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3 Reasons Why You Should Verify Customer Email Addresses

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Only 57.21% of all the email addresses ZeroBounce verified last year were valid and safe to keep, which shows the prevalence of poor-quality data in email lists.

Email is the dominant communication channel of our time. With 4.3 billion users worldwide, more people use email now than ever. As a marketing channel, email is lucrative, but your success depends so much on the quality of your email list. Verifying your customer email addresses is thus a must – here’s why.

Almost 23 percent of your email list decays yearly. Company layoffs, people switching jobs or simply going with a different email provider means contacts that were previously valid will now bounce back. Aside from that, email lists acquire other types of low-quality emails, such as spam traps, disposable or abuse emails (users who will report you as spam).

Data decay affects email marketing ROI, but not verifying customer email addresses can have even more dramatic consequences. Recently, JPMorgan Chase was duped into buying Frank, an online student financial aid business. Frank boasted that it had attracted millions of users, but almost all of them – 4.25 million – were fake. JPMorgan Chase realized the deception after its team sent a mass email resulting in a 70 percent bounce rate. This whole disaster could have been prevented had JPMorgan Chase verified the email list.

What is email list verification?

Email verification is the process that allows you to remove invalid and harmful data from your list. An email verifier scans your database, identifies non-existent email addresses, and scrubs them within minutes.

Sadly, a lot of businesses aren’t aware of email verification. Sometimes it’s because they don’t fully grasp how valuable an asset their customers’ email addresses are. The best way to get the most out of an email list is to practice good email hygiene. It all starts with verifying the emails you gather to ensure they are legitimate.

Here are the top benefits of email verification.

Preserve your sender and brand reputation

When you don’t verify email addresses, your sender reputation will plummet. A lowered sender reputation will affect your email deliverability, meaning more and more of your emails will start landing in the spam folder. The chances of your emails being seen on time, if at all, are nil.

Think about all of the emails your company needs to send: transactional, opt-in notices, receipts, and notifications of shipping. When customers miss these messages, you run into problems. For example, let’s say you arrange an automated email that is triggered two days before an appointment. If nobody sees it, what good does it do?

Missed emails can lead to misunderstandings, annoyed customers, wasted time, and a lot of aggravation for you. You can eliminate most of these issues if you check your email list consistently. ZeroBounce gives you an uncomplicated, proactive system to help stop your emails from going to the spam folder.

ZeroBounce verifies 100,000 emails in 45 minutes, identifying invalid and other types of contacts that prevent you from reaching the inbox,

Avoid spending money on dead leads

There’s no better way to reach your people than by email, as it is the method consumers prefer over all others. However, not all email addresses are equal. Sometimes, users abandon their email addresses after changing jobs or schools. In other cases, the customer makes an error when entering the email address.

You should be aware that far more nefarious types of bad data are on many email lists. For example, some customers use disposable email addresses, also known as temporary emails, that are active for only a brief time. Even worse, there are spam traps that sometimes find their way into legitimate company email databases. Verify the legitimacy of the leads you gather so that you can make the most of them and boost conversions. Verifying customer email addresses strengthens all of the crucial metrics: open rates, clickthrough rates (CTR), conversion rates, and ROI.

Strengthen marketing by keeping bots away

One of the first steps in strengthening your marketing is finding out who your customers aren’t. That means no bots, spam traps or email addresses that will bounce.

You don’t want to waste resources or time marketing your offerings to uninterested people or, even worse, fake or inactive email addresses. Email verification helps you get rid of the contacts with no marketing potential, bots and toxic emails. Humans often can’t tell bots and legitimate emails apart - but great email verifiers can.

Bonus tip: Once you’ve eliminated damaging emails, you can go the extra mile and fine-tune your marketing even more. ZeroBounce allows you to determine who your most active and promising subscribers are. Check out the Activity Data tool to see which of your subscribers has been most active in their inboxes lately. With more information about the people on your list, you can do a better job with your marketing.

Keep your company’s integrity pristine

Spam has a negative connotation, and for excellent reasons. First of all, it’s a nuisance. Although laws vary depending on the country, it’s generally forbidden. There is no place where spam gives a positive impression. Don’t be associated with spam-like behavior.

For the public to hold a company in high esteem, it has to be reputable. With data and privacy breaches regularly making headline news, your business can’t afford to appear careless. Remember JPMorgan Chase’s email fumble? It could have been avoided with just a little awareness of email standards.

In addition to obeying laws and being a considerate sender, you can’t neglect checking your email list health. Be vigilant in removing inactive or harmful email addresses. It’s essential to your organization’s reputation.

Verify 100 email addresses free

As email continues to be a part of our daily lives, its presence in business grows. While more companies have started grasping the true value of email, more brands realize how crucial maintaining the quality of email lists is. Those that don’t have a strategy to verify customer email addresses won’t ever be able to maximize all of the benefits email marketing offers.

ZeroBounce allows you to clean your email list in bulk and in real time. Using both of these email verification methods together will eliminate email data decay and keep your email database in great shape.

Want to check 100 email addresses for free? Start a ZeroBounce account. If you have any questions, ZeroBounce offers 24/7 ongoing technical and customer support.

This article was originally published on Benzinga here.


ZeroBounce is an award-winning email verification and deliverability platform helping 200,000+ customers land more emails in the inbox. The service removes email typos, nonexistent and abuse email accounts, spam traps and other risky email addresses. ZeroBounce’s email deliverability toolkit further supports the safe inbox delivery of transactional and marketing emails. The company operates a military-grade security infrastructure. ZeroBounce has validated more than 18 billion emails. Some of the companies it serves are Amazon, Disney, Netflix, LinkedIn, and Sephora.


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