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Crypto haters, brace for ridicule as crypto fights back with a satirical meme coin

Gensler Club

After years of attacks from powerful figures, the crypto community has a new champion fighting for it: the newly minted $GENSLER coin from the Gensler.Club. This online community’s weapon of choice is to ridicule the alleged hypocrisy and lies of crypto’s powerful opponents. As one of Gensler.Club’s anonymous community leaders points out, “Take Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, America's largest and most powerful bank. From one side of his mouth, he tells the US Congress to ban crypto assets, while from the other side, he tells his bank to create a proprietary crypto currency that only banks can use”. Another community leader adds, “Senator Elizabeth Warren pushes her draconian Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act which blames terrorist financing on crypto. And as evidence, she uses a Wall Street Journal article that’s been debunked by the US Treasury Department.” No figure in the crypto community’s mind is more deserving of ridicule than Securities and Exchange Commission's Chairman Gary Gensler, who pursued multiple legal actions against the industry and is accused of chasing the growing industry out of the US. “This, from a guy who was teaching and promoting crypto when he was a professor at MIT.” the co-founders roll their eyes. As to why the leaders are anonymous? “We’re using humor to expose powerful people and we have no plans to commit “suicide”, they joke. The Gensler.Club coin ($GENSLER) is a meme coin. Meme coins are fun cryptocurrencies where communities focus on a simple idea, such as $DOGE, a meme coin of a shiba inu dog. $DOGE’s current market value is $12 billion. In the world of complicated crypto technology, meme coins flourish because tech savvy and newcomers can easily understand and invest in them. Since the Gensler.Club community launched $GENSLER in mid February 2024, this new meme coin’s value has risen 45 fold in less than a week. The community attributes this to $GENSLER being a meme coin where the simple idea is also a great cause - ridiculing crypto’s elitist attackers. “Ridicule has always been an effective tool of the common people to fight back against the rich and powerful. And millions of people who hold crypto feel personally attacked by the self-serving a-holes who want all the money and financial control to themselves,” one of the members wrote in the community’s Telegram group. The community attributes the project’s rapid rise to its ambitious road map: promoting contests where the funniest memes are rewarded with $GENSLER coins. The road map also plans airdrops and coin burns to reward their growing community and to raise the value of everyone’s coins. “Most importantly, funny is easy to understand and funny spreads like wildfire.” say the anonymous community leaders, veterans of main-stream media who expect their satirical memes to spread worldwide. Especially as according to them, the satirical memes the community creates are unlike those that came before. “Political cartoons are traditionally hand drawn. Our savvy community uses AI generated images.” For those who want to join the community, the Gensler.Club uses the Solana blockchain and the community’s coin $GENSLER can be found on the Raydium and Jupiter exchanges. If $GENSLER will reach millions or billions in market value is yet to be seen. “We’ll get there,” a community member claims, “because we fight for a great cause and we’re funny. People love both.” Twitter: Telegram: Contact: Contact Details Gensler Club Gensler Club

February 28, 2024 05:07 PM Eastern Standard Time

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AL DÍA Launches News Magazine in English+

AL Día Foundation

AL DÍA, a Philadelphia-based Latino+ multicultural, multimedia professional news organization, has launched AL DÍA Magazine, a membership-based digital and print publication and local news organization. The launch coincides with the 30th Anniversary of the popular Local News Organization, launched as a home-based publication in the founder’s home in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1994. The AL DÍA Magazine —focused on the Best of the American Multicultural Experience, as its slogan reads —includes News Analysis & Summaries, Op-Ed commentary, plus Feature articles on Politics, Education, Leadership, Cultura, and beyond— among other innovative Content Initiatives. The 40 to 60-page magazine also contains news covering Metro Áreas in the Mid-Atlantic States & Eastern Seaboard in the U.S.— and its content will reside on the News Portal www. ALDIANews. com. For the first time in the region’s history, a former 100 percent Spanish-language publication —first printed as an eight-page newsletter, and later in black and white on newsprint stock, published out of the Family’s home— will be printed in deluxe hard copy, Magazine format, on glossy paper, in what the company calls “ English+ from North America”— factually the “Lingua Franca” of the United States. Each article in the print version will nevertheless contain a QR Code that enables the readers to access all the content online, both in American English and, additionally, in “Standard U.S. Spanish,” the company added. A one-year AL DÍA Membership price includes the mailing of AL DÍA Magazine, VIP Invitations to News Events, and Access to AL DÍA CLUB will be mailed to its current AL DÍA Leaders Network Members shortly, in advance of the Primary Presidential Elections in PA. The “Zero Edition” — designed by a former Art Director of Forbes Magazine — features the life of Puerto Rican Legend Juan Ramos, Former Councilman, and older brother Pedro Ramos, current President of the Philadelphia Foundation. AL DIA is preparing a Deluxe Edition dedicated to the inauguration of the 100th Mayor of the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the first-ever female Mayor of the Cradle of the American Democracy, Hon. Cherelle Parker (D). Shifting U.S. demographics, increased online readership, mobile proliferation, and shrinking newspaper business and ad budgets, plus the high cost of print manufacturing and distribution, helped drive the evolution of AL DÍA from a weekly newsprint tab newspaper to a full Magazine format in “English+” “ AL DÍA has continuously evolved over its 30-year history,” publisher Hernán Guaracao explains. “What started as a newsletter printed in my home in North Philly, where my now deceased wife Elizabeth and I also raised our two daughters, Gabriela Andrea, and Anna Felicia, eventually grew into a weekly newspaper in the Hispanic and Multicultural neighborhood in Olney, Upper North Philadelphia, our first home in the City in 1991. And now it has grown into a multimedia news organization, with a glossy magazine, housed in a high rise in Philadelphia, PA, on Market Street West, in Wall Street, New York City, and Wilmington, DE,” Guaracao added. The unique journalist-owned and operated news organization is located at 1835 Market Street, amid the bustling Business and Political Center of Philadelphia, the First Capital of the United States. The Founder, Owner, CEO & Current Editor-In-Chief, was an unemployed professional journalist with a Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, who couldn’t land a job in a newsroom in Philadelphia in 1991. In addition to its Magazine, Video & Podcast Platforms, AL DÍA News Media will provide under his direction diverse services for its multicultural and multiracial audience. The company will continue to host at least 12 events a year (branded as # ALDÍALive ) that enhance the more accurate depiction and understanding of the Americans of U.S. Latino and Multicultural Experience, in this first part of the 21st Century. The strategic move was triggered by increased multiculturalism in this early part of the new century, the current empowerment of women trends, and other disadvantaged communities, all within the frame of an increasingly diverse Global Center the Eastern Seaboard has always been— from New York City to Miami, all with Unique Urban Centers inserted into the Global Economy. Its signature event is # ALDIArchetypes, a U.S. National Award Celebration of #Latino+Multicultural Leaders in the 6 Most Important professional areas of human endeavors. It honors the Memory of Ambassador Manuel Torres — the first Diplomat from a Latin American Nation in the U.S. He was buried in Old City Philadelphia in 1822 — 200+ years ago — after being one of its most prestigious and known residents for 26 years. Torres was called “ The Franklin of the Southern world” in an obituary published by a New York City newspaper in the Summer of 1822, at the time of his death and burial on U.S. soil, in the first capital of the country. AL DÍA News Media currently offers to its growing audience and marketplace at the local, regional, and national levels the following solutions: • AL DÍA Jobs/Professional Recruitment – advertising, content marketing, and event marketing solutions for U.S. and Global Companies seeking to diversify their workforce and find Leaders in the non-profit and educational sectors, and associates and allies— all while improving their branding among new audiences now found mixed in all urban centers in the U.S., driven primarily by Latino+ Demographic and purchasing power, all coming to their cities from countries all over the world. • AL DÍA Bilingual Brand Studio – content marketing in multiplatform and multilingual formats on Business, Health, Education, Technology, Culture, Politics, Money, and beyond. • AL DÍA Live – LIVE conversations with Leaders from Metropolitan Areas in the Eastern SeaBoard, in regional and national business, cultural and political endeavors. Some of the most popular are AL DÍA Top Doctors, and AL DÍA Top Women Entrepreneurs. Also the very successful AL DÍA #FortyUnder40, the AL DÍA Top Entrepreneurs in Tech, and the new #ALDIAPhilantrophy Awards 2024. • AL DÍA Archetypes – This is the AL DÍA Annual Signature celebration of the now popular America’s Hispanic Heritage, but local and regional to the Mid-Atlantic Region and Beyond, on the Northeastern Seaboard. • AL DÍA Legal Announcements and regular public notices are also published by Local, County, State, and Federal Government Agencies within AL DÍA’s expanded footprint. About AL DÍA News Media AL DÍA News Media is a dynamic multi-platform news organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1994, with an increasingly Regional and National scope and reach. It has been an organically grown practice and a unique brand of American Journalism in English that is Engaged, Informed, Enlightening, and Unapologetic. It hopes to gradually continue helping drive a new American narrative in the new Multimedia U.S. Journalism space in the 21st Century. The independent journalism editorial brand of content offers unique perspectives that no other news media covers. As such, It has been the recipient of numerous Local, Regional, and National Awards in its 30-year history. Its Founder, Owner, and Editor-In-Chief was President of the National Association (NAHP) and is currently a lifetime member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) in the United States, and the American Society of Newspaper Editors, and the Local Media Association of America. AL DÍA is a U.S. News Media headquartered Today in Philadelphia, PA, USA, with Satellite offices in NYC, Wilmington, DE, and Washington. DC. AL DÍA is journalists-owned and it is operated by a cooperative of enlightened investors and professional journalists. Contact Details Hernán G.C. +1 551-354-9018

February 28, 2024 04:47 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Race Oncology looks to accelerate clinical development of bisantrene


Race Oncology Ltd (ASX:RAC) CEO Daniel Tillett joins Jonathan Jackson in the Proactive studio to provide an update on the company’s movements over the last few months. Just recently, Race received a $4 million R&D tax incentive tto accelerate clinical development of bisantrene, which is undergoing Phase II trials specifically for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. The clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company develops drugs designed to treat cancer, but is unique in that its novel approach treats the cancer, while protecting the heart. Race has had a strong half of the financial year, executing an exclusive licensing agreement with City of Hope and entering an agreement with Ardena Holding NV, to provide additional current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). The company is now focused on hitting several milestones through 2024. On the R&D rebate, Tillett said: “The Australian Government’s R&D tax incentive program plays a critical role in helping Australian research-intensive companies to innovate. This incentive is especially important in helping biopharmaceutical companies such as Race Oncology solve significant unmet needsfor patients. "We are grateful to receive this refund and look forward to utilising the funds to accelerate the clinical development of bisantrene in 2024 and beyond.” Contact Details Proactive Investors Jonathan Jackson +61 413 713 744

February 28, 2024 04:45 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Charges Dismissed Against Dr. Mohammad Faghihi, Farzaneh Modarresi, and Faezeh Faghihi

dr mohammad faghihi

In a significant legal victory, Dr. Mohammad Faghihi, alongside Farzaneh Modarresi and Faezeh Faghihi, have been exonerated of all previously held charges. This announcement marks the resolution of a prolonged legal examination, affirming their commitment to ethical and lawful conduct. The allegations, which pertained to purported violations of international sanctions, were rigorously investigated, leading to this unequivocal dismissal. This outcome substantiates the integrity of the individuals involved and dissolves any misgivings regarding their professional and personal endeavors. Dr. Faghihi, expressing relief and optimism for the future, stated, "We are immensely thankful that justice has prevailed, and we can now focus on our passion for medical science without the weight of these accusations. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our legal team, family, and friends who have supported us through this challenging time." The dismissal allows these dedicated professionals to continue their valuable contributions to the medical field without the distraction of legal obstacles. About Dr. Mohammad Faghihi: Dr. Mohammad Faghihi is a revered figure in the field of medical genetics, renowned for his pioneering work on non-coding RNAs and their significant role in gene regulation and epigenetics. An alumnus of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and the esteemed Karolinska Institute, where he earned his Ph.D., Dr. Faghihi has dedicated his career to unraveling the complexities of the human genome and its implications in neurological disorders. His extensive body of research, which has been published in numerous high-impact scientific journals, has not only advanced our understanding of genetic mechanisms but also opened up promising avenues for novel therapeutic strategies. As a committed educator and an innovative researcher, Dr. Faghihi continues to inspire and lead in the biomedical sciences, contributing to breakthroughs that could reshape the future of medical treatments and patient care. For further insight into his professional background, accolades, and contributions to medical science, you may explore his detailed research history and achievements. Scholar Achievements on Google Citations: For Press Inquiries please contact: ALPHABULL LLC Phone: +1 (800) 530-0142 Email: Contact Details AlphaBull.IO PR AlphaBull Public Relations +1 800-530-0412 Company Website

February 28, 2024 04:27 PM Eastern Standard Time

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OD6 Metals achieves recoveries up to 90% for magnet REEs


OD6 Metals Ltd (ASX:OD6) managing director Brett Hazelden sits down with Proactive’s Jonathan Jackson to discuss ongoing work at its Splinter Rock Project in WA. Hazeldon discusses OD6’s aim of being at the forefront of research into geo-metallurgical exploration for Australian clay REE deposits, before taking us through the most recent results from the project. Ore taken from the project achieved recoveries up to 90% for magnet REEs across 60 fresh samples and averaged magnet REE recoveries of about 62% at a concentration of 25 grams per litre of hydrochloric acid. In an important discovery for the overall economics of the project, the recoveries for all magnet rare earth oxides (MREOs) were similar, whether it be neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium or terbium. Hazeldon said the results affirmed the Splinter Rock project as Australia’s premier clay-hosted rare earth deposit. Hazelden said: “The outstanding results from our metallurgical leaching studies continue to affirm the Splinter Rock project as Australia’s premier clay-hosted rare earth deposit. With consistent recoveries averaging over 60% across multiple prospects, and notably high recoveries observed for each of the 15 rare earth elements, our confidence in the project’s potential remains high." Contact Details Proactive Investors Jonathan Jackson +61 413 713 744

February 28, 2024 03:45 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Treasure Investments Corp Launches Capital Raise for Historic Silver David Project

The Silver David

Treasure Investments Corporation, a leader in creating and distributing fine art sculptures, is thrilled to announce the launch of its capital raise for an ambitious new project: the Silver David. This initiative aims to create a monumental posthumous original of Michelangelo’s renowned David statue, cast in 70,000 ounces of pure silver. Treasure Investments Corp has a storied history of providing investors and collectors access to some of the world’s most exquisite art pieces. The company's extensive gallery network throughout the United States and its expansion internationally have positioned it as a key player in the art and investment community. With a collection that includes over 2,000 master molds from 230 world-famous artists, Treasure Investments is uniquely capable of bringing the unparalleled Silver David project to life. The Silver David is not just a testament to Michelangelo’s timeless masterpiece; it is a landmark investment opportunity. Utilizing the original molds taken from the statue by Ferdinando Marinelli Foundry in 1928, this project will capture every detail of Michelangelo’s masterpiece in pure silver. Appraised at over $800 million, the finished piece is expected to be the most valuable piece of art ever sold. Mark Russo, Founder and Chairman of Treasure Investments, brings over 25 years of experience in the fine art market, dealing with high-profile clients and generating over $100 million in sales of fine art. Under his leadership, Treasure Investments has flourished, known for its innovative sales model and charitable contributions to the art community. For the first time, Treasure Investments is opening the investment opportunity in the Silver David project to the public. This move democratizes access to a traditionally exclusive investment class, allowing individuals to contribute to and benefit from the project's success. Investors are invited to be part of this historic venture, with the potential to earn returns once the piece is sold. Interested parties can learn more about the investment opportunity and how to participate by visiting Treasure Investments Corporation provides high-net-worth individuals and institutions with exquisite fine art masterpieces and investment opportunities. With the Silver David, they aim to make the most valuable piece of art ever sold. This is a unique opportunity for everyday investors to participate and earn a return from the sale of this historic sculpture. Disclosure: In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. The Silver David LLC has filed a Form C with the Securities and Exchange Commission in connection with its offering, a copy of which may be obtained here: Contact Details The Silver David The Silver David Investor Relations Company Website

February 28, 2024 03:18 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Far East Gold acquires 90% interest in Reedy Creek Project


Far East Gold Ltd (ASX:FEG) CEO Shane Menere joins Jonathan Jackson in the Proactive studio to discuss the details of the company’s recent acquisition of a 90% interest in the Reedy Creek Project, which the company has described as the ‘missing link’. Menere explains why this addition is crucial for the company and its strategic implications. He covers the proximity of the Reedy Creek Project to Newmont's Mount Coolon Project, highlighting the geological similarities and potential advantages this presents and discusses improvements in the commercial terms for Far East Gold's existing Australian projects, outlining the anticipated benefits. Menere also talks about the company's efforts to obtain exploration status from the Queensland government and the expected news flow to come rom both the company’s Indonesian and Australian assets. “It was a strategic decision by Far East Gold to acquire the Reedy Creek tenement and now join Hill 212 and Bluegrass Creek into a large single project by securing the ‘missing link’ that covers the identified structural corridor between these projects," Menere said. "We are excited by the current neighbouring exploration underway by Newmont for them to earn into the Mount Coolon area, reinforcing the remarkable prospectivity of our projects." Contact Details Proactive Investors Jonathan Jackson +61 413 713 744

February 28, 2024 03:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Ionic Rare Earths hits major milestone with increased exploration target


Ionic Rare Earths Ltd (ASX:IXR) managing director Tim Harrison joins Proactive’s Jonathan Jackson to discuss significant updates from the Makuutu Heavy Rare Earths Project in Uganda. Harrison gives insight into the revised and increased conceptual exploration target for Makuutu, explaining the implications of these new figures for IonicRE and the project's potential impact. The target has increased by 40% to 285-766 million tonnes grading 400-700 ppm total rare earth oxides (TREO). Harrison outlines the work and research that contributed to the increase and talks about how the company is securing more than 90% interest in the project, marking a pivotal step in the company's development efforts. Finally, he discusses the significance of Makuutu being the most advanced ionic adsorption clay project in development today, including its role in the global supply chain and its importance for future rare earths demand and he looks at news and developments to come in the coming weeks and months. The company is progressing the development at the Makuutu Heavy Rare Earths Project through local Ugandan operating entity Rwenzori Rare Metals Limited (RRM). IonicRE has agreed terms with partners in RRM on moving to 94% ownership which is expected to occur in the first half of this year. Contact Details Proactive Investors Jonathan Jackson +61 413 713 744

February 28, 2024 02:45 PM Eastern Standard Time

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Fragmented and Out of Focus: The UK’s Renewable Energy Sector Is Unnecessarily Expensive to Taxpayers and Consumers

Prodigy Press Wire

For decades, different regions have begun examining how society can transition to greener, more efficient energy sources. In recent years, commitments to make ‘clean energy’ more widespread have resulted in net zero pledges and an overhaul of previous policies. However, the UK renewables policy has its flaws. Peter Prior, the chairman of Summerleaze, a mineral extraction company that was formerly engaged in the production of renewable energy, asserts that the UK policy fails to find all the cheapest solutions. The influence of large companies on government departments results in many small solutions not being adopted. The lack of knowledge government officials have on energy projects is a major challenge to giving taxpayers their best value for money. Summerleaze was founded in 1928, originally specializing in mineral extraction, but eventually diversified its services through waste management and renewable energy. Since joining the company in 1962, Peter has seen several changes in the renewable landscape. Even by 1962, people recognized the need to replace fossil fuels with other forms of energy. However, minimal action was being taken to utilize renewable energy sources other than hydroelectric schemes. The modern UK renewable energy market has become controlled by massive corporations. As a result, these companies significantly influence what government initiatives focus on. Instead of supporting any solution that will help society transition away from fossil fuels, the government is principally supporting projects that suit big corporations. The corporations have promoted projects, which suit them and their shareholders’ needs, with inadequate recognition of policies that are most beneficial to the community. Globally, investments in energy transition technologies have skyrocketed. In 2022, $1.3 trillion was spent worldwide on these investments, up 19% from the previous year, and 70% higher than 2019. Despite the financial support for greener energy solutions, some countries are falling behind. The UK’s average annual increase in renewable investment has been called into question as other countries are making faster progress. An article released in August 2023 noted that the UK’s average increase in renewable investment has decreased to 4.45% in the last three years. Commentators state that this is due to conservative policies around the environment. As the global average of renewable investment increases sits at 9.67%, it is clear that environmental policy needs to be addressed. Peter Prior hopes to draw attention to these problems that only energy professionals are privy to. In the renewable energy market, government officials and corporate giants are mostly responsible for the fragmented nature of power solutions. Government policy doesn’t reflect the current obstacles in energy creation, distribution, and storage because officials are uneducated about these problems. Whether they are consciously ignoring glaring issues or not, Peter says that their naivety is costing the taxpayer and the energy user a significant amount of money. “The UK government has decided to pick a small number of solutions,” says Peter. “The corporations should give greater consideration to balancing the interests of their shareholders with national energy security and value for money for consumers and taxpayers. The civil service should be better at appraising whether proposals are real solutions or partisan strategies to make stakeholders happy.” The UK should include common sense solutions in its policies to reduce fossil fuel use. Those policies are unlikely to be supported by the corporations because they would not be likely to be harnessable by them. Amid these disappointments, Peter Prior will continue advocating for change. Summerleaze has taken it upon itself to propose innovative energy solutions that can diversify current approaches. “The renewable market is solving a complicated issue,” says Peter. “Industry leaders and the government should accept a large variety of solutions, but that will not be possible until the government cuts itself free of the self-serving advice of the corporations. Currently, their overbearing power in this sector clouds the judgment of the civil service, and it’s easy to understand why. If you’re not an expert in renewable energy and the most powerful companies are telling you that one thing is the best solution, you are vulnerable to believing them.” Media Contact Name: Peter Prior Email: This content is defined as anything deemed intended to: incite, advocate or express hatred, bigotry, racism or gratuitous violence; promote personal opinions attacking an individual or group; maliciously affect a company's stock; or stalk, defame, defraud, degrade, shame or victimize an individual or group. Release ID: 924207

February 28, 2024 02:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

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