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7 Qualities Leaders Need to Succeed in the Post-Covid Era Assessment of leadership readiness and ensuring leaders are equipped to lead is crucial for future success

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According to Engagement Multiplier (www.engagementmultiplier.com) CEO Stefan Wissenbach, as the business landscape continues its rapid evolution, company leaders need to change with it, or risk being left behind.

A headline on the Inc.com website this week didn’t pull any punches: If You Don’t Make These 5 Changes, You’re Not a Great Leader Anymore. According to the author (in a nutshell) everything has changed, and what you were doing prior to the pandemic isn’t relevant now.

McKinsey doesn’t offer much comfort, either, in their article title “From Surviving to Thriving - Reimagining the Post-Covid19 Return.”

“In the heat of the coronavirus crisis, organizations have been forced to work in new ways, and they are responding…clear goals, focused teams, and rapid decision making have replaced corporate bureaucracy. Now, as the world begins to move into the post-COVID-19 era, leaders must commit to not going back.”

If these assertions are true, how does a leader even begin to understand what is working, and what they need to work on?

7 Qualities Leaders Need to Succeed in the Post-Covid Era

Stefan Wissenbach, founder of Engagement Multiplier, has isolated seven key qualities leaders need to succeed in this challenging moment:

These seven qualities are:

  • Courage
  • Credibility
  • Confidence
  • Connectedness
  • Consistency
  • Caring
  • Commitment

How each of these characteristics are perceived by employees contributes to the effectiveness of a leader. For additional detail on the impact each of these characteristics can have on employees, see The 7 Qualities Successful Leaders Need.

50% of Leaders Aren’t Equipped to Lead in the Future

According to a study by Gartner last year titled “Reshaping Leadership for the Future,” half of leaders surveyed don’t believe they’re well equipped to lead their organization into the future. Similarly, only half of employees surveyed for the same study said that their leaders effectively create vision for the future of their team.

The pressures the Covid19 crisis has wrought are not likely to have improved the situation for leaders. What will improve it is focused and thoughtful action to ensure leaders are equipped to lead, and just as importantly, have the confidence of the teams they’re leading.

Next Steps for Leaders

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