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2020 Exposes Challenges With Many Corporate Public Relations Programs

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The events of 2020 are exposing areas for improvement in corporate marketing programs, forcing marketing executives to strategically evaluate and pivot their efforts for success.

This year has been a rollercoaster for most businesses. How do you market and sell products and services, while factoring in global context and your consumer’s preoccupation with the events of the day? You not only need to remain aware, but sensitive, to the challenges many are facing.

Since mid-March, we’ve heard a lot of businesses say they need PR partners who are architected for the flexibility necessary in today’s environment. It may sound counterintuitive for the dynamic communications business, yet we constantly hear about PR programs stalling because firms were not nimble enough to responsibly and creatively tap into the current media atmosphere.

The latest W2 Communications blog outlines not only the challenges facing organizations and their media relations efforts, but also provides some strategic guidance for evaluating and pivoting your programs for success.

For more details, visit: https://w2comm.com/media-relations-2020-the-real-reason-your-programs-are-falling-short/

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