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10 Best Casino Affiliate Programs Looking for the best casino affiliate programs? We’ve ranked the top 10 casino partner programs for commissions, payouts, support, account management, and more – check them out.

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Of all the niches currently available to marketers, one of the most interesting has to be iGaming - it’s a sector that has been active for some time, but is still expanding and finding new spaces to grow into. It’s also widely applicable, making it easy for a wide range of blogs and sites to find ways of turning a profit. Furthermore, there are so many affiliate programmes that you can pick up, with partnerships readily available at most if not all of the biggest names on the iGaming scene.

Below, we look at ten of the best affiliate programmes you can take part in, reviewing what they offer to you as a marketer and how easy it is to achieve the top levels of commission. These programmes offer a wealth of opportunities to site owners who are prepared to put the work in. We’ll explain how you can maximise your returns and make the most of what’s out there.

Top Casino Affiliate Programs

  1. Lindas Partners

  2. Infinity Star Partners

  3. Ocean Breeze Affiliates

  4. Mr. Sloty Partners

  5. 4Crowns Affiliates

  6. 7Star Partners

  7. Jim Partners

  8. My Stake Affiliates

  9. Top One Partners

  10. 22Bet Partners

Best Online Casino Affiliate Program Reviews

1. Linda’s Partners

This affiliate programmeis allied to the popular Lady Linda casino which has a wide range of international customers and promises a base level of 50% commission by revenue share. The casino - and by extension the affiliate programme- takes a markedly different tack to the average online casino site, using softer colours and fonts in a way that aims to harness the growing female audience in the casino world, and this may well stand out to some potential partners as an angle that can be used in marketing content and on affiliate sites.

 Linda’s Partners makes use of Cellxpert software in order to track referrals, and this is information that should put a smile on your face if you intend to partner with the service. Cellxpert is among the most effective software packages for keeping track of statistics, so affiliate partners will know at a glance when their efforts are working out, what they may need to do more of, and how much they are on target to make in any given month. The information on your Cellxpert dashboard will be incredibly easy to read while browsing, which certainly helps ongoing monitoring.

Compared to some other affiliate services, we would just note that Linda’s offers fewer banking options than some of the other programmes in our rundown. You can request a payout, at a minimum of €300 - through Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, BTC or wire transfer. We’d recommend that ideally, the programme look into offering more options for withdrawal of funds, as the higher minimum amount and the smaller collection of payout methods could be off-putting for marketers who are just starting out and looking for things to be as simple as possible. Aside from that issue, it’s a very pleasant affiliate programme to work with, and the indications are that it is very effective in converting leads.

Casino Affiliate Program Overview

URL: Lindas Partners 

Commission: 50% Revenue Share / 100-400 CPA

Casino Brands: Lady Linda, Luck of Spins, SlotsNBets, Black Magic, and Anonym.bet

Top Markets: UK, NL, SE, IT, NO, FI, DE, FR

Restricted Markets: US

Negative Carry Over: No

Cookie Duration: 60 Days


2. Infinity Stars Partners

One of the things that stands out about Infinity Stars as an affiliate programmeis that it is a highly versatile system. It works the way you want it to work. The entry-level for the commission is 40%, and it tops out at 60%, and as long as you bring in one new customer each month, you’ll maintain a commission between those poles. If you don’t, it will drop to 40%, but that’s still a very decent level of commission.

Additionally, you can make the programme work how you want it to work. If you don’t think there is much of a chance that you’ll be converting casino customers, then you don’t have to include casino sites in your promotions. If your affiliate site is generally sports-focused, then you can aim to convert sportsbook leads instead. You can also do vice-versa. It should be noted, simply from a point of view of full disclosure, that you can’t choose CPA or hybrid plans if you choose to affiliate only on sportsbooks - those programmes are reserved for casino affiliates.

Infinity Stars Partners covers the casino brands named Lucy’s, Divas’ Luck, and 4Kasino, which are three all-rounder casinos providing the whole gamut from slots to sports betting, with live casinos from Evolution Gaming in between. In other words, they’re absolutely prime candidates for affiliate sellers, with endless angles you can push. Furthermore, Infinity Stars has demonstrated a willingness to listen to its partners: While they initially set their lower

The limit for commission payouts is €100.

One other thing to note with Infinity Stars is that the cut-off date to send your reports for commission payments is the 20th of each month. If you send after that date, you’ll need to wait until the following month to receive a payout, so keep that very firmly in mind.

Casino Affiliate Program Overview

URL: Infinity Star Partners 

Commission: 50% Revenue Share / 100 CPA

Casino Brands: Lucy’s, Divas’ Luck, and 4Kasino

Top Markets: SE, DE, IT, NO, FI, BR

Restricted Markets: UK, NL, USA

Negative Carry Over: No

Cookie Duration: 60 Days


3. Ocean Breeze Casino Affiliates

 Ocean Breeze has one of the best reputations of any iGaming companies, due to its long-standing history in the casino sector - before the internet even existed it was making slot machines for bars and casinos. So it also knows how to move with the times, and its affiliate platform reflects that dynamism. Marketers are encouraged to work with Ocean Breeze to find models of affiliation that suit them, and the sites that bring the most revenue to the casino will get the biggest slice of commission in return.

Revenue shares for partners on this programme range between 35-50%, with the lower level open to anyone bringing revenue of more than 100 to the worldly regulated casino, and there is also a sub-affiliate programme that offers a 5% commission. Any potential partner can consider what would be their best option for an agreement with the casino, and then work with Ocean Breeze to get the ideal results for both parties.

Interestingly, there is also a CPA element, where partners can ask for bespoke deals with Ocean Breeze if they feel that these will be mutually beneficial. They need only skype or email the proposal to their account manager at the affiliate program, and if approved these deals can go into effect within 5 minutes of being reviewed.

This affiliate programme runs on the Cell Expert system, which is widely reputed among affiliate partners, and it employs a No Negative Carryover policy. To achieve the maximum 50% commission, you will need to bring in $1,000 a month in revenue for the casino, but the levels that can be achieved below this mean that this is a rewarding affiliate programme for those who are involved with it. Payments are processed at the beginning of each month and can be paid out by wire transfer, Skrill, Moneybookers, Bitcoin, or PayPal.

Casino Affiliate Program Overview

URL: Ocean Breeze Partners 

Commission: 45% Revenue Share / 100-300 CPA

Casino Brands: Spicy Jackpot, Ocean Breeze

Top Markets: UK, NL, IT, DE, AU,

Restricted Markets: US

Negative Carry Over: No

Cookie Duration: 60 Days


4. 4Crowns Casino Affiliates

Another casino that uses Cell Expert to run its affiliate campaigns, 4Crowns is a valuable partner for any webmaster looking to make the most of the iGaming niche. Any affiliate marketer can choose their most promising way forward, as 4Crowns Affiliates offers a choice of commission models. You can take a standard affiliate revenue plan, suggest your own CPA model, or adopt a hybrid approach that combines both of the above if that’s what would suit you best.

As a reassurance to marketers, 4Crowns wipes negative balances at the end of each month and has a range of exclusive offers and promotions that are handed out to the best-performing affiliates on a regular basis. As with all the best affiliate programmes, 4Crowns makes the most advanced marketing materials available to its partners and these are updated regularly. They include banners, links, socials and email content that can be used to attract new leads and are immediately made available once you have been accepted on to the program.

It’s advisable that you exercise caution with the content you use on your affiliate site; naturally, it needs to be interesting enough to make customers come back and click the links, but it also news to remain within 4Crowns Affiliates’ terms and conditions. If you step outside of these, 4Crowns retains the right to close your account permanently and without notice. Payouts are made on a monthly basis, and all of the usual banking methods are available for cashout, including Skrill, Bank Transfer, and Bitcoin.

Commission amounts range from 35-50%, with the lower level existing up to $2000 in monthly revenue and the highest requiring you to bring in $150,000 or more.

In addition, if you can bring great value or volume you can request a high CPA commission and after reviewing your account you may be granted up to 350 CPA.

The structure is highly competitive, though, and in a good month, you should have no difficulty seeing a significant return from your affiliate efforts.

Casino Affiliate Program Overview

URL: 4Crowns 

Commission: 40-50% Revenue Share / 100-300 CPA

Casino Brands: 4Crowns

Top Markets: UK, DE, IT, FI, AU

Restricted Markets: US, NL

Negative Carry Over: No

Cookie Duration: 60 Days


5. Mr. Sloty Partners

Another affiliate programme that is linked to a single casino, Mr Sloty Partners works with the casino of the same name, one of a growing brands of newer online betting sites licensed in Curacao. The affiliate programme could prove, in due course, to be as popular as the casino, delivering as it does a steady stream of rewards that will quickly start to build up. The affiliate programmeope rates a No Negative Carryover program, which is essential in particular for any new affiliate marketer who is trying to build from the ground up in this niche.

As of this moment, we can say that Mr. Sloty is offering both Revenue Share and CPA and a sub-affiliate model, which may be due to the fact that they are a well-established affiliate programme. These are things that often get added to an affiliate’s list of features later in its existence.

 Mr Sloty Partners is worth including here for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the casino with which you will be partnering is one that is growing in terms of popularity and recognition, so it becomes much easier to get a referral you can be confident about.

Secondly, the payout structure at the affiliate programme is as simple as they come - a low minimum payout of 100, plenty of payment methods including straightforward bank transfers and ewallets, and payouts that are calculated on the 15th of each month to be paid out at the end. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to casino affiliate programmes, and Mr. Sloty shows that keeping things simple is often a much more welcome approach.

Casino Affiliate Program Overview

URL: Mr. Sloty Partners 

Commission: 50% Revenue Share / 100-300 CPA

Top Markets: UK, DE, IT, AU, NL

Restricted Markets: USA

Negative Carry Over: No

Cookie Duration: 60 Days


6. 7Stars Partners

The first thing to mention about 7Stars Partners is the sheer number of casinos with which they partner. According to their website, there are 17 brands under this particular umbrella, but that’s a number that has been steadily growing and may well continue to. With this many casinos partnered up, there are all the more chances for you to build a steady stream of referrals, and that brings us to the second, and perhaps the most important thing to mention about 7Stars Partners. The more new referrals you bring in, the greater your commissions will be - and those commissions start at 45%.

Your first 15 referrals will earn you 45% commission, and the next ten will push that to 50%. If you keep getting referrals, though, you can soon be pulling in 60% of the revenue you’ve earned for the casinos in this programme (and remember, there are 17 casinos within it, so that could be a significant chunk of money). And that’s just on casinos. You can make 30-45% from sportsbook referrals on the same sliding scale. At the higher end of that scale, you can also earn VIP privileges, which you can discuss with 7Stars when you’re approaching that level.

There is no negative carryover from month to month when you affiliate with 7Stars Partners, although the commissions are bundled. This means that if you have a negative balance with BuranCasino and a positive one with Casino in terms of revenue, the shortfall from one will be made up from the surplus at the other. This needn’t be a problem - affiliate partners are often quick to remark that 7Stars is routinely the highest payer of the programmes that they affiliate with - but it is something to watch out for when tracking your monthly amounts at each casino or sportsbook.

Casino Affiliate Program Overview

URL: 7Star Partners 

Commission: 40-50% Revenue Share / 50-250 CPA

Casino Brands: Rabona, Betinia, Nomini, Wazamba, Librabet, and many more.

Top Markets: IT, AT, CA, NZ, NO

Restricted Markets: NL, ES, SE, UK

Negative Carry Over: No

Cookie Duration: 60 Days


7. Jim Partners

As with other programs, Jim Partners stands out as an affiliate programmein no small part because it has so many partner casinos. The affiliate platform itself is endorsed by both the Curacao and Maltese licensing authorities, and the casinos in its partner list cover a wide geographical range too. Pleasingly for affiliate marketers, Jim Partners is also keen to assist its partners with plenty of advice on how to generate traffic, and the tools to make it happen. This is one of those affiliate platforms where the effort to read and follow their website is something that will definitively be rewarded.

Intriguingly, Jim Partners goes further than most affiliate programmes in giving its users tips and assistance to provide the best leads. As well as the usual handy hints and promotional materials such as banner ads, hyperlinks, and email marketing kits, they offer advice and methods that deliver results for Twitch streamers and TikTokers as well as YouTubers. This holistic approach is appreciated by service users and helps many of them get to the top level of affiliates, where the reward is 50% of the revenue generated. The website also features a rundown of all the casinos managed by JP, which helps to target affiliate content.

As is standard, JP also operates a No Negative Carryover rule, which is beneficial for so many affiliate users. Furthermore, they offer a larger than usual range of payment methods to their affiliates, which includes bank transfers, EcoPayz, and WebMoney. One thing to be aware of is that bank transfers have a lower limit of $1000 per payment, so - particularly in the earlier stages of your affiliate relationship - you might prefer to take your payments from the service in the form of ewallet payments, which start at the much lower number of $5.

Casino Affiliate Program Overview

URL: Jim Partners 

Commission: 40-60% Revenue Share / 100-250 CPA

Casino Brands: Fortune Clock, Jackpot Charm, Slottica, and many more

Top Markets: UK, DE, IT, FR, NO, DK, ES

Restricted Markets: US, NL

Negative Carry Over: No

Cookie Duration: 45 Days


8. MyStake

The popular MGA and UKGC licensed casino that is MyStake has its own affiliate programme which is growing in popularity with a wide market of affiliate partners. The commission on offer here is certainly competitive - it’s been described as an industry-leading 50% from the get-go up to High CPA’s and Hybrid deals, which isn’t quite as high on the backend as some other providers but goes much further at the beginning. With MyStake growing in customer base, there is definitely an opportunity for beginning affiliate marketers to harness the simplicity of this affiliate program.

Unlike some of the affiliate programmes here, MyStake’s affiliate tie-in is just linked to the one casino - MyStake, obviously. So there is no bundling to be concerned with. There is also no need to focus on climbing up the levels - you start at 50% revenue and stay there unless you can bring good numbers, so your numbers will simply rise as you add new referrals. You will have to pay small monthly admin fees, but these are a few dollars a time and needn’t concern you too much, especially as there is no minimum payout for this affiliate, which as far as we are aware is more or less unique. It’s a surprise to see a single casino taking such a bespoke approach to its affiliate program, but it’s refreshing and something we’d hope to see replicated elsewhere.

MyStake runs its own proprietary software as a tracking method, which keeps overheads low - and impressively, the software covers more statistical fields than the typical licensed versions. Affiliates will receive their payments monthly, and they will be paid out within seven days of being calculated, by Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer or Bitcoin. The payments are generated in Euros, US dollars or Bitcoin, and you can speak to the casino to get the best possible deal on what will be included - and excluded - whenever your payments are calculated.

Casino Affiliate Program Overview

URL: My Stake Affiliates 

Commission: 40-50% Revenue Share / 50-100 CPA

Casino Brands: My Stake

Top Markets: UK, NL, IT, DE, SE

Restricted Markets: Lebanon

Negative Carry Over: No

Cookie Duration: 60 Days


9. 22Bet Partners

Affiliate partners can be reassured that 22Bet is a serious proposition, knowing that the platform is powered by SoftSwiss, one of the most recognised names in casino software of any kind. The platform was initially referred to as 22Bet Affiliates, before rebranding to the more alliterative 22Bet Partners more recently. It covers a range of casinos, which include the eponymous 22Bet along with Betamo Casino, Betchan Casino, and Bob Casino. The programme offers multiple ways to get paid, with commissions available on revenue via a sliding scale of numbers referred, or a CPA model which gives you 5% on every new referral.

The sliding scale is certainly intriguing, running from 25% to 40%. You start at the lower level and stay there for the first five new depositors, then move up to 30%. At the time of your 16th unique depositor, that kicks up to 35%. You then need to wait for a 35th first-time depositor to crack 40%. At the present time, there is no sub-affiliate system, but affiliate programmes are quite fluid, and this could well change in the near future if enough people request the change.

There is a very wide range of payment methods to pick up your commission from, with all of the usual options including ewallets, bank transfers and Bitcoin. Affiliates can also receive payments to a VISA card should they so choose.

This should not be a difficult partner to get leads for if you’re interested in casino betting. There are multiple brands under the 22Bet umbrella, which are involved with several of the very best game developers online. Names such as Evolution Gaming, Microgaming and NetEnt are among the companies providing slots and table gaming titles (including live dealer games) to the casinos here, which should be music to the ears of your potential leads.

Casino Affiliate Program Overview

URL: 22Bet Partners 

Commission: 40-50% Revenue Share / 50-200 CPA

Brands: 22Bet, Playamo, Betano and more

Top Markets: PT, DE, T, IT, ES, BR, CA, AU

Restricted Markets: UK, NL, US

Negative Carry Over: No

Cookie Duration: 60 Days


10. Top One Partners

The name “Top One Partners” does little or nothing to enlighten customers as to the identity of the casinos that operate under this affiliate partner, which some might consider unfortunate considering the fact that these casinos include Red Dog Casino and Slots Empire. These are, justifiably, two of the bigger names among online slots, and arguably more importantly they are casinos with an agreement with Real Time Gaming. That makes them particularly interesting to a wide range of casino gamers who recognise that name as a provider of unique, interesting, and popular slots.

To put that another way, the name Real Time Gaming on its own can do a lot to make people interested in a casino and is a perfect tool to have when you are trying to push affiliate traffic. This makes Top One Partners a very interesting platform to work with and means that you can pick up plenty of referrals in a short space of time, therefore pushing your affiliate commission up to 45% of the revenue you have driven. You could also choose to stick with a CPA model, which can be good for $250 a month.

There is also a sub-affiliate programme that is locked at 2% of revenue, but can add up to a decent amount if you’re proactive in promoting your service. Payouts come at the end of the month, with a minimum amount of $100, and can be paid into a Skrill or Moneybookers account, in the form of a cheque or, if you live in the UK, direct to your bank account via a BACS transfer. Top One also seeks to make it as easy as possible to drive traffic, by providing a trove of different promotional materials that includes banners and other useful media content. All of this additional material is pre-primed for tracking and makes it easy to track how your referrals are performing.

Casino Affiliate Program Overview

URL: Top One Partners 

Commission: 40-50% Revenue Share

Casino Brands: El Royal Casino, Red Dog, Slots Empire, Las Atlantis

Top Markets: USA, CA

Restricted Markets: UK, NL

Negative Carry Over: No

Cookie Duration: 45 Days



Casino affiliate programmes may be one of the most encouraging niches for new affiliate marketers to explore. As online casino betting continues to grow, so will the opportunities to affiliate with services such as the above. These affiliate programmes are all excellent places to start - and you can confidently bet that there will be more to come.


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