 23, 2022 06:36 AM Eastern Standard Time

Article thumbnail News Release

7 Best Essay Writing Services 2023: Legit Paper Writing Websites

Writing Solutions

Are you looking for a professional essay writing service that delivers quality content reliably? If so, you are not alone. Many people are choosing to buy essay writing services, especially as more people attend university or college and realize they simply don’t have time to get everything done. There are many reasons to use these types of services. You might be too busy with final exams or work to get your essays done on time. Using an essay writing service can actually save you time, energy and mental strength for more important ventures, like work. You can also use these services to help give you a better idea of what a great essay on a certain subject looks like, so that you can improve your own writing in the future. Or you can use these services for essays in unimportant subjects, so that you can redirect your primary focus towards your major. Regardless of why you want someone to write your essay, there is one hard truth to face: it can be surprisingly hard to find the best essay writing service. Some companies delivery poor quality results, don’t cover the subject you need, or they don’t even deliver at all and scam you out of your money. How do you tell the “dud” companies from the professional companies? Look no further than this guide. We understand how hard it is to find a great essay writing service, which is why we’ve prepared this guide to the best essay writing services that you’ll find today. These are reliable, legitimate websites that will deliver quality results on time, every time. If you’re ready to take some weight off your academic shoulders, take a look at the following guide that will help you find writing services to suit your needs in 2023. Looking for a quick fix? Here is our top 7 list. 99Papers - the absolute best essay writing service to use in 2023. PaperHelp - a highly rated writing company based in the USA. 1Essay - professional college paper writers to hire Studdit - newest website with TOP writers EssayPro - cheap essay writing company EssayBox - one of the best website to buy essays online MyAdmissionEssay - write my admission essay provider. Ready to find out more about these great services? Read on to explore their reviews! The List of 7 Best Essay Writing Services 2022/23 1. 99Papers 99Papers is the top essay writing service out there today. They provide customizable essay writing services and a money back guarantee that will make you feel at ease about buying essays from them. Features 99Papers features a 100% money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with your essay, along with a plagarism-free guarantee. 99Papers uses special software to detect plagiarism. This is especially critical in today’s digital world. How it Works 99Papers is very easy to use. First, you provide the website with the basic information about your essay: what type of essay it is (such as academic essay versus general essay); the academic level; the deadline; and how many pages the essay needs to be. 99Papers estimates 275 words per page, so keep this in mind. Once you provide the service with this information, they will get back to you with a confirmation of the price for your content. If you want to move forward, you can pay and the order will start. If you’d like, you can talk to the writer assigned to your essay. This will help you to make sure that the writer understands what you need from your essay. They can even provide you with an outline of the work. The final draft of the essay will be sent to you for approval before the deadline. Once you accept it, you can download it. Pricing 99Papers pricing will vary depending on factors like the type of essay; academic level; deadline; and page number. Their high school level essay writing starts at $9.95 per page for essays due in more than 15 days; and goes all the way to $55.50 per page for PhD level writing that is due within 3 hours. The website provides a handy chart and pricing calculator that is easy to use. From January 2023 you can use promo code D1HV77R8 to get 5% discount on your order. 99Papers Customer Review "I chose 99Papers to write my essay because of the good reviews I found online. I really liked how customized the entire process was, and the fact that I could talk to the writer who was working on my essay. I let them know about a few stylistic things I’d like in my essay, and they were accommodating for that. I also liked that I didn’t feel blindsided by the essay quality. I got an outline and approved it, and got to approve the final draft. I was worried I might need to request a refund because I’d never used them before, but the quality was great!" 2. PaperHelp PaperHelp is a top essay writing service company in the United States with plenty of features. Features PaperHelp has some unique features. These include optional paid extras that can improve your experience. Their optional extras included: VIP customer support; #1 priority in customer support and fast feedback; Plagiarism report; a report proving that the paper does not contained plagiarism; Abstract page; an abstract for content that requires it; Sources; a report providing sources used for the essay; Outline or table of contents; formatted TOC or outline for the essay; Editor checking; extra proofreading from an expert editor; Charts; charts and graphics; Writer category; choosing a writer from PaperHelp's writing categories, Basic, Advanced and TOP. How it Works The PaperHelp order process is straightforward. You provide the service with information using their provided form, which requires you to tell them the type of paper, page number, and deadline. You must also explain the essay's requirements with as much detail as possible. Then, you submit this information with a valid email. Your email will be used to log into the website, and you can pay from there. Then, you can track and manage your order using the website or app. Pricing PaperHelp's pricing will vary depending on a few factors, including the deadline, academic level, and pages required for the essay. Pricing starts at $10 per page for high school writing and a minimum $21 per page for professional writing. Best price you can get at February 2023 with Happy New Year discount codes from the service main page. One unique element of PaperHelp's pricing is that you can choose between three different types of writers, which can also influence the price. Basic writers are standard writers. Advanced writers are native English writers who are considered the top in a particular field. And TOP writers are native English writers who have the best ratings. The optional features explained above are also available for an additional cost. For instance, the VIP customer support extra is an additional $14.99. PaperHelp Customer Review "I was nervous about having an essay writing on a complex topic, but I decided to give PaperHelp a try. Overall, I was really impressed. I felt their prices were fair, especially considering the complex nature of my essay. It was delivered on time. I really liked that there was an app I could use to keep track of my order, it made things a lot easier. I found out you actually get discounts for using their service more than once, and since I was satisfied with my essay, I’ll definitely be going back for more in the future." 3. 1Essay 1Essay is a quality essay writing company known for providing more affordable essays compared to its counterparts. Features 1Essay does not have a lot of frills, but this is reflected in the affordable pricing. Their primary features include customer service support that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customer service can provide you with updates on your order or help you with anything you need. Other features include profiles of the writers which can provide you with credentials. These are available upon request only. How it Works Ordering from 1Essay simple. First, you fill out their inquiry form on their website. This form asks you to clarify the type of essay, the academic level, and the deadline. After you send in this inquiry, you can provide additional information so that the website service can confirm a price quote for you. You can connect with the writer at anytime, in case you wanna check with the progress of your essay or to provide some additional information such as notes or stylistic choices. Your essay will then be delivered before the deadline so that you can approve it and to make sure you will have it in time period in time. Pricing 1Essay’s pricing starts at $9 per page for high school writing and a minimum of $25 for PhD level writing. The pricing will vary depending on the deadline; it might also vary depending on the type of essay and topic. 1Essay Customer Review "I was a bit nervous because there weren't many features that I am used to seeing on other writing service websites. However, the S I received was really great quality, especially considering the price was blower. Despite the lower price, the writing was really high quality and professional. I felt the writer really understood the subject and the assignment." 4. Studdit Studdit is a homework help website that includes essay writing services. Features The most unique feature of this website is the ability to use free revisions. These will ensure that your SA meets your needs even before it is finished. They also provide rush services for an additional fee, for those days when you need an essay done fast. How it Works Ordering an essay from this website is fairly straightforward. First, use the order inquiry form to provide the website with essential information about your essay. This includes the academic level, the deadline and the page number. Keep in mind that your final quote may be different depending on any extras you order or the overall complexity of your essay. You can check on your order while it is being written and processed. You get at least one free revision with your purchase price. Once it is approved, you can download it. Don’t forget to rate your writer afterwards. If you like the writer, you can even add them to your favourites. Pricing Studdit’s pricing starts at $10 per page for high school writing and $21 per page for professional writing, or writing for Master’s Degree and higher. The closer the deadline, the higher the price. Studdit Customer Review "Studdit was really helpful in getting my essay done on time and professionally. Even though the topic was difficult, I feel like the writer did enough research to make it sound well-researched and thought out. I also liked that it was delivered on time, so I didn't have to worry about it being late. The website was easy to use and when I reached out to customer service for some help, I got a fast reply." 5. EssayPro EssayPro is the cheapest essay writing service with dedicated writers and great customer service. Features This service offers a few additional features, such as optional plagiarism reports for an additional fee. The most notable feature is the ability to choose the writer you want for your essay. After you choose a writer, you make a payment deposit. You only finish payment after your essay has been finished and approved. How it Works Using the services simple. First, you need to provide them with the basic information about the essay you need written. This includes the deadline, page number as well as the academic level period from there, your order inquiry will be approved with a final price quote. Then, you choose your writer and make a payment deposit. Once the essay is finished and you have approved it, you can download it for your use. You can always contact customer service during the order. If you have any questions. Pricing EssayPro’s writing starts from $10.80 per page. The pricing can vary considerably depending on the academic level, topic and deadline. EssayPro Customer Review "The best writing service I’ve used. I really liked how simple the order process was, because I didn’t have time to fuss around. The prices were fair, especially considering the high quality of the essay I received. I really feel that this service employs the best professional writers, even on niche topics that are somewhat difficult to understand." 6. EssayBox EssayBox provides quality essays at affordable prices. Features EssayBox has several unique features. One of the services most unique features is its originality reports. These reports ensure that your essay is original and won’t be considered plagiarism. Other features including free title pages, free outlines, free bibliographies, and free revisions. How it Works First, you provide the service with the basic information about the essay you need written. This includes academic level, deadline and page count. Once they have approved this information, you’ll be provided with a confirmed price quote. If you would like to move forward, make your payment and a writer will start working on your essay as soon as possible. You can check on the content while it is being written, and request revisions during or after the essay is finished so that it meets your needs. Pricing Prices start at $12 per page for high school writing or $28per page for PhD writing; this is within 15 day+ deadlines. Promo code F96MZSFW for 5% will be valid from March to May 2023. EssayBox Customer Review "Wow! I can’t believe how quickly they got my essay done. I’m so glad I chose the service, because I was really in a pinch. Not only did they get my essay to me on time, but it was well written and exactly what I needed. I will definitely use their services in the future, especially if I have something that needs to be done quickly. I also appreciated how prompt their customer service was when I reached out with my inquiry." 7. MyAdmissionEssay MyAdmissionEssay is a writing service that specializes in admission’s essays. Features In addition to regular writing services, the service specializes in admissions essays. Their features include a loyalty program that can provide you with bonuses and discounts, along with the ability to choose writers in different categories. How it Works First, you provide the service with the basic information about your essay or admissions essay. Then, you’ll be provided with a firm price quote. If you move forward, you can contact the writer you choose during the writing process to ensure that you are on the same page. After the essay is finished, and you approve it, you can download it for your use. Pricing Pricing for admissions essays starts at $20 per page for essays due in 20 days or longer. Pricing for regular essays starts at $11 per page for high school and $19 per page for professional. MyAdmissionEssay Customer Review "I use them for my admissions essay and I couldn’t be happier. They delivered it on time and I felt that the ability to choose a more professional writer helped me to get better content overall." Frequently Asked Questions The following are the most frequently asked questions about getting an essay written. How much does it cost to buy an essay online? If you tell an essay writing service, simply, “I want you to write my essay, what is your price?” then you’re not likely to get a clear answer. The reason for this is because the cost of getting an essay written online can vary depending on numerous factors. The most important factors to consider are: academic level, amount of pages, and deadline. The higher the academic level - think high school to postgraduate - the higher the price. This is because it takes more experienced, professional and knowledgeable writers to create content for college-level topics than writing intended for a high school essay. Most essay writing services will price their essays “per page,” meaning you need to multiply the page count by this price. For instance, if a service charges $10 per page for a high school essay and the essay needs to be 8 pages, the price would be $80 as a base rate. Finally, you need to consider the deadline. The sooner you need your essay delivered, the more it is going to cost due to the rush service. The amount that a company charges for a rush service will vary on the company and how quickly you need the essay. As a general rule, expect to spend anywhere from $10 to $50 per page for an essay, with the above factors in mind. Are essay writing services legitimate in the United States in 2023? They can be. The key to ensuring that the essay writing service that you’re using is legitimate is to do some research. Only purchase from websites with authentic reviews, and always look up the company on several websites to make sure that it’s legitimate. Of course, the top 7 writing services that we’ve listed are all known for providing legitimate work. But if you do decide to venture to other services, especially newer ones, it’s important to do some research in order to avoid being scammed. There are several things to consider when you are trying to decide if a writing service is legitimate. First, how new is the service? If it’s not established, you’ll have to try harder to find out information or to look for reviews. Always take a look at the legitimate reviews posted outside of the website, such as on social media or independent blogs. What do these buyers say? People are more likely to be honest with reviews when they’re posted outside the service’s website. Another thing to consider is the overall clarity of the website. Does the service offer information about who they are, why they are qualified to write essays, and what prices they charge? If so, they are more likely to be legitimate. What are the simple steps to order an essay online? It can be daunting to order a written essay online, but once you understand the process that most of these writing services use, you’ll be an expert in no time. The first thing you need to do is gather all of the information about the essay you need written. This includes the academic level, the topic, the page number, and the deadline. You should also keep any special requirements handy. For instance, if your essay needs to be written in a certain format, this is information the website service will need to know. Next, you’ll need to choose the essay writing service you want to order from; ideally, consider one of the top 7 services we’ve listed and reviewed, as these are the best options for essay writing in 2023. Then, contact the writing service through their ordering page. This may involve submitting a form or otherwise providing the service with the necessary information. Once you’re on the website’s checkout page, you can confirm the total cost and make your payment. After that, all you need to do is wait for your essay to be written and delivered. It should be noted that you should keep an eye on the email you used for this order, just in case the writing service needs additional information to complete your essay. What is the best essay writing service in 2023? 99Papers is the best essay writing service to use in 2023. They have experienced, professional writers who work with you to ensure that your essay meets the criteria that you need. Although other services may still provide quality content, if you’re looking for the best of the best, then this is the company you should choose. A highly customizable process helps to ensure that you match with a writer who can deliver a high quality essay on time period their pricing may be a bit higher than some of the other services, but the high quality you receive is well worth the trade off. Another great element of 99Papers is the fact that they have a money back guarantee. This can help ease your mind if you are worried about the quality of the essay you will receive. In addition to this, there are plagiarism detector will make sure that your essay features no plagiarism and is authentically written. If you are looking for an essay writing service that truly has it all, you can do no better than 99Papers. Quality essays, reliable service, and a very customizable order experience all help this website to stand out from the rest. What is the best website to hire college paper writer in USA? PapersHelp is the best website to hire a college paper writer based in the USA. Their content is high quality, delivered on time and they understand the college essay writing process better than many other services. When you are looking to hire an essay writing service, it is critical that you choose someone who knows what they are doing. The features offered by the service also make it an exceptional choice when it comes to getting a college essay written. If you were looking for an essay writing service that specializes in college essay writing, while also being based in the USA, this is the best option. What is the cheapest essay writing company worldwide? EssayPro is the cheapest option when it comes to essay writing. If you’re looking for an essay writer that provides quality content without breaking the bank, then this is an excellent choice. Although they don’t offer as many frills as other essay writing services, they still provide quality content that is delivered on time. If you were looking for an essay writing service that offers great content that meets your needs, this is definitely the most affordable option. Remember, you won’t be getting as many features as you would with other websites, but this is the trade off for paying less money overall. U.S. colleges with the hardest requirements for an essay writing Every college or university has different requirements when it comes to essay writing for their students. Some colleges place hardly no emphasis on essay writing at all, while others have difficult requirements that can put a lot of pressure on students to perform well in their essays. The following are the top U.S. colleges with the hardest requirements for essay writing in 2023, along with a note about what makes them so hard. University of Michigan University of Michigan requires a total of 4 admissions essays, including 3 supplementary essays. These essays are known for their tough questions. University of Notre Dame The University of Notre Dame requires a total of 4 admission essays, including 3 supplemental essays with difficult, often philosophical questions. Amherst College Amherst College is known for its rigorous admission essay requirements; the essay prompts are based on quotes provided by previous or existing Amherst students. Applications can also choose to submit exceptional, existing graded papers from previous schooling. Brown University Brown requires 4 admissions essays that involve research and intimate knowledge of Brown University. Tufts University Tufts has difficult but creative admission essays that are challenging to applicants. California Institute of Technology CIT requires a total of 8 admissions essays with diverse, engaging but tough prompts. Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT requires applications to complete a total of 5 admissions essays that require research and thoughtful consideration. University of Chicago The University of Chicago is known for requiring 3 supplemental essays with very creative prompts that can be difficult to answer. Princeton University Princeton will require four essays, including a regular admissions essay. The prompts are often personal, while requiring deep thought. Stanford University Stanford University has a very rigorous application process which requires numerous tests, transcripts, and reports. They also require a total of 11 supplemental admissions essays with creative, engaging but very challenging prompts. The high number of essays, along with the additional application requirements, is largely what makes Stanford’s essay requirements so difficult. Final Thoughts There are many reasons why you might choose to use an essay writing service. You might need help with a difficult topic or an admissions essay; you could be swamped from work and need someone else to take the weight off your shoulders; or you simply want to buy an essay because you don’t feel like writing your essay at the moment. Whatever your reason for wanting to find the best essay writing service, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. One, if at all possible, use one of the services discussed in the article above. These websites provide the best services at reasonable rates, and you’ll find that they are highly reliable and will meet your needs every time. Two, make sure you have all of your essay information ready before you start comparing prices across the different services. This will make it easier to input your information to get a price quote, and you’ll spend less time trying to find information like your page count or requirements. Three, remember that you’ll need to pay more money for different types of writing. Buying an essay intended for high school is going to cost you less than an essay for college or a post-graduate level; the pricing can also be impacted by when you need it by, as well as the page count. Finally, remember to always do your research before you commit to purchasing an essay from any essay writing service. When you do roper research, you’ll be able to eliminate sketchy websites that deliver low quality results--or don’t deliver at all. For best results, stick with experienced, legitimate websites that have great reviews and employ professional writers that know what they’re doing. We highly recommend that, if you’re ready to buy an essay, you should strongly consider using one of the top 7 best essay writing service companies updated in December 2022 and listed above for using in the next year. Contact Details Will Collins Company Website

December 22, 2022 06:02 PM Eastern Standard Time

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A Day In The Life Of A Crypto Trader: Profitable Tips & Risk Management Tactics


Markets are never easy to navigate, no matter how skilled or experienced you are as a trader. Crypto trading is even more stressful than other asset classes due to the 24/7 market that never sleeps and significant volatility relative to other trading instruments. Here is a glimmer into the day in the life of a crypto trader, complete with profitable trading tips and capital-protecting risk management tactics, plus how to get the most out of your trading career. Crypto Trader Daily Checklist, Strategies, & More A crypto trader begins their day glancing over a custom-built watchlist to get a read on any major changes that might have occurred overnight that could impact any anticipated or open positions. If limit orders were set, active orders would be the next logical stop before to see what did or didn't fill. They might also check the news via a social media feed like Twitter for faster updates about what's trending. With the first few moments of focus on catching up on nighttime volatility, with a sigh of relief or with renewed confidence, the trader will next check price charts. A quick look at candlesticks can be enough to tell more experienced traders a lot about what's going on in the market. For example, wicks suggest support or resistance has been found, while large candle bodies suggest there was a lot of force behind the movement. Depending on the type of trader they are, they might check a variety of different timeframes. Longer-term swing traders might examine the monthly, weekly, and daily, while day traders will watch timeframes from the daily down to the hourly and even the minute-by-minute tick. Combining candlestick chart patterns with signals from technical indicators for confirmation can help to ensure any trades taken are profitable. Smart traders watch for a breakout on high volume and often play it patiently and wait for a retest of the breakout trend line before taking a trade. Stop losses get placed according to proximity to support or resistance, while take profit orders are placed in advance to ensure paper gains are locked in when the target is met. In today's macro conditions, crypto trading has additional demands that must be met in order to survive. For example, buy-and-hold strategies are out the window during a crypto winter, replaced with more flexible long and short positions on leverage. The most elite traders know how to get hedged during volatility and build a risk-averse portfolio of uncorrelated assets. Before bed, the same trader will re-review the market and move stop losses accordingly in case volatility hits while they're fast asleep. Overnight hours are often the time when liquidity is the thinnest and volume is low – the perfect time for whales to play games and stop out traders while they rest. When these traders wake up, they do it all over again, with no breaks – because the crypto market even trades on the weekends. PrimeXBT Mobile App: The Perfect Trader Companion Clearly, being a crypto trader is more challenging than influencers might try to make it look. It requires patience, dedication, skill, training, and complete control over one's emotions. There is no room for FOMO or fear, only risk versus reward. Traders can make their lives a little bit easier by picking up the perfect trader's companion app – the PrimeXBT mobile app for Android and iOS devices. From the moment a trader opens their eyes first thing in the morning, they have access to the hottest global markets at the tips of their fingers. The PrimeXBT app lets anyone build a custom watch list of assets like gold, Bitcoin, oil, the S&P 500, and many more. More than 100 different trading instruments are available under one roof. With access to a wide variety of global markets, it's easier to build a portfolio of uncorrelated assets. PrimeXBT also provides built-in technical analysis software, so there is no need to juggle several apps or platforms just to get a read on the market. Chart where you trade for added convenience. The tools include all of the most popular technical indicators, such as the RSI, Stochastic, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR, and others. Draw support and resistance, trend lines, Fibonacci retracement, or get creative. If you need help putting all these powerful trading tools to use, PrimeXBT also offers an educational website called the PrimeXBT Trading Academy, complete with video tutorials, trading tips, and market updates. All content is directed by expert trader Dirk Hartig with more than 20 years of trading under his belt. The free educational materials are some of the best investments you can make. PrimeXBT Contests offers traders a risk-free and no-stress break from global markets, with weekly trading competitions using virtual funds. With no loss of personal funds, traders can have fun, compete for prizes, or use the simulated market environment for backtesting trading strategies and stepping up their game. When it is time to get some sleep, traders can rest assured that their funds are secure and entrusted in an award-winning margin trading platform. Recently, PrimeXBT was awarded the Most Trusted Crypto-Asset Trading Platform by Crypto Expo Dubai. The platform utilizes bank-grade security and a strict cold storage process for protecting customer funds. Make Life As A Trader More Manageable With PrimeXBT If you are a trader, and this sounds a lot like your life – or if this is the life you aspire to have as a trader – then consider PrimeXBT as the solution to staying on top of global crypto markets that are always on, no matter if its a holiday, night, or weekend. The top-notch trading tools let traders of any skill level stay profitable and protect capital. The PrimeXBT app is completely free to download from the Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS users. Convenience, safety, and control are just a few taps or clicks away with the PrimeXBT trading platform. This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Benzinga +1 877-440-9464 Company Website

December 22, 2022 01:45 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Roberts & Ryan Inc. is pleased to announce our selection into Northern Trust Asset Management’s 2023 Minority Broker Program

Roberts & Ryan Investments, Inc.

America’s first Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned broker-dealer, Roberts and Ryan, is pleased to be selected into Northern Trust Asset Management’s 2023 Minority Broker Program. NTAM, with its long-standing commitment to ensuring diversity and inclusion within the investment industry, has expanded the program from eleven firms in 2019 to sixteen in 2023. “We look forward to working with both the new and returning member firms of our Minority Brokerage Program,” Northern Trust Asset Management’s Chief Investment Officer Angelo Manioudakis said. “The application and selection process are quite rigorous, so we have complete confidence that chosen firms will provide the high level of service for which clients have been turning to NTAM for decades.” “Roberts & Ryan is very appreciative of NTAM’s support for selecting us into their Minority Broker Program, and we are excited to work with them,”, Roberts and Ryan’s CEO, Ed D’Alessandro, said. “We are proud to have developed our services to the level where organizations like NTAM see value. We are extremely grateful for their commitment to diversity and inclusion.” About Roberts and Ryan Investments, Inc. Roberts & Ryan Investments, Inc. is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned (SDVO) broker-dealer with execution capabilities in the capital markets, equities, and fixed-income trading. The firm was founded in 1987 by a United States Marine Corps Vietnam combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient. With over one million dollars in committed donations, Roberts & Ryan is active in donating to charitable foundations that make significant positive impacts in the lives of Veterans and their families, primarily focusing on general wellness, mental health, and career transition. Contact Details Joe Pecoraro +1 917-658-8945 Company Website

December 22, 2022 09:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

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CSG Praised as One of India’s Best Companies for Developing Great Managers


BANGALORE, Dec. 22, 2022 – CSG ® (NASDAQ: CSGS) is proud to be a company that puts its people first. Today, People Business, a global human resources consulting firm, awarded CSG as one of India’s Best Companies for Great Managers. This achievement recognizes CSG’s commitment and capability to build and sustain a high-trust, high-performance culture that allows each person to thrive and enables teams to drive growth and success for our customers. “We couldn’t be prouder to be recognized as a company with great managers,” said Liz Bauer, Chief Experience Officer at CSG. “Our managers live and breathe our mission statement every day by channeling the power of all. They help their teammates engage, flourish, and thrive, bringing out their teams’ best selves and their best work. Counting so many of our colleagues in India among the country’s best managers is an honor.” CSG’s future-forward workplace philosophy allows employees to work from and grow in a space that best supports their productivity and effective work-life integration. This design emphasizes the continual promotion of personal growth and well-being and inspires global team collaboration to nurture talent wherever it is. With this mindset and supportive culture, great managers advance into great leaders and drive growth for CSG. “At CSG, our people are our most treasured resource, and we take pride in boosting their growth and well-being,” said Sudhansu Panigrahi, head of India operations at CSG. “This recognition is a testament to CSG’s commitment to creating career opportunities that develop great managers and support their growth as they lead teams to deliver unmatched value for our customers.” Earlier this year, CSG was certified as a Great Place to Work in India and recognized as both one of India’s Best Workplaces™ for Women 2022 and one of India’s Best Workplaces™ in IT & IT-BPM 2022. As part of this success in India, CSG has seen a 21% growth in its India employee base with 700 new hires and 300 internal promotions. To learn more about careers at CSG and our culture, visit CSG careers. # # # About CSG CSG empowers companies to build unforgettable experiences, making it easier for people and businesses to connect with, use and pay for the services they value most. Our customer experience, billing and payments solutions help companies of any size make money and make a difference. With our SaaS solutions, company leaders can take control of their future and tap into guidance along the way from our more than 5k-strong experienced global CSG services team. Want to learn more about how to be a change-maker and industry shaper like our 1,000-plus clients? Visit to learn more. Copyright © 2022 CSG Systems International, Inc. and/or its affiliates (“CSG”). All rights reserved. CSG® is a registered trademark of CSG Systems International, Inc. All third-party trademarks, service marks, and/or product names which are referenced in this document are the property of their respective owners, and all rights therein are reserved. Contacts: Kristine Østergaard Public Relations +44 (0)79 2047 7204 John Rea Investor Relations +1 (210) 687-4409 Contact Details Kristine Østergaard +44 7920 477204 Company Website

December 21, 2022 07:45 PM Mountain Standard Time

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MingZhu Logistics Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ: YGMZ) Acquires Feipeng for Approximately $15 Million USD


Big news out of China for MingZhu Logistics Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ: YGMZ) (“MingZhu”). MingZhu announced that it entered into a Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) with Feipeng Global Limited (“Feipeng”). Feipeng is a services provider of slack coal transportation that operates in Xinjiang, China, and is crucial for the “first and last mile” road-railway intermodal system in the region. MingZhu is a 4A-Grade trucking service provider with more than 1500 trucks in 29 regions throughout China. The acquisition will help the company expand into intermodal shipping which will allow for easy road-to-rail transportation. Intermodal transportation systems are often more cost and fuel-efficient, as well as reliable and sustainable. The SPA dictates that MingZhu acquired 100% of Feipeng for approximately $15 million USD. $10 million of that amount will be paid in cash, while Feipeng will receive the remaining amount in shares valued at approximately $5 million. The deal is expected to immediately increase MingZhu’s revenue, gross margin and net income. Feipeng’s location in Xinjiang is strategically important to MingZhu for manufacturing and commerce. MingZhu currently operates in 29 regions in China and this acquisition will be advantageous to the company’s growth. Mr. Jinlong Yang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MingZhu Logistics Holdings Limited, commented, "This is a material transaction for us, which gives us higher confidence in our growth prospects over the coming year. We are excited to have the Feipeng team join the Mingzhu family. There are immediate synergies between our two companies and the financial terms were compelling. Feipeng is known as a market leader in large cargo transportation networks. Our mutual focus on increased sustainability and efficiency for the logistics supply chain are directly aligned as we will now work together to execute Mingzhu's Scale strategy. We were impressed with the Feipeng team and look forward to working more closely together as part of our commitment to continued innovation. Our priority is to create a faster, even more efficient, intermodal transportation system to better serve key commerce centers, like Xinjiang. This will allow us to better facilitate bulk transfer by road to rail, as well as to ship coal by containers to improve the transport capacity." Established in 2002 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, MingZhu Logistics Holdings Limited is a 4A-rated professional trucking service provider. Based on the Company’s regional logistics terminals in Guangdong Province, MingZhu Logistics Holdings offers tailored solutions to our clients to deliver their goods through our network density and broad geographic coverage across the country by a combination of self-owned fleets, tractors and trailers and subcontractors’ fleets. For more information, please visit This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Global IR Partners David Pasquale +1 914-337-8801 MingZhu Logistics Holdings Limited Jingwei Zhang +86 186 5937 1270 Company Website

December 21, 2022 04:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Astraverse: Reinventing Fashion Retail Through Gaming

G2M Digital

Exclusive interview with Executive Team by G2M Digital The team at is on a mission to change how fashion retail works. By building the first virtual world for gamified retail, Astraverse is here to reinvent the way we shop fashion in a more environmentally-friendly and engaging manner. “We now have a large population that understands how to create an avatar, explore virtual worlds to find rare items and work within teams towards achieving social goals. This gives us a possibility to reinvent the fashion shopping experience for the next generation, and the Astraverse team is banking on making this a reality,” Luke Jeffers, Co-founder and Blockchain Game Development Lead of the team remarked. The team is now on a mission to build the first virtual world for gamified retail which allows people to interact with the brands close to their heart on a metaverse. Or as what the team had coined it, the “metacommerce” experience. Building since 2020 before the metaverse hype cycle began, the team have received grants from Epic Games & Meta and had 1000+ demo testers of 3 iterations at conferences like Decentral Austin, Zebu Live London & NFT London. They also managed to attract a 100+ brand waitlist and have grown their community to 20k members, while being accelerated by University of Cambridge I4SF, Nvidia Inception Programme, DeFine, Technation, KPMG. You may be thinking - how would this work? Now, Imagine a scenario where shopping is done through a 3D gaming experience, and everything happens by jumping into a virtual world with your avatar. "It’s the perfect time to things different, almost 10 years since Amazon came online and introduced a new way of shopping; the stars have aligned to reinvent fashion retail and gaming gives us the tools to achieve this," mentioned Niyi Okeowo, Art Direction Lead and Co-founder of In this universe that the team has created, the possibilities are endless. You can participate in weekly raffles or promotional events held by your favourite brands, or simply try out the latest Fall collection of the most luxurious brands with your avatar. Because all this happens in 3D, participating brands can manufacture and ship on demand to improve the environmental sustainability of the fashion industry. “We are adding an e-commerce system to the gaming front to create a new platform for a global, sustainable and gamified fashion retail solution. Just like how Amazon started with books, we plan to expand out of fashion into other retail categories over the next few years,” commented Delz Erinle, Founder of He currently leads the diverse team of 20+ employees ranging from design, web3 product, full-stack development and gaming backgrounds. The team believes strongly in a common goal - to add “metacommerce” in a futuristic-yet-familiar way that brings a level of physicality to the e-commerce experience. Some may question how much potential does the future of digital fashion hold, but they must understand that in the next 10 years, nearly 3 in 4 Gen-Z users are expected to spend money on digital fashion, with over 25% already spending from $20 to $100 or more on a single virtual item today. Having reached product market fit, the team has planned for a lot of partnerships in the upcoming years, including a launch with a global retailer that has everyone excited on how gaming and web3 to create a new experience that makes fashion retail more gamified and sustainable. Tune in to the exclusive executive interview with the core team at with G2M Digital and find out more on what they are building. Stay updated with the upcoming news from by following their Twitter or Instagram. Contact Details Delz Erinle +44 7423 506633 Company Website

December 21, 2022 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Don’t Let RSV, Flu, and Covid-19 Hijack Your Holidays


A video accompanying this announcement is available at: RSV, covid and flu are keeping kids out of school—parents out of work and unable to gather with their families. We are in the height of the Holiday travel season with sick children and now, older adults filling hospitals nationwide Flu and RSV usually circulates from late December to mid-February. But this year, an early spike in cases is resulting in markedly higher numbers of infections and hospitalizations. More importantly, RSV infections among young children and now older adults are filling many U.S. hospitals to capacity. On average, RSV leads to 58,000 hospitalizations among children under age 5 and 177,000 hospitalizations among adults 65 and older each year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To raise awareness about these significant concerns, Dr Emily Volk, President of the College of American Pathologists, conducted a nationwide media tour. Topics that Dr. Volk addressed included: What exactly RSV is and how it spread Why we are seeing a surge in RSV cases How someone can tell the difference between RSV, Flu, and Covid symptoms If families want to travel and be with their families, this holiday season what precautions are needed to do that safely If you want more information on testing, please visit: Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

December 21, 2022 10:09 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Last-Minute Holiday Gifting


A video accompanying this announcement is available at: The holiday scramble is something many consumers know all too well. Whether they’ve procrastinated on shopping or are crossing off the final names on their lists, Emmy-Award Winning Television Host and Lifestyle Expert, Marisa Brahney has compiled a last-minute gift list to help those looking for presents ahead of the big day. GIFT OF HEALTH, WELLNESS, AND ANCESTRY: Brahney’s first gift idea comes down to living a happier and healthier life. 23andMe gives people access to their DNA, everything from health, to traits, to ancestry. “When you take a 23andMe test you’ll get genetic insights backed by science to help you take greater control of your health. This includes over 150 personalized reports. You’ll also get a deeper look at your ancestry, with over 2,000 regions and population-specific reports,” says Brahney. For more information, go to Social Media: Facebook: @ 23andMe Instagram: @ 23andMe Twitter: @ 23andMe GIFT OF SWEETS: Chocolate, specifically Lindt chocolate, also makes Brahney’s list. She says, “It’s perfect to share with loved ones, make colleagues smile, or simply indulge on your own during this busy time of year.” Lindt Chocolate, the world-renowned Swiss chocolatier, has an extensive holiday collection, including chocolate figures perfect for stocking stuffers and seasonal chocolate gift boxes. However, the lifestyle expert recommends the brand’s holiday classic, LINDOR truffles. Each LINDOR truffle is finely crafted with a chocolate shell that envelops an irresistibly smooth, melting truffle filling. When you break the truffle’s shell, LINDOR starts to melt and so will you. The iconic LINDOR truffle was developed more than 50 years ago as holiday tree ornament. Today, it is a festive, favorite way to remind a friend or loved one how much they mean to you this holiday season. She points out that they’re available in classic milk chocolate and other seasonal flavors, such as white chocolate peppermint, in festive bags or gift boxes. For more information, go to, or find them at retailers nationwide. Facebook (@lindtchocolateusa): Instagram (@lindt_usa): GIFT OF MONEY: Data shows that receiving cash can be the preferred gift for many during the holidays, especially with the post-holiday economic forecast. Brahney’s final gift idea is to move on from the age-old faux pas of giving cash as a gift. Venmo and PayPal provide a quick and easy way to send money or digital gift cards. With PayPal and Venmo, “You’re able to manage holiday group expenses like splitting a cab to a party or sending a cash gift to your friends and family to spend however they’d like,” says Brahney. Gifters are also able to add a personal touch with an array of gift wraps including a limited-edition custom gift wrap from Mariah Carey, which adds sparkle to those last-minute gifts sent on Venmo. Sign up online or download Venmo and PayPal through the Apple or Google Play app stores. Direct Link: Social Media: Facebook: @PayPal Instagram: @PayPal Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

December 20, 2022 02:46 PM Eastern Standard Time

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