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10 Best Crypto Signals 2023 - Which Coins Will Moon Next?

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Signals provide real-time trading suggestions on cryptos that have the potential to go to the moon. Each crypto signal will advise the coin to trade as well as the suggested entry and exit prices, helping you make informed trading decisions.

In this guide, we rank and review the 10 best crypto signals providers for 2023. Let’s begin!

List of the Best Crypto Trading Signals

The 10 best cryptocurrency trading signals can be found on the list below:

  1.  Jacob Bury Discord - Overall Best Crypto Signals Provider for Small-Cap Gems

  2. Cryptosignals.org - Premium Crypto Signals on Large-Cap Pairs

  3. Learn 2 Trade Algorithm - Automated Crypto Signals via AI and Machine Learning

  4. Altsignals - Popular Crypto Signals for Binance Futures

  5. MYC Signals - Spot Trading Signals Plus Leveraged Derivatives

  6. CoinCodeCap - Free Crypto Signals via Telegram

  7. UpperSpec - Combine Crypto Education With Trading Signals

  8. WOLFX Signals - Up to Four Telegram Trading Signals Each Day

  9. Signals Blue - Both Short and Long-Term Signals for BTC and USDT Pairs

  10. Signals - Free Signals Sent via an iOS and Android App

Best Paid and Free Cryptocurrency Trading Signals for 2023

The best crypto signals come with daily insights into coins that have the potential to explode. In the sections below, we review the 10 best providers in this space.

1. Jacob Bury Discord - Overall Best Crypto Signals Provider for Small-Cap Gems

The overall best crypto signals for 2023 are offered by Jacob Bury. This popular analyst has a growing following in the crypto market. Not only via Bury’s YouTube channel and Twitter feed, but Discord too. Jacob Bury has a solid reputation for finding small-cap gems that have the potential to explode.

In particular, Bury likes to focus on quality presales. And when he finds a gem that is worth backing, he posts a signal to his community via Discord. To offer some insight, Bury was one of the first analysts to publicly back Tamadoge during the project’s presale. Tamadoge then went on to generate gains of over 20x after the presale had finished.

Bury also sent a signal on Lucky Block to his community in early 2022, which went on to moon by 60x. One of Bury’s latest Discord cryptocurrency signals suggests investing in a newly launched project called Love Hate Inu. Bury explains that its vote-to-earn concept will likely resonate strongly with the crypto community.

And as such, Bury is predicting gains of 100x or more. We looked into Love Hate Inu further and found that its ecosystem will reward users for voting on political events, social issues, and more. Rewards are paid in the native token, LHINU. Furthermore, users will need to stake LHINU to access the voting dashboard.

This ensures that votes are conducted by legitimate people and that fraud and manipulation is alleviated. Bury’s signal on Love Hate Inu suggests investing in the presale at the earliest opportunity, as stage one offers the lowest price possible. At the end of the presale, LHINU will be listed on an exchange 70% higher than stage one of the presale.

In addition to Love Hate Inu, the Jacob Bury Discord has also sent signals about two other hot presales. The first is Fight Out, which has already raised $5.4 million in presale funding. This project is building a rewards-based app for fitness, alongside a metaverse gaming world with virtual challenges and tournaments.

The native token is FGHT, and Bury believes that its train-to-earn mechanism has the potential to skyrocket after the presale concludes this month. The Jacob Bury Discord also sent a signal regarding C+Charge. This presale project is building a charge-to-earn concept across more than 1.8 million EV charging stations worldwide.

EV drivers will receive tokenized carbon credits after charging their cars and paying with CCHG tokens. CCHG is native to C+Charge and is currently available via the ongoing presale. The C+Charge presale has already raised almost $3 million. All in all, Jacob Bury Discord remains the best place to find newly launched crypto gems that have the potential to explode.

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2. Cryptosignals.org - Premium Crypto Signals on Large-Cap Pairs

While Jacob Bury Discord tends to focus on small-cap gems, Cryptosignals.org specializes in short-term trading signals. By signing up for the premium plan, 2-3 crypto signals are sent to Cryptosignals.org members every day. Each signal will focus on a large-cap trading pair, such as BTC/USD or ETH/USD.

In addition to the pair, signals inform members whether to go long or short, and which limit entry price to set. Moreover, Cryptosignals.org also sends risk-management tools, covering both take-profit and stop-loss orders. This allows members to place the suggested orders at their chosen exchange, without needing to do any research.

As such, Cryptosignals.org will appeal to traders that have limited time or experience in technical analysis. Each signal is derived from the Cryptosignals.org in-house trading team. This signal provider also utilizes algorithms to help source trading opportunities in real-time. Moreover, Cryptosignals.org offers one of the best crypto signals Telegram groups.

Not only does each signal send an alert via Telegram, but it comes with the charting analyst that supports the research. This allows Cryptosignals.org members to learn the intimate details of each signal. This top-rated signals provider has an 82% win rate and superb ratings in the public domain.

The premium plan costs just £42 per month and can be canceled any time. Lower subscription fees are available when signing up for a three, six, or 12-month plan. With that said, Cryptosignals.org also offers the best free crypto signals in the market. Its free Telegram group has more than 50,000 members and supplies three signals per week.

The free signals come with the same entry/exit price suggestions as the premium plan, so offers a great way to try Cryptosignals.org risk-free. We also like that Cryptosignals.org offers free educational resources. This includes guides on trading, reading pairs, placing orders, and safely utilizing leverage.

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3. Learn 2 Trade Algorithm - Automated Crypto Signals via AI and Machine Learning

 Learn 2 Trade is an established crypto signals provider that also specializes in forex. This provider is renowned for its daily Telegram signals, with 3-5 suggestions sent to premium members. Learn 2 Trade also offers a free crypto signals Telegram group. This provides members with three free signals per week.

With that said, Learn 2 Trade has recently launched a new product - L2T Algo. Put simply, this is a premium crypto signals service that automates the end-to-end process. This means that instead of needing to manually place the suggested orders, the L2T Algo does this on behalf of traders.

As such, the L2T Algo offers a passive trading experience without any input required from subscribers. The L2T Algo operates 24/7 and is backed by machine learning across more than 15,000 lines of code. It continuously scans the crypto markets with more than 100 technical and economic indicators to find the next trading opportunity.

Since backtesting began nearly two years ago, the L2T Algo has achieved a 79% win rate. Crucially, the underlying algorithm is profitable in both bullish and bearish markets. In total, the L2T Algo averages 40 trades per month. In terms of fees, Learn 2 Trade charges just £99 per month on a flexible plan.

A three and six-month plan is cheaper, working out at £67 and £58 per month, respectively. Those seeking a bit more control over their investments might consider the Learn 2 Trade Telegram crypto trading signals group. This costs £40 per month on a flexible plan but does go down to £12 per month when paying annually.

Moreover, Learn 2 Trade has some of the best free educational material in the crypto and forex spaces. This includes long-form guides, courses, and daily technical analysis. Finally, Learn 2 Trade offers 24/7 customer support via live chat. First-time customers can speak with an agent to find the best signals product for their financial goals.

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4. Altsignals - Popular Crypto Signals for Binance Futures

Launched in 2017, Altsignals specializes in crypto trading signals for Binance futures. This provider will appeal to traders that wish to speculate on short-term price movements with leverage.

Each Binance signal suggests leverage of 3x, 5x, or 10x - depending on the confidence level of the analysis. Altsignals has more than 1,500 VIP members in its Telegram group and there is also support for Cornix.io.

This means that members can automate the signal process, so suggested orders will be entered on the connected exchange automatically. Altsignals charges $119 per month for its Binance signals.

The provider claimed a 64% win rate in February, and results are updated at the end of each month. The main drawback with Altsignals is that it does not offer free cryptocurrency trading signals. As such, members won’t be able to test the provider out before making a payment.

5. MYC Signals - Spot Trading Signals Plus Leveraged Derivatives

MYC Signals is an established signals provider that was launched in 2017. This provider offers three individual signals services to choose from. First, there is the BTC-only spot trading service, which is aimed at beginners.

The signals follow a swing trading strategy and 1-2 suggestions are sent each week to premium members. This costs $60 per month. Next, there is an altcoin spot trading service, which comes with 3-5 signals per week.

This also follows a swing trading strategy but costs $120 per month. For more experienced traders, there is a crypto futures signal service at $150 per month. This follows a day trading strategy that supports both long and short positions.

Moreover, across 3-5 signals per week, some positions suggest leverage of up to 125x. Alternatively, for $225 per month, members can access all three plans. Do note that MYC Signals does not offer free signals or a trial.

6. CoinCodeCap - Free Crypto Signals via Telegram

Those searching for the best crypto signals Telegram channels might consider CoinCodeCap. The CoinCodeCap Telegram channel is home to over 23,000 members, with free signals arriving sporadically throughout the week.

The channel also offers on-demand market analysis through technical charts and drawings. Free members also receive daily crypto news and educational tips. Most of the free crypto signals sent by CoinCodeCap are highly leveraged.

For example, its Telegram channel recently posted a Binance futures trader on GMX/USDT with a two-hour profit margin of over 9,000%. As such, CoinCodeCap will only appeal to traders that feel comfortable entering high-leverage positions.

Like move signals providers, CoinCodeCap also offers a premium plan. This costs $70 per month and covers both the spot and futures markets. The plan also supports Cornix.io, so signals can be traded automatically. There is also a lifetime plan at $300.

7. UpperSpec - Combine Crypto Education With Trading Signals

UpperSpec will appeal to those seeking trading signals while learning about the crypto market at the same time. Its Crypto VIP plan costs €50 per month and includes signal suggestions with entry and exit prices.

Each signal also comes with a full charting analysis, so that members can understand how the suggestion was curated. Moreover, VIP members have access to a 24/7 chat room on Discord, enabling traders to share their insights in real-time.

Do note that when signing up for the VIP plan, members that wish to cancel will need to do so at least 10 working days before the next payment cycle. Although there is also a free plan, this does not include signals. Instead, it only offers access to free crypto courses.

8. WOLFX Signals - Up to Four Telegram Trading Signals Each Day

WOLFX Signals WOLFX Signals is a popular crypto signals provider that operates globally. Its signals cover three key trading regions - Asia, London, and the US. Moreover, signals are sent through real-time Telegram alerts.

The Wolfx Signals Telegram channel has over 77,000 members. This offers access to two free signals per week, and there is no requirement to open an account. However, to receive up to four signals per day, then members need to sign up for the premium plan.

This costs $89 per month and can be canceled at any time. There is also a lifetime plan at $279. Either way, the premium plan also offers weekly reports on trading results, personalized customer service, and support for third-party bots.

WOLFX Signals also offers forex signals at $89 per month. Alternatively, for $139 per month, members get access to both forex and crypto signals via the same account. The main drawback of WOLFX Signals is that it does not offer educational guides.

9. Signals Blue - Both Short and Long-Term Signals for BTC and USDT Pairs

Signals Blue is a premium signals provider that charges a hefty monthly fee of £229.99. Moreover, both Cornix.io integration and API support each cost an additional £19.99 per month. With that said, opting for a six-month or lifetime plan brings the price down considerably.

Signals Blue is popular for the variety of signals that it offers. For example, some signals are based on short-term strategies, ranging from a few hours to a couple of days. The provider also offers mid and long-term signals, with some positions remaining open for several months.

Moreover, Signals Blue also offers leveraged signals, which will appeal to traders that are comfortable with crypto futures. All signals come with profit targets and stop-losses, ensuring that traders know when to exit a position.

Signals Blue is compatible with multiple crypto exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kucoin, Kraken, and Huobi. Do note that Signals Blue does not offer live chat, so customer queries must be sent via email.

10. Signals - Free Signals Sent via an iOS and Android App

Those looking for the best crypto signals app might consider Signals. This provider offers free signals via its iOS and Android app, with a strong focus on altcoins. Notifications can be set up to ensure that signals are received in real-time.

Moreover, each signal comes with three take-profit prices, in addition to a suggested stop-loss. Next to each take-profit suggestion, the Signals app displays the upside in percentage terms. This will suit beginners that are new to the fast-paced crypto trading scene.

In addition to signals, the app also comes with an in-built trading bot. This notifies users when an altcoin experiences a rapid increase in trading volume. The Signals app also enables users to create a watchlist for their favorite coins, with real-time pricing.

How to Find the Best Crypto Signals

Most crypto signals providers make bold claims about their profitability levels. As such, research is key before paying for a monthly subscription.

Here’s what to consider when selecting the best crypto trading signals for 2023.

Past Performance

Crypto signals are sought-after by traders that wish to generate consistent gains. Therefore, the primary focus is often on how much the signal provider makes throughout the month.

However, the win rate stated by the provider is only credible if it can be verified.

If the provider offers access to its Telegram channel without needing to register, then this enables users to verify previous signals.

Users can then compare previous results with the stated win rate.

Free Trial

An even better way to evaluate the performance of a crypto signals provider is to sign up for a premium plan via a free trial.

This will permit unfettered access to its signals without needing to risk any money. As each signal is delivered, the user can place the respective orders via an exchange demo account.

At the end of the trial, the user can then assess whether or not the signals were profitable. If they were, then the user might consider signing up for a paid plan.

Although the likes of Cryptosignals.org and Learn 2 Trade do not offer a free trial, they both have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This also enables users to test the providers out making a longer-term commitment.

Types of Crypto Signals

There are many different types of crypto signals available in the market.

For example, the Jacob Bury Discord channel is aimed at investors that seek low-cap gems with a huge upside potential.

As noted earlier, Bury has had huge success with crypto presales that have gone on to generate sizable gains. His latest pick, Love Hate Inu, is expected to be the biggest presale of the year.

Cryptosignals.org, on the other hand, specializes in shorter-term signals. Many of its signals are based on a day trading strategy, with positions usually remaining open for a few hours.

Then there’s Learn 2 Trade, which offers an algo-backed trading bot that automates the signals process. This means that users do not need to manually place the suggested orders on exchanges.


Pricing is another important consideration to make when researching the best crypto trading signals. We found that both Cryptosignals.org and Learn 2 Trade are competitive in this regard. Monthly plans cost just £42 and £40 with these providers, respectively.

At the other end of the scale, Signals Blue charges £229.99 per month for its signals service. What’s more, additional fees are required to trade via Cornix.io.


Crypto signals are ideal for investors with little to no experience in technical analysis. Signals are also popular with time-starved traders that wish to fast-track the research process. Overall, the Jacob Bury Discord channel offers the best cryptocurrency trading signals in 2023.

Bury has had huge success in recent months with new and emerging cryptocurrencies that are entering the market for the first time. His latest pick, Love Hate Inu, just launched its presale campaign a week ago and has already raised over $820k.

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